Observe the differences in reactions to mothers. One has a kid who shot nine people, including five cops, killing three folks because of his thoughts about Planned Parenthood. The other had a teenaged son killed by a cop.

Observe the differences in reactions to mothers. One has a kid who shot nine people, including five cops, killing three folks because of his thoughts about Planned Parenthood. The other had a teenaged son killed by a cop.

I fucking hate everything so much. Stuff like this makes me wonder why I bother continuing another day in this miserable shithole.

yea, there are shitty racist people out there. not sure facebook comments are the most objective gauge of general sentiment though ;)

To change the way the shithole operates, hopefully.

I feel like FB comments capture the zeitgeist extremely well. This particular screencap is obviously biased, but the userbase of Facebook is... everyone. It's probably the best representation of 'average' that exists online, as other sites have more particular cultures/demographics which impart bias (a huge notable example being age; FB likely has the highest average age--most moms and grandparents aren't on Reddit).

A reminder for November 4

A reminder for November 4

RCP is so out of touch with the Left they actually bought the conspiracy

Every day is do nothing day 😎

i'm gonna use "be a leftcom" to mean "do nothing" from now on ty

lol get out of here. everybody's been clowning on you dorks for this for weeks.

Another 4chan fail: pretty sure antifa folks don't call right-wingers "patriots"

Another 4chan fail: pretty sure antifa folks don't call right-wingers "patriots"

"a convincing police uniform" fucking lol

No one I've talked to in person, no member of any anarchist affinity group, had any idea about this supposed civil war we're starting until right wingers online started drumming up a loud ruckus. Honestly if it wasn't so insulting it'd be funnier :)

This entire flyer reads like a non-leftist wrote it trying to impersonate us. So flattered/s :)

Does that mean I have to wear my uniform with assless chaps at home?

I'm pretty scared that some right wing lunatic is gonna go off on a mass shooting or something on Nov 4. These kinds of conspiracy theories are exactly the kind of thing that cause idiots to snap. Like that guy who shot up a pizza shop because he believed the insane theory that Hillary Clinton's people were holding children prisoner to be molested in the basement of a pizza shop.

Catalans declare independence from Spain

Catalans declare independence from Spain
Catalans declare independence from Spain

Ugh, yes. That discussion in /sub/europe is so brain dead. Do people seriously not realize that the entire point of declaring independence is rejecting the legitimacy of the parent state? Legality is whatever the current state makes it. A unilateral declaration of independence is neither legal nor illegal. There are two mutually exclusive ideas of what is legal and what is not existing simultaneously. What's legal and what's not is determined after the dust settles by whoever the fuck wins. It's like these people think the law is a law of nature and not simply a human institution.

I'm really worried for the Catalan people and the rise of Spanish nationalism.

I can already see that some of my friends that I considered "neutral" start believing the falacies of the right-wing and justifying the harsh treatment of voters in the past referendum. They even support militar intervention, and think the ones that disagree (like me) are independentists and/or "rojos".

I feel kinda isolated right now, I thought they had more common sense...

There's a chance this will head towards civil war. Leftists not just in Catalonia but other autonomous regions will hopefully help to spite Rajoy and his ilk, and the Mossos D'Esquadra will likely resist orders from the Spanish government in favor of ones from the Catalonian one. This sets up a situation where neither side will back down. Spain can't because of the amount of power they will lose. Catalonia can't because it'll mean the dissolution of their identity and like the end of their ability to make decisions for themselves (if they get 'returned' to Spain I highly doubt they'll still be an autonomous region)

EDIT: R/Europe is just eyerolling for days. All this talk about 'legality' and it's not 'within the scope of the law/constitution' as if that ever stopped the state.

Pretending that anarchists and anti-authoritarians have never helped or worked with nationalist movements throughout history.

Seriously how many times can internet anarchists erase the actions of Chinese, Korean, Japanese anarchists who worked with nationalists in China and Korea to fight off Japan, or erase the fact that Bakunin was a pan-slavic activist, or erase the anarchist movements that fought in Algeria, Morocco, Eritrea, Egypt and Libya alongside nationalists to push out imperialists. You can work with statists and nationalists while promoting true freedom, equality and self reliance amongst the people. You have to, otherwise there won't be people left to fucking preach to.

Anarchy cannot stand alone. Read some fucking Kuwasi Balagoon.

White Privilege in a Nutshell

White Privilege in a Nutshell

because if it was a black/brown terrorist, the big cable networks would be all over this shit.

Your post claims nobody is reporting it

...mnoo, they never said that before you asserted it. All the image states is that between a set of given hours, the "big three" cable TV news services gave less than 2min of coverage to the topic. The strongest argument to be made -IMO- is that these "big three" media institutions have a predominantly white audience, who aren't comfortable with, or interested in, news of white supremacists engaging in white supremacist violence. While they(the media) certainly can't just avoid the topic completely, they can avoid addressing it as the major contemporary social issue that it is/has been.

Miami Herald, NYT, CNN, Chicago Tribune, and TIME have all covered this story.

So what? They should cover this story, as should Fox News and they should do it at multiple platforms, not shelter their audience in their own media bubbles.

Nazi getting punched in the face at UF

Nazi getting punched in the face at UF

Looks like his head bounced off his friend's as well, noice!

Sinking to their level would involve racial hatred, ethnic hatred, hatred of the lgbtq community, hatred of the disabled, and systematically exterminating those demographics because of who they are.

I fail to see how punching one of them in the face is sinking to their level given what their level entails.

Bruv, unless you punch a Nazi so hard that the resultant shockwave wipes out an entire ethnic group, I'm gonna have to disagree.

Sucks. I'm bald so I shave my head and really think suspenders are totally practical. Why these turds gotta ruin that stuff

Literally no difference

Literally no difference

But you forgot about the narrative where everyone on the left doesn't have a job and just destroys small businesses and lights trashcans on fire all day!

I sent this to my friend saying "you on the right"; he replied a few seconds later with "yes, I agree with him". I weep.

There's a group of people who want to kill anyone not like them. Fascists. Then there is a group that says that action isn't ok, and trying to stop facists. Anti-facists.

Naturally, when confronting a group with the desire to kill others. They don't just go away because you ask nice and have valid arguments. There will probably have to be some physical force, violence involved. In a few rare cases, they go away because they saw the error of their ways. More than likely it's because the effort it takes to kill people does not pay off.

What we have here is psychopaths who want to kill people, the majority of people. Then there is a group that only wants to neutralize these psychopaths. There's a massive difference there.

Anyone claiming they can't tell the difference here inevitably results in empowering psychopathic aggressors, via passivity and compliance through silence. Fascists know people are sacred to act against them. Leveraging this kind of doubt to attempt to confuse people and prevent counter action. Motives for violence make all the difference.

Yes, violence may be utilized by both sides. Self preservation and defense is by no means, "the same thing," as seeking out and killing people solely for being different.

One is an aggressor sneaking violence. The other is sneaking to stop the violence the aggressor is starting. That's the difference.


WARNING : Video showing Spanish police officer breaking fingers of Catalan Referendum polling station worker

WARNING : Video showing Spanish police officer breaking fingers of Catalan Referendum polling station worker

I thought they stopped being fascist in the 70s.

Fuck the police.

Remember: ACAB

No, all cops are bastards unconditionally. Even when they do good things, they're part of an institution built on suppression.

Catalan firefighters defending referendum voters from the Spanish police

Catalan firefighters defending referendum voters from the Spanish police

I'm in a School in a city near Barcelona. Firefighters here are working with people, and with people I mean, families, elders, kids, people with disabilities. All of us.

Meanwhile, policía Nacional and Guardia Civil (military force/police) are raiding in schools and other centers of votation.

More than 300 hundred injuried people, at least 3 of them badly. In my school we are wait them since 5a.m. and now it's almost 4p.m.

Even are attacking the "regional police" here in Catalonia (Mossos d'Escuadra).

It's not a third world war, but it's democracy falling, thats for sure.

Edit: most people in other regions of Spain are fine with this. "Go for them" is their mantra this days.

Edit 2: aerial space is close, not planes (capitalism must prevale) and helicopters from police mention earlier.

Makes you wonder why "serve and protect" is virtually monopolized by police, eh?

Spanish cops have started using violence against firefighters. This is as bizarre as it is shocking and shameful.

Amusingly there is now footage of Catalan police stepping in to try to protect protesters from Spanish police violence.

NACAB (at least, not all the time!)

Cops are geniuses

Cops are geniuses

ACAB = All Cops Are Bastards

They're certainly self aware.

Anarchism means no rulers, not no rules.

Maybe /sub/anarchy101 or the anarchist faq would be relevant for you if you wanna know what anarchism is.

Nope, those are CRS (a French unit of cops), they have labels on their back. Edit : nope, it's shopped, it's a letter and a digit.

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