Doggie day at work after the floors were waxed


"Arf Arf!"



Is that Jim Halpert from The Office?

As a custodian, this gets worse every loop.

Arf awoo my bones

Buzz Aldrin Punches Moon Landing Conspiracy Theorist Who Wouldn't Stop Harassing Him

"Bart Sibrel has produced four amateurish films on the subject [of the Moon landings], but is mostly known for having been punched in the face by Buzz Aldrin for harassing and insulting him."

Also, "amateurish" haha

one...small punch for giant punch for mankind.

You want to know the best part? The guy sent an apology to Aldrin for harassing him. You've reached legend status when you punch someone in the face and they apologize to you

Wish he put more behind that.

Girl pretends to be deaf and makes up sign language to avoid a guy at the club

10 Signs She's Not Into You

It'd be really funny if he started signing back.

As a deaf person, I'm impressed at how convincing she managed to make her gestures look.

I'm not a club person. On a scale of 1 to 10, how inappropriate is it to reach your arm around the waist of someone you don't know on the dance floor?


Never trust a robot with shifty eyes

Maybe the robot was being childish and just wanted to draw a dick

Hmm. Hmm. Oh.. slowly now.. yeah. Wave your hand all you want meatbag, I just won, game over.

Would you like to play a game? You have selected global thermonuclear War.

He was thinking XXX

Sometime the only way to win is to cheat.

Herding Cats

I love when they grab three kittens at once lol

Should have ordered them by shade.

The itty bitty kitty committee will have order!

That's my favorite part. Six little legs sticking out as the kittens get dragged backwards.

Bag of Bricks

Bag of Bricks

Kid is homeschooled. Today in physics he learned about inertia and momentum

Can't be homeschooled if you're still building the home.

Even a bag of bricks can realize that those sandals need to come off.

He is 'construction site'-schooled

Drone Takedown

Drone Takedown

Ok Reddit, I know at least one of you can dig up the footage from the drones perspective.

and within an hour, noone could.

Today we mark the day, when we instead of "did it, reddit" , didn't.

Man I hope those propellers didn't crash into someone's face... they'll fuck you up. Source: me, 7 stitches later

EDit: i needed 1 stitch, not 7 but i was already there so fuck it, and it was $12 so suck my D

We didn't it, reddit!

Professional tag actually looks pretty fun to watch...

This is >exactly< the kind of shit your mother warned you against when you were 8.

Anything done to its highest level is art. This is a perfect example. I don't care if it's solving the mysteries of the universe or being STUPID good at, I dunno, paddle ball, as long as passion is being poured into it that's all that matters. I hope that in the near future, when universal income becomes a necessity due to automation, that people will genuinely follow their dreams. Their real dreams, be it tag or otherwise. Only by doing what we love can we truly contribute at our fullest.


Otherwise known as ankle popping

The kick. The catch. The fall.

Don't let my wife see this...damn sexy rugby players with their short shorts and massive thighs...

My first though, "why tf did he catch a soccer ball?"

This better not awaken anything in me.


I was 100% convinced this was soccer for at least two loops wondering wtf is going on.

Can't be stopped

Girl straight fucking slide tackled her

raises hands like she didn't punch her

So many fouls on her yet she kept going!

Jesus Christ she fucking killed them all

I thought she was trying to raise her hand up saying the attacker fouled her in some way. Like the raise hands/ how’s that not a foul look towards the ref you see all the time in basketball games or football games

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