The statue of liberty was a gift from the French, wasn't it?

Yes, and the structure was designed by Gustave Eiffel.


She must be dating my ex. An actual conversation:

HIM - "Why would anyone go to France? Paris isn't in France."

ME - "Wait, what?"

HIM - "I dunno? When I think of France I think of Italy. They speak French in Italy, right?"

ME "Italian. They speak Italian in Italy."

HIM - "Whatever. I don't know that much about the UK I guess."

The stupid hurt.

The fuck did you just do to my brain?

Yes, Paris is ours! Reclaim the throne again; 1340, 1369, 1420, 1422 never forget.

It's like the retarded have found...the retarded.

Probably a joke.

This is a great joke on so many levels. People really think that this person doesn't know that the Eiffel Tower is actually in Madrid or that the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the US by the Egyptians? Wake up sheeple. I bet Neil Degrasse Tyson is rolling in his grave at this post.

Coming this summer...

Simple Jack

If it makes you feel better, he knew a lot about feudal Japan.

This is so stupid I refuse to believe your story

I mean, the eiffel tower is in vegas, right?!

til the eiffel tower and the statue of liberty was made by the same person

Remember, remember, the Norman pretender The empire that all came to naught But you bitch without reason That "empire" was treason And since then you've conquered the lot

Never go full retard.

Yeah, it's like an extra bonus side-facepalm.

No, that's the Statue of Liberty. The Eiffel Tower is the one from Lord of the Rings.

Who needs aliens when we are so fixated on self-destruction?

Neil Degrasse Tyson

??? what?? u mean the guy from himym?

Both the statue of liberty and the eiffel tower were made by french people.

And the hashtag is american vs british.

I think that's the worst offender in this post

No. Link as in sausage links.

There's also a tiny one in Paris that faces the American one.

I once spend an entire evening trying to explain to my sister's boyfriend why the moon isn't a planet but a satellite. "But it's big and round and in the sky so it's a PLANET! A satellite is a fucking piece of metal in the sky you idiot DUUUUUH!".

The day they broke it off was a good day.

isnt it awesome to be immortalized like that. I hope there will be no big aliens coming and toppling down all the world landmark.

They have fifteen listed here.

Yeah everyone is pointing out how it's double or triple face palm while I'm feeling like the real face palm is them because this totally reads like a joke I'd post online. It's too perfect to be actually stupidity

In another piece of irony, the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French to America as a symbol of there mutual hatred of the British

Edit: iron to irony

So I'm originally from Brazil, and over there I once knew a lady whose geographic world view was as follows:

The world is flat and has the shape of a circle.

In the center of the circle is São Paulo, the city where we used to live.

Connecting the center to the edge was The Road. Yes, she thought that every road she had ever been on was the same road, and she called it The Road.

If you followed The Road from the center to the edge, at some point you would leave São Paulo and get to the rest of Brazil, which she called "The North," because that's where she was from: the Northern region of the country.

If you kept going still, you would eventually leave Brazil and get to The States, which was the name of everything that was not Brazil. So France was in The States, Australia was in The States, New York was in The States, and so on.

I pieced together this image over several conversations in which I probed her with questions.

EDIT: typo

I wish I could say it was fake, but you can't make this shit up. The same dude once parked the car and suddenly shouted, "Where's the fucking car?!"

He just wasn't that bright.

Here's an image of it. It's on the Île aux Cygnes.

It's on the Île aux Cygnes.

I see why you left him

Doesn't France also have a Statue of Liberty, but smaller than ours?

He just wasn't that bright

I've seen broken bulbs that are brighter. He's way beyond just not "that bright".

Going to have to do it, it was designed by Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi and it was built by Gustave Eiffel. Eiffel didn't design it, that would be like saying the guy that built your house designed the structure.

I really hope we don't know the same person. Link jacket?

They always commit so hard to the stupidity. I don't get it. I'm always pumped to learn new things or find out I was wrong - because now I'm actually a little bit smarter. But these people, they just...I dunno.

Explains why you're confused.

Built Designed FTFY

We have Blackpool tower baby!!

Or you could just say we have Blackpool...

That movie was amazing and I wish the many groups that protested it would have seen it for the satire of how out of touch Hollywood is that it was.

I bet you the same people that protested the 'full retard' speech went on to have an absolute orgasm over the next 'mentally handicapped person does X' movie that came out.

Bartholdi was the artist and Eiffel the engineer, but they both designed it. I doubt Eiffel was on location welding iron bars.

Eiffel Tower? No.

Blackpool Tower? Yes.

I think the old rusty nail beats out the Statue of Liberty any day.

Eiffel Tower? No.

? Yes.

I think the old rusty nail beats out the Statue of Liberty any day.

We have a D-list reality star as our President, now it worries you?

I can see why, all the kangaroos and pyramids are fun

...and thanks... BTW.

Really the Norman conquest was just a part of a much larger picture of vikings being better than everybody. The Normans were vikings given Normandy (Nord-mand-y) because the French couldn't handle them. They then went over to England and took England back. I say back because Harold Godwinson (who he fought) was the successor to the first non-viking ruler of England (Edward the Confessor) in generations. Before then Canute's family had ruled for three generations (I think)! The Normans would go on to found the Kingdom of Sicily and own a bunch of other territory in the Holy Land and elsewhere.

The vikings were also the Royal guard of the Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. They were literally scouted at times in Scandinavia for the Varangian Guards.

They also found America.

And finally we have Rus. Vikings that settled in Eastern Europe and founded kingdoms and principalities that eventually became Russia!

Hey I learned something. Thank you.

I feel like you have to go out of your way to be that ignorant

Link as in Zelda? No, not that I know of.

Kansan here, most of us aren't actually this stupid. The school system is underfunded but it's not this bad...

Ya, the tennis player! Didn't think anyone would be smart enough to know who he was.

It's not iron, it's copper.

Even if it was french vs americans

The french gave you the statue of liberty

[The comment above likely has (one or more) prank links]:

"Peyton Manning Mask face"


If it makes you feel better, I know a girl that knows nothing about WWII. She literally didn't know who the Nazis were. Nor had she heard of the Holocaust.

She had heard of Hitler and that's about it.

This is actually the first post on this sub that I actually facepalmed myself. It worries me how there are voters this stupid

A true legend. =( As the Hebrews say, RIP. Which of course stands for Riksala Ipsaltum Paeoria, translated from Islamic Arabic as, "He's with Buddha Now." Wait for it...dary man.

Yes we have blackpool shudders

Oh, yeah. I really hope trump will soon do something against that sauron guy, he seems to be a very bad dictator. I'm a bit afraid of him and his terrorists.

I believe you.

When I was coming home from vacation (2 weeks), after 8 hour drive (I was exhausted) I thought that someone stole my car because it wasn't on driveway. But I didn't say it out loud and it took me 3 seconds to realize my stupidity.

That's just not possible.

Well sorry to ruin your fun bro, but I did my research and found the tweet in question. Sadly the person is a troll and wasn't actually being serious, obviously not going to link his Twitter, but just saying any dummy could probably find it.

Heres one comment chain:

Respondant:"thats French you retard" I'm laughing so hard at all these responses

Tweeter: "I never expected it to get so big I woke up with 500 notifications and my girlfriend did too it was just pure madness"

jesus Christ that's amazing I'm still waiting for this to happen to me over some fucktard comment

"It actually happened twice, tweeted the exact same thing in July and people fell for it AGAIN"

I hate Twitter so much

He also said pretty obvious troll comments such as how "America had the pyramids" and "what's Paris?". So as you can see, this was a troll and this was a baiting of epic proportions.

Stop getting bamboozled so easily guys.

Among many other things. :)

The one thing that absolutely blew my mind was shortly after me and my fiancée moved to Florida we went on a cruise. Not really my thing, did I realize afterwards, but it was a convenient way to get to know the islands in the Caribbean. We were sat at a table with a couple around our age (30-ish) from NYC. We drove (floated?) past Cuba and my fiancée pointed to the island on a map and said something about it. Completely puzzled looks from the NYC couple. "That's not Cuba. That's still America. Way too close to be another country. Cuba is somewhere near Russia". Now it was our turn to look puzzled. Looking back we should've probably burst out in laughter, instead a discussion about Cuba and the decades long history with the US ensued. They knew all the details way back to the missle crisis, even better than us, they just didn't believe us that Cuba was just a few miles off the US coast. We had to call not one, but two waiters to our table until they believed us. The look on their face was like they just discovered fire. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in their cabin that night.

Yeah and brits have no idea what's going on.


The internal structure was actually designed by him, though. He oversaw its construction in addition to that, as well, but he took over for design of its internal structure (not its external appearance) after the initial designer passed away.

I guess you're not in Kansas anymore

Yes, sorry ! The French tittle is Benjamin Gates though !

I once gave blood and had this exact conversation:

Nurse: Have you gotten any piercings in the past year where did you get them?

Me: I got my ear pierced in Jerusalem.

Nurse: is that the country?

Me: No, Israel is.

Nurse: Oh, I see. I've never been to Canada.

Ehh, it wasn't really 'America' that gave it to them, but a bunch of US citizens who were living in Paris at the time. It was to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the French revolution. So it wasn't like an official state gift between nations in the way that the original one was. Still a nice gesture though.

No no, he was literally still sitting at the steering wheel. But because he didn't 'see' the car parked in front of the house, that was his reaction. Very impulsive and knee-jerk.

I wish I was exaggerating. I also wish I was mocking someone else's ex and not mine - because that means I was dumb enough to give him the time of day. :/

this might be a joke kek.

Not quite true, the original idea for the monolithic statue came from an intent to sell a similar statue to Egypt, but the deal was cancelled before work ever started on the statue. The artist (whose name I can never remember) revisited the idea later when a group of "angry intellectuals" were looking for an appropriate message to send to the French government, and sent the new statue built to resemble the older statues of Libertas to the US in celebration of its centennial and of the recent abolition of slavery

I have a hard time believing that a person who can accurately spell "Eiffel" doesn't know that the Eiffel Tower is in Germany.

You'd be shocked. He did and said dumb shit all the time and was blissfully ignorant of his stupidity. I wish I could be so blind to my own flaws sometimes.

15 times as much liberty as the US!

Exactly, he had absolutely zero interest in learning, he just looked up into the sky, saw the moon and was "Well shit, that must be one of them planets people talk about yo!" and never EVER questioned that assumption again. It wasn't even the stupidest convo I had with him, he was a special kind of dense motherfucker. Learning new things is one of my favorite things. Like how to spell favorite.

For preserving us, then?

They can put us in zoos as a conservation effort.

You know, when I was in grade 7, I really resented my geography teacher making us memorize all the countries in the world, continent by continent (Africa was a bitch). While I'm sure not all of it is still there 30-odd years later, it's posts like this that have given me a growing appreciation for the exercise.


What do you define as trolling, because I'm pretty sure making stupid/annoying remarks for the sole purpose of triggering a bunch of people counts as trolling.

You m m mmuh muhh make me h Hu huh hhhappyyy

The one in the secret Freemason temple.

And the statue of liberty was a gift from the French....

Pump your brakes boy, that man's a national treasure.

Edit2 pls: There to their

Where else can you visit New York, Paris, Venice, Egypt, a castle, a circus, and a Ross all in one day?