Yeah, but the beat is good.

Yeah, but the beat is good.

I've never even smoked weed. I just mentally substitute liquor for any drugs reference in music.

Man if the beat is hard enough and unique I be nodding no matter what is said.

Rapper: "Imma take a piss on a black and white Rhinoceros. Go inside my momma room and rock a dress from her closet bitch."


Man if the beat is hard enough and unique I be nodding no matter what is said.

Rapper: "Imma take a piss on a black and white Rhinoceros. Go inside my momma room and rock a dress from her closet bitch."

You know you don't have to smoke at work?

Edit: I see some people missed the joke.

I don't have a reason to and having a slightly deeper understanding of a rap song seems like an uneven trade for losing my job.

Wouldn't smoking weed once just be easier?

Now THIS is how most of non-english listeners listen to music in english.

But all the rappers talk about getting high and making money. I'm pretty sure you're supposed to do it at the same time.

For some reason I get really hype when a rapper mentions a specific strain of weed that I like.

"Smoking on cookie in the hot box"

Aaaaayyyyyyy πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ

It's almost as if he is saying things just for the sake of entertainment.

i smoked weed ONE TIME

so you can say I know what it's like. i've lived out there

"Breaking News: Mid-Air collision blamed on reddit. Jenny Beckman, a long time redditor and air traffic controller was found with trace of an illicit substance in her system After Wednesday's crash that left 341 people dead and the country in shock."

[Edit] Update: Upon questioning, Ms. Beckman reportedly stated: "'This just like my homie 'Pac in '95, same buuuuull-shit."

Korean shit

Listen to this


Future doesn't do drugs himself

Same as queen B making songs for single ladies.

Whoa there, calm down Snoop Dogg

Senior in pep band playing at her last game because her team lost

That says he isn't an addict, not that he doesn't do drugs. He does them in moderation and also runs a business and takes care of his kid.

It kinda fucks up everyone's lungs for the first time. Shit, my first time I didn't even get high, but I said fuck it and tried again cause it was free and the second day I was hitting it better and then I saw what all the fuss is about

I speak no Korean whatsoever, but that shit's on my playlist now.

Same as country artist pandering.

Then she went home to her husband and left you lonely hoes dancing around in a circle pretending to be happy!

You just turned it into a country song

Budweiser- Bud Light Lime - IPAs and Chocolate Stout

Vodka - Whiskey - Brandy - Wine Coolers- and it's all up for grab

What you want - what you need - hit me up I got you mane

What you want - what you need - hit me up I got you man

Lol what? Left overs??? Girls aren't food bro... they don't go bad just because they've had other dick. You only into virgins or what...

Yo this is hype af. Idk what the fuck he just said, but its lit

Forreal I never doubt when future talks about fucking another nigga's bitch because with all the different kids he has with different women, I firmly believe that he has fucked their bitch in Gucci flip flops at some point.

man if you ain't got no foreign shit on your playlist you ain't doing things right

Kids* dude has like 6 baby mamas

I've never done drugs and I hate the taste of alcohol. I'm that "hi how are ya?" Spongebob.

French rap goes way harder

I feel like you got downvoted because people didn't get the joke... I thought you were funny you can have an upvote

Booooo. Only do salvia if you want to have a terrible time. It's legal because no one wants to do it more than once.

stay woke... mods be lurking

Damn bro you're right I guess superior gentlesirs like us were just born in le wrong generation

Bruh. This shit too lit lol

Got me feeling like this guy is one of the best rappers when I don't even know what the fuck he's even saying lmaoo

Is there any context behind this?

Lmao this gif got me dyin, what's it from?

Ayy 2013 Facebook memes we out here

insert bo burnham reference


Does anyone remember during the election how conservatives were getting mad over Hillary having Jay-Z perform at her event?

For some reason that really stuck out to me. They soooorta have a point, why do people who support gender equality listen to rappers say the most demeaning shit about women? And most of us overwhelmingly prefer this type of music compared to conscious shit like Erykah Badu or whatevs.

Now obviously conservatives don't actually mind when a guy says demeaning shit about women, instead they reward him with the presidency. They seemed to be mad that we're okay with sexist remarks coming from the Migos but not from a presidential candidate. Like we're somehow hypocrites for applying a different standard to fucking trap rappers than to somebody running for the most important job in the country. Lol.

Dis not hhh

The hell is she bumping to?

Also the removal of any self-confidence is no bueno either.

That's your ego receding, brah

Right? What is Michelle bumpin to?

Most of them also encourage xanny usage, selling crack, and killing people. What's your point? They all encourage dumb shit that isn't cool, but sounds cool in a song.

A to the G to the U to the S and T

And judging by the title I'm assuming thats the dudes name or something.

Edit: Or maybe its A to the G to the U to the STD

Cuz at the end of video it says Agust D

who listens to rap because it's relatable tho

hell, I wouldn't be surprised if people who did relate to it would get sick of it once they realize most rappers are fake af anyways

comparing molly & percs to alcohol smh

One little puff and the next thing you know I'm getting THUG LIFE tatted on my chest.


How did I know it was gonna be Kaaris.

Also song slaps too.

and safer

Dang Tyler, when's the album out?

Nah fam

Nah fam

This is why Soulja "fuck" Boy almost got stomped

Nah I like the way Bourbon tastes. I hate beer though. Tastes bad and doesn't have enough alcohol. By the time you feel it you've had an unhealthy amount of drinks. It's like knocking back 5+ cans of soda. It's insanely bad for you. Plus it costs more in the long run.

Wine is a good middle ground though. Plus I can use it for cooking.

I understood "A to the Z to the U to the..." F-u-c? Couldn't understand past that

I smoked weed once and I prefer being drunk to being high. Plus, it fuuuuuuucked my lungs for hours.

Substitute the dress for an obscure sport/car/food reference and that's pretty much every Action Bronson song.

"All I do is eat oysters, and speak in 6 languages in three voices"

I smoked weed a couple times.

wasn't really my thing. you're not really missing out on much. one time I was drunk and it sucked, and the following day it got me so chill.

I like the taste of beer and wine, but I'm pretty sure nobody likes the taste of liquor. You drink it for the effect not the taste.

A story I'm all too familiar with. One puff off a jazz cigarette and I was barely conscious, high on obscure darknet psychedelic RCs injecting hydromorphone into my dick within 6 months. The pure, caucasian musings of aesop rock, G-eazy, and macklemore which had once graced my streaming services giving way to the snarling, animalistic trap records which now assault my mind as I lay, half-conscious, in a pathetic heap in an abandoned factory surrounded for miles in every direction by abject poverty and urban decay. Crack to get up in the morning, fentanyl to sleep, ketamine so I won't feel the veiny black cock bottoming out with every labored thrust into my worn out asshole - it's a living, I suppose. You may think it a painful existence, but the word i'd use is surreal. I am a spectre, an emotionless husk in an ethereal plane, soullessly drifting from crackhouse, to whorehouse, to alley; trapped in some purgatory of my own doing. For a time I'd wondered if that's where I was - purgatory; but I've done terrible things to feed the void in my chest, and in weeks past I've come to realize that in choosing this path I've made a faustian pact, with a demon born not of hellfire, but of smoldering greens and pungent smoke. Not that it would matter either way, for my soul now belongs to Lucifer. Do not make the same mistakes I made. Buy some salmon shorts and an argyle sweater. Pray to Nancy Reagan before you sleep. Stray not from the hallowed path, and do not weep at my passing, rather let it serve as a reminder to the ultimate fate of those who imbibe the sweet poison of the devil's lettuce. Farewell to thee, ye troubled caucasian soul, amen.

Ive done it 2 1/2 times, get on my level

Same. I become a complete retard when high. Also the removal of any self-confidence is no bueno either.

Tbh I can imaging that pissing her off even more.

If it goes hard, I don't even pay attention to the lyrics, honestly.

Try Traum by Cro. German rapper. I think he has the same song in English too but by the name of Dream

Hold this L bruh. How you gon correct someone that had it right by posting some shit that's wrong?

OK this hard

Eh. Still not a huge fan of the high.

It's Suga from BTS. Agust D is suga backwards plus DT which means Daegu Town.

You should check out Rap Monster from the same group.

SAME 😭 but damn if I don't feel like a boss blasting this song


As suga trash and bts trash I am very pleased to see this

Check out Eung freestyle. Shits πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Downvoted but right

sounds like an el-p lyric