Wreck-It Ralph' sequel will be a meta Disney story. It'll include Disney princesses as well as Star Wars characters

Wreck-It Ralph' sequel will be a meta Disney story. It'll include Disney princesses as well as Star Wars characters
Wreck-It Ralph' sequel will be a meta Disney story. It'll include Disney princesses as well as St...

We Kingdom Hearts now.

They're video game characters. Why can't they run into other video game characters?

This movie sounds a little off, like a little too "committee-made".

Don't get me excited or hopeful. Kingdom Hearts is the only thing left from my childhood I don't have closure on.

They're gonna wreck it!!!

On a scale of The Incredibles to The Emoji Movie*, I'm giving the committee-ness rating a preemptive Shrek the Third. Hopefully it will subvert this expectation.

* there is a tier above this, known as "minion tier", but it is reserved only for movies that are at least the third in the series.

Edit: corrected the Shrek title, so the nitpickers can get oot of me SWAAAMP

"No one understands her, she's from the other studio"

I was at the panel and saw the clip the author mentions. I'll copy my comment from another thread:

The lead-in is a new character, Yesss, giving Vanellope and Ralph a tour of the internet, which eventually leads them to Ohmydisney.com (yeah, that's the weird part). Turns out it's literally the Disneyland of the internet, including all Disney properties.

Vanellope wants to mess with the Princesses, but Yesss and Ralph leave her behind to continue the tour. She goes in anyway, the princesses all turn to attack her, then they start talking and realize that Vanellope does in fact fit all the requirements of a Disney Princess. Then Aurora comments on Vanellope's clothing (ratty sweater like the first movie) saying that she would love something like that, and Cinderella says she'll put her mice on it. Next scene is all of the princesses is much, much more casual clothes. It's actually a surprisingly well done scene

The first time we see all the princesses they're being escorted by a few Stormtroopers, and later at the end of the scene, the Princesses are alerted that they have "5 minutes until showtime" by C-3P0, who the princesses tease and call R2-D2/BB-8. Threepio says something to the effect of "Why, the insolence! 'You're good with Princesses' they said. 'You'll love this job they said'. I miss the days of Captain Solo!"

Oh, forgot to add: Yesss is described as an algorithm for the site "Buzzaholic". Her outfit and hairstyle will change throughout the movie as she discovers and keeps up with the current trend

Edit2: Best line in the scene was when Merida starts talking with a heavy accent (never seen Brave so it may be movie accurate or played up, don't know). Vanellope just looks confused and one of the princesses (Anna?) says "She's from the other studio, we don't really understand her"

MCU World set during CIVIL WAR.

Sora: I'm sorry Kairi, you know I wouldn't do this if I had any other choice, but Riku is my Friend.

Kairi: So was I.

(Sora and Riku take turns smacking Kairi with the Keyblade.)

Then they try to fight Black Panther because they think he's a Heartless.

He soundly kicks their ass with his Vibranium Keyblade.

On a scale of The Incredibles to The Emoji Movie, coming out July 28th! dab


Is it just me or does everything about this sound.... pretty terrible? I loved the first movie but this just sounds like a mess

You should probably keep an eye on the D23 stuff tomorrow, then; they're releasing some sort of new info on KH III.

Sounds like it's a one/few scenes cameo thing and not the basis of the movie. I'm okay with that.

It's gonna be bad, and that's good

battle experience

If I made it past Demyx, I can sure as hell beat Black Panther.

I really love these fun crossovers in these animated movies. It was genuinely cool and surprising for me when characters like Voldemort, the Wicked Witch of the West, Godzilla and Sauron showed up in The Lego Batman Movie.

This line will ensure that this wins Best Animated Feature at the Oscars.

what-up Squad Fam?? Bad day?

Nothing's stopped Sora yet, so I don't think he'd lose just because you prefer Black Panther.

Yeah as much as I like the concept, I wished Disney stuck to the original setting and expanded on it and have more fun video game charcter cameos, this seems to throw the whole video game concept out the window.

I agree with that, but I can also say that it probably took a fair bit of convincing, too. Esp. if the Princesses are involved. Thing with the Princesses is, they're all in separate "universes." Like, if you look at any official Disney marketing media that includes multiple princesses, they never actually look at each other. It's like you're looking at a picture of overlapping dimensions in which each of them are alone. To have them come into a universe that has them acknowledge other Disney characters would be a very unique thing.

source: used to work at Disney Consumer Products

Holy SHIT, I just realized this might be an intentional dig/jab at Brave since a lot of people thought that movie's Oscar should have gone to Wreck-It Ralph.

Dance, Water, Dance!

It will never be good, and that's not bad.

Yes but does Black panther has the power of FRIENDSHIP?!

I wonder how all these characters are animated...like, will Meeko be in 3D CGI now? Iron Man? The whole lot? It's gonna be a weird movie.

No you don't get it! It's an MMO! Conveniently presenting ALL of their IPs to maximize crossover synergy, providing new market opportunities with old product!

Watch the movie and then go buy ALL THE THINGS!

Maybe I'm thinking about this too seriously, but if Ralph and Vanelope each live inside their video game, why do the princesses live inside ohmydisney.com and not inside their own movies?

So they're just throwing the whole video game setting out the window? I'm sure the movie will still be good, but I can't say I'm a fan of that decision.

THIS IS gonna be the next star wars christmas special.

Ralph Wrecks The Internet would have been better, but it's a very "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit" sound title. Stupid but I like it.

Me me big disappointment

Can't wait for the duo to find 4chan.

It's a story the Jedi will probably be telling you

Really? They're throwing ohmydisney into their own movie? Jesus

Come on, T'Challa has the Battle Experience of a Thousand Generations of Black Panthers, he has contingency plans for everybody, including Galactus. He'd run circles around them.

Like it's been said before, they missed a big opportunity not having Ralph Fiennes voice Alfred and Voldemort and have them interact. With how meta the movie was, that's something I thought they would do.

Peasant! The princesses have had multiple specials, games, and songs together. There is the House of Mouse and Sophia the first where they are clearly all in one universe, and Kingdom Hearts explains that their workds are linked together. There is also merchandising where they're all together hanging out at a castle together having a party.

EDIT: How could I forget to mention that they have tea parties and celebrations together at the Disney parks!

I was at the panel.

I cringed at first.

Then they got to the site, which was basically an online Disneyland with Marvel and Star Wars also everywhere.

Kids kept harassing and poking this Buzz Lightyear character (they showed a kid in the real world just playing with a virtual Buzz Lightyear on the site on his tablet), so the in-Internet version of that was like a character meet and greet and the Buzz looked like he hated his life.

They made fun of those Tsum Tsum toys and the fanatics who love them, and Vanellope mentioned how they just look like sausages.

There was a scene where kids step into this little thing that turns them into a marvel hero. One was Gamora, one Iron Man, then this one kid came out as a tiny Stan Lee, mustache and all.

Then the princess stuff was really funny as hell.

It looks like the Disney stuff will just be relegated to that one scene, and it was surprisingly hilarious.

Ugh. That sounds awful.

But... The title of the movie...

We Kingdom Hearts now, donkey.


And Patrick Stewart is playing the shit one

But has a Black Panther ever fought a boy wielding a giant key?

Massive Marketing Opportunity?

I saw the clip at the panel. Yes, they're all 3D CG, including Meeko and Raja

I'm waiting for a scene where Ralph and Vanellope come across a search engine guarded by a large drill sergeant type acting as the search filter.

Filter: "Alright you wet whippersnappers, this here's the internet. Since you're both the total newbies in this situation, I will be so kind as to show you the rules!"

Filter tosses a huge textbook into Ralph's arms

Ralph: "Hey genius, you got a typo here; you skipped from Rule 33 to Rule 35. What about Rule thirty-fo-"






NO where nor does anyone from Disney confirm this is Canon.

It's a fucking cameo.

The highlight of his career and the point where the classical acting training from Royal Shakespeare Company really pays off.

Don't underestimate the infinite nuances of character the Shit Emoji has and the monumental task of portraying it correctly.

I thought that billboard was a joke. There's an Emoji movie?


KH3 is the end for me, all these spin-off titles, the mobile titles, the convoluted story, and the sheer amount of time I've spent waiting for the final entry; compound all that together and I really don't give a shit what happens after this chapter.

You don't care now. Just wait until KH3 resolves nothing and ends on a cliffhanger.

Actually rapunzel appears in frozen together with flynn soo

Appears so. I'm disappointed by this as well. I really wish they went further into the video game world in the first instead of getting stuck in mario kart/candy crush zone. This seems like they're using online muliplayer as an excuse to tie all of their properties into a single film in the same way the Lego Movie did. I wanted them to go further into "roger rabbit for video games" as opposed to a vehicle for meta disney comedy.

Hey I'm at D23 and was in the animation panel, the scene they showed with the princesses was amazing. This article makes it sound like they specifically set out to make a movie where they could include all their shit and that is not the vibe I got at all. There is still a main plot etc. and this Disney and Star Wars stuff happens along the way as they travel on the internet, which makes sense.

Btw this princess scene could be one of the best animated scenes in a looooong time.

These beings can only exist in technology

it's def a fun jab at Pixar so maybe.

Voters have admitted to never watching them and just voting for what their kids want to see

Check your privilege.

I still confuse which studio Brave and Wreck-It Ralph are from sometimes because things seemed flipped.

They're doing this to sell more merch, and to make sure little girls want to go see it, not because they want to make the movie better. It will undoubtedly be worse.

Kingdom Hearts 3.7 chained birth of dreams coded/re

All it takes is a Disney logo to win that category.

Good bot

No. But seriously. They are.

He 'voiced' the chicken in Moana for fuck's sake. For those who haven't seen it, the chicken doesn't even fucking talk.

That guy is laughing all the way to the bank.

But not good either.

Nevertheless, I wonder if they put in a meta joke about Alan Tudyk having a role in every recent Disney film.

It's funny how highly respected the Oscars are. I mean, I'm sure a lot of the categories are taken more seriously and stuff. But there's really nothing to make people vote in a fair or meaningful way.

I think that's a huge turnoff for people. KH1 had a relatively straightforward story with fun gameplay and big crossover appeal. Kingdom Hearts 2 made it a little more complicated but still largely comprehensible up until you get to the introduction of Xehanort. Then it goes totally off the reservation with great keyblade wars and body swaps and time shenanigans and who knows what else. All of that extra stuff didn't really need to be part of the KH1 & 2 story. I think when people complain about the spin-offs that's what they're complaining about.

Yeah all nonsense. People just can't ignore a good cameo anymore without some convoluted multi-film story that makes no sense. Like their parents' ship was the same one as the wreck in The Little Mermaid. Mmmkay. Don't even get me started on the Pixar theory. That shit is so fucking dumb I'm getting angry thinking about it.

We watched this scene at d23 animation panel yesterday which is where they are quoting from

Are you trying to bankrupt the poor guy? Sure I didn't need the Gremlins pack...or Scooby...yeah I could have saved my bank account from Fantastic Beasts...and Doctor Who...


Where was I going with this...

Dance water, dance!

Is "lubhub" supposed to be a cheeky "pornhub" parody?


In the very least, I'm looking forward to seeing how 2D characters look in 3D!

lookin' pretty good so far


Eh not really. Anyway, what was really weird was that Superman put Zod in the Phantom Zone, yet he wasn't there in the movie.

I read the whole article, is this said anywhere in it?

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I hate when people call kh bbs and ddd spinoffs. they are definitely part of the story, a large part. Spoilers: bbs tells you about the keyblade war, mark of mastery, the org's origin, who is xehanort and the original trio. ddd tells you about the keyblade holders of light and xehanort's plan+power. If you only played kh1 and kh2 you wont understand jack when playing the 3rd.

Same Ralph felt way more like a Pixar and Brave like a Disney.

well they did produce Once Upon A Time which had all the Disney Princesses interacting with each other.

Don't a shitload of the princesses literally talk to each other in the first Kingdom Hearts game?

No, I mean like, Avatar.

He has the ability to call upon the memories of every Black Panther that has come before him and remember their battles as if they were his own. Legionnaires, Ghengis Khan, Nazis, if a Black Panther has fought them, T'Challa knows how to beat them.

Iirc KH3 is the conclusion to the first phase of KH and there will be more to come.

Yeah I think that was the Kraken from Clash of the Titans, not Godzilla.

House of Mouse

As someone who grew up with Disney and Disney Channel in the early 00s, this was so inevitable I'm surprised it took them this long to finally make it. Well the Star Wars crossover thing is new, but they've showed up on The Lego Movie, and that's not even Disney's property.

Disney had a show called where lots of characters from the Disney movies co-exist as movie stars, and I remembered they were tons of fun. And if you ever go to Disneyland they've been doing this already for the last couple of years and people still love it.

As long as the story and characters keeps to be front and center, the movie will be great (and Disney gets to continue the huge merchandising profits).

The Oscars are just a group of industry insiders sharing their opinions each year. They are literally trade awards, but since movies and actors are popular, the Oscars are also a TV event.

Spoilers below.

Ralph and co. Are going online. Just so many fake internet companies. I assume the crossovers come from those aspects

I feel like Ray Fiennes is past the whole Potter franchise and no paycheck was big enough for a reprise. Also there could always be complications in copyright with voice and characters.

I was in the panel and saw the footage live. It sounded stupid up until they actually showed it. The scene that is talked about might be the funniest scene in an animated film that I have seen in awhile.

Have the Black Panthers before him fought anyone significant? Vibranium meteorite crashed into Wakanda fairly recently (around 100 years?). Before that the country wasn't anything special compared to other African states. Why would a warrior king of an African tribe in he 12th century travel to face Ghenghis Han?

Sure, but they've never fought someone who cuts though skyscrapers, hovers in the air while unleashing the elements around him, creates pockets of controlled gravity/time, routinely moves FTE, and can bench press a large hill.

Sora is ridiculously OP, T'challa is a joke compared to him and that's not even considering that the thread is about MCU panther and not the comic version.

I feel like this is just going to be one setting, with some cameos. And of course it's the part that you would show off because it's the big show piece of everything, but I doubt they'll set the whole film there.

It's exciting for kids to see characters they love where they don't expect it. After Sing came out, watching back Secret Life of Pets my 3 year old got so excited seeing the Sing poster on the back of the bus during that end scene. He always gets so excited during that part now. I feel like this is right up his alley.

He also loves Wreck-It Ralph because it's the only movie he's seen that has a character with his name (Felix) so I think this sequel will be a double whammy for him. Remember that the target audience of these pictures isn't teens or adults--it's kids. And kids like what they know.

Is everyone forgetting that this was the formula for the lego movie and Lego Batman, which both did great?


The Other Studio i.e. Pixar as opposed to Disney

I assume you're referring to this article, in which one voter admits he only watched the ones his kids want to see, and then went on to prove himself a general asshole with his comments about the foreign entries.

The rest either saw all of them or (appropriately) abstained from voting.

That article is just the cartoon-watching equivalent of Comic Book Guy extrapolating from that one dickhead to a ridiculous degree, in an effort to twist his own knickers. And now you're misrepresenting it even further.

Oh a big commercial fucking wonderful.