What will happen to most hardcore ironmen

What will happen to most hardcore ironmen

Today my 12 year old son and I walked into harvard to sign him up for college. The dean rudly asked what a 12 year old was doing signing up for such a prestigious institute like harvard. My son took of to reveal his Oldschool Runescape shirt and proclaimed "Well you see sir I play OSRS". A look of confusion came over the deans face and I have never been so proud. The dean quickly made sure to appologize to my son but it was too late, the police rushed in and dragged him out. My son passed all his classes with 4.0s and graduated top of his class in the first day of college.

Was he wearing Rick and Morty hat too?

I don't know what the fuck is going on in these comments now but i like it lmao.

He was wearing a hat like on of these bad bois

He was wearing a hat like on of these

Make Seagulls Drop Feathers

Make Seagulls Drop Feathers

Make seagulls drop left over mcdonalds and chip shop scraps.

If you have food in your inventory they will aggressively follow and harass you, occasionally hitting a 1 or 2 pecking at your ankles.

Seagull fact: when I was 6 I was at the beach eating a bomb ass churro and a seagull came out of nowhere and stole it from me. Seagulls are bitches

Seagull fact #2 please



tbf alfie has died on like 4 hcim's already

Damn, another one bites the dust. Is Faux the only streamer left standing?


And that's his mistake on a HC

2 dks pets in 1 day

2 dks pets in 1 day

I read the title as "2 dicks in 1 day" good for you OP.

Inb4 you start making videos ''pretending to be an abyssal sire...''

We could make it 4

Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll explode....and never respawn. :')

2 spooky for me

2 spooky for me

mid inferno and that shit pops up wtf

gotta admit this scared me lmao

I honestly thought i triggered some unknown trap on fossil island and that my hcim would die :o

That thing removed my points in raids smh https://imgur.com/a/aXts9

What the hell just happened on osrs? That ghost face

What the hell just happened on osrs? That ghost face

I dunnno but I need to be held, am firmly spooked.

what the actual fuck jagex lmao

Halloween teaser, really nice production work! tbh

halloween event promo

Mod ash has rewritten 1% of osrs for the make X update!

Mod ash has rewritten 1% of osrs for the make X update!

Does that mean he now owns 1% of runescape?

Richest man in Cambridge

Really tells you about the state of the code base. Old code is scary.

Imagine of we had 10 Ash' working on runescape, I know we have his padawans Kieran and Ed but still



I like how b0aty's HC needed to die for you to post this haha.

Is it possible that it is the changes to PID in 2016 that causes individual "can't move/interact" DCs? It says in the change log of that update that your pid gets randomized every 60-90 seconds, which is usually how long until you can interact again if you don't just fully drop

Re: the 'Boaty died so that's the only reason you're doing something' posts. I promise this isn't true, we had a planning meeting to tackle connectivity on Wednesday with a view to releasing more information/next steps next week (I think I referred to it on the Q&A). Our plans haven't changed since then, but of course Boaty's HCIM died.

Initially we didn't see the need to release a statement telling you to wait a few days, but with his HCIM's death came a lot of community attention. That's why Ayiza has posted this now.

I guess the tldr is that this newspost isn't a reaction to Boaty's HCIM's death, but it's a reaction to your reaction and (understandable) clamour for information?

Apologies if this isn't clear, I'm travelling home at the moment.

Thats... actually...wow.

If they use PID for maintaining the game session thats not a bad theory.

EDIT: FWIW, My job is to literally spot and recreate bugs. The scope of the impact of the code change to PID is MASSIVE to disregard it as a possibility would be a mistake considering I'd guess that PID is used in session management as well as used as a sort of token (or seed to a token) used to validate users inputs.

Further extrapolating (but mostly guessing): Learning from Jagex previous mistakes of allowing users to edit packets, I expected they drop the connection to any client which is sending incorrectly signed/tokenized packets (standard practice really). The large majority of systems for session management used PID as a seed to generate the token. If there is an issue with the code change they made to PID, it has the potential to be the entire reason for all of these disconnects.

Additionally, it could be something else entirely.

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