"Squirtle uses tackle! It's not very effective..."

Idk, the cat moved I'd say it was effective. Tackle is never a 1 hit KO.


Here's a of a youtuber who goes by the name of "Ozzyman" who made a commentary for it.

Stop that, Mr. Simpson

"Hey, I need hugs too"

What breed of horse is that?


Newfoundland. I had one. He likely thinks they are fighting and trying to separate them. Very non violently, usually just by getting in between them

Edit: typo

The only jerks I see are the two people not giving that big, fluffy, puppy a hug!

"I'm just gonna lay down here" x-post from /sub/aww

What is going on here? Why are these two animals in the same area? Why does that area have couches and a table? Why has neither mauled the other? Where is this? When is this? Why is this?

Too many questions. Maybe I should just go back to enjoying the cute.

"Comfortable Otterman"

Still didn't ask the real question. Who the fuck is the camera man?!

The pelican.


"Seriously dude?"

The eyes on that cat!


You made him wear a watermelon, he's acting out in humiliation!

I was waiting for that paw to strike!

Attempting to feed our local trash pandas

I mean, what did you expect to happen?

In the actual video I say "watch it just go for the bag" before she steals it. But these raccoons are super chill around here and I'm not gonna sucker punch it for seizing the moment lol

Why the fuck would you try to feed a raccoon out of your bare hand

As soon as I realized he had left the bag in front of him, I suddenly wondered how he could have possibly expected anything else but what happened.

"Let's see, should I approach this strange creature and take a single food from his hand, or the entire bag which is sitting on the ground here?"


"Hello my name is cat, welc- ARGHRGHRGG"

Took him out in one fowl peck

pidgey uses peck, ITS SUPER EFFECTIVE

That home is filthy

I'll take that

These things are a menace :)

On one end you have this fucking massive grouper being a jerk, and on the other you have a supremely pissed off human who keeps having his kill stolen...and in the middle you've got this poor fish who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lol that guy sounds pissed

He didn't need those fingers.

Got your nose

i wouldve gotten first comment if I wasn't watching this loop for 7 hours.

Cutest jerk I've ever seen

"What a HECKIN tasty snoot"



When a couple of monkeys were up to no good

The throwing the stick at the end is so a little boy thing. I don't understand it, I'll just throw something at it.

that's almost human level dickery

Test reaction speed of the tortoise, see if it's safe to touch without being bitten, or see if it does bite, how much warning it gives before.


...started makin' trouble in my neighborhood!

Down low? Too slow!

Ok that little shit definitely starts laughing

Ha got you. Hihi and again. Nah come on this time i mean it. Hehehehehe

Lol my dog does this. She wants to be pet so she's trying to get my attention but she doesn't want me to actually touch her paw.

You can almost see Dog start cracking up lol.

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