What a dick move


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You can see the alligator's head in the first couple frames of the gif, chilling off the left side of the dock. Poor kid.

Cat v.s. ewe

Ewe wot m8?

It's funny how the ewe ran after retaliating. She knows.

I have owned cats my whole life. Yet it always satisfying to see them get knocked down a peg. Entitled brats!

My dog is really anxious about being touched by the cat and she knows it

My dog is really anxious about being touched by the cat and she knows it

That look on the cat's face is perfect.

It’s especially funny because she’s honestly the sweetest kitty, never hurt a soul, he’s just the nervous-est.

My husband got him from a litter of pups born to a rescue chihuahua thinking he’d be one too, but he just kept growing into this lanky lil pup so basically he‘s just an overgrown chihuahua aka 100% tremble and uncertainty at all times. He has zero interest in making fellow pup friends, barks at and hides from you until you’ve met him at least 20 times, runs under the bed when any noise occurs, and loves those who gain his trust with stage 5 adorable clinginess.

Is your dog a rescue that came from an abusive home or does he only like certain things and people touching him?

Zero f*cks given

Insurance scam cat.

"In Ancient times cats were once revered as Gods. They have never forgotten this."

Yep, yep this is the human race's relationship with cats in one gif.

That girl went from almost stepping on the cat to considering taking it home in like 3 seconds.

Alligator tears apart truck

This belongs to the /sub/humansbeingstupid subreddit.

Tha alligator isn't being a jerk for attacking the thing that's about to run it the fuck over

I would do the same if someone came into my house and was trying to run me over.... Fair play to the alligator.

That what he gets for driving a shitty Nissan Frontier

I told you not to come anywhere near

I told you not to come anywhere near

lol that little parrot kick!

Parakeet, to the other parakeets: “seriously can’t stand it with these fake decoy birds, am I right?”


"This is madness"


Fuck this sign in particular

Fuck this sign in particular

I'm agressive!? THAT'S A FUCKING LIE!

destroys sign

Fancy boye

Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.

"What, why am I ranked third?"

"Too volatile."


When an emergency occurs

That's the dog's way of checking if you are bluffing. If you don't move after the first round of facefuck the dog is promptly gonna call 911

I was expecting it to pee on you but this was hilarious regardless lol

This is hilarious to envision. But also kinda accurate to how nurses, emts, etc check for consciousness. They will rub their knuckles on your sternum, or press pressure points up under the jaw (I don't know exactly, was told by a nurse friend), both of which are, unpleasant.

I am no expert but this instinct is primordial. I have seen it in frat boys.

After an Thursday night party one bro was on the floor all night. And when someone pointed out in the morning that he is still sleeping on his own puke and looks concerning, before deciding to call 911 another bruh whipped his cock out and rubbed in on the unconscious bro's face and then concluded that's it's indeed serious

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