Wholesome Golden Girls

Wholesome Golden Girls

Golden Girls addressed so many social issues and did it brilliantly.

This show is actually incredibly good, and stands the test of time. There's no reason a 25 yo dude like me should like the stories of retired women living in Florida so much, but goddamn is it hilarious and touching :)


There's no reason men can't enjoy women's stories.

I haven't watched Golden Girls, but I was super impressed with how All in the Family did this, especially given that it started in 1971. Anyone who hasn't watched it really ought to.

Before watching it, I thought of Edith as a punchline, but she was without a doubt the strongest character in the series. She was clearly the moral heart of the show, and her sympathetic approach to difficult social issues was both gentle and progressive.

The episode with her cousin Liz' death (season 8, episode 2, which aired in 1977, in which she finds out that Liz was a lesbian, with a longterm partner) really shows off her kindness and love.

Oh god, "unless the lesbian sheds." That's both hilarious, and an accurate description of me.

You're right. Golden Girls taught me that.

I feel like the show was generally pretty wholesome when they dealt with social issues. I haven't watched it in a while, but I grew up watching it, and from what I remember the conclusion of a lot of those episodes seemed to focus on that most people are good people. There usually wasn't a bad person so much as someone who didn't understand something, or someone had bias but after talking about it had a realization based around caring about the people involved.

who does not appear in these panels

Gilmore Girls taught me that. I was like 10 years old or so when my aunt would watch it every weekend (I was over their house every weekend), and since there was only one TV in the house if we wanted to watch TV (we did), that's what was on.

Now, it's one of my favorite shows ever, and I watch the full series every few years and enjoy it immensely every time :).

I just learned today there will be a Golden Girls Edition of CLUE.

I think that's amazing and wanted to share the news.

I have no idea what channel it's on, but my mom watched Golden Girls from time to time. It's pretty enjoyable.

Fun fact: the actress that played Dorothy's mother, Estelle Getty, is 15 1/2 months younger than Bea Arthur.

I shed like a mf.

I have a guy friend who's grown his hair out, and he was concerned by how much hair he's leaving everywhere. I'm like, "Welcome to having long hair." It's everywhere all of the time.

There usually wasn't a bad person so much as someone who didn't understand something, or someone had bias but after talking about it had a realization based around caring about the people involved.

That's a beautiful thing to take away from the show. Also, I like the username!

Golden Girls was a revolutionary show that still would be revolutionary now. Let's start with the fact that it was a show where there were 4 main stars and they were all women. Let's throw in that they were all older women too. A show that is lead by 4 women, especially 4 older women, released now would be seen as empowering and this was done during the 80's.

Let's see some of the topics they discussed in depth. The first one, well, is in this meme. They discussed gay issues and had an OPEN discussion about it many times in an era that that really wanted to sweep the gay thing under the rug and having anyone gay on TV was not going to happen but they discussed it, numerous times, right there on one of the highest rated shows when it was on the air.

It also discussed sexuality. With a character who was still VERY sexually active it showed that not only could Women want sex but OLDER women could want sex.

It also discussed another hot topic at the time, AIDS. From tests, to worrying, it gave a lot of information to a group of people who may not get it other wise like how it's contracted and how you can't get it from toilet seats. Yes, people thought this for a very long time.

It discussed assisted suicide before there was a Doctor Kevorkian to bring the subject to the forefront. It discussed sexual assault and sexual harassment. It discussed a lot of things, openly, that would still be hard to get on TV now. Now imagine doing this 30+ years ago in an era that was WAY more unforgiving and not as understanding. Where being gay was a thing you could choose.

Fun Fact: Estelle Getty who played the Mom, was actually younger than her daughter on the show.

It's on Hallmark in the mornings from 9 to 11 and in the evenings from 11 to 1!

Let's not go nuts here.

I'm a simple person, I see Golden Girls, I upvote.

In all seriousness, I was watching The Nanny on Lifetime one day years ago and they said everyone's favorite grandmas were up next with the Golden Girls. I kind of missed my grandma who lives 2 hours away and decided to check it out and never looked back. The show is still funny today even though I've seen every episode.

Lesbians usually come with cats though

She also had terrible stage fright and was very uncomfortable performing especially next to seasoned pros like Bea, Betty, and Rue. You couldn't tell that at all by watching her as Sophia though, I always thought she was a remarkable actress before I read that and knowing it now I think it's really a testament to how funny and talented she is.

The whole series is on Hulu as well

She actually wears a wig in the show because her natural hair still had color.

She actually wears a wig in the show because .

just love this show it was so ahead of its time..

I remember an episode where Edith bought a pantsuit, quote he scandal.

Check out Maude. It's a spin off with Bea Arthur and addressed racism, marijuana legalization, alcoholism, abortions. It was a big deal.

Followed by Fraiser at night.

It's pretty funny how men's stories are just accepted as universally enjoyable by everyone as the default, but women's stories are expected to be enjoyed only by women. But shows like the Golden Girls, Orange Is The New Black, Desperate Housewives, (seriously give it a watch if you haven't already.) Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt, Gilmore girls, and even cartoons like MLP and Steven Universe, really show that doesn't always have to be the case.

Oh snap. The older I get the better Hallmark gets.


Hallmark has always played great shit. Except their originals. Please don't watch their originals.

I made a bet with someone that I could get banned from here, and I didn't want to be mean about it.

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I laughed much harder than I should have at this, thank you

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Your comment made me want to live in a world where Star Trek was replaced with Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls: TOS

Gilmore Girls: The Next Generation

Gilmore Girls: Deep Space 9

Gilmore Girls: Enterprise

Gilmore Girls: The Animated Series

Gilmore Girls: Discovery

Gilmore Girls: Voyager

Gilmore Girls: Into Darkness

Gilmore Girls Beyond

She might just be a cat.

I love this subreddit so fucking much

? But they all have active sex lives - even Bea Arthur's mum has cute maybe not sex but certainly blue language dates on a regular? I mean, yeah they give Blanche friendly grief at times but her stories are a bit wild (especially how blase she is about married fellas). I mean there was that episode where the actor dude literally bonked all of the ladies in a play (like 20 different gals, including our three gals) and while they booted him off stage for lying to them, the ladies all supported each other.

Sanford and Son really setup whites accepting the gains blacks made in the 60s which allowed things like the Cosby Show to be so enjoyable to homes everywhere, despite what one star was/is/has possibly done.

Can confirm.

I always thought it was ridiculous how many of the guys I've "talked to" absolutely love this show, but now that I'm watching on Hulu, I totally get it. 80% the shade getting thrown around, 20% the heart and absolute grace they use with social topics.

Indeed they do.

And also it goes without saying but I love the Golden Girls

I mean he's not a completely trashbag of a person, but he's definitely not a good one. Despite what good he's capable of, he's still just an awful husband for Dorothy, and there's no ambiguity about that. There's no misunderstandings or whatnot. Stan is just trying to weasel his way into Dorothy's heart so he doesn't have to take care of himself.

It's a pretty realistic depiction of this kind of character. A lot of people will actually just completely not believe someone can be a bad person because of what nice things they've also seen out of them, but helping an old woman cross the street doesn't mean the baby you ate wasn't a bad thing.

There usually wasn't a bad person so much as someone who didn't understand something, or someone had bias but after talking about it had a realization based around caring about the people involved.

Wasn't Dorothy's ex, Stan, kind of a bad person? Everytime it seemed like he was having an epiphany, Dorothy called him out on it being a load of crap, and it always was.

I always thought that was funny.

There are a few episodes where Stan has a heart. Like the Christmas episode at the homeless shelter.

My grandmother loved Golden Girls. She was the right age to identify with these ladies, and she never missed an episode. I was at her place a lot, so I watched it with her, and I can't help but feel like the show contributed to my character as an adult. I distinctly remember early evenings when new episodes would air, and we would curl up together on the couch in her perfect old lady living room. Dinner had been eaten, dishes done, and fortunes had been won and lost on the Wheel. More often than not, microwave popcorn would be on offer. A perfect evening with my favourite person.

When I realized I liked girls, it was my grandmother I was most afraid of disappointing. I shouldn't have worried. She didn't bat an eye. I suspect the views expressed here had something to do with that. The writers were so kind, and so talented.

It makes me happy that people still like and reference this show.

Why would you want that?


In gay clubs in London I've seen them play Golden Girl reruns in the "quiet" relax rooms they have for people to take a break from the dancefloor. So at like 2am on a Friday night you'll find incredibly drunk gay men watching Golden Girl reruns in the middle of a club.

The episode where Edit was nearly raped won a few awards for how accurate it showed what the aftermath of such a thing was like to the victim. One of my professors used it in a class.

All in the Family was such an excellent show.

The recent Netflix series was great.

I just learned the other day they had a Spin off show which only lasted 1 season!

Aww. Even when you're being mean, you're being nice. I love this sub.

Fun fact: Estelle Getty was the second-youngest cast member of the four, but played the matriarch of the home.

Empty Nest lasted a few seasons, IIRC.

Go drive 2 hours and see your grandma! And watch golden girls with her!!!

Golden Girls was and is hugely popular with the gay community, probably because it's about friendship, acceptance and funny, bitchy but ultimately loving characters.


I mean, yes, but Sophia was played by Estelle Getty.

As a homosexual who dates women, thank you. This show is now next on my binge list.

Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

Sanford and Son was awesome! I used to watch it with my dad, among all the other classic great shows back then.

Did you know Sanford and Son were "featured" in a fantasy adventure game, as father and son merchants?

They made Estelle Getty look a lot older to play Sophia though, here she is in Mannequin (1987). 

PS That's a cheesy, funny rom-com if anyone is interesting in that kind of movie.

They made Estelle Getty look a lot older to play Sophia though,

PS That's a cheesy, funny rom-com if anyone is interesting in that kind of movie.

Definitely had this experience as a guy who grew long hair too.

That's hilarious. I think it is time for me to watch this show.

Whatever this as a child ( when there's only like 10 channels, you watched whatever was on in that time slot that wasn't the news or the weather). I've been meaning to try and rewatch it for some time. Here's my luck in the pants.

Not to mention the episode about menopause. IIRC that was the first time any TV show in the US had tackled that subject, not just sitcoms.

Lmao, it's gay? Where are you from? 1994?

Relevant username.

Hell ya. I am loving Jane the Virgin right now and I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.

Didn't know that one! I read on The Golden Palace

Gilmore Girls: Deep Space 9


Right? With all the scary/ugly things that go on, this place is like a warm hug in the middle of my feed.

Well luckily she lives like 15 minutes away now lol. They don't have golden girls where she lives but when she comes to our house I show some to her. She doesn't understand English very well yet still laughs a lot. Shows how good the show and the actresses are.

Also O'Connor was delivering an INCREDIBLE performance every episode. His real character is lightyears from Archie.

Same, my mom hsed to watch this and id join her. Was surprisingly good. Its one of the very few things we did together, along with the whole family watching lost together.

The whole series is on Hulu

sort of gay

Seriously? You're going to say that in the comment section of a meme about gay acceptance?

So I gave my parents their own Netflix account (on my Netflix) and my Dad got hooked on Orange is the New Black. He's a 55 year old sheep farmer in rural New Zealand.

Good stories are for everyone, regardless of gender or supposed market audience.

...thank you for being a friiiiieeend......


As a heterosexual who dates women, you are in for a treat. B. Arthur's sarcasm is amazing. is one of my favorites.

I loved that the characters were never one sided. I remember an episode where Archie gets notice that he has died. Come to find out it was a computer punch glitch. Archie kept defending the advancement of computers while "Meathead" kept preaching the fears of the computer age where we all become just a number.

That episode was so great because Meathead was always more liberal than Archie so we would assume that he would embrace the advancement compared to the more conservative Archie.

There is this show my mom watches, it's got gandalf and another man as an older gay couple and I find it delightful as hell. Kind of reminds me of when I used to watch golden girls with her.

Golden Palace

It was great, just not as great as the TOS.

I agree and have fallen deeply in love with this show since it came to Hulu. However, there is a surprising amount of slut-shaming.

Also, Nurses, which is kind of a spin off of Empty Nest.

Basically, the next door neighbor of the Golden Girls is a doctor. Empty Nest follows his home life, while Nurses focused on his work life and the characters at the hospital.

they said everyone's favorite grandma's were up next with the Golden Girls.

I misread that as everyone's grandmas were up with the Golden Girls, meaning they were up in heaven hanging out all together. I now really love that idea and think my deceased grandma is fitting right in, and my surviving grandma will also fit in beautifully.

Condoms Rose!! Condoms condoms condoms!!

Another hilarious GG moment!


: Dorothy tells off her friend.

Sounds awfully kinky, I thought it was mostly vibrators.

How is it political to extend wholesomeness to every human being regardless of sexuality?

What kind of extended GG universe we got going on here??

Also Grace and Frankie. It is the shit and everyone should give it a go if they've not already.

"Vicious" with Sir Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi. :) http://m.imdb.com/title/tt2582590/

Desinging Women also had some awesome wholesomeness in it

Related fun fact: it frustrated her to always have to be in a ton of makeup and a wig so they wrote some flashback scenes where she appeared with her normal hair and without the aging makeup.

Less fun fact: she was the first of the group to pass away due to dementia :(

When you find out where to watch it, lemme know! I don't know if it's on Netflix or Hulu or any of those services.

You may want to check out Empty Nest, a Golden Girls spin-off. Rose is in it a lot.

And there are places that don't.

Perhaps we should care more for people than their choice of jewelry, hmm?

I always love to hear about people having close relationships with their grandmothers. Grandparents are so important, and I miss mine every day. Thanks for sharing your story, it brought a huge smile to my face.

My mom can quote every line of every episode of this show.

Shame the films becuase they are just bad movies, not because its "gay" to watch them.

Also, it's the eldest generation who has best understanding of the issue. That's great.