Cat and dolphin interaction

Human of the sea meets ruler of land humans

Recently it was discovered that cats purrs can resonate on the same frequency as a dolphin's echolocation implying that they can actually communicate with each other on a very basic level.

Dolphins are thought to be one of the most intelligent and compassionate species on earth. Through further study of this phenomenon it has become apparent that they likely have cat pets of their own in their condos on the bottom of the ocean, so this dolphin's been hanging with cats for its whole life and this is absolutely normal behavior for it.

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Silly u/GuyWithRealFacts, dolphins don't have pet cats of their own in their condos on the bottom of the ocean. They have pet catfish of their own in their condos on the bottom of the ocean.

Sorry dolphin he rubbed his smells on you. Now you are belonged to a cat.

Jack Russell retrieves flip-flop.

"This is my flip flop now. This is totally my flip flop"

No take! Only throw!

they cut out the part where the Jack violently killed the flip flop and tore it to pieces:)

Finders keepers.

Surfers Dog chases sharks out of the surf zone

Surfers Dog chases sharks out of the surf zone

FENTON!!! Oh Jesus Christ... FENTON!!!

Later that day back at shark headquarters.

Sharkbro: dude you got chased off by a dang land seal!

Scaredy-shark: He was crazy man! You shoulda seen the look in his eyes! And what's with those fins?! He had twigs for fins but was still hecka fast and he was making weird noises like "bork bork bork!'

Sharkbro 2: You're a shark why didn't you eat him?

Scaredy-shark: I don't wanna talk about this anymore.

Heckin brave pupper

That should be a sub honestly. Dogs chasing animals they shouldn't be chasing


Horse wants a hug

Horse wants a hug

thats a giraffe

I think horse wants him to keep a-scratchin'.

Man, imagine having a pesky itch as a horse. You got stiff legs with blocks on the end for feet. You ain't scratchin' shit.

So, I worked on a ranch for several years (the number of horses would change, but it was never lower than 10 and many times it was upward of 20). This thing, this "hug" thing? They totally do it. Horses have this weird mix of knowing that they are massive and can push us around, and of being terrified of our bad moods (we can make scary noises). When they do it, it's special. You can really feel the love when a horse physically forces you into a hug.

Helping His Friend

Helping His Friend

Elephants can be so gentle, definitely bro-tier animals. Shame we don't tend to afford them the same courtesy.


The way we've treated Elephants historically is pretty grim, but it's nowhere near as bad as the way we've treated horses; which are another total bro-tier animal.

They drove several industries before there were locomotives and were used in wars for a long time up until like WWI

Tortoise helps upside-down tortoise

That thrust though!

There was actually a study done on tortoises' ability to right themselves:

If it can't right itself, it'll generally die from predators or starvation.

All tortoises need to get LifeAlert!

I never knew that a turtle's legs could move sooo fast.

Dog teaches puppy how to get down stairs.

"I like how he taught him step by step".

Frankly, this video is so poorly edited that I can't tell if the dog led the puppy downstairs or shoved the puppy upstairs.

Meanwhile: Cats

What the fuck is that cancer loading gif that leads to another site if your phone registers your scrolling as a click?

For the first time, a wild lioness is photographed nursing a baby leopard

For the first time, a wild lioness is photographed nursing a baby leopard

If you like happy endings, do not read the article. Read the title, say "Aww" and then click on.

If the baby is almost certain to be killed, couldn't they rescue it and send it to rehabilitation shelter?

Tl;dr Mom likely to introduce cub to pride. Pride likely eats it.

Documentarys pretty much never interfere with nature. They are there to document it, not meddle with it.

Recently the BBC saved some newly hatched turtles while making Planet Earth because the turtles were going towards the city, not the ocean. Even that was considered a bit controversial but was done because it was humans causing what would have been a mass death so they decided it was OK for humans to stop it.

Here, let me just hold that for you

How is possible for any living thing to be so happy! Much less two!

It would apprear that having a nice treat to share with a friend is the key to happiness here.

That dog's smile is insanely contagious

It's a bull penis. You're welcome.

so that a homeless dog could sleep on it

so that a homeless dog could sleep on it
so that a homeless dog could sleep on it

I think there's a lesson to learn here, but it's hard to see through the tears

So our two dogs, peaches and Bella would always fight over one specific dog bed, to the point where peaches would park at imaginary animals outside to steal the bed when Bella would Sprint outside to see what was going on. When Bella died (poisoned at the age of three) peaches actually dragged that dog bed out to her little doggo grave and and we found her sleeping beside it as if to give her the bed

Bit of a sad story I'm afraid so I'd like to at least point out that we found her while hunting (abandoned almost certainly because of her lack of agression toward animals or lack of hunting skills) and those 3 years she had acres of land to play, a loving home and of course her best friend peaches. Makes me feel a little better to know she had about the best life a pupper can have (and she passed painlessly as far as we can tell)

The proper title is "Puppy drags his new blanket outside so that a homeless dog could sleep on it".

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That title is the best way to get me to click on something that I've ever

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