The rescue dogs from Mexico

The rescue dogs from Mexico

Who names a dog tasked with rescuing people, "Evil"? Is he a daredevil or something?

Let's go ahead and name Frida the MVP.

She is Frida, she has located 52 trapped persons in Mexico City after yesterday's earthquake.

She is Frida, she has located 52 trapped persons in Mexico City after yesterday's earthquake.

She has saved 52 people throughout her entire career - and 3 people from yesterday's earthquake. Still a very good girl, just thought I'd share the actual facts.

Not sure if joking but that says "Marines" if translated

Not sure if joking but that says "Marines" if translated

Goodest of girls.

The title is a little misleading since she actually has helped find 52 people in different tragedies and disasters before. This photo was published a week ago after last week's earthquake in Oaxaca where she helped find 12 people.

Great dog, though

Blind cat gives his favourite pianist a hug every time he hears him play.

I feel like this belongs on /sub/aww instead,but it's close enough.

I'm not crying, you're crying.

This just warms my heart. It just makes me feel that we don't deserve animals

My heart is melting, send help.

Sleeping in an otter bed

Somebody call me an ambulance.


It just threw me away! How can something be this sweet? Go away kitties, I want otters 😍!

Puppy protects owner

assailant defeated, back to... hey!!!

Do you want a dog that bites ankles? Because that's how you get a dog that bites ankles.

...and then goes right back to playing.

Yeah. Developing the whole 'defense' instinct is cute when it's a puppy and you've worked out when to back off, but it's not very cute a few years out when your dog draws blood from the contractor that went to shake your hand. Quarantining your pet and filling out a lot of paperwork to document a bite sucks.

The puppy isn't allowed on the bed anymore after an incident. The cat missed her and went to snuggle on her bed

The puppy isn't allowed on the bed anymore after an incident. The cat missed her and went to snuggle on her bed

If you are wondering what the incident was- She pee'd on my $600 duvet just before I climbed into bed for the night and noticed only when I was covered in pee

"Don't worry, I peed on it for you! Now it's ours!"

This man's Dog didn't recognize him until he gave him a sniff

Oh man, that dog almost waggled his little butt off.

Why is it in Russian but the guys wearing an UNC chapel Hill t shirt?

I just love the word waggled, it makes me think of all the puppies doing their butt dances. Sorry I know I'm weird.

It was one of those UNC March Madness Winner shirts that they donate to 3rd world countries.

A monkey and his bird.

A monkey and his bird.

I want a giant pigeon. Maybe I can shrink myself If I soak and hang myself a bunch of times...

Please don't hang yourself

Please don't soak yourself either.

From the relevant chapter in the book:

"Off the southern coast of Chine, on an island nestled in the Pearl River estuary of Guangdong Province, the rhesus monkey is king.

Several hundred rhesus macaques, as they’re also known, are legally protected, along with pangolins and pythons, in the Neilingding Island– Futian National Nature Reserve, a 2,000-acre wildlife haven lush with mangrove forest. It was there that one of those monkeys made an unexpected feathered friend.

According to Luo Hang, who heads the animal protection station on the mountainous isle, one day in September 2007, a white dove landed on the ground near the station, and lingered. It seemed to have lost its mate. White doves are often seen as symbols of peace and long life, and Luo and his staff welcomed the animal into their midst.

They adopted the bird, which they thought was about three years old, feeding it corn kernels and keeping it in an iron cage at the station. The bird had a metal band around its leg, so Luo assumed it was part of a bird migration study and should be released at the change of seasons.

While patroling the island—which is famous not only for its nature park but for having greeted the first known European-flagged boat to China in 1513—one of the reserve staff came across a baby macaque. It was alone, distressed, and very weak. Not more than three months old, it was far too young to survive on its own in the forest and extremely vulnerable to pythons and other predators.

The reserve staff took the little animal, wide-eyed and clingy, back to the station, where it quickly met and hit it off with the feathered visitor already in residence.

For two months, the macaque and the dove shared a space and delighted the staff and visitors. They snacked on corn. The monkey turned pieces over in his little hands as he nibbled; the bird pecked on fallen bits behind him. The monkey chattered; the dove cooed. And at night they slept in the cage together, each the other’s pillow and blanket.

Luo Hang says, “The monkey was sometimes naughty and seemed to make fun of the dove,” but he showed affection, too. “If only the dove had hands to hug him back.”

It was a joyful scene, and people came from everywhere to see the way the odd couple lived together and looked after each other. But the staff knew both animals would be better off in the wild, and so they prepared to set them free.

The dove was released first, and off it flew. Luo then returned to the place where the macaque was first found, and he was pleased to find the monkey’s family once again in its territory. The baby rejoined the troop without a hitch. With both monkey and bird back in their natural environments, one can only wonder if they will cross paths in the future. If they do, will there be a gesture of recognition?"

Big brother saying hello to the newest member of the family. Yo Yo, the little ginger kitty, is blind. He was supposed to be a foster kitty, but his foster family decided to keep him!


A Decision has been made. 🚨YoYo is a FOSTER FAIL! I do not think Joe and I should attempt to foster anymore 😂

This video taken today was the moment we decided to keep him. I have not seen Mac look this good in weeks! He truly had an amazing day with YoYo and it is a day we will always cherish 🏡

They posted a video yesterday of Yo Yo running around the house, it is just too adorable:

When you have something as precious as a blind kitten and he finds a welcoming big brother there is no choice. The kitten can't go to a lesser home.

that cat is having no trouble at all navigating without sight, amazing!

At first I didn't realize his name was yo yo, so I was confused on why they were starting a paragraph with yo yo as if we're a 90s rap battle

Looking past the differences

For those asking: the cat looks like it has cerebellar hypoplasia, which means balance and coordination is off, and that's why the cat is moving oddly! As far as I know, the condition isn't harmful/painful and doesn't get worse as the cat ages.

it does! its name is Sriracha and she lives at rancho relaxo :) ig @boochaces if you want to see more! they're one of my faves

*licking past the differences

doesn't get worse

ok that's good!

it does!


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