Domyos rubber bands come with rubber bands to tie them up.

Domyos rubber bands come with rubber bands to tie them up.

No fucking shit, I thought that was an extended nerf magazine.

Exactly why I clicked on it

Naa. Those aren’t legal. They have to stop at 10.

Hey it's me

Hey it's me

Hey, That's me.

This man cannot be stopped


Paging /u/Genesis079 and /u/MapleSurrup

6 health bars

6 health bars

It's like a borderlands endgame boss.


Hey man, just wanted to let you know that youre entitled to having and sharing your own opinions.

But you're wrong and I hate you.

It is an Old Spice ad

Spectator at PyeongChang

The confidence he has while smirking really sells it

Captain Rex Kramer would be so proud.


A fan fan

Post has been reinstated on account that I made a mistake.

That remove has two health bars

You know what? I'd actually love to have a fan like that

Then you have joined the fandom.






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Just in case the first dice breaks

Just in case the first dice breaks

Rolls a six “Yes, a six-“ breaks open MUSIC INTENSIFIES

Goddamnit it’s the same as the other double die that was posted here a while ago. Why didn’t they just make the numbers MATCH?!

There must be some nefarious reason for this; double-shotting an overmold is way more work than it's worth to save the cost of virgin plastic.... Ah, scratch that, the occlusion in the corner of the blue die probably means it was a quality control reject. I'm guessing that using it as an internal cube probably mitigates sink when the plastic cools.

"Make sure you use the new design"

"Make sure you use the new design"

It's soymilk!

Its that a beverage of some variety?

This dice

This dice

Wanted to say "these" or "die", but then I realised. Well done.


General reposti!

No, both die are one entity, and the outter dice is health bar one, and the inner is health bar two.

If a boss has two health bars it isn't multiple bosses.

Final boss

Final boss
Welcome to Kitty City


You don't say.

There's seven. You can see the last little clump of pixels pop up over the sixth cats head.

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