When you thought you had him arrested...

When you thought you had him arrested...

burned a flag and got a lot of attention and 15 grand, that'll learn 'im

who cares who burns what it's his fuckin flag, good on him and goodluck on the second 15k.

Because nationalism is on the rise.

Yo lets be honest, a burning american flag looks badass doesn't it? You can say it represents some shit but it lokks fuckin cool as hell

This fucking outlet...

This fucking outlet...

That looks...safe...

a safe way to ensure your house burns down.

If it looks stupid, but it works, then it isn't stupid..... But this is stupid


When the boss has 3 phases

When the boss has 3 phases

If I hadn’t seen those two pics individually I would this think is legit. Nice picturestore abilities.





Nice image emporium skills br0

This man's pockets

This man's pockets

You should see my jacket, more than 10 pockets. Granted, it isn't recursive like this dude's pants

Edit: I tried counting them, 1 at the back, 1 on the arm, 9 at the front, and 4 inside. So it's a grand total of 15 pockets.

I like how his tiny pockets are still more functional than most women's pockets.

oH God pockets wearing pants! YES i knew that something's good going to be on 2017

A little disappointed the pockets on the pockets weren't shorts with pockets, with shorts for pockets, with shorts for pockets.

Backup buddy (x-post r/aww)

I made an involuntary noise.

Yeah imagine me a 250lb grown man making girly noises right beside some female co-workers.....yeah i feel manly.

Over 700 votes and only two comments (one of which is a bot). And now a third comment about the comments. So really only one real comment. Weird.


When 20 Health Bars aren't enough

When 20 Health Bars aren't enough

This was suggested months ago by /u/colors1234 but I forget it. With the new feature that allows users to upload videos directly to Reddit that wait was actually worth it.

I will never be able to forget that theme song

That's true, their should be an option to unpin the video, so it isn't stuck on your screen.

What do you think is wrong with it? Any feedback would be very useful for the admins.

Pizza within a pizza (x-post /sub/shittyfoodporn)

Pizza within a pizza (x-post /r/shittyfoodporn)

Maybe "health bars" isn't quite the term here.

He looks like the type of guy to be showing me a pizza within a pizza

"unhealth bars"?

Less "2 heath bars," more "double bypass."


They're smarter than dogs, you know. Tastier too.

Where do people come up with this shit? This is like the stupidest and greatest thing I've ever seen.

They feel fear the same way as you and your dogs. Stand up against discrimination.

waffle falling over

But have you seen the ?

Face Off

Face Off


This is a great gif.


I am a bot. FAQ // code

When an enemy splits into several small enemies instead of dying

When an enemy splits into several small enemies instead of dying

Mega man 2 strikes again

And it's always slimes that do this

What I think is actually happening here is that the mother bird is breast feeding her young.

I don't think that's how birds work, byt I don't know enough about birds to dispute it.

I see you stardew valley farmer

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