Bambi gives kitty a bath

Bonus kick in the head at the end.

This was filmed in Hickory, North Carolina! This kitty's name is Pockets, and her deer friend is named Maple. Here's the source video:

yeah, bonus hoofboop.

I use it as an alternative to apple cider vinegar on my floors.

A true bromance

I spent way too long trying to figure out if that bat is real. I still don't know.

I wish I could answer that

It's not right ?


An unlikely hitchhiker


This looks like an attempted rape than a hitchhiking situation.


“And now I choose to live as a gay turtle”

I wanna be a cowboyyyy, baby!

Kitty and her woodland friend 💛

I love the clumsiness of baby animals! The way the kitten tries to stretch on the deer’s leg and falls, and the deer accidentally hitting the kitten twice as he/she walks away! Clumsiness can be so cute:)

Aww that is so sweet

This is Pockets the cat with her deer friend, Maple. It was filmed in Hickory, North Carolina. Here's the source video:

Pig tries to save another pig

Pigs are so smart and this makes me feel miserable.

An animal rights activist did an AMA a while back. He said that there are stories of pigs not only escaping but helping other pigs do the same by opening their cages.

Damn I really need to be a vegetarian I feel so freaking guilty when I see stuff like this

I think that abnormal behaviour is due to stress when they are kept in bad conditions, also if you starve any animal they may resort to this, even we do and have in history.

Just a Cat and her Dragon

“I love you, fluffy heating pad.”

“I love you, spiky kitten.”

Dragon's contemplating how to make a saddle so they can go on even greater adventures, while cat is about to nap.

"hands-free ear scratcher"

This was filmed by Take 2 Animal Sanctuary in Vancouver. Here's the source video:

Looking after the tiny human

As soon as you leave I’m gonna eat him

Dogs are such awesome people.

He must be full of such single-minded devotion. You can see how he knows this little human is a baby, and that he has to be careful, but that he's so fascinated with it.

He doesn't want to leave it, because it's so delicate and fragile and he's like "I gotta stay here and protect baby pack member."

Such patience for his friend.

My dog would kill that man 🙁. He's a good boy and trained well but I've been trying to get this giant asshole to calm down on a leash for 3 years, tried everything, only thing that really works is about 2 miles in he calms down. Don't know what he is exactly but he's 80 pounds of crazy.

I never want to get that old

Best advice I can give is hold the leash with no slack and make him walk right next to you. It's tough the first few times cause he'll want to fight it, but if you keep doing it you should notice a difference. Also watch the dog whisperer and do exactly what he does. That man is a genius.

My little fat sausage dog would love this

She usually makes it about 400m down the street before she gives up and wants to be carried

Exhibit A:

Patience for his friend.

This makes me happy and sad at the same time.

God bless that old man. He must really love his dog and it seems mutual.

Me too. I just love how patient the dog is. I don't know if the man lost his SO or anything, but I like to hope that if I am older and lose mine I have a companion like this one!

Looks like the guy could benefit from something sturdier than a cane

Single moms sticking together

"The next thing he saw completely blew his mind."

Why do they insist on using clickbait phrasing that can only be seen by people already watching?

If my dog had just had puppies I wouldn’t be keeping them outside in a plastic kennel.

The funny thing is too I bet the cat was like "hey dog umm you gotta scoot over". That dog is so agreeable as dogs are "oh sure"

The response I'm about to give will completely blow your mind.

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