[xpost] theLAZYmd's Tiny Trump from r/pics

[xpost] theLAZYmd's Tiny Trump from r/pics

His hands are too big

I'll delete if /u/theLAZYmd would like to post this on their own behalf.

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Kind of like this version more -- credit to /u/shm0edawg.  Better proportions.

Kind of like -- credit to /u/shm0edawg. Better proportions.

I'm not a big fan of Trump but the speed with which the disease managed to spread from his hands to rest of his body is just tragic.

I think it's supposed to be derogatory but it reminds me of the mole in zootopia. Not sure it's going to have the effect you hope. It's kinda endearing.

As a Trump supporter, these are hilarious! I also always laughed at the small hands thing, a lot of Trump supporters take jokes too seriously but we're all human we can all share a laugh!

I've decided to make Tiny Trumps my life's mission. I'll be posting more.

I noticed that too.

Wee Trumpelstiltskin

My god. This man looks bad ass at any size.

Koksal Baba

Reminds me of

Ugh the wheel is so uneven.