I hate my job and my boss

I hate my job and my boss

Reminds me of a line from Phineas and Ferb:

Doofenshmirtz: In fact, I come from a long line of great meatloaf chefs. The recipe was first created by my great, great grandmother Gretel Doofenshmirtz, who passed it down to my grandpa, José Doofenshmirtz, weird story there. Then he passed it down to my mom, who passed it down to...Roger. Ugh! Naturally, I had to steal it from him. And when I did, I finally found out what the secret ingredient was. The secret ingredient was hate. Usually it's love, but Great Grandma Gretel had some issues.

Sorry to hear that, OP. Unfulfilling jobs can be soul crushing. I hope you find something fresh soon. hug

Relevant turkey slice

I got invitations for job-interviews this week, I hope there coming something of it, so I can quit this shitfest of a job.

Thanks for the hug :)

I wasn't expecting that

I wasn't expecting that

Women drastically change their hair for 2 reasons.

A life altering event and it's the one thing they can control.

For the hell of it.

Ah yes, another one of those rare "This either means something or nothing" scenarios.

she was proud of herself for taking that step and you gave her the chance to brag a bit

A part of teaching English in Japan was cultural education, and I'd sometimes be surprised by the lessons my Japanese co-workers would teach about the west. "When an American woman breaks up with her partner, she gets a haircut" was something I hadn't thought of in such stark terms, but it was regular enough a pattern that they thought of it like a norm.

I should have known better

I should have known better

People make friends on Reddit?

There is a friend system. Although I've never used it. Between rating video games on my blog and organising my fedoras by colour and height, I really don't have time for friends.

That's what I'm saying. I can barely remember my own login info let alone other people's usernames

I actually met a potential date on Reddit who also wanted to also hook me up with a U.N. job she was leaving in another country(Dominican Republic): Double score!!!!

We arranged a meeting when she came back stateside near my city(Chicago) for vacation....she never came to our arranged date spot after she arrived here and later Google fu showed....

She committed suicide during her vacation the day before we were supposed to meet.



I went to dinner with my 4 year old, his best friend, and best friend's dad. The kids wanted to sit next to each other in the both. I sat next to the other dad. Hilarity ensued.

I went to dinner with my 4 year old, his best friend, and best friend's dad. The kids wanted to sit next to each other in the both. I sat next to the other dad. Hilarity ensued.

The manager told us it was so awesome we adopted two boys. I told her we were just friends, and didn't have to comp the order. She insisted any way.

Does this count as friends with benefits?

If this were a sitcom, you and the other dad would do this at every diner in town till you got caught by your disapproving wives.

Well, it was after t ball practice.... as such, there's no pitcher or catcher... so... not many benefits

Seriously, it's annoying

Seriously, it's annoying

I have an addiction to uBlock. I block social media "share" icons, fixed navigation headers, side bars, footers, comment sections, videos, overlays...I get a bit carried away at times because it's like a game.

If a website asks me to turn it off I just don't go to that website.

In reality the website doesn't care, it makes no ad revenue if you have ad lock on so they would prefer you didn't go come back to their site.

Same here...get a certain satisfaction out of it. Cheap thrills I guess.

I applied months ago, apparently. Phone interview went great!

I applied months ago, apparently. Phone interview went great!

"Soooo, what did the person in this role before me have the most trouble accomplishing? Also, the least trouble. Also, what did they do?"

Wow, this is the first time I've seen a usage of this meme that works. Everything else is "hey here is a new popular thing that I could figure out with 20 seconds on google"


haha, I had a similar thought.

"What is the first thing that the last person in this position does on a work day? And the last? OK, now what did they do for the rest of their time?"

"So, why do you want to work here?"

"Uh, because your numerous awards and work in the community?"

"Oh, he's good."

Who takes 17 selfies at the oncologist?!

Who takes 17 selfies at the oncologist?!

My ex-wife was diagnosed with cancer when she was 15. She was in remission by the time she turned 17 and it never showed up again. You know what else never showed up again? The people that gave her ALL the attention she had when she had cancer.

After a huge life event like that, some people gain a deeper more profound view of the world and learn to appreciate it. Some other people, develop a sickening need to have that special attention for the rest of their lives. She was awful.

We have a special needs child. One of the thing I've learned from going to support groups, weekend retreats, and special events is this: just because someone is in a shitty situation doesn't mean they're good people. Some people are selfish or thoughtless. Some people are attention whores. Sometimes terrible things happen to people and it forces them to tap into reserves of character they didn't know they had, causing them to grow as people… and sometimes it doesn't.

And that's okay. Anyone going through a hard time deserves a little sympathy. If, after a little sympathy, you still dislike them because they just aren't very nice, well, you tried.

A serious health condition to an attention whore is like a free heroin supply for a junkie.

Your story is true in so many ways, I can feel your frustration from just reading it.

People need to get off their high horses

People need to get off their high horses

Give that kid a taste of their own medicine. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Was there a video i missed?!

This... this doesn't seem like an appropriate place for the Lenny face...

I read it as being jokingly creepy or perverted. Like if you responded to the top level comment here with "I'd rather taste the kid's sauce" then that would be horrifying and a Lenny face would be appropriate.

Edit: I just gave the worst example, maybe that's a bit extreme for the Lenny face. IDK, I can't think of a good way of explaining it right now.

Bitches be crazy.

Bitches be crazy.

Train your kid to deal with your wife's tantrums and you're set.

This relationship sounds nice and healthy.

"Mom, I am going to need you to step the fuck up and act like an adult, I don't have the patience or care to listen to this stupid shit." - His daughter probably.

My son is three and he and his mother get into these hilarious power struggles. She never realizes that she is arguing with herself, like they are so similar in their conflict styles it's astounding. She keeps asking me why I don't have that problem with him, it's simple. I don't engage, he's three, I'm his 27 year old father, there is nothing to argue about, I'm the boss. Or as my father used to tell me, "This isn't a democracy, it's a dictatorship, and I'm the dick running it".

You may gain in the short term, but I've seen this turn many people into pariahs.

You may gain in the short term, but I've seen this turn many people into pariahs.

My favorite are the ones who assume you believe them just because you don't call them out

I have a friend like this. It's sad because you don't even listen to any stories anymore because they are always fabricated. It's too tiring to call him out all the time so you kinda just casually correct him if he's talking to someone else and it's getting embarrassing.

I can't help but tell white lies to people I barely know. Even if they make me more boring. I think I have a problem

I had a roommate in college who told crazy stories and would claim to know someone almost anywhere you've talked about. The weird part was that once I got to know him, I realized he wasn't making any of it up. You couldn't walk down the street without him seeing someone he knew, and they would always be from one of his crazy stories. Pretty good friend to have, I tried to be in as many of his crazy stories as possible.

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