Yeah, he just did that

Well that's about as cool as something can look.

That’s one of most suave things I’ve ever seen.

Well that's about as cool I will never look.

I’d have knocked myself unconscious on the door frame at the beginning and probably end up being dragged across the grass

Everybody cheer up

Literally worse every loop

Please get a life

People just seem to post any gif to this sub. I don't think they get the point

Bob Ross peeling action



Never before has the threat of a peeling tear generated so much anxiety...

Not a fan of the booties

My dog does something similar when we put her boots on, but she figures it out and walks normally after a few minutes. For a dog that isn't used to wearing shoes, the boots feel like their paw is stuck in something, so they high-step to try to get their paw clear of whatever it's stuck in.

We put them on our dog sometimes when it's very cold-- her paws get uncomfortable after a few minutes of walking when around or below 0F. My wife's a veterinarian. We're not abusing our dog.

I'm not sure... Your username is throwing me mixed signals here.

I do the same exact thing every morning when I put my shoes on

I see lots of people responding from icy cold locations, which is something I never thought about. However, this is also commonplace for dog owners in Palm Springs, Tucson, and other desert communities where the asphalt can literally blister a dog's paws when it's hot.

Ping Pong Shot

Ping Pong Shot

Impressive he cleared the table. If I tried that, I'd have a broken table and a broken back.

Not only did he nail the shot, clear the table, but it also looked like he sat in the couch at the end. Cheers to you sir.

And missed the ball

And kicked the girl in the face

My yoga is better!

Upward-facing balls.


"Your postures are invalid. I've got balls. See ?"

Upward-facing dog.

What, she's filming again?

You can just tell that this cat just came back from eating a great meal, Now time for a nap.

I would rather watch the cat anyway!

I wouldn’t say they do. We leave them outside, force them to carry us and all our stuff around while only ever feeding them when they’re starving.

If it's one thing I've learned over the years of my sister having cats and seeing cat videos is that if you ever need to find hidden cameras just let a cat loose in the room.

Edit: Reference this comment for better explanation. I clearly didn't think this post through when I typed it out. >.>

Leaving it unedited for a decent laugh though.

Hello there!

Whatever is going on here is absolutely fantastic!

You may have meant /sub/prequelmemes instead of R/prequelmemes.

Remember, OP may have ninja-edited. I correct subreddit and user links with a capital R or U, which are usually unusable.


Smart cat worm

Pop goes the kitty!

Sir please drop the fire extinguisher.

"You're a wizard, Harry"

what am I missing here. looks like he's riding the fire extinguisher, but I've fired my share of them, not nearly enough thrust to keep someone off the ground.

Bet you ruined Santa for a lot of kids too, didn’t you?

Snow Face

His eyebrows poking through is Fucking hysterical!

Is this how anonymous stays hidden?

So Asians can go whiteface but as soon as I put on blackface it's a hate crime?

Exactly like the masks, only he looks more fun.

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