Self Portrait, oil, 12" x 15"

Self Portrait, oil, 12" x 15"

This is great, man. You have talent. I can't even take photos that look like me.

Very nice but your values are a bit flat. You should take a course on lighting your models (and yourself). If you can't find a lighting for painting course, take photography lighting, I'll at least teach you the basics. Otherwise, really nice piece

I will think about it when I find a good reason to paint Hitler.

I love your advice! I didn't pay much attention to lighting . I think I will research on this a bit before my next one. Maybe you can give me a lead on where to start.

"Steph", Oil on canvas, 50.8 X 40.6cm

"Steph", Oil on canvas, 50.8 X 40.6cm

yes i have made quite a few ..ill post them on /sub/schizophrenia sometime.. I was experimenting with some minimalistic eastern styles like this

Thank you. Really appreciate it :) Yes I did make it.

That's in watercolors. You should try new styles with acrylics.. it is such a dynamic medium or maybe even just ink drawing. Anyway, of luck to you as well :)

Wow, did you make this? It's incredibly beautiful. The colours, like stained glass, are just so lovely.



"If there's not drama and negativity in my life, all my songs will be really wack and boring or something."

Black Witch Moth, Watercolor, 10" X 13"

Black Witch Moth, Watercolor, 10" X 13"
Black Witch Moth, Watercolor, 10" X 13"

That's some real talent. Nice.

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Omg! I can't believe you painted that. It's incredible!

Worthless, Voxel Art(Minecraft), 960x960

That's incredible. It took me so many rotations to see all the details. It's beautifully haunting.


Thanks, Bruce Almighty, for ensuring I will never not think of you when spelling beautiful.

This is the reason I want to play minecraft again, but uggg.

Adrift, blue pencil on wood panel, 24x30cm

Adrift, blue pencil on wood panel, 24x30cm

The detail on the camel toe is unparalleled.

A true artiste!

Now that’s what I call bold and brash!

Additional time spent to add detail to the lower lips is appreciated. Now wondering if there was a live model or if you were working from memory. Also give me more. Do it. Do it now. In addition, I like it. Good job.

Leocorn, Digital, [4004x4624]

Leocorn, Digital, [4004x4624]

It’s my new background

That’s nice - 🙃

Love it. Thanks for sharing :)

Started learning Illustrator through YouTube tutorials a couple days ago. This is my first artwork. Please be nice :)

Thank you for your appreciation!

Ocean Clouds by Thorsten Denk, digital, 2016

Ocean Clouds by Thorsten Denk, digital, 2016

Absolutely love the style 10/10 would hang it on my wall

It always reminds me of Wind Waker

I love this work so much that I remembered another post just like this

edit: damn, 195 days of the same image that I still remember. That good of a painting. Wow.

can't wait to see another exact post like this.

It's reposted fairly frequently. I'd say this is probably the 3rd time I've seen it in the past year or so.

The Perfect Marionette, Game(Minecraft) 960x960

Wait, you're telling me that somebody BUILT this in Minecraft?! That's just... truly incredible. Wow.

I lack the proper vocabulary to describe just how awesome this is.

You'll be VERY surprised at the amazing things kids have shown me from youtube. Look up Remnant Minecraft Build and the channel that made it. Freaking awesome.

A friend once showed me a gigantic working analog calculator that someone had built, and I still think about it in incomprehension sometimes.

Mediterranean Bay, Paulius Uza, digital, 2017

Mediterranean Bay, Paulius Uza, digital, 2017

I'm not sure why but the fact that this is digital makes it even more impressive for me.

Very good. It's an active painting with lots to look at. Enjoyable. :)

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