"Humble", Watercolour/Coloured Pencil, 5 x 8.25"

"Humble", Watercolour/Coloured Pencil, 5 x 8.25"

Sick and tired of that photoshop. Have an upvote.

Lemme see some watercolor with some stretch marks. aye.

With some sketch* marks

so apparently Reddit notified people about my post? as to why, I have no idea! sorry for this, unsuspecting reddit users

EDIT: Thank you so much for all of your unexpected love and support, Reddit! I promise I will respond to the rest of your PMs tomorrow.

I am forever grateful for the lovely feedback I've received over the past few hours.

Fire & Lightning, Digital, 2017

Fire & Lightning, Digital, 2017

This is cool. I would definitely hang this one on my wall.

thank you, much appreciated

This would make a good wallpaper. Any chance you've got some different aspect ratios of it around, I'd hate to butcher it myself.

I'll work on one more suited to a phone!

A stormy sky, Pastels, 9x12

A stormy sky, Pastels, 9x12

Damn that is such a great art.

Thank you! :)

I love how you can "feel" the wind in the painting by the small details, it's very nostalgic.

Seriously, that's good. I'm not an afficianado and I might have been drinking all Sunday but FUCK, that's preeeeetty good. I'd hang it in my place.


The Wanderer, Digital, 28"x34"

The Wanderer, Digital, 28"x34"

I really love this. It feels like it really captures the sense of adventure and exhaustion that I feel whenever I go into an airport. The detail is really stunning too. It definitely feels like it's in the middle of a narrative, and my mind immediately goes to "Where are these people going to?" I wish it was a full comic, tbh.

Dude on the left must be having one hell of a dream

Hey thanks, I'm really glad that comes across! One of my goals in these pieces is to make the viewer feel something.

If I've learned one thing in my adventures around the world, it's never sleep with your mouth open this wide.

Bat in a coat, Digital 3D, 540x540

I know. I've been kicking myself for not rendering it as a smaller file size for the gif conversion. Once I get back to my computer lab I'll make a looped version just for you ;)

This is amazing work, but there's just one tiny problem...

The gif doesn't loop.

Can we get a cat in a boat?

Do it for all of us

It's hot Out, Digital, 16.53 x 23.39

It's hot Out, Digital, 16.53 x 23.39

This is how all summer feels in Arizona.

New phone background. Great image

This is how I feel when it reaches 80 degrees and sunny in Wisconsin. My fair skin cant handle the heat!

Hot huh? Yeah it's getting real hot. So hot Wally. But you don't know what hot is do you? Hot's a storm. You ever been in a storm Wally? I mean, a real storm. Not a thunderstorm but, a storms of FISTS. Raining down on your head, blasting you in the face, pummeling you in the stomach. Hitting you in the chest so hard you think your hearts gonna stop. You ever been in a storm like that Wally?

Portrait of Moose, Digital, 11"x14"

Portrait of Moose, Digital, 11"x14"

Uh, I think that's actually a dog.

The yellow and purple contrasting scheme is such an interesting but perfect choice. I also love that the dog's personality shines through. Really nice.

It's just so clear that it looks like a dog. It is actually a moose.

I'm not in favor of removing antlers just so the animal can fit in frame with an 85mm portrait lens.

Nice shot.

Rome. Watercolor. 40x30cm

Rome. Watercolor. 40x30cm


Was this built in a day though? Lovely piece.

Not sure about the arc but the painting was done in less than hour

I especially love how the pedestrians have such detail in their posture with just block shapes. Muy bien

It wasnt done outside, but in the studio and within an hour yes.

"Love", illustration art by James R. Eads, 2016, 600 × 944

"Love", illustration art by James R. Eads, 2016, 600 × 944

It would have been neat if part of her "colorful design" was starting to merge with his "night sky design."

But, this still looks beautiful either way.

Aww… i'm gonna go bone my wife now 😊

This is what it feels like when I'm on Acid and holding my gf

Aww... cute?

Making a murder, Graphite, A6

Making a murder, Graphite, A6

Upvote for the artwork itself, but unfortunately I'm unable to upvote another time for the pun in the title.

Those are ravens (curved, strong beaks with nasal feathers). A group of ravens are called a conspiracy.

Edit: the drawing is incredibly good, I wasn't trying to take away from this very interesting and original piece. I have an interest in corvids but to be honest, it took me a little while to be able to tell the difference between ravens and crows at a glance. The top half of a ravens beak is usually hooked with extended nasal feathers, tail looks more wedged than rounded, ravens tend to have a sheen to their plumage and a dead give away is when you hear the ravens "gronk" instead of the "caw" you would expect from a crow.

Edit. Also interesting is the frill of the girls dress. Ravens have a feather frill or "beard" on their neck to their chest. Crows don't have this.

Call it "A Murder Conspiracy" Then you can say they're both haha.

What do crow beaks look like? I seem to have trouble telling them apart.

Edit: Thanks for all the love everybody. Some of you have been asking me where I post my work and you can find me on ig where I nick

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