You broke the rules! BIG MISTAKE!

Does that mean confused Travolta is wandering the real world somewhere at this very moment?

I think he moved on to other gifs. The Real world is just to boring for this wandering half cutout of a man.

Fun going back to this and realizing it's Tywin Lannister. What a bad guy.

Oh my goodness a Book of Life gif... I worked on this movie. So sad it didn't blow up like it should have.

Edit: So happy to hear others enjoyed it as well! Here are some of the characters I did for The Book of Life

Fucking love this movie

The Book Of Life.

For anyone who's curious.

He was also Sardo Numspa in The Golden Child. Dude never ages.

Underrated movie in my opinion (which the GIF is from)

Last Action Hero

He's....he's....right behind you

it didn't blow up like it should have.

I absolutely love this movie.

I once saw a Travolta in real life and he did look pretty confused.

Is there something higher that Meta cuz that's this shit

Metter. Then Mest.

Amazing work as always Seafood. I think complaining about meta deserves more than just a slap on the wrist though.

Yay! This makes me happy, thank you!

Mr. Bill


Not that you need any of these compliments because you're amazing, but I'm going to say them anyway. First of all, beautiful text and animation. Your effects were spot on! Just some real impressive compositing all around.

Where did you get your Travolta cutout/did you make it? It's definitely one of the cleanest I've ever seen.

Charles Dance is the perfect bad guy. He looks, sounds and acts like a villain with such ease that it's hard not to believe that he's secretly an actual supervillain with a method acting fetish.

These are local gifs for local people!

I was just thinking the same thing. TIL Arnie punched out Tywin Lannister in 1993.

Epic use of one of the most underrated Schwarzenegger movies.

Typecasting is a real thing.


Oh no

Thanks man! Regardless of the severity it is still punishment. I think the Mods let it slide every once in awhile unless its really abrasive. idk

Game of Thrones - Alternate Universe

In this one, The Mountain and Aryo Stark ( Arya is a male in this one) group up against Tywin Lannister.


What movie is this ?

Is this last action hero?

Thanks for helping make a fun movie!

I loved that film when I was a kid

Was...was that Tywin Fookin' Lannister?

Sweet, dear brother Numsie!

Your characters looks great! Amazing work on the movie.

It's fantastic.



Thank you! I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it :)


"I want to confess a murder!"

Thank you!

That won.

Thanks !


Thanks so much :)

I've never done any AMA before, but that sounds super fun. I'd definitely be interested.

creeping closer

Joaquin!! Haha, he and the soldiers are my favorite

You're very welcome. A bunch of us at Reel FX worked many a long nights to make this. So happy to hear you enjoyed it :)

My family and I love this movie. Our kids will jump around at times yelling Joaquin!

I'm sorry Numpsay!

I should be punished!

Everyone, I have stolen from my brother, Numpsay!

But, isn't this gif complaining about peole who hate meta, by the way, criticizing the meta itself ? I just found the loophole ha ha ha

Well this raises the bar. Is there an /sub/ultrahighqualitygifs ?