Wikileaks: WikiLeaks has a 100% record of accurate authentication. We do not endorse Buzzfeed's publication of a document which is clearly bogus.

Wikileaks: WikiLeaks has a 100% record of accurate authentication. We do not endorse Buzzfeed's p...

The shills on the twitter feed are having mental breakdowns. This is beyond their capacities.

Buzzfeed, assets soon to be owned by Trump.

Remember, buzzfeed is owned by NBC, the same outlet which published that video they'd been sitting on for years only after Trump secured the nomination.

NBC should be our next target. CNN's reputation is already ruined; at this point we're beating a dead horse when we ridicule CNN. NBC has to be the focus.

Seeing how reddit sunk its teeth into this story shows how truly desperate they are.

It's really disgusting behavior, I lost a bit more of what little respect I had for these people tonight.

Jesus man you sound like a sociopath going after these news organizations. Where's the humanity? Where is all that negativity going to get you? If we don't like these organizations for the way they treated us, how does going after them make us any better?

Just kidding! These corrupt bastards can all fuck themselves to hell and back, their web of bullshit is breaking and we're gonna break it. Sign me up let's fuckn do this. THIS FREIGHT TRAIN IS GONNA STEAMROLL THE OPPOSITION MAGA

I just got 100 downvotes on R/Censored in 1 Minute for saying it is fakenews fuckin cesspool of lies.

40K upvotes on the MegaThread. And the top comments talk about the pee story and how they shouldn't focus on it. Uh, are you daft? It clearly invalidates the entire document! Honestly it's almost sloppy trolling it's so blatant. God this is beautiful.

"Will this finally be the end of Trump?"

lol. Stupid cucks. You'd almost feel sorry for them but you know they never get sick of losing. That is the nature of the cuck. It is like the anti-centipede.

They were already coming up with terms like "yellow snowflake". It has to suck to be so close but so far...

Buzzfeed commits a suicide by Gawker.

Seriously, this is the stupidest thing I have ever seen, it alleges the DNC leak was a targeted attack when A: The emails are real and DKIM verified, B: The emails were leaked and not hacked. Cohen is actively denying ever going to Prague aswell.

Whether this is 4chan or another Trump organized leak, this is genius. When a lot of these claims are proven to be fake (hint: they are), the whole veracity of the document goes up in flames, as do a bunch of media corporations. FOX isn't touching this story and is probably salivating at the thought of all their competition currently committing suicide by Gawker as we speak.

One of the top comments provided "better links" for the article... FUCKING NEW YORK TIMES AND THE WASHINGTON FUCKING POST. My god, this is just getting too good.

Fake news on fake news on fake news on fake news

The sad thing is Libtards are going to continue to believe this bs publication. They want to believe. They're are going crazy on Twitter. Seriously mentally ill.

When you think about it this makes total sense, just like with the Saddan's WMDs.

Intel agencies /MSM are given a mission to find a specific set of information fitting an agenda. They can't find shit for a long time so once they come across something they bite hard.

The hivemind is angry

How many media outlets can say they made no false claims in ten years? None but Wikileaks.

They are weasels, using the disclaimer to defend against another lawsuit.

They know exactly what they are doing reprinting it. This is part of a coordinated effort to ruin his reputation because they are a bunch of butthurt leftists. MSM is throwing rumors that only the stupidest most-brainwashed little snowflakes believe (because they wish it were true), ruining what little reputation they have left in the process. None of them should be in the White House press group. Kick them all out.

We are Reddit's punishment.

I read the NYT article and I have to give them credit for at least putting a disclaimer in the beginning of the article stating the claims were unsubstantiated and they could not verify them. Better than buzzfeed, as little as that means

Gawker last year, Buzzfeed this year, hopefully we can crash Reddit with no survivors in the near future.

Reddit's punishment must be more severe.


Even if it is bogus, people shouldn't shame others for their sexual preferences, ammirite?

WikiLeaks sees what, in part, is going on with this. They have to call out fakes to maintain their own integrity.

This is so transparently unreliable that it has to be meant, in part, to discredit all future leaks/leakers.

Surely, it's a smear on Trump; and many are peddling it for that reason alone. But I have no doubt that part of the motivation for disseminating it is to poison the "leak" well.

Jesus Christ, what a great evening this has been, full of surprises and fun, and of course I avoided listening to the cuck-in-chiefs final teleprompter reading.

Soros Group is burning the funding and midnight oil lately.

Be vigilant! Until CNN is in flames and is no longer a blip of a memory, we must remind America that CNN is just as horrible or worse. The masses have a memory of a goldfish so every moment of every day we must remind our friends, brothers and sisters just how fraudulent CNN is.

CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX, MSNBC, PBS; all legacy and state propaganda must be eradicated.

"I have sworn upon the altar of Kek, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." - Thomas Jefferson 2017.


how would wikileaks know if it was bogus reeeeeeeeeee


suicide by Gawker.

I love this formulation.

We are their salvation

Wew lad... Had my downvote cannons ready


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Fake leak comes out about Trump's businesses, negative alliances, and unsavory sexual practices. It is proven to be bullshit and is ridiculous to all but the most biased of readers. The publishing organization loses credibility and as a results fails as a business.

A short time later a real leak comes out about a large group of elites and their businesses, negative alliances, and unsavory sexual practices...

Does the public believe this time around or is this another case of "fake news"?


Edit: hear hear 😳

It's really suicide à la Gawker.

He ruined tucker carlson!!!! fuck barry

Is this the same "news outlet" that posted a sexist video a few weeks back making fun of the way men sit and called it man-spreading? (It is )

How could anyone, even liberals, give them any sort of credibility?

Obviously fake, but put out on this day and time exactly because Trump has a press (fake news) conference tomorrow. Just more distractions. 9 MORE DAYS

Trump gonna be soooo rich suing for defamation.... oh wait. Welp... go ahead and sue them cucks anyway!

Unsalvageable. Censorship cesspool. Aaron Schwartz would be ashamed at what O'Hanian turned Reddit into.

Perfect only if it can be proven false.

You got that backwards, son.