When I see that punchable face, safe to say the last word I think of is "courage".

When I see that punchable face, safe to say the last word I think of is "courage".

For those who haven't seen just yet, Ajit Pai was honored with the 'Charlton Heston Courage Under Fire' award by the NRA and given a rifle. Shoutout to /sub/nottheonion on this one.

honestly the most punch able face on the internet

It takes courage to take bribes now?

The NRA leadership is seriously sick.

not for you he didn't. unless you are high on the corporate ladder, and have enough money.

Well, that backfired...

Well, that backfired...

When you left the bus, you should have said "it was nice talking to you guys"

Although uncomfortable, it might provide some valuable insight into how strangers perceive you. Things no one else dares to tell you.

Nah they were drunk. No insights acquired.

"Joke's on you, we knew it all along!"

The ladies bathroom at work. 18 out the 30 stalls aren’t even useable. To all the disgusting fucks out there

The ladies bathroom at work. 18 out the 30 stalls aren’t even useable. To all the disgusting fucks out there

I worked on the custodian staff at a Sears during college. I routinely had to clean both the Mens and Ladies restrooms. Let me just say that women are a hundred times worse than Men when it comes to not flushing and leaving disgusting messes.

30 stalls? In one bathroom? Are you a vendor at a sports arena?

Having worked in busy pubs for 18 years, let me tell you, girls are waaaaaaay more messy, dirty and disgusting in their toilet use than guys.

You could clean the ladies every 15 mins and you will have to replace 75% of the toilet roll. Change all the hand towels. Unblock 33% of the toilets and wipe down every single seat because there is pee (or puke and pee) all over it.

The thing that gets me most is the pee all over it. So the only way that girls can pee on the seats is if they don't sit on the seats. Why wouldn't they sit on the seats? Because someone else has pee' d on the seats. Why did someone pee on the seats? Because they hovered because they assumed someone pee'd on the seats! It's a vicious, disgusting circle that happens with alarming speed and frequency.

Can we stop to appreciate the irony of women lifting, and predictably, leaving up the toilet seat?

Thinking about seeing Black Panther.

Thinking about seeing Black Panther.

I’ve seen honest opinions. Most people really enjoy it. The baddie is especially appreciated. The cast is excellent as is the world building of the fictional nation of Wakanda. [Thx for correction]

The biggest criticism is the final fight has a lot of noticeable CGI and is extremely fast making it hard to watch. That brings it down from ‘Great Marvel Movie’ to ‘Good Marvel Movie’. Apparently three of the actors are very charismatic and steal the movie from the lead. Finally there are two jokes that some people laugh their head off at, and others found just awful...

The people with criticisms definitely liked it overall and were glad they’d seen it. I plan to go see it myself.

You've seen the story before, and you've seen action before. If you go in just looking for a good movie to watch, I think anyone will enjoy it. It's not breaking new cinematic grounds like people are toting, but it definitely is worth your time.

extremely fast making it hard to watch

I fucking hate this trend in modern action movies.

Costumes are awesome, not a huge fan of the black panther one ironicaly. Man the women-guards armor/costumes are badass

As an Australian, this helps me sleep at night

As an Australian, this helps me sleep at night

Some of us are awake. Have an updoot.

Can I have an American updoot too?

~ Sincerely, a non American.

How much do you wanna bet that I can throw this thread over them mountains?

Seriously, America

Seriously, America

I am a liberal. I am a gun rights advocate. I am a teacher.

This is a stupid and terrible idea.

We have too much faith in our teachers. They are just like any other cross-section of our population. Some are sober, some are drunks. Some are mentally fit, some are mentally ill. Some have the patience of Job, some have severe temper issues.

I don't know the answer to these large, .ass shootings and I feel sometimes that nobody is actually looking for a root cause, but I am confident that I don't want a gun in the hands of many, many teachers I know.

If a student pulls out a gun in class the teacher will not have time to react to the situation. If there is an active shooter on campus it would be stupid for a teacher to leave the classroom to engage. Fuck this cowboy mentality America has.

This is the dumbest fucking thing I've ever heard. Did anyone stop to think maybe teacher's don't need the added stress of being the saviour should a gunfight break out in their classroom?

I support smart regulations but some people should know this. Seen too many debates start with incorrect information.

I support smart regulations but some people should know this. Seen too many debates start with incorrect information.

I posed this elsewhere and the downvote brigade has been trying to push it off the page...


All right, people, let's do this yet again, so try to keep up...

The term "assault rifle" has a very specific definition.

An "assault rifle" is a rifle capable of select-fire, which means that it can fire multi-round bursts or sustained automatic fire when the trigger is held. it also uses a hotter round that packs more punch than a pistol, but not as much as a traditional "long" rifle, and has to have a minimum 300-yard effective range as per the weapon's engineering docs. Actual combat/military/battle rifles are often not "assault rifles" because of missing one or more of these key definitions - there are select-fire weapons that aren't "assault rifles" because they use long-gun rounds or have short effective ranges, and as such these fall under different rules.

The definition of "assault rifle" does not have anything to do with what a rifle looks like. Black bits and vented over-barrel Picatinny-rail tubes and adjustable tubular stocks and what-not are not what makes a weapon an "assault rifle." "Big, black, and scary" is not part of the definition, no matter how much autistic screeching the press might be emitting.

Semi-automatic rifles, which are weapons that fire a single round with a single trigger pull, are not assault rifles.

An AR15 is a semi-automatic. It is not an assault rifle. You can fake it with a bump stock (or just a really good trigger finger) but that doesn't change the underlying weapon.

Actual "assault rifles" have already been heavily restricted for years now. There are complex and lengthy licensing processes (e.g., Class-3 Federal Firearms License) that have a load of easy ways to be disqualified.


When a politician speaks about "banning assault rifles," what he or she is really saying is "this is a red herring meant to placate idiots that think guns are evil but don't actually know a damn thing about them, and we do know that banning weapons only changes what gets used as weapons."

Still not as deadly as the Auto Kill 47.

How the hell does that duck know all these things?

Also if you say that an AR15 is an assault rifle, that mentally ill people can legally purchase guns with impunity, or that anyone can walk into a store and legally purchase an automatic rifle, then no one is going to take you seriously. Always do you research before calling for public policy changes and if you don’t even know existing firearms regulations, then how can you possibly have an informed opinion on what changes need to be made?

I'll soon renew my years-expired membership in the NRA, but am unlikely to ever get around to buying the AR-15 that I'd like to have.

I'll soon renew my years-expired membership in the NRA, but am unlikely to ever get around to buying the AR-15 that I'd like to have.

Because those liberties keep being used to kill Innocent people, but hey that's not of your concern...

Because the majority shouldn't have the need to buy an assault rifle in the first place. Oh, and buying a gun -- like driving a car -- should be a privilege (as it is in most sane Western countries) -- not a right/liberty.

You want to protect yourself? Buy a handgun & 50 bullets. If you need more than that, you're a lousy shot and will probably miss the bad guy anyway.

Unless you're in the military or a policeman in riot gear, there is ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY no reason for you to need an AR-15!!!

Downvotes in 3...2...1...

Sane gun control laws will not restrict the liberties of the majority, they will only restrict the liberties of those who would be a danger to own guns.

Until it's your child of course.

I sincerely hope that's not what it takes.

Can we stop calling 'Black Panther' diverse?

Can we stop calling 'Black Panther' diverse?

It isn't that Black Panther is diverse as a stand alone feature.

It is that it adds much needed diversity to cinema.

Stop looking at shit through a different context than the people making claims and then calling them wrong.

Get your context correct before you complain.

edit: scope changed to context. better word for what I am referring to.

What if I told you black people are more than just African Americans

it makes the movie culture more diverse.

Most of us see Black Panther as a wonderful addition to the Marvel Universe, a huge build up to the Infinity War and a exposure to a great character.

Others are "Yeah, a movie finally representing black people"

You want a diverse movie, Guardians of the galaxy 2 is as diverse as it can be....

This is what happens when you run your sub like a cult!

This is what happens when you run your sub like a cult!

You obeyed the rules of the sub, the only thing you should feel bad about is visiting /sub/the_donald.

There's no way to know. They're just posting this for easy karma.

How did you find out they got banned? Is there a way to check?

I visit sometimes to simultaneously feel better about myself and worse about the state of this country.

Try one of these subthreads