Dog loves attacking car!

Dog loves attacking car!

It seems a part of the carpet has detached itself and started chasing a remote control car.

Lack of too curved horns

This belongs to /sub/humansbeingbros I think :-)

Lack of?

Seems to be the opposite...

Unless I’m missing something.

Humans are animals so at least he’s technically correct.

Brave man. Highly dangerous

Dog stopping brothers from fighting

Cutest referree ever

Kid took a swing at the ref. DISQUALIFIED

He's a refuree

Edit: Ruffuree is probably better.

My pitbull does this. Whenever I play fight with my husband, he grabs a toy and tries to distract us with it to break up the fight. He doesn't bite us or anything but he pushes his body between us

Snuggle buddies furever!

Snuggle buddies furever!

Poor guy looks so old. I don’t want him to lose his friend

Right? The younger dog almost looks like he realizes this and is taking as many snuggles possible while he still can.

I can’t begin to explain my love for dogs

Guard dog chases bears

Guard dog chases bears

Omg the first bear tries to clap him in between his hands like a mosquito 😂

Could've worked! Bears have no idea they're bears

Someone, anyone, give that fucking dog a beer.

This is unbelievable! it must be the barking the bears can't stand. Bears have really sensitive hearing so the yapping of the little dog must have drove them crazy. This only a guess though it could be they were not suspecting the dog to be so aggressive I would think the bears would have fight back. Unbelievable. Never ever underestimate a dog's loyalty to protect its owner.

This deer at my local park likes to be pet like a dog

This deer at my local park likes to be pet like a dog

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We've named her Delilah, though she probably has a real name too.

After visiting her so often week after week, she's started to recognize us and will let me and my gf pet her and give scratchies.

I haven't seen anyone else pet her like this, but a lot of people come and go through the park, maybe she's just very friendly :)

It's really nice to pet her, and she'll give you licks if you're nice enough haha!

You guys are gonna get the cutest Lyme disease!

Oh she's safe in the animal park behind this fence, no worries!

Put something on that deer. A bandana around the neck or whatever

Take whatever you want there, lil’ buddy.

Take whatever you want there, lil’ buddy.

Certainly a symbiotic relationship

Doggy knows who gives him food too..

If long doggo gets even a few crumbs it will be worth waiting all day with toddler feet walking on him.

Classic basset behavior. If he thinks food is coming, he will wait forever.

This is gilbert and chance, Chance is paralysed after being hit by a car and gilbert helps him around the house. (X-post r/Pigifs)

This is gilbert and chance, Chance is paralysed after being hit by a car and gilbert helps him around the house. (X-post r/Pigifs)

Nothing like tearing up at work on a Friday afternoon because a pig and paralyzed racoon is too much for me to handle right now.

In the article about these two, it says that the raccoon doesn’t wear diapers so the owner just has to clean Pee and poo off the floor and rugs all the time...

That house has to reek all the time.

Looks like the pig is mocking the raccoon

Free rides, much fun

It's a seal...or maybe a duck.....or a cat....

Through the lack of pixels I would say that's a fowl of some kind. Rather than a free ride its extremely likely it is humping the dog.

Hopefully not a giant scorpion

...I think my glasses need glasses

Dog being a total bro

Dog being a total bro

That dog has more skill than me

Such a good boy

Poor dog. Almost no seasoning on the skewers.

To me, the best part was when he barked into the traffic cone like it was a megaphone.

I wonder how the little dog disconnected her car battery?

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