15th century cat leaves paw prints on owner's manuscript

15th century cat leaves paw prints on owner's manuscript

It's awesome that the guy just let it be.

My cat did this to my countertop the other day, after she stepped into the paint I had out for painting the walls. Still working on getting it off.

She was fantastic though about me washing her paws. She didn't give a shit. I think she knew she made a mistake

Hundreds of years at attempting to tame them has done nothing

This is all I got that night. Found more the next day after cleaning off the counter. At that point I was more stressed than I should have and didn't think to take pics. But yeah, if I wasn't alone I would definitely have gotten some pics or a video of her with all of the paint. Last pic is her after I washed her paws. Her favorite spot in the house

Tame them? Hell they tamed us.

Touch my cock again I'm gonna duck you up.

I like how the duck just goes into turbo mode then eventually decides he's had enough

This is super cute but GTFO with your clumsy innuendo.

It's also a hen, not a rooster.

Doggy wasn't scared at all. That's a "chase me" run if ever I saw one. He thinks he has a new playmate.

Patience is not infinite

Patience may not be infinite. A cat's determination to pester, however...

I love how the kitten is like "this is only a temporary setback" and immediately returns to chop-chomping.

This is so accurate. I'd never had cats until this year. Then I rescued 2 barn kittens who had been abandoned by their mother. They were 2 weeks old.

Holy shit. I love them but they're little bastards.


Barn kittens are like an entirely different breed, depending on how many generations of "outdoor cat" they have in them. They can be fun but they're also little monsters.

That one time my Dane tried to convince me she was on cloud island and didn't destroy her bed

That one time my Dane tried to convince me she was on cloud island and didn't destroy her bed

You say "destroy", she says "improved"

I sure miss him.

Is... Is he still in the crate?

I had a great dane several years ago who did the same thing! He was probably 6 months old at the time. I walked in and he was so proud to show me his fluff of destruction. That was what finally convinced me to crate train. They are such great dogs! I sure miss him.

Luca (my Dane here) was probably 9 or so at the time. She made it to just a couple months shy of 13 when I put her to sleep last year because her legs gave out after so much muscle loss but up until her last days she was a very happy girl. I went to a keg party in college and left with her after hearing horrific stories about how she had been abused and shot at with a Bebe gun by frat guys. I was originally planning to take her to a rescue after assessing her, I just wanted to get her out of that horrible situation and the frat dude who owned her was so drunk he said "you can have her. I've been too busy to get rid of her" so I took her that evening, giant crate and all, to at least ensure she would be safe and find a better home. Ended up falling in love with her and acclimated her to my other dog and that was a wrap. Gave me over a decade of love and happiness. Miss her every day. I have a special place in my heart for the gentle giants. Any time I see someone else with one my heart swells with excitement.

Looks like dogs are jerks to their siblings as well

Looks like dogs are jerks to their siblings as well

I don't always drink beer, but when I do I prefer my brother's.

I thought that was a giant pregnant belly off to the left!

omg I see it now

He looks very pleased.

Bunny bunt

The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog ?

The way that cow raises its head when it hears that a fight is about to go down.

Time for the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch

Whats he do? Nibble your bum?

If you go I go

Hilarious dogs just don't give a damn

DoG MuRDeRS kId aT PArk!

Haha - Had to be a boxer :)

Exactly my thought! Compensating for lack of smarts with an overabundance of enthusiasm.

Stealing the Baby's Sock

My dog smoky did this to my baby nephew. He would be sooo gentle and my nephew would laugh hysterically. We found bits of baby socks in his poop. When we started reprimanding him he would wait until he was alone with him but we would run in and catch him if my nephew started laughing like a mad child.

My dog will steal socks, eat them whole, then puke them up whole. It's like the world's most demented magician ransacks my hamper.

Baby has some serious eyebrows.

My dog Dexter ate a tennis ball that sat in his stomach for two months and then he finally got sick from it and almost died. I waited a week to see if he would make it. Worst $5000 I ever spent. He's finally back to his weight and I love him. Smokey was the name of the last Malamute I had :) He was also a boss.

I guess we'll just be hot then.

I guess we'll just be hot then.

It was making noise. Fixed it now. All better. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

Dog was doing you a favor, your AC was not secure. Next time, install it right.

At least he didn't jump out the window and go for an adventure.

As a husky fetcher this is spot on. 6am 6 minute miles in slippers.

All these toys but this is what you chew on

The black one in the back just chilling and chewing his green thing, silently judging

Probably tricked the brown dog into doing it in order to take the heat off of itself for pissing on the rug last week

Why would he care, the owner isn't doing anything about it.

Love how he just doesn't care that he's caught.

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