Attack the dragon-snake!

I love how that dog's tail is a massive, unrelenting force of nature compared to the little kitten.

Labrador tails are the most destructive force ever created by nature.

There's no jerks here. We got one happy pupper and one itty bitty kitty playing.

Obviously the doggo ain't got sight in his browneye so that a butt warm kitten is unavoidable.

not sure which one's being a jerk here really, the dog seemed to have tried to move originally then stopped noticing it and the poor cat got sat on and was angry

I take your shoes

I take your shoes

That kitten is beyond adorable. I just can't think of him as a jerk. That babies feet were probably hot. Kitten came in with a clutch favor and didn't even bite a toe.

Here we see the juvenile homo sapiens. Lying helpless on the forest floor, a young felis catus sees an opportunity and strikes. The homo sapiens sacrifices the appendage to save itself from further harm. The covering will regenerate after a visit to baby gap.

I wanna hear David Attenborough narrate this.

That's a sock

He doesn't want any give it to me

He doesn't want any give it to me

I've never seen cats eating broccoli

you are in for a treat, then

Oh man

Mine! ... just because you offered it to him

Whats growing out of your hand?

I’m going to make this as difficult as I can!

Got your shipment of Wild Turkey...

Oh god, that could get super expensive real quick

That grey goose knocked over that grey goose!

Peacock walks into a Californian bottleshop causes $500 in damages.

Brutal gang fight

Brutal gang fight

The Birbs and the Chirps.

The first rule of Flight Club is: you do not talk about Flight Club.

its over, they have the high ground

Irish and the English?

Cat won an argument a long time ago

The dog looks like me when I wake up after dozing off and can't figure out where the last 4 hrs of my life went.

Yeah that's definitely the post afternoon/evening nap look of "uuugh, I feel terrible".


Why You Gotta Be So Rude~

See that bird knows better how to handle a confrontation than most people.

Slam the door in their face?

Gonna marry that bird anyways.

"Fine then, be an asshole. I didn't want to look in there anyway."

"Just give me the jacket human"

When your kid gets too big for you to carry but they still ask for it.

I used to be that kid. Now later in life I look back and feel bad for my mum. Everytime I cried she would come and pick me up and not show any discomfort. She found it hard and I couldn't see it at that time. Now I have some regret. I should have stopped before turning 23.

Previously unreleased footage of Khajiit acquiring his wares.

Holy shit he should put that in his dating profile, "I squat* Mountain Lions on weekends."

I guess I just won’t check my email?

I guess I just won’t check my email?

No, go ahead. The cat wants to see all of the new phishing email going around these days.

My cat does this all the time, but annoyingly she can tell which side of the screen I'm actively watching and intentionally positions herself to block that side. Netflix on? She blocks that side. Surfing Reddit? Sits on my wrist and blocks that side. Try to peek around her? She shifts to that side. And you better be actively petting her or she'll get those claws out.

And wants to know how to catfish

looks like a purrfect wrist warmer to me!

Smooth criminal

Smooth criminal

I like how the door opens

I like how he cocks his head as he's deciding on which flavor he's going to pilfer.

How did the bird figure all this out? It's not like someone showed him or her. Or trial and error. It's just amazing. It would need to be able to recognize the package and know the where they are in the store. Then understand the door. And when the store is open. !?!?

Bold as brass, that one.

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