Holy shit this place is dark.

I fucking wish.


No one would care if I did it. I'm just too scared to do it.

Edit: You guys are way too real and wholesome for me.




MFW someone sends me an email

At university it took everything I had to even look at my emails, as I knew I'd have some asking to see me and discuss my "progress"... which I did.

Lol I can't respond to anything. Emails, Reddit, etc. I have a deep fear of messages

I feel personally attacked by this



Joke's on you. I don't even have a fucking job.



Jokes on you I dont even have a alarm

Look at you, Mr. Fancy, coming back to /sub/2meirl4meirl to brag about how lucky you were. 🙄




A coat hanger can still work, depends on where and what you thrust it into.

Tried anus, ended up nearly liking it.

"You're under X age so you can't be stressed" Nice.

I used to think that's what a late term abortion was.

I was very scared.



TMW your parents already divorced but are too bitter to each other and you get stuck in the middle of a never-ending grudge match

Cyanide and Happiness has a series of depressing comics and they're great.

I know a kid who was kicked out by his parents at 16 because they were getting a divorce and neither of them wanted him around




Existence is pain

The other day my friend said she hates life and without even thinking I replied with something like "ok well so does everyone else, you're not special." (This sounds a lot meaner in text than it did in person lmao)

omg is that a mick and rorty reference

delete me from the world



Imagine if you are God and people's souls are flowers in a park.

There comes a time for you to pluck some flowers off to take with you.

Which ones will you pick? Obviously the most beautiful ones.

Eventually, the beautiful ones will all be gone and there remains only the ugly, rejected and unwanted, waiting to wilt, fall and rot in the dirt with the rest.

So your point is: one day us losers will rule the world? Awesome! :D

The meek will inherit the world

Kids are mean af



Fuck those studies. Telling me that and me waking up every morning is cruel and unusual punishment

who would win:

wanting to die not wanting to wake up in even more pain

i keep waking up but i'll never get to actually enjoy not waking up

i missed my bed too so i went to bed but i still miss something so i guess it's not my bed



I work in a liquor store. Have for almost six years while I put myself through college.

There is nothing that kills the desire to drink quite so well as watching people line up at 740am, waiting for you to open at 8am, shaking like a leaf. Every morning.

I've watched a few people go through the various stages of severe alcoholism. It's easy to spot the ones who have cirrhosis.

The harder ones to deal with are the functional ones. They'll buy 20-40 of those 50ml 99 Bananas, 99 Cherries, etc., then drink them all day long at work - most have to do it in several trips otherwise they drink all of it too quickly. Some are EMTs, firefighters. Some do lawn care and operate heavy machinery. They usually laugh about their alcoholism, like "haha yeah I drink an entire litre's worth of pure alcohol every day of my life haha yeah I have cirrhosis and cancer haha give me ten more".

If you ever want to hate yourself in ways you never imagined and ruin your life while condemning yourself to a generally slow and agonizing death over several years, alcohol is a great way to do it.

I'm pretty self-destructive, but alcohol will never be my poison of choice for that kind of self-destruction. Never again.

Besides, pills are quicker. Haha.

Drinking is the best thing though!

Makes me feel okay



As he places the barrel on his lips he tastes the remnants of some smokey flavors from his last attempt. Tearfully he winks into the darkness and through his whimpers gets out a "Dude, that is money right there."

I have not laughed that hard in many years. I think this meme just saved me for a few more weeks.

This is almost as good as the original post lmao

I like to think that he actively knows and recognizes his style and ridiculousness for what it is, but also that he is trapped in it, because if he ever just got a normal haircut and started acting like a human being who exists outside of the 80's, he'd lose all his brand recognition and be unsellable. He actually seems like a nice dude in whatever interviews and stuff Ive seen him in.

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