Anon finds a use for Akinator

Anon finds a use for Akinator

Can anyone confirm if this works?

/tv/ likes tobey maguire

/tv/ likes tobey maguire

Newfound respect for Tobey Maguire

"In a bold stunt, Raimi locked Roy Cohen in the maintenance room behind all the lights and equipment, which technicians referred to as "the Oven" because it would commonly reach temperatures over 150 degrees Farenheit [12]."

"Cohen was pronounced dead the next day," Miller recalls. "It was really a different time."

Yeah he waited 156 takes to get that Jew slam.

You know how in cartoons they slip some sex joke every Once in a while? Well they did the same here except it's Spider-Man and sprinkled in and blatantly obvious racist jokes. Example:

remember that one scene where the green goblin had Spider-Man trapped on the brick wall and he whispered in his ear. "This was for Hitler, gas the Jews race war now!" How did he get away with it the absolute madman!

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