Kitty volunteers as a pillow for her human

That is one fat cat

That's so fucked up.

People, be nice to your pets. That includes not overfeeding them.

Cat mass=baby mass

I feel like when cats are around small children the start them early on an affectionate love campaign... just so when the kids grow into adults, they are extra disappointed by their cat's total indifference to their existence.

Playing soccer with a rooster

Playing soccer with a rooster

More like the rooster is defending himself from the ball

I used to own a rooster, and I can safely say that he is not playing with ball, he is trying to kill it.


They're being jerks

Leave my bro alone. (X-post /sub/Unexpected )

I swam with a bunch of cuttlefish while snorkeling in Aruba last year. It felt more like an alien encounter than just swimming with an ocean critter. You can tell they are smart and observing you as much as you are them. Very cool experience.

I wonder if it's actually "leave my lady alone" and the second one is a territorial male. This video shows even more defensive behavior when a rival male comes around.

Looks like it, the female has the bland colors to hide and preserve the eggs, while the make is a flashy bronze to impress the female.

My wife and I saw one while scuba diving last year. We're on a dive trip now and really hoping to see one. Really any cephalopods are exciting.


Cat Saves Newborn Puppy

Cat Saves Newborn Puppy

Dude, wtf? Where's the nice story about them being adopted and kept together. This is infuriating. Are they just gonna die on the street together

Are we entirely certain the cat didn't steal the puppy?

It's a stretch but the pictures at the end make it seem like they were adopted

Cannot unsee the dingleberries hanging off the cat's ass.

Kitty cleans her friend's face

The cat is very content of the big dog's presence. I thought it would be annoyed by it.

Good friends!

I love the dog's "don't judge me" eyes.

Are you kidding? That cat can be the biggest asshole in the neighborhood, because his big brother is a german shepard. That cat is untouchable.

I have a cat who constantly goes up to our dog to lick her (she's currently knocking over things on my desk as I type this). It can be adorable when the dog is in the mood, but the cat does it literally all the time she gets near the dog. So the dog becomes annoyed as hell and growls at her, then runs away. Pretty funny. She also licks people's armpits. She's the neediest cat ever. But also the sweetest.

edit: just had to throw her off of me onto my bed. She climbed onto me on my chair and started licking near my balls. She's a strange cat.

Kitty is a massage therapist

you know he's just doing it in hopes of getting laid

we had a cat that used to knead my mother's jumper when he sat on her lap and would drool on her. we thought it was cute for a while until I came home from school once and my mum said she stood up mid-cuddle and he hissed, scratched at her, then turned over to reveal a big fat cat boner

Only reason anyone anywhere in the history of the universe has ever given a massage.. was in the hope of getting giggerdy giggerdy

I think there are a lot of professionals out there who would disagree with you

Faithful doggo protects owner from vicious duck

It's really quite cool that the dog was showing obvious restraint. It could've snapped the goose's neck like a twig, but instead just wanted to pull the bird off their human bro

Hah dog is trying to be so gentle but at the same time is like "fuck off that is my human"

Yeah he kept on letting go every time the idiot duck (goose?) let go, obviously trying to give his adversary an escape. Good boy.

somebody's sleeping on the bed tonight.

Bear cub is assisting her with gardening

When he looks over to see if he's doing it right... Yep! Just like that, baby bear.

Why do all these people have bears?

Where's my bear?

Guess you'd have to get a bigger garden.

That'll do bear, that'll do.

Brave husky protects its owner

The last one where he tucks the blanket back round and gives him a little nose bop! Like it's okay human I want to stay in bed too

"There is no time for school only bed."

Pretty sure doggo was just fooling around.

This is like the opposite of Huskys. Mine always wanted me to get out of bed.

Aww yiss!

Thought it was a rabbit at first.

That looks like Mischief the Raven!

I love Mischief

As usual, a very cute animal, but certainly not an animal being a bro. This does not belong here.

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