You can't even text and walk

You can't even text and walk

Sensitive yet shocking. As long as it gets through to the target audience that's great.

Gets through to them? I think they understand the message just fine ... they just don't give a crap


(much higher quality)

The problem is that the whole world considers themselves smarter and more competent than the people in the video. Despite some real evidence to the contrary.

I watched this video while driving. I've learned my lesson.

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There needs to be a sub for of commercials

EA SPORTS... it's in the game.

Of course, I'm doing it right now. It's ea

I disagree. I am smarter and more competent than everyone in the video. I've never committed any of the fuck ups depicted in the video, so there is no evidence to the contrary... until there is.


Amazing the number of people replying to you somehow knowing these sorts of campaigns don't work.

I hate to rain on everyone's parade here, but these aren't just done for fun. These campaigns have actually been extremely successful in the past, even among groups you wouldn't expect. They are specifically targeted at different groups and their effectiveness carefully studied. The target audience here will be far more specific than just people who text and drive. I'm guessing young women in this case. And just because it doesn't work on you (or you think it doesn't), doesn't mean it won't on other people.

Of course it won't work on everyone, but this is just one way of tackling the problem. It goes hand in hand with legislation, enforcement, etc.

The UK puts a lot of thought and effort into road safety, and stuff like this actually does work. Consequently it is one of the very safest countries to drive in in the world.

Source: Worked in UK road safety.

I've never understood how someone can put that much attention into their phone. If I text and walk I split it about 70/30 70 percent on what's going on around me and 30 percent on the phone. I'll never text and drive though people even without texting are barely paying attention.

In had an experience in high school that scared me from ever doing shit like texting and driving, and this was way before all the new laws and what not came out and it was still common to talk on your phone while driving.

It was around 12 at night and I was driving my friend home after a night out. I had just gotten an ipod, and he had never used one before (they had just came out) and he couldn't find a song he was looking for. So while driving at about 50 MPH i turn to look at it and grab it in my hand and start scrolling to show him where to find it. For some reason I looked up just in time to see i had completely crossed the center line, passed the lane into on coming traffic, and was heading for a tree next to the curb. I slammed on my brakes and corrected myself and got back in my lane. THis happened in about 3 or 4 seconds. I still think about it and how lucky we are someone wasn't in that on coming lane or that we didn't hit a tree, because I could have got us or someone else killed.

It can happen really quickly when you are driving and you won't even realize you made a mistake until it's to late. Just a couple seconds is all it takes. Just save whatever you're doing until you are done driving. It's not worth it.


Actually getting high isn't going to help his driving either.

I think the majority of people who do it just genuinely believe that they are good enough at it to avoid any potential accidents. They think that everyone else has a chance of crashing but that they somehow are an exception who knows how to do it well enough to see a collision coming. It's either that they don't give a crap (like you said) or they are too stupid to realize that they aren't immune to accidents. The penalties for using a phone while driving need to be WAAAYY higher.


Some people just don't have any situational awareness to begin with, the texting just makes it worse.

Michael fell into the koi pond!!

There was a study a few years back where they found that majority of the people who think they're good at multitasking are worse than average at it. Plus, average multitaskers are still pretty bad at it.

Holy shit that got dark

That is the thing about driving that most people don't understand. When you are driving you are constantly processing input and making small corrections.

When you look away, even if it's only for a single second, those corrections aren't being made. Your reaction time is now one second behind what it would normally be if you were processing the events in real time.

There is another part to it also, called attention blindness. When you are focused on the road it has your full attention. Even talking on the phone causes your brain to split that activity, so your reaction time is much longer. People often say "well I talk to people all the time while I'm in the car and they are in the car with me". The difference is that those people also react to what is happening outside the car (OH SHIT STOP!!), so you reprocess the information they give you.

That doesn't happen when you are on the phone. You could be getting plowed by a truck and the person on the other end just keeps talking.

Pay attention. It's your life and other peoples lives on the line. Whatever you are texting about will wait for you to still be alive when you get there.

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workplace safety ads

That's the point, it's supposed to be a bit shocking to leave an impression. Just like the old Canadian WSIB .

Well, that was an incredibly stupid thing to do...

Not true.

[Edit]: What have I done!?

this one about obesity from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Imo the most effective ads of these variety is . It's so scary because you see people like the patient every single day and it's likely that many of them will suffer the same fate.

Wait... really? Do people actually reddit while driving?

I don't text and drive, I watch youtube.

Every person that is persuaded is another person not adding to the danger. That's a success even if it doesn't eliminate it completely.

I'll never forget the PSA from the 80s where the chick high dives into an empty pool. Kids, just say no to empty pools.

Same! I don't understand what can be so important on a phone that you have to lose all situational awareness

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That's just the drugs

Most people think that other people think they're smarter than everyone else. But sometimes someone is just smarter/more competent than everyone else.


This is correct. My girlfriends sister legitimately got mad because they just changed the law in RI so you can't even have a phone in your hand at all any more. I said, "isn't it a good thing? There's way too many bad drivers texting anyways." She said, "speak for yourself."

Like what can you do about that kind of attitude?

Ah yes, putting more people in prison. Wonderful idea.

It's been awhile since I've looked at the research but the general consensus about a year ago was that there is no such thing as multitasking, only task switching. Which always results in a decrease in efficiency and/or effectiveness. Being better or worse at task switching is just a matter of how big the loss is.

People are so defensive about this subject. If you ever text, apply makeup, eat cereal, read, practice guitar while driving you are a fucking idiot. And now watch the down votes.


Y u hef to be mad?

They said treat them like violent criminals. Violent criminals go to jail.

3rd offense...Lethal injection

This one?

Someone has to be smarter.

Yup - we're already talking about a population where the vast majority drive safely. (Even if Reddit doesn't like to believe it, and is convinced everyone else is an antisocial idiot.)

This is due in no small part to campaigns like this. It builds into a culture that values driving safely, and taking personal responsibility.

For example I cannot think of the last time I was in a car in the UK with someone who didn't put their seat belt on. It wasn't like this the day the law was introduced, but over time small percentage changes here and there really add up.

People expecting a single video like this to somehow instantly eliminate texting and driving don't seem to appreciate its place in the bigger picture.

But the HQ version makes it seem like an ad while OP's video makes it seem more "real"

HQ version you could tell a lot of the video had post process effects like film grain and VHS scroll.

I know it's tempting to pick up the phone and answer a text while driving, but I've started asking myself "Is there anything more important right now than steering and operating this car that's going 75mph in traffic?"

I'm opening myself up to ridicule with admitting this, but the last accident I was in happened because I was watching a youtube video :(

It was a fender-bender in stop-and-go traffic, and no one was hurt. But I felt incredibly stupid

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You wouldn't text and drive so why steal movies? Piracy is a crime. Don't steal movies.

Back in 2006, Buma/Stemra approached a Dutch musician, Melchior Reitveldt, to write some music for an anti-piracy ad, with the strict proviso that this music would be played only and exclusively at a local film festival. Mr. Reitveldt wrote the music, it was played, he got paid and all was well.

But then, in 2007, he bought a Harry Potter DVD and to his surprise, there was his music in the anti-piracy ad at the beginning. His composition had been taken and used without his permission. In fact, it had been illegally used on dozens of movie DVDs, both in Holland and overseas. You probably have one at home right now.

So Mr. Reitveldt went to the Buma/Stemra music royalty collection agency to clear up this misunderstanding, and ran into a brick wall. Nothing happened for a long time, and then pathetically small refunds were offered, and then they weren't paid in full, and the delaying tactics went on and on.

Finally, in 2011, about half a decade after the original theft of his music, there was a kind of a breakthrough. Supposedly, one of the directors of Buma/Stemra music royalty collection agency, Mr Jochem Gerrits, spoke to him personally, offering to speed things up. Everything would proceed nicely, if the musician, Mr. Reitveldt, would simply sell the contested piece of music to him, Mr Gerrits. The payout would be one million Euros, and Mr Gerrits would keep one third for all his trouble and hard work, and the musician, Mr. Reitveldt, would keep two thirds.

It's a bit like having somebody steal your property, you report it to the police, and after a lot a dilly-dallying, a senior police officer approaches you offering to give two-thirds of your property back to you, if you give them one third.

Luckily, the musician recorded the conversation. The crooked director of the Buma/Stemra music royalty collection agency had to resign. In June 2012, the court ordered Buma/Stemra to repay the money.

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Gets the point across, but weird how they couldn't find any non-staged footage. Figured there would have been a lot available.

You wouldn't download a car

My brother who is notorious for driving while texting said that he is a "professional" at doing it. I snatched his phone from him once while he was driving me home and he literally had a temper tantrum. I told him I would give it back to him when we got home. At every stop light he would beg for his phone back. Once we got in the driveway I gave it back to him. He's 37 and acted like a 3 year old

Yeah and it's me. So all of you need to stop kidding yourselves

The funny thing is you can see the reflection of the water underneath the diving board as she's going up

Maybe because they don't want to licence it.

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I love the reddit com

I normally am against texting and driving. But if I am also smoking weed at the same time, it's ok. (cuz the weed makes up for the texting)

Like what can you do about that kind of attitude?

Belittle and humiliate them repeatedly?


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Spoken like someone who thinks they're smarter than everyone else.

Eodore Roosevelt's mus

He's taking risks with other people's lives. He's a professional asshole.

T-boned perhaps because she ran a junction she had to give way to, but was distracted by her phone?

I've seen a boy, about 10-12, walking into a pole with open eyes. His mother on the left passed left, his sister on the right passed right, BAM! He looked pretty surprised that the pole was actually solid.


Yeah, just like this german workplace

Were passing a law like that in Maine too, one of my co-workers was going on about the "nanny state" and how we already have laws about texting. Anyone who gets upset about these laws is probably someone who thinks they can text and drive just fine.

1000 dollar fine first offense, card impound and 10k second. No one needs to go to jail. What an incredibly dumb statement. Is the only punishment you know jail?

Confirmed. Several times I have been walking a crosswalk with the right of way and almost been full on hit.

Funny thing is, the driver is usually not apologetic and swearing at me to get out of the road. I just point to the "walk" sign and walk toward their window and they usually drive off. Some want to argue but everyone is usually honking at them to fucking go.

Real class acts.

I've never been a fan of the "if it saves just one X then it's worth it" argument. That is essentially the epitome of an emotion-based simplification of an argument.

It can be used for anything: if it saves just one life we should: "Force people to wear helmets at all times." "Ban bicycles so they won't die when a car hits them." "Install domestic-violence monitoring cameras in every home" Etc

I support the message of this ad and so do you. That's great. I'd just ask you to reflect on how you express that support.

tard and ketchup.

Hot do

I had a friend who would try to watch fucking Netflix while driving. So yes. People are idiots.

that is the most illogical argument ive ever seen

It's not just texting and driving. It's fucking Snapchat and Instagram stories. I see so many people (including celebrities with thousands of followers) putting up stories when they are clearly driving. The phone shouldn't even be in your fucking hand. It actually really annoys me and I think people don't see it being as bad because most campaigns (like this one) just mention texting.

Do you know what happens when I start texting while I'm walking? I stop walking, finish the text, then start walking again. Radical concept right? Driving and texting? Never happened with me behind the wheel. What do I see nearly every damn day when I walk to and from work? At least five people a day staring at their phones for 2-3 seconds while driving, some while taking a curve. I always worry that someone will keep going straight and plow right into me waiting to cross the street.

Not inherently, but I believe all users can choose to disable it on their own, if they wish. Should be in your Reddit account settings somewhere.

Is the crash at the end real?

Because they never think it can happen to them. When you are driving, get off your fucking phone.

Agreed. The problem I see with these kinds of PSAs is the way they say "you can't..." Most viewers will just think "Well I definitely can but look at those idiots."

Wow that was a really powerful presentation of obesity. Thanks for sharing!

The smart ones aren't even commenting on this train of stupidity. Like me for example. Oh...

I dunno, getting killed in a texting and driving accident seems to cure it pretty well.

Do they make an app where you can set that you're driving and it automatically texts back "I'm driving, text you later" when you get a text? Or something along those lines.

Doesn't look real to me. How does she end up unconscious at the end?

It's a public service advert, all the clips are staged I think.

Detrimental effects of cannabis use vary in a dose-related fashion, and are more pronounced with highly automatic driving functions than with more complex tasks that require conscious control, whereas with alcohol produces an opposite pattern of impairment. Because of both this and an increased awareness that they are impaired, marijuana smokers tend to compensate effectively while driving by utilizing a variety of behavioral strategies.

Epidemiological studies have been inconclusive regarding whether cannabis use causes an increased risk of accidents; in contrast, unanimity exists that alcohol use increases crash risk.


There's an official study proving what the guy you replied to said.

Here's another (admittedly biased) source. This source references many different unbiased studies though, so I would suggest you read through them.

Driving high honestly is not that bad according to the scientific evidence we have.

I copy and pasted that from a different comment I just typed up. There's plenty of scientific evidence that supports the assertion that driving while high isn't that bad. Probably not "perfectly safe", but listening to the radio while you drive isn't perfectly safe either.

Too much GTA.

Went from AFV to 100 real fast.

If only it didn't involve injuring/killing other people. I mean if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. It's unfair that other people potentially get caught up in such a shit mistake.

I don't want to die while walking around because some shithead wanted to ask their buddy what they wanted from McDick's or some shit. I wanna die from maybe a freak skydiving accident or falling off a cliff trying to save a baby stroller hanging off the edge. Old age is fine too I guess.

So people who text and drive, help make my dream come true and just pay attention to the road or stop at a parking lot and do your thing.

I know :((

I think we would if we could!

You would steal the music to make an advert.

Which they literally did. The music used on that ad was stolen.

In this case, the "it" is "not driving while texting". It's obvious that if this advert stops someone from texting while driving, it's good. And texting while driving is ALREADY illegal! There's no slippery slope here.

Plenty of dead people had the right of way.

Those drivers should probably lose their licenses, especially if they get argumentative/confrontational, however they are still driving several ton death machines at very high speed, and you're just a bag of flesh and bones that's probably going to die at any hit above 25-35mph.

Why are they fat shaming? /s

I'm going to the gym today.

no but violent criminals are sent to jail, and saying "its time the justice system starts treating them that way" implies that they should be treated like violent criminals and sent to jail, hence /u/sir_SERGEANT_sodomy 's comment.

Most people don't believe that bad things can happen to them. Bad things only happen to other people.

Does this apply to mods of subs?


We'll probably never know for sure though, guess we're gonna have to take their words on it, or trust that reddit detectives would notice if something fishy happens.

Damn Klaus continued working even after losing his head, dedication is admired by employers.

"But it would never happen to me." -People who text while driving

It was a clip from a panel show in the UK called "Would I Lie to You?"

Hilarious. And apparently distracting..

Yet social campaigns can change behaviour. In my youth was the 'clunk, click, every trip' campaign which led to it becoming socially unacceptable not to wear a seatbelt.

Calm down adolf