Defeating the bathroom door boss is no small task

Defeating the bathroom door boss is no small task

Please man you gotta open that third door. I need it

that was so close to being a loop.



Annoying book stickers

Annoying book stickers

No idea why, but this infuriates me.

I detest this. I specifically bought that one because I thought I could peel off the sticker. I don't want anything that dates a book, I want it to be timeless!

that publication info page must be a bitch to get out without a mark

I had this happen to me yesterday. There was a price tag sticker which I made extra special sure to take off carefully from my paper back book and underneath is a printed on price tag but in Euros.


Bamboozled again D:<

I didn't see the subreddit and was definitely bamboozled.

This is why I love this subreddit

But it's a good bamboozle, two for one

No? No to what? The Pun, the Acton of picking up a sleepy kitten? the idea of this subreddit? WHAT DO YOU MEAN MAN, WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!

Frog man phase 2

That was intense

Best camera work in any gif I've ever seen.


Pls someone link me to the one of the black girl singing 'Hold up, yeah you over there' with the 10/10 camera work. My google-fu is weak.

ninja-edit: I should have more faith in myself

Oh shit waddup

Fur is Dead (x-post from /sub/unexpected)

Was expecthing them to just splash him again, lol


And then a third phase haha

that looks like notch.

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