How do you come up with something like this

all of these "hacks" to tie a tie are infinitely more complicated than the normal way


I would say this is a lifesaver and super useful, but there's absolutely no chance that I end up doing this ever.

Bottle rocket under a frozen pond

Well that was a lot better than I expected.


The explosion created the MAZe from WestWorld

If my sorry unlucky ass tried doing this some thermowhatever reaction would occur the second it touched the water and leave me with a bloody stump

Truly a gif that keeps on giving

As much as I loved this, there is no way I am watching this more than once.


Girlfriend's coming to visit, gonna need some of these.

Aww. How considerate of him to think of her.

Well stocked shelves.

Me watching life kick my ass

Me watching life kick my ass

I really wish it stayed longer on his face.

Great Bot!

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This mp4 version is 96.7% smaller than the gif (202.86 KB vs 6.01 MB).

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this kid sniping fools

same kid five years later...

Double kill

Damn he got revived and still got killed

Title game on point

These pranks are hilarious

It's rare that you get to see a man suddenly question the very nature of reality in such a hilarious way.

I wish I could grow a beard that fast.

"Wait... what happened to that 4 legged woman I was just talking to?"

You've ruined my childhood. You're not serious.

He's gonna be great one day.

That kid is barely 2 and is more of a man than me.

Man I miss doing this as a kid.

My go-to movie was Mighty Ducks 2.

I had a mini mighty duck hockey stick and would pretend I was actually playing during the hockey games.

Pretending to be in the movie was so much fun as a kid.

What do you mean as a kid?? I'm an adult and I watch movies all the time pretending I'm in it. Ok, so yea it's usually porn but still my point stands.

No beer lost here.

That could have destroyed his shoulder! It hurts mine just watching this! 😱

It certainly wouldn't have stayed off the ground; or him in the cab... luckily these are empties.

Probably just his natural hero instincts or dad reflexes kicking in.

Ohh, they’re empty. That makes quite a difference!

I injured my shoulder, and after a year and a half of excruciating pain, had to get arthroscopic surgery.

Now anything that reminds me of my injury makes me freak out.

I'll leap frog over this girl WCGW?

Did her face bounce off the floor?

Nothing is worse than trying to be funny, and then either hurting someone or making them mad.

there is a chance that now she's dumb enough

Yup. Concussion!

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