Coming down the stairs with his prom date

Mmm, that new shoe feeling.

As someone who asked 3 girls to prom and got rejected 3 times, I'd gladly slip down any amount of stairs to not feel that way again.

Edit: thanks for the uplifting messages folks. High school was over 15 years ago for me and I've been happily married for almost 8. It wasn't until I left the hometown that I realized most women are actually pretty cool

she went down later.

At least you had the confidence to ask out 3 girls.

The best defense is your opponent being an idiot

He went full GTA V with the punch and ragdoll physics.

I like how he goes forming having corn rows to having a buzz cut.

EDIT: OK, apparently not corn rows. I wanted to say braids, but I thought that might be what little girls have and men had corn rows. Looks like I need to brush up on my knowledge of hairstyles.

the black inside of me is dying at the fact that you said he has cornrows.

This one weird trick to get a new haircut using asphalt. Barbers hate it. Click here to find out how 👆

Fire sprite running from explosion

Barry Allen gets the job done. ⚡️

After about a week of letting the debris settle in the depths of the river, and the aquatic life has returned back to normal they send a boat trawler which is green in color. It is specifically green so as not to scare off the marine life while it performs the cleanup. The cleanup entails lowering a massive boom, containing a barrage of hooks and pulleys which then grips on to a large coffee filter like net placed on the bottom of the river days before the explosion. It is then transported over seas, and made into a delicious tea. This is bullshit, thanks for reading this far.

Hwy-281 bridge in Marble Falls, TX

Those explosions really made short work of those steel beams. They must have used jet fuel.


Cat escaping its leash.

"I'll just turn into liquid."

This is me when someone asks for volunteers.


What? No handle? Well this sucks.

Title game on point

Fucks sake I didn't even notice

That's a genius plan.

You thought, on busses and trains, people commonly stuck plungers to the ceiling for stability?

Admiral Ackbar's lesser qualified assistant Joe.

It becomes even funnier because

Even as a kid I assumed that the reason the Mon Calamari got put in charge of the rebel starships was either out of some kind of Make-A-Wish program for maladapted, dying races, or because they paid for the starship and insisted on flying it or the rebels couldn't have it, like if your Grandpa let you take his Cadillac to the prom on the condition that he got to drive it.

Me whenever my boss walks in.

I've always heard that, because they're a water based race, they're more adapted to movement in three dimensions (which is how space battles are fought), whereas land based races are more used to movement in only two dimensions.

Kinda like how Ender gained an advantage by saying the enemy's gate was down instead of forward.

Hockey never disappoints

Hockey never disappoints

Where the fuck did that dude come from

he's the guy (in white) sliding at the beginning of the gif

Is this real life?

His face reminds me of one of those guys that pops out right in front of you in a first-person shooter as he gets shot.

Heckin good hand shake

Put it there, pal?

Fuckin' A I'll put it there!

"TOM! How the fuck are ya?!"

Fucking lol at that head movement

That's what makes it. Any dog can "shake," but this has all the nuances. This dog was a man in a past life.

Teddy Roosevelt tackled by Easter Bunny

I don't know how but it looks like the face is reacting to the hit

Holy shit, his bird bro behind him looking like that guy that was just a moment too late to save a fellow pedestrian from walking out in front of an oncoming car that he never saw coming.

I can almost hear him saying "AUUGGGHH"

Im thinking this is probably staged but I'm having fun imaganing an intric backstory of a easter bunny enthusiast with a grudge against the former president and his time has come.

hit in the nuts gone wrong

High risk, high reward

The guy in the glasses is the player that's lvl 100 who beats you with the environment when you think you have the upper hand.

I have the high ground Anakin

My balls ached in anticipation.

Edit: thanks for 10k karma right before Cake Day! 😁

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