Why is Twitter free

Why is Twitter free

Dude is an NFL linebacker that has alopecia, a genetic disorder that causes patches of hairlessness. He used to shave his head, but I guess now he does a lot of work with kids to promote awareness/stop bullying, which probably explains the "hair"

edit* not that I don't appreciate the gold, but if you really want to make a difference the money could be better used donating to the NAAF

Now y'all gonna feel bad lmao.

Shazier's a user god in Madden. He can ball

Edit: His response credit to /u/harmonigga

Perfect combination of resilience and outright denial. His head looks like my ballsack at 13.

EDIT: Clearly I had a trigger finger when it came to dishing out the roast. I didn't know anything about him and, if anything, my dumbass comment is evidence that it's a worthy cause. I will leave the comment as a reminder of my shame.

Alright I went in on Shazier this past weekend when I saw that and as someone posted above, he is doing it to raise awareness for alopecia. Good dude.

Fuck, was about to roast him. Now I feel bad. 😞

and chronic disease e: or genetic disorder

Oh shit that's Shazier? I didn't even consider it now I totally see it.

I mean, he still plays for the Steelers, the NFL equivalent of the Westboro baptist church. Go nuts


I'll fight you right now

RIP to Dan Rooney. That man was a legend and the funeral was beautiful.

I think the Steelers have pointless violence covered for you.

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Ya know it's one thing if you're a man with onset pattern baldness like myself, but my female cousin has alopecia and was born that way. Y'all some cruel mfers.

If Ryan Shazier stays healthy I don't care what kind of hair he has or has not. That cat can ball man.

More like S z e

c h u a n

He's the football shavior.

outright denial

He acknowledges his alopecia and he does this to spread awareness

I think they're implying they don't understand how the high entertainment value of twitter is free.

I don't feel bad. That shit was hilarious.

A genetic disorder is a disease. It's just not a contagious disease.

LOL. Steelers thug around for 5 straight decades but then they encounter the first team to do it back to them and they cannot stop crying about it.

I am guessing a lot of people don't know that it's a disorder. The good thing about this thread is that at least it brought awareness to lot of people(me included).

A taint like a billy goat beard...

2% of his body

( Ν‘Β° ΝœΚ– Ν‘Β°)

It's working!

Y'all act like you'd say shit to him if you saw him too.

Just a lil hairless awareness

Your last sentence destroyed my brain for ~30 seconds.

I feel better now knowing he owns it.

I believe you have the Pittsburgh Steelers confused with the Cincinnati Bengals

This man is the image of true hope and never giving up even when you don't stand a chance

word, roasts have no boundaries

Does anyone else hate how people keep questioning why Twitter is free? Yall gonna wish you just kept your mouths shut when a CEO hears you and thinks good point and decides to start charging monthly

Twitter's free because you're not the consumer you're the product

Fuckin wut?

Found the ravens fan

Pretty sure that's exactly what the title meant. I thought it was funny 🀐

Well, consider awareness promoted.

Exit : /sub/wholesomememes

Enter: /sub/imgoingtohellforthis

More like S z e

Not necessarily; It is a case of the body's immune systemm attacking its own cells. He has alope...

Used the be the Shaveir. Not anymore

Nah I just have eyes.

The Boss Jr. He deserves a statue next to his father's.

Well it's a condition, he can't help it. If he was some random dude that was letting his hair be like that, then we can roast him

I'm probably too late to post this, but being a big Steelers fan and this being /sub/blackpeopletwitter, I'll use this as an excuse to talk about the great things Dan Rooney did for blacks in the NFL. Rooney was always a racially tolerant guy, and part of the reason the Steelers were so dominant in the 70s was because they were willing to go down to black colleges that many other scouts didn't even know about and recruit from there. Also in the 70s the Steelers became the first team to start a black quarterback, Joe Gilliam. Even more importantly, Rooney is responsible for what is known as the Rooney rule, which requires teams to interview minority candidates when looking for a new head coach. However, Rooney also practiced what he preached, hiring Mike Tomlin after Bill Cowher's retirement, who became the youngest and first black head coach to win the Super Bowl. I don't know, I have a lot of respect for the Rooneys and thought this was worth sharing.

Honestly thank you for doubling down on the misinformation, but it's still a disease.

Thanks I got them from my parents.

we gon learn today

I have a guy that works for that has this disorder as well, dude is completely hairless except for maybe 2% of his body

Smooth as eggs

oh shit. get Top Mcdonalds on the phone

What's your ballsack look like now? Shag rug? Astro turf? Tarmac?

It's not genetic. Genetics might influence it in that certain families may have more family members who suffer from it than the general population but it's actually auto immune.

Back in the 2000s they used to run a PSA video before movies. It opens on a grass field/hill, maybe showing the singer of the song they used and starts with the line "Don't laugh at me, don't call me names..."

Me, being a wiseass teenager, immediately start doing an over-exaggerated laugh in response to the song... right as it cuts to a whole bunch of children with Down's Syndrome running up and over the hill, looking directly into the camera.

It was a PSA for tolerance of people with mental disabilities. Got a lot of stink-eye for that one. It was my first time seeing it, I had no clue what was coming, but I immediately got my comeuppance.


Who dey!

Absolutely man, own your shortcomings and people can't do a god damn fucking thing to get to you.

He has alopecia and doesn't shave to raise awareness and reduce stigma for children suffering from it.

if he looked like that naturally it would be ok to roast him? but since he's in the NFL and has a condition, it's bullying?

that comment was funny shit no matter what

to promote awareness/stop bullying,

The irony of this comment on this post is thick.

A linebacker that you can user control that's not trash

Oh man now I feel terrible for laughing at this

....no one would pay...they would just move to a free platform like IG

in madden? shaze is a god on the field bruh

He just reposted the picture, he's a good sport!


As a Browns fan I'll always respect the Rooney's for running a class organization and voting against our team moving, even if I do despise the Steelers in pretty much every other way imaginable.

In this case how does alopecia differ from just regular balding? He appears to have eyebrows and even a mustache. I thought alopecia meant total body hair loss?

Emojis: making life easier since 2018

Sounds like someone is salty

Alopecia is definitely not pattern baldness. Some people have random patches of hair loss on their head. Others have patchy hair loss throughout their body. And some even lose all their hair entirely.

.....yes I will suck them.

I am decidedly aware of Alopecia.

Why is downvoting you free?

Saints copied the Bengals

You're both wrong, factory of sadness 4 lyfe

Lucille: "He's an Alpaca!" Michael: "No, mom, he has alopecia." (Arrested Development)

But yea, c'mon guys - let's not make fun of people with stuff like this. I'm guessing the Twitter user didn't know that that's what he had. I wouldn't have guessed either.

edit: mobile typos

Is genetic as in his genes cause it

Nah I would say it's working perfectly. We react by laughing and teasing, and then you get humbled by his illness and gain newfound respect for someone who initially just looks funny

Wears hair like that so kids won't be shamed. Get's shamed over entire internet.

Edit: I can't spell

I'd like to see you bitches make fun of him to his face

Damn, he is pretty awesome then. I feel like an ass now.

Probably Bengals

there's different kinds of alopecia...I have the kind where 70% of the hair on my head is missing....my eyebrows are kinda patchy, but I still have hair everywhere else....Some people don't have 1 hair on their whole body....some people just lose patches of hair and it'll grow back. Mine never grew back...I think some of my scalp has scaring on it now...but it's whatever. (i'm female btw)

Salty eyes

You're about to catch some hands.

Former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs has alopecia too.  I hate Tennessee, but I still felt bad whenever people made fun of his lack of eyebrows.

Former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs has alopecia too. I hate Tennessee, but I still felt bad whenever people made fun of his .

Eh, I laughed at it in Arrested Development and I'll laugh at it here.

Because people are allowed to look and present by themselves however they please, as long as it's not harming anyone? You're not entitled to know if someone is bald haha just mind your own business and it'll all be ok

There's a little girl at my work with the same thing (I coach gymnastics). She's around 6-7, I think. Maybe 8. She used to just rock out long hair with random patches of baldness through it before she decided to just shave it all, now she's rocking out a short haircut. She's a cool kid, good on her for taking it well and good on this dude for promoting awareness.

His Instagram is so cute omg

I like how it's ok to roast him if it's not because of a disease but suddenly it's wrong because it has a name. lol

I am happy to take my roasts, so I feel no guilt laughing when others receive.


Sean Connery?


I'd tell you to watch a Cincinnati Bengals game but that's never good advice

Yep, proved his point


Wow you just combined the 2 subs I spent the the full last 2 weeks on

dude just stuck it on his insta, chill af


We're going to have to fine Deebo for that comment. Maybe we'll send him a random drug test while we're at it.

It's not like your regular receding hairline, for most people you're trucking along as a regular teenager then whoomp in a few months you suddenly have just a few patches of hair here and there.

Truth be told, I'm disappointed that you got upvoted for this. I guess usual reddit took the day off.

Nah dude, sorry. Your daughter clearly has Male Pattern Baldness.

Umm, because the guy is an NFL badass and tries to be a role model for bullying against kids. He promotes people to be who they are.