Foot sweep and knee

All by one leg. Who needs the other limbs?

Reposted so many times.

Brother is always there for her

Brother is always there for her

You can see the exact moment on her face when she realizes she has been betrayed by someone she trusts.

It's a shakespearean tragedy.


That look of horror in her face

trying to figure out what exactly is on that plate.Some sort of eggs?

Like A Pope

I know this is fake but i could see this Pope doing it. I like this one.

"Stop me if you heard this one before: the Pope, the Ayatollah and the Chief rabbi walk into a bar...."

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I don't know man, looks real to me....

Hurray high five!

I like the gif, the bit is very funny. But it doesn’t really get better every loop. It’s a no from me dawg. 👎🏿

That shit is going to get in their beer... And they don't even care!

These dudes are way to excited over confetti

Whitest loop ever.

No, not you stupid.

No, not you stupid.

I was willing to believe that maybe he stumbled, but after watching it a zillion more times... nope, he's an idiot!


Probably first day. Intimadated by the other cop

The other cop appears to have no gun.

Pizza is love. Pizza is life. All hail PIZZA.

i dont know why this is happening or where this is, but i do know that im glad it is and i want to join

Pizza is an aphrodisiac - commonly referred to as grease in the scientific community.

Why am I not there! Now I'll have to question every decision I've ever made in my life 😕

Pizza is love. Pizza is life. Put your love of pineapple on my pizza, and I will end your life.

Screw That Frozen Yoghurt!

Is that how they get their yogurt?

It's very creamy

wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man!

Ayyyyye hocking hills

Am I bad person for laughing?

Not as bad as the camerman who just decided to zoom in rather than help.

Time for a nap.

To be fair, I thought he just decided to take a little nap at first.

Well at least he managed to stick the landing

Two dudes make their own party outside the club.

The sky is the limit if you can lose yourself dancing...

first follower

It’s easy once you have a .

Thr best Is the sign above that says. LOST

What a great three minutes!

Craziest flip ever.

How the fuck is this even possible, he barely jumped

The ground goes up a little bit so he has a bit of a ramp, still absolutely insane

what an odd comment.

Great move, made all the better by the fact that on first viewing I thought it was an old lady hunched over a walker for a second, thanks to the pattern on the shirt.

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