Worth a thousand words

Worth a thousand words

My kid's an EMT, carries 20 grand in student loans, works ridiculous shifts, lives with the nightmares he sees regularly and saves people's lives for $15hr.

Thats sad to hear :( Worked at an amazon warehouse and was making $15. Never understood why police, firefighters and EMT don't make more when the work they do is extremely important to everyone.

I'll have the fish sandwich, with the cheese on the side.

Because corporations can afford to pay more than govt. Which is why it annoys me when they don't pay their employees an appropriate wage or give more incentives to climb. That is also why the govt sucks...They run things poorly a lot of the time and wages are not great.

LOL, that needs to become a trend.

That is a sad looking sandwich.

Can confirm. Attended UCLA, got certified in EMT for LA county and Ventura County, if I actually entered the career, I would be making 12.50-13 an hour at the time working terrible hours and Long shifts. For a career that is heroic, and necessary. The negatives really outweigh the benefits...

They are all sad looking sandwich s these days. Everytime i order and look at my food and experience the staff and fellow customers it s horrible and idk why I can't seem to remember that and return to one of these dumps and order again. The food is class d stomach filler at best.

Love my taco trucks. Will be sad when some of them close down from lack of business. But hay, maga all day anyway.

Also side note: if your in a store and there is no one else shopping in it, you probably should not shop there either.

My son works for a private ambulance co. Many municipalities are cutting back on EMS services and subcontracting some calls.