Why! Why would you do that? I'll just go print anoth... Oh wait...

Why! Why would you do that? I'll just go print anoth... Oh wait...

"My King, the attack has failed. There was a fort hidden by knife holes that we were unaware of"

Thats why, in real life, they actually used something similar to sewing needles to quite literally "pinpoint" their targets

I have the same problem with people cutting ropes in movies and games instead of untying them

Or people cutting the inside of their palm whenever they need a bit of blood.

I always like the carefully crafted wooden sigils that GoT uses. I can just imagine a Lannister throwing someone out of the meeting if they ran low on specific ones and suggested using rocks instead.

Real answer, probably because it's an easy place to pop open a pack of fake blood for the camera.

That was actually the map Aegon the Conquerer used to plan his invasion of Westeros. It's badass.

I liked Stannis's fucking room-sized floor map of Westeros.

That's one of the few things that makes me wince, you use your palms for so much, why would you do that?

Well how else are they going to dramatically point to where they want to attack? Slamming your finger down on the map isn't as intimidating and there's a risk you could break your finger

I would love to see that in a movie.

"Tomorrow night we attack he-OW! GODAMMIT! MY FINGER!"

Trick would be to attack from behind the chair. He'd never see your troops coming and if he did then his neck would hurt during the upcoming battle.

A painted table fifty by twenty five feet at the widest points, with a single raised chair exactly where Dragonstone sits off the coast of Westerose.

I love how this is a picture of Cullen from Dragon Age Inquisition. Cullen, stop stabbing my maps!

Feels like something out of a Monty Python flick.

I think it's less because it's easy to pop it, but more because it's easier to hide the blood pack in the palm of the hand, and it just caught on as a trope, since people do it in video games, too.

"Yes, comrade... let us share HIV, to seal our oaths."

That was our only map

Ultimately because it looks better and gets a better reaction.

Gordion Knot dude. It's slicing ropes with Occam's Razor.

There's enough books and papers in the Thedas world to suggest they have the printing press. The scale of the in-game libraries are much larger than medieval libraries.

video example

Actually, they don't hold a fake blood packet in the palm they are cutting, but the knife itself holds and dispenses the fake blood. When they are making a fake cutting motion, they just apply some pressure to the handle of the knife and it drips out of the blade.

Pretty sure it originated as a blood pact idea. Cutting the palm because it hurt more, to signify the solemness of the oath. And beyond that, it allows for the imagery of shaking hands, both of which have been cut so the blood is mingling.

From there it just became a generic trope for blood letting.

In the right situation, it's a very dramatic

They will have to redraw all the maps when we're done here.

That or he missed with the knife and they attack the wrong place

It's a fantasy story with magic and ice zombies. A character still being involved in the plot doesn't necessarily mean they haven't died yet...

I mean, that's pretty much what Dany is gonna do....

The same with necklaces - giving the pendant/medallion to another person? Just pull it forcefully, because the broken chain will magically repair itself when the next person has to wear it.

(And if it's a leather strip, it will probably leave at least a burn mark on the neck before breaking - this fact is always conveniently ignored as well)

And when they do get there, there's a giant knife sticking out of the ground.

TIL Dany has made it this far without dying yet.

But that would ruin the manly image carefully created by (probably) Holywood! Think about it how tough it looks... you stare the other guy in the eyes, unflinching, while your fists closes around the sharp blade and then... slowly... you pull out the blade while your face is mask of stone.

Yea... you do have a battle the next day and this was your good sword hand... BUT YOU MADE YOUR POINT!

And he's too nervous to bring up his mistake until they're already there.


You have to use that hand later!!

I think 'easier to hide the blood pack' was implied by the phrase 'for the camera'.

Well... it's usually used in context of barbaric tribes or satanic rituals. Not exactly people I'd expect to have a fine understanding of viral propagation.


You jest, but there are zig-zags in the USA/Canada border that are there because they were under legends in the maps they used.

The best is the end of the trespasser dlc. They just move up to a fucking dagger and stab an entire country.

It's like, you don't think you might need those three towns you erased later?

Yeah! Why cut in such a important place that will be hard to heal Cut a bit on the thigh or upper arm.

He boned Melisandre on it

It would make a fantastic movie if they did and were purposefully infecting all their 'allies' to weaken them and eventually stab them in the back.

"Conan the AIDSbarian"

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I mean... there is magic and runes and stuff. I don't know how much magic (or stuff that is magic, but isn't recognized as such by common folk) is used in the background in the world of Thedas.

So I would not be at all surprised if you had either a fully mechanical, or magical or combination printing press.

Yeah, that pouch with the really important thing in it tied around the hero's neck always pops free a little too easy for my comfort.

Stannis: "Ok you stand there... you are the Lannister Army now." Dude: "But... I am already the Stark Army... see I stand in the North!" Stannis: "Dammit! Can someone give him a sign saying STARK! This is getting confusing!"

Even manlier, you flex your bicep, staring without flinching as you draw your knife across, blood dripping from the cut, flexing your bicep causes the blood to squirt a little, you lick some off your bicep and stare into his eyes as you swallow

"Hidden? Why the fuck do you think did i ram the knife in there?"

Every...single...time I do see this in a movie I imagine a guy turning around walk over to the guy and go: "Ey! I spend MONTH researching, calculating and drawing this map! You know what! I am sick of this! I am out! Make your own damm maps from now on! But don't come running if your army get's stuck in a swamp because you drawn the neighboring forest 3 kilometers to small!" He then walks out only to look over his shoulder:"Oh and that map you just ruined was also more expensive to make than the horse your horse and the saddle!"

Because when we inevitably lose we'll have to cede half our lands in the peace agreement!!

Some of the main quest markers are stabby pieces: In hushed whispers is a big knife, as is In Your Heart Shall Burn, and Address The Chantry in Val Royeaux. I can't confirm others because I've got a fresh file and I've just gotten to skyhold, so i only have a bit of my maps filled out. Stabbed it is though.

Some of the smaller quest markers are also stabby, but they're pins, so they're not as bad.

Gordian Knot dude

reminds me of this

Gordian Knot dude

It's a conspiracy by Big Maps to stimulate the map-making economy and create repeat demand.

It's a pretty shitty market to produce in if customers are single-time buyers. But convince them to stab their maps, and now they're buying new maps for every war! Capitalism, bitches.

It's not like Westeros was some unexplored frontier wilderness. Ships from the Free Cities regularly traded as far as the Westerlands and the North. Buying a map of the continent would have been a simple task in any port or major settlement.

Is that you, Lindybeige?

In Skyrim the sheer number of duplicate books suggests some sort of printing press somewhere in Tamriel.

Or magic. Like with the gold in Harry Potter when they steal the horcrux from Bellatrix's vault. Duplicating charm.

Cullen does as Cullen pleases.

On this table, are the Iron Islands like /sub/mapswithoutnz?

Plot armor man

You can tell the characters the writer in particular likes, even if they have no right to have lived as long as they have

Cough Arya Cough

That's a little bit of an oversimplification though, only looking at the worst times during the medieval period. By 1200 monastic libraries were becoming well organised and structured. The handwritten reproductions of books couldn't compete to the printing press but they did produce books we would recognise today. Bound volumes of single topics, such as reproductions of Latin texts. Most features of libraries that we would recognise today, such as carrals and reading rooms, were invented in the 13th century.

The practices you describe apply well to the early medieval period, 7th-10th centuries, but by the high middle ages the monastic libraries would be recognisable as such today and laid out by topic and author in a similar, although not identical, way.

The volume of written works is what really defines the post-printing press world. Its not worth going to press a book or pamphlet for anything less than a few hundred copies, while that would have taken a monk years to copy out a single volume.

Well how are you going to remember which rock represents what?

That wouldn't be a problem since that guy would just be screaming DAKINGOFDANORF! repeatedly

Wow she has some fast regeneration ability

"The older kids must cross international borders 4 times daily to go to school".

They must have some easy method for that right?

At that point I headcannon that my inquisitor (who romanced Solas) just really really wanted to stab stuff :p

Not if his mom is around to help /obligatory

Damn why doesn't reddit write good shitty sketches more regularly?

Martin doesn't really have the best sense of scale... Westeros appears to be populated by basketball teams, the wall is so tall that it would be impossible to use archers to hit anything on it, and the iron throne is massive enough to have its own zipcode in the red keep.

I don't think Cullen is the problem, but who wants to get inbetween Leliana and things to stab?

Not only that, but "medieval libraries" were almost always just an extra room where scrolls and loose vellum were thrown together. There wasn't a sorting system, there was very seldom shelves, and there were almost never actually bound books.

When books were bound, a lot of times they would bind random texts together to save space/effort. You'd get religious texts with 20 pages of mathematics and a text on plants all randomly jumbled together.

Why not just pierce the heart? lot's of blood in there and it's not difficult to find!



"Hold on guys, let me unpack my Ork army, it'll be perfect for this"


they stab the map all the time

they stab the map all the time

They all assume the position and drop trou before the bus even rolls up to the checkpoint. Saves em about 5 minutes on the daily cavity searches.

That's the point

That's part of why it's a dramatic action. It's use as a stock device is to express finality. It's always when they're done with the map and it's time to execute the plan. Or originally it was. We've gotten so removed from the idea that books, letters, maps, etc are precious that the motif has sort of lost its context and now you see it all over.

But traditionally in literature the whole "knife in the map" thing was usually preamble to the final act, and meant to illustrate decisive finality.

Cell phones and the internet have ruined a lot of standard plot devices. Not that that's a bad thing (Homer probably said the same thing about writing).

A true man would cut the thigh as mentioned before. Hike up your medieval short shorts, run the blade from knee to hip, do a squat to show your power, bring your leg straight up next to your head and sensual- I mean heroically give it a lick. Making a point, and also based on taste, allows you to check your cholesterol levels.

Finger tip

They had lived on Dragonstone for several generations before Aegon launched his invasion so they had plenty of time to compile sources for an accurately scaled map.

First Lindybeige video?

"Will he finish his quest before his internal demons... FINISH HIM?!?!?"

He's talking about when someone gives it up willingly. They'll usually just rip it off and hand it to the person instead of taking the time to untie it. I tried that onve with some dog tags; they came of easily, but it left a mark.

I mean, slamming a knife through a tablet kinda gets the point across.

Slam down a miniature figure sword!

Slam down a !

Well, without staying dead anyway.

Apparently when the show runners showed Martin their mock-ups of the wall he told them it was too tall. Then they told him that their wall was only half as tall as the one in the books.

Mac does this in an episode of IASIP. It later gets infected or something, iirc.

Ideally they just keep copying the same map right? There's no need to keep surveying

**cyberpunk 2077

hype :^)


Wow, repost much? Didn't even bother to change the title.


I feel ashamed; I just now got why we say pin pointing something.

I love the donkey Kong music with it.

That's where the fort is.

How do you know?

Only place on the map with knife holes.

I knew there was a reason you were king....

Then everyone asks why he didn't use the knife and it devolves into a discussion on the pros and cons of knives vs fingers as pointing devices on medieval maps. Someone eventually shouts him down and he petulantly slams a knife where he was pointing.

My lord, I would like to suggest that we use multiple, simultaneous and devastating defensive deep strikes. This very tactic was recommended to me in this book, the Codex Astartes, wherein the maneouvre is named "Steel Rain".

Yeah, but the duplicated gold in Harry Potter is worthless and burns red hot.

Don't feel ashamed. You aren't the only one. Hell, it'll probably pop up on TIL's front page later.

Nah he's just Scottish

In The Thing, I always thought it was unnecessary to completely split open their thumbs during the blood test scene. Like, a small incision would have sufficed.

And in Skyrim theres a low level spell that turns iron into gold.

He just repeated himself for five minutes

they don't stab maps in inquisition tho, they use pieces.

*edito bruh i stand corrected

I think if you are forcefully ripping a medallion off someone, you don't care if they get a little rope burn on their neck

Relatively safe and effective blood transfusion.

Oh boy...

Kevan, your temper's getting the better of you again...

obligatory 2077 release date

Also, hype is real

Sure, but there are ways around that. You just have a little ocean around the important Islands, like the main Iron Islands, the Shield Islands, Tarth etc. Still a single solid surface. Who knows though, Aegon defeated the Ironborn in the Riverlands so he hardly needed to plan an invasion of the Iron Islands.

Eventually they should just be sawing through the scar tissue.

in the service of her majesty's Navy, one must always choose the lesser of two weevils.

Let's call it a "Codex"