You ain't got to lie to us B

You ain't got to lie to us B

We ain't in Allstate's good hands, and we do not have Nationwide on our side. We're fucked

Obama was talking about us, not Trump

We didn't, we chose Hillary. Electoral college was just like lol nah.

Can we get a discount double check on that?

future hands

The American people elected trump, I think that proves we aren't in good hands.

Take another look at the map of states and the popular vote.

Him telling us it's in good hands is like when a soldier's body is blown in half and doesn't know yet and his friend is like, "yeah when we get home..." just talking to him until he dies in his arms.

Sorry that was so dark...

I'm real tired of people acting like New York and California don't exist. Are the people that live there not Americans? Is New York and California not apart of America? They get to have a choice too.

Those aren't part of America?

Don't turn around or you'll see our hearts breaking

Just measure my hands and I'm so much more presidential than Trump.

He said that soon we (young people) will soon outnumber them, therefore our future is in good hands.

When your incoming president is a maniac, the world is sure to be reaching the point of apocalypse. It's what you do.