Creative camera work

Screw the GIF, I want a full video version of this. Awesome!


Link to artist's Twitter


Yup now it can never be used again.

Only had the one opportunity for all humanity to use it.

Troll of the world level :)

I heard it was an insta ban for trolling The Donald.

Dear Random Asian dude,

Thank you.


I would have fell for it too.

No I mean go that way! mumble mumble fuck outta here...

Back in my day...

Back in my day...

The second fish got the bait. Just like the second mouse gets the cheese.

holy shit thats like a 7lb bass, damn.

The second fish is like "well that sucks for frank, guess he wont be needing this" YOINK.

He's all about that bass


Notice me!

Notice me!

moisturize me

It's crazy that an unintentional happy face on an animal can change my perception if it from scary to cute

The rays "face" makes it so hilarious

he wet all day tho

Old man yells at a car and then walks into a pole

"now look what you made me do!"

I bet that driver was laughing ass off.

When I was in school I worked at a gas station for about a year. One day an old angry guy came in. Perpetual scowl on his face. I ring up his shit, and he goes out and gets into his van. It was slow, so he was the only person in the store at the time with one person pumping gas. So as he leaves I turn and look out the big window at the pumps, and end up making eye contact with the guy as he backs up his van and puts it into drive. I have no idea why but he's just fucking GLARING at me... as the person that was pumping starts walking from the pumps to the store. Guy in the van starts driving forward while continuing to glare at me and my eyes get big as he just goes ahead and runs the woman over who was walking to the store... who happened to be police officer.

Yeah he done fucked up.

Stupid dog! You make me look bad!

When you are stuck camping but surfing is life

I like to think that he doesn't know anyone in that boat. He's just always ashore waiting.

That dude probably kills it on the slack line

It'd be awesome if he had on a Sasquatch costume.

lol also Chrome's auto-correct apparently demands I capitalize the S in Sasquatch.

Bet he's great at the ole hacky sack too


My question is how much time did he have to spend learning how to scoot like a dog with an itchy ass across the floor... and why?

There are so many ridiculous parts to this video. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

It's likely to be staged so 15 years practicing the dunk and 33 years practicing the celebrations

The dunk was nothing in front of the dance that followed

Just chilling at the fair...

I want to try this but I'm a wimp but it looks so cool and moral dilemmas

Looks so cool and also stupid as fuck. Thank your parents for making you smarter than that future Darwin award winner.

I bet he wont't feel /sub/bettereveryloop

My mom went on this ride when she was 7 months pregnant with me and started going into labor.

Damn, I might have killed him.

walks away There goes my fucking raise.

The face you make when play fighting with your siblings but you know you over did it and actually whooped his ass

This is the second worst case of being thrown onto a table that I've ever seen.

Pretty sure Orton could cripple both Signh brothers and still be in the main event scene for the rest of the year.

Smooth sumo save

I'm going to assume it choreographed , but still funny as hell

Definitely fake, must be a Japanese version of Harlem Globetrotters. Sumo take this shit SUPER seriously. It's more a religion / cult than a sport, no exaggeration.

This is from what's called Shokkiri, a kind of Sumo comedy show put on by actual (albeit low ranked) wrestlers.

well shit

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