Why you do this to me??? / All is forgiven :)

Why you do this to me??? / All is forgiven :)

I like to imagine only one second passed between those photos.


My female Bengal was raised by Amish people in Montana after her mom was killed by a car and her litter was left to die on the side of the road at ~2 weeks old. It happened next to an Amish farm and they bottle fed her and she lived, but she never learned how to wash herself because there were no mature cats around to learn from. So when I adopted her at 3 months, she had to be bathed regularly because she would get so dirty from never washing herself.

I adopted another cat two years later, this time a male Bengal who is the cleanest, most well groomed cat I've ever encountered. He licks and preens until his coat is practically shining. After about a year together, my female finally figured out how to wash herself from watching him and now I no longer need to bathe her myself. Which is a huge relief because giving your cat a shower is not much fun.

I'm sure in a cat's mind they're thinking, "Why are you doing this? Don't you SEE me licking my fur every goddamn day! Whaddya think I'm doing it for, the TASTE?"

I found this interesting, thanks for sharing.

What a doll! Gorgeous!💕

Thank you for this mental picture you have given me good sir

My god she looks completely like my lil girl except with long hair... And a thousand times less of a bitch.

A Rag doll, in fact!

I don't think you can really discern when a cat is being judgemental from normal cat behavior. It's all the same.

It's like when a cartoon kitty shakes all of the water off then poof goes the fur. Like when Thomas O'Malley gets out of the river.

Me too.

I like cats and I like stories. Stories about cats combine two of my great loves.

"Look how poofy I am!!"

Did the male Bengal ever judge the female for being dirty?

I knew it. I knew it that someone would come and spam the same comment once again just like in every thread.

It's a perfectly happy and obviously loved kitty, of course the owner knows how to take care of it, there must have been a reason and it was clearly done in a way that cat was comfortable in. It's also almost definitely a repost of a repost, not that it matters in this case.

Washing a cat, especially in a way that it remains calm, is a long and tiring process. Nobody decides first thing in the morning to do it if there is no reason.

Love how your kitty looks adorable even wet. My poor fellow looks like the poster cat for abused animals when he is wet- it's almost heart breaking the pitiful faces he makes.

Yep. It's called the Big Poof.

My kitten was separated from her litter at a young age too and she absolutely loves our older cat, she copies everything he does, its so adorable, I have so many pics of her mirroring him. I'm glad she has another cat around to learn her catting from.

So fluffy!!

Might explain why she's not trying to claw OP's face off in picture 1.

Rub the belly human, do it, it's safe ಠuಠ

In the future, people could try to do what my mom did. She had a cat that didn't know how to bathe itself. So, when the cat was still a kitten mom would pretend to clean herself like a cat, and the kitten mimicked her.