Seriously this is getting old Russia...

Seriously this is getting old Russia...

There are no bots in Russia. Trust me, I checked.

Please report any suspicious accounts and I'll look into them. If I suspect they are bots I'll fuck em to death.

I mean really, here's just a few I come across:





I'll find ya. I'll find ya and ban ya.

Russian bots? In MY Adviceanimals? It's more common than you think!



Shitty, but makes sense

Marijuana stays in your system for 30 days though.

On a Saturday?

My boss asked if I was on drugs I said hell yeah. Pretty sure I passed that test with Ease!

Honey that's why you need to get grades. Otherwise you'll end up like that man over there.

Honey that's why you need to get grades. Otherwise you'll end up like that man over there.

Working hard at any honest job is honorable in my book. Fuck people that say otherwise.

Just tell them that you have a master's degree and still have to work at Starbucks

If you dont go to school youll end up like him over there, cleaning streets or hauling trash in a union job, a pension, high pay and reasonable hours.

Appreciate it. I supervise a custodial team at a university, and while we encounter more nice people than not, we are often looked down on by students and faculty that assume they are somehow better. Often the response when I get talking to someone and tell them I have a degree but I'm not currently a student, "Well as long as it pays the rent!" Shocker is, I actually like my job, and it pays pretty well.

The way it is

The way it is

So long as you make exceptions if you've ordered food delivery. Delivery guys/girls may not want strangers having their personal phone number...

If it's important enough they'll leave a message. If they don't, that's their problem.

If it's not important enough for you to leave a voicemail, it's not important enough for me to have bothered answering.

How often are delivery drivers calling customers? I delivered pizzas many years ago, and the need to call a customer was extremely rare. It was usually because they wouldn't answer their door.

There was one customer who never gave tips, and I had a pizza for him. I knew he wasn't going to tip going in. When I got there, I saw several cars in front and heard loud music at the door. So I rang the bell a couple times, no response. Then I knocked loudly a couple times. Still nothing. I didn't have a cell phone at the time, and didn't want to drive back to the store, call the customer and tell them "hey it might be nice if you answer the door when you order a pizza", then drive back to their house and still get no tip. Fuck that, he's getting his pizza now. So I start banging hard on the door repeatedly until someone finally came to the door. The guy was pissed off because I was beating his door so hard and called my manager to complain. Of course I got no tip, but that was going to happen anyway. Manager didn't give a shit about his complaint.

Those days are gone. Blazing saddles.

Those days are gone. Blazing saddles.

Someone missed the whole point of the movie. It makes jokes about racism, not racist jokes.

Isn't the focus of the plot about putting racists in their place? Shady politician attempts to ruin town by baiting the townspeople's racism and gets shut down by creativity and the merit of the sheriff? Heck, he even "Looney Tuned" Mongo into being an ally.

Not to mention the hilarious gag around censoring the "n-word" and not saying it outright. Good stuff.

Trouble is a racist can't tell the difference.

You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know...


These people should know better, especially when it's professional chefs

These people should know better, especially when it's professional chefs

This is 100% Baby Insanity Wolf.

Confession Bear "used" to be about truly terrible things. Things that would destroy you if anyone were to find out.

Not.. downvoting cooking videos...

Not much of a confession, although I'll admit I don't know what meme works for this.

Okay, so. This is in no way meant as a disrespect to OP, because, ideally, he's right.

I've worked as a cook in several restaurants, been head cook at a jam, jelly, and sauce factory, completed both a baking science program and a Nutrition degree, and am a certified food safety trainer. Well, maybe not that last one, it has probably lapsed since I got it two years ago. I won't say I'm an expert on food safety, but I've been around the block.

With that said, while OP is right that you should remove all rings and jewelry when on the job, that's not the audience these videos are geared toward.

These TV/YouTube personalities aren't cooking for a restaurant full of people. They aren't in an environment in which hundreds of dishes are prepared for public consumption using dozens of ingredients from dozens of sources that are constantly being handled, each one of which increases the risk of bringing a contaminant into the kitchen, which can then cross contaminate everything else.

They're cooking for a home audience, for home cooks, who have been cooking for their loved ones in the same kitchen every day for years and years, in millions of homes, only very rarely employing anything close to proper food handling protocols. And yet, the vast majority of the people eating those unsafely-prepared, home-cooked meals don't end up keeling over from food poisoning.

Home cooking just isn't as risky, in the grand scheme of things.

It might very well be better if these entertainers removed their rings before preparing food, as part of a demonstration of industry-standard/government mandated food safety protocols. Setting an example like that certainly can't hurt. But if so, they should also be shown wearing hair nets or caps, sanitizing their workstation regularly with dilute bleach water, doing a full cleaning of the kitchen, mopping the floors, steam cleaning the dishes, degreasing of their ventilation hood every day, clearly labeling and dating everything in the walk-in, adhering to FIFO practices, double checking and documenting the temperature of the walk-in refrigerators and freezer, holding food above 135/140 F or below 40 F until it's ready to serve, and so on and so on. But, of course, they don't, because this is home entertainment for home cooks. The standards are much higher for food service establishments because the potential risks and the potential damage of skirting proper food safety procedures are much, much greater there.

We have to accept that these shows are primarily for entertainment, not training. With the exception of Gordon Ramsay/Guy Fieri-type shows, in which filming actually takes place in real, operating restaurant kitchens, they aren't meant to demonstrate a realistic portrayal of food service establishment cooking.

(Incidentally, where are Guy's hair and beard nets? That should actually be a huge red flag. Best guess, the stuff they're making when filming isn't meant to be sent out, either. Most likely the restaurant isn't even open during most of the filming of the kitchen segments, since it would be really hard to cook for the lunch rush with a kitchen crammed full of cameramen, boom operators, and a big dude in a Hawaiian shirt. I have no idea what Gordon Ramsay's doing to address those issues in his show, and I think I'd be too afraid to ask.)

Point is, these videos are made for a home audience, to be enjoyed by home cooks, for entertainment purposes. If we can accept that these cooks are magically able to prepare a slow-smoked brisket in half an hour, then we might also accept that, perhaps, not everything they do is meant to be taken at face value.

According to health code, all rings should be removed before handling food. The one exception: you are allowed a wedding band.

I don't have a title.

I don't have a title.

I felt the same way a while ago. I felt bad because I figured i made it real awkward for her. But then i thought maybe i gave her a confidence boost and that made her feel good so maybe she wasn't weirded out as much as I thought. She likes my Instagram pics from time to time so I cant imagine I made it unbearable for goes on. Still gotta make dinner tonight. Still gotta go to the gym if you wanna feel and look better. Here we are.

I'm proud of you too!

You have now experienced the worst case scenario and were fine. You should be well poised for any future girls now. Well done.

You only make shit unbearable if you keep at it. Asking is fine, it's the only way you find out. Not accepting any answer about something like this makes it look like you have no self respect.

Because customer loyalty is so important

Because customer loyalty is so important

That is so true! And everyone when I mention it “well they’re trying to attract new customers”. Yes I know, I get that. But it’s crazy how these business models are so worried about attracting customers and then giving the middle finger to long time loyal customer.

Comcast really got me with this one. I had a plan I was happy with. One day, they called me up and offered a sweet package deal that had better service at a lower cost because they "valued my loyalty." I asked every question I could think of - I knew it had to be a trick. Finally I said I'd take it.

Two days later, the service updated. What was promised was not what I received. I called back in to customer support and told them what I was supposed to be getting. They said "we don't have that package available in your area." So i sighed and said just give me back what I had.

The guy said "well to change your package I'll have to delete what you have to see what's available." I told him whatever, just do it.

Well, it turns out "what's available" was more expensive than the service I had in the first place that I was completely happy with, and they couldn't revert back to the original plan because they had deleted my prior plan information. So in the end, they conned me out of decent service to upsell me.

A lot of them tend to rope you in with an intro deal but have a contract that extends beyond that so they get people with a good deal then bend them over.

Here’s a deal for Cable/Internet/Phone for $20/month. But we need you to sign a billion year contract. Oh and the rates increase to $250/mo. after the first month. And if you decide to cancel, you’re legally required to forfeit your soul and pay full price on half the remaining time left on your contract. Sign here please.

The road goes ever on and on.

The road goes ever on and on.

you should head on over to /sub/legaladvice

not sure what part of the world you live in, but where I'm at, its DEFINITELY illegal to fire you for a broken leg...

Plot twist, op is a leg model.

Good luck OP. 227 days here and have been close to falling off for much less. Really hope things pick up for you

Not true at all. In my case, they issued a memo "clarifying" the essential functions of my job to show that my condition did not require accommodation on their part and they let me go.

I was the maintenance supervisor in a plant that manufactured trailer hitches back in 2009. This was two years after I was discharged into the care of the VA for my service-connected disability. I made sure HR was aware of it after I was hired. Eight months into the job, the maintenance manager told me to do something that I physically could not do and made a big show about how he never knew about my condition.

The next morning I was called in to a meeting with him and the plant manager. The maintenance manager had written a memo to show that the essential functions of the job required lifting up to 75 pounds (horseshit) and that I needed to stand, bend, and twist unaided for up to 2 hours at a time. Because they were essential, the company was not required to accommodate my physical condition and they immediately terminated me.

At that point, I was married with two children and another on the way, the sole earner, and I had no resources to fight it, if a fight was even possible. It was the second time in 2009 I had been let go and that was the moment I decided to get my teaching credential and start working on my master's degree.

I Showed Her!

I Showed Her!

Get those sweet 5th level spells.

"You're about to take 10d6-"


"plus 40."

"what? You mean plus 4?"

"No sir, that's plus 40"

"It's called 'Disintegrate', Griffin!"

At uni, I used to date a girl who was all about the ambition. Get to the next level of whatever. It wasn't even money, but movement. I was more about doing something I liked.

I distinctly remember the following conversation:

Me: What if I just wanted to be a high school English teacher? What if that's what made me happy?

Her: That would be FINE with me. [PAUSE] And then after some time, maybe you'd get to be principal.

EDIT: to be clear, this was about careers, not personal growth.

My girlfriend is ambitious and fights for what she wants... and I feel aimless yet somewhat content. So far this aspect of our relationship has been pretty well balanced, though it's tough to make long term plans, especially around moving to a new city. Right now she wants to move to LA or California in general because she believes she will thrive there. I'm not crazy about the idea, but I have no real reasons to back it up. Plus she has moved for me once before. So it's not as though we are taking turns moving where the other person wants, but in a way it is sort of my turn to sacrifice a little and defer to her needs.

Just needed to get this out there, as it's a recent development. Thanks for listening. Any (not shitty) advice is appreciated.

Edit: thanks for all the fantastic input reddit, it's been nice experiencing your caring side. I'll keep reading all comments and try to respond to more tomorrow.

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