Woman cutting off Tony Hawk

Woman cutting off Tony Hawk

why does he have problems every time he goes to an airport 😂

Because he is famous but dresses and presents himself as if he isn't.

He's been out of the spotlight for 10 years or so. He's aged and non skaters have forgotten about him.

Did Tony Hawk have some kind of horrific accident or gain a shit load of weight or something? People of the public seem to recognise him less and less.

Edit: I can't believe my most upvoted comment is about Tony Hawk and whether he has or has not gained weight or been in a terrible accident.

So, like a professional skater? You don't really wear full pads all the time.

He's a daredevil and flies United exclusively.

So Tony Hawk was watching himself in Parental Guidance?


I'm a non-skater, and his name still rings true a legend to me

Then why do I have to 😞

That's the shittiest looking first class. Is that on a greyhound bus or something?

I don't think that's any more or less narcissistic than looking at old photos of yourself

Stop trying to change me 😡😪

What's with all the tony hawk all of a sudden?

He got a game coming out or something?

I wonder what he's up to these days.

But for most people it's just his name and not his face. It's not like he wears a sign.

Why do you have to put an emoji in 99% of all your comments ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He just has the worst like on planes

Just tryna make a change :-\

I think he is suffering from something called "aging". He is 48 years old and famous for stuff associated with youth in most people's minds.

I doubt she made the connection. those people don't even look at the peasants much less acknowledge them.

Yeah, it's called a cell phone

Apparently following Tony Hawk on social media is the key to getting /sub/thathappened karma

Also, the worst luck.

I'm not famous, but I am in the military. From 2003-2009 our leadership asked us to wear the uniform in the airport to remind our country that we are "A nation at war."

Shit was GREAT!!! People bought you food, you got bumped up to first class once in awhile, you were just treated really really well. Then in 2009 that policy stopped. In 2013 new policy forbid people from traveling in uniform except for in rare circumstances.

I stopped traveling in uniform in 2009. I wore cargo shorts, tshirts and a backpack normally and I noticed that people at the airport are just mean. Everyone is mean to each other because flying is overall a shitty experience.

A few years ago I switched to wearing ties, sweaters, nice jeans or slacks even when I was just going home to visit my family. People are much nicer to you when you dress well.

why does he have problems every time he goes to an airport 😂

Short story: I met Tony Hawk 15~ years ago while he was filming a commercial for Pro Skater. I was around the same age as his youngest son and was just sitting and watching. His son ended up skating up to me and talking then Tony followed and talked to me for a bit. He asked if I could take a picture for him with him and his kid. He was an amazingly down to earth nice guy.

Point being... sometimes your childhood hero really does live up to his name.

Its probably a smaller plane for a shorter flight, or to a smaller airport. That's what I see for first class when I fly in/out of Portland, although there usually isn't a screen.

23 Tryin to make a change :-\


Not everyone played Tony Hawk Pro Skater


Someone's got a personal album of themselves that they carry....

It's not necessarily about brainpower, but decision fatigue is a real thing.

Most dams are much taller than 6'3".

This is rude and ignorant. Somewhere, a beaver is crying, now realizing that he'll never measure up to your unrealistic expectations of what a real dam should look like.

I remember mark Zuckerberg said that too, but honestly how much brain power does it take to wear a different shirt every day? I have a ton of shirts and I wear different ones every day. It takes literally a second for me to pick a shirt. I think Steve Jobs just wanted to do this to have this unique image and everyone else, like Zuckerberg or Holmes are just copying him

Most domestic flight first classes aren't that great. You get big, leather seats, and you get to drink before takeoff.

I read this weird fucking business insider or whatever bullshit article on linkedin that talked about how it's actually superior to wear the same clothes every day like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. Talking bout how it frees up your mind to not worry about things, and how we should all do it. Reminded me of this NK propaganda I saw once where they talked about Kim Jung Il has the ideal male haircut that every citizen should get.

honestly I don't get people that rush to get on the plane first if the seats are assigned. like gj you won an extra 15 minutes of sitting in a stuffy airplane cabin while people brush and bump by you as they board the plane. The plane ain't leaving till everyone at the gate has boarded, congrats on making your flight that much longer.

Tonyhawks post are always 10/10

What a rebel

True, suppose I should have specified that I know his face too...

Came here to say this. She probably had no idea that that was the same person she cut off.

its a movie, apart from his scenes he might not a know anything about it

I recognize his face and he's also a legend to me, but I also assume goldfinger "superman" is playing everywhere he goes. Without that, not 100% sure I'd recognize him.

My guess is that he put it on because although you can tell from the picture that the woman in front of him is watching the same thing as him, you can't quite make out what's on her screen on its own.

Woah. That just rocked my world

Any one can be a dude. I'm a dude, your a dude, my kids are dudes, my boss is a dude, my grandmother is a dude, so on.

So like every rich guy in Silicon Valley

His name is more famous than his face.

How old are you?


Yeah I guess Daredevil was pretty good at getting the shit beat out of him

Maybe it's the communal movie that is on for everyone for free? His screen seems to be synced up with hers

If you get on faster, you actually get overhead cargo space near your seat.

More like 10/80°

Tony hawk is the tom clancy of skateboarding

They're desperate to give you, and themselves, something to point at as to why they have been successful when they themselves are most likely unsure. Nobody likes the answer "I was a reasonably astute person who pursued a random business idea at a miraculously good time and place for such an idea to be pursued.

I made emoji cool 😎

Very true. I travel a lot for work and people are just plain rude; as if all their manners and morals are just left at security ... well I guess that's where it all begins

I think we should get tony hawk on more planes, for the content.

It could be like comedians in cars getting coffee, but instead skaters on planes getting naughty.

Probably getting rudely cut off by women who watch him in parental guidance.

If politeness were mandatory at airports it would reduce the threat of terror 100%. Because it's just plain rude to hijack a plane.

I can personally attest that this is not true. I am Tony Hawks doppelganger. Every time I am in an airport somebody asks me if I am Tony. The demographic of people asking is all over the place. Sometimes I sign autographs for fun.


I agree that it doesn't or shouldn't take much brain power at all. I don't really care if someone wants to wear the exact same style of clothes everyday -- to each their own. The part that I find annoying is when they claim it's a key part to their success.

Really, though, if picking out clothes is occupying so much time, or causes so much stress or anxiety, then you might just have bigger issues to tackle than simplifying your wardrobe.

I mean unless you were a millenial dude you probably wouldn't hear about him that much. Not everyone played Tony Hawk Pro Skater or watched pro boarding.

And you're not paying for your drinks like some pleb.

We're all dudes, hey!

Why would anyone make a video game out of a skateboarder?

Next you'll be telling me people would like snowboarding simulators.

It took me a second to realise he meant boarding as in getting on the plane and not skateboarding...

No it didn't.

Yup. His real name is Anthony Hawkins.

You should flick a booger in her hair.

I'm white. I wish I could relate.

Not everything has to be about race unless you actively seek to make it so.

omg ok ur ok

now go skate

That's cuz he can't see a damn thing

You've never been in First Class have you? Many of the times there aren't even video monitors. And basically it's just 2 seats wide vs. 3 seats, and only 4 to 8 rows of them before a curtain. The main noticeable difference is you get asked even before you take off what you'd like to drink, and you get a fancy trail mix instead of just plain pretzels. On longer flights you do get a nice fresh fruit salad and bagel or whatnot for breakfast. It's mainly just the convenience of them holding your seat until the very last minute, and not having to hear the peasants in the back.

Pics or it didn't happen


Wow, I wear different clothes all the time and can make up my mind about what I'm gonna wear in about 10 seconds. I must be smarter than all you dumbasses!

I've literally never had this problem boarding last. I'm also not a douche who stretches the carry-on rules by bringing a giant suitcase so finding room isn't really ever a problem.

Bruh... Its not meant to be a "problem". Its meant to be a joke.

There was definitely nothing much better on and if I was on a plane and something I was in was on tv I'd watch it, that'd be dope

I know if I ever participated in something well enough to know I am in it I'd have watched it, but that's just me.

He really is a top bloke. I met him at a demo in Sydney, I thanked him for the show as he was walking past and he stopped and shook my hand. I could tell that he genuinely appreciated it


Hey /u/sooper_human are you related to /u/hooman_super? Y'all's seem pretty similar like maybe you could be stepbrothers 😀

a.k.a. /sub/showerthoughts

It's not the citizens that need the strongest reminder though, is it? Shouldn't the leaders receive the reminder(s) so they go through a more in-depth decision-making process than "What's going to get me re-elected?" when determining the best plan of action with tens/hundreds/thousands/millions of lives at stake? Beyond the growing desire to vote the assholes out of office, what's the purpose of this disturbing policy?

It's actually Anthony Hopkins

of course, but you're not tony hawk. he was probably in so many things the novelty wore off.

but then again its just an assumption on my part, so he could be watching it for the fifth time

Oh you're definitely paying for them

It's a real thing. My wife will sometimes change her outfit 2 or 3 times before leaving the house. Whereas I wear mostly the same outfit, and barely put any thought into what I'm going to wear.

He flew south for the winter.

First world problems.

Most flights with movie screens allow for passengers to watch different titles.

He should always carry a mini finger skateboard for reasons like this. Nothing would be more satisfying than watching Tony Hawk attempting "900"s on her head over, and over, and over, and over again.

I can't believe you responded to my comment 😄 and I'm actually a new and improved version 😏

Pic or GTFO

Tony is short for Anthony.

Do you have a signature in your comments?

If going unrecognized and being treated with passive disrespect are incidents, my life has been an absolutely unrelenting dramatic affair.