That's a lot of work

That's a lot of work

Imagine tripping and falling into it

I think I live below this guy

How long did this take? And the hand cramps, sweet lord.

So do I...

Mercury, Venus and Saturn all above the pyramids of gizza

Mercury, Venus and Saturn all above the pyramids of gizza

This is a composite image. This never happened or will happen at once. Does make me want to watch Stargate though.


Here is the link for more information:


Lavafall in the Hawaiian jungle

Lavafall in the Hawaiian jungle

Taken on April 29, 2009. Source

Looks like Minecraft

Wow they made Minecraft into a real thing

The mods are getting pretty good now.

This guy made a tree grow into a chair.

This guy made a tree grow into a chair.

He looks like the kind of guy that would grow a tree into a chair.

You mean like a druid? He looks a young Alan Moore to me. So, he might be a practicing wizard, but without any of the vestments of his station, there's too little information to know for sure. Still, I'd like to smoke a bowl with this dude. Maybe he has some arcane wisdom to share.

Exactly what I'd imagine a guy that whispers trees to chairs would look like.

How tho

The eruption of Mt Merapi (11 May)

Thanks for the video. Rip op.

Why is everyone so close to it?? Lol

Edit*- I get they had no idea it was going to erupt... but get out the way! Lol why we watching it come at you...

That... doesn't seem like minimum safe distance.


This kind of graffiti...

This kind of graffiti...

It looks like this

Wow I just opened your link on my phone and I could move it around to view the full angle of that street. The future is crazy

Jerry Garcia's colonoscopy?

I wish people would also post what it looks like straight on

Golf ball hitting steel at 150mph recorded at 70,000fps

Pretty sure this is a rubber ball molded like a golf ball, came up in the comments last time it was posted.

Looks like it, heres balls being hit, they compress but not nearly this drastically.

Because it's not a golf ball. I've seen golf balls hit by clubs going 150 MPH at very high FPS - in fact, anybody who works at a pro shop that has a swing analyzer has seen the same thing - and they do not deform like this. This is likely a soft practice ball or some weird experimental thing. Try to play with a ball that wiggles like that and you'll need a lot more alcohol to finish 18 holes.

How the hell can it deform that far and go back to normal? Golf balls are harder than mine

Passing under a wave

Amazement and anxiety at the same time

One of the most beautiful things I've ever seen and just a little bit terrifying

Dusk is when the sharks begin to feed.

Anyone else think it looked like that wave had teeth for a hot second?

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