When you're not as halal as dad though you were. Happy Father's Day!

When you're not as halal as dad though you were. Happy Father's Day!

She ain't no Halal back girl.

Yeah haha it was alcohol free but he didn't know so for a whole minute he was making plans in his head to ship me back to Saudi or something lmao

Pretty sure that's alcohol free... 

Edit: Yup  http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-b0usYIlTl-s/VDFfuFMoqLI/AAAAAAAABkI/9OCvluseOHo/s1600/alcohol%2Bfree%2BKopparberg%2Bpear%2Bcider.jpg

Pretty sure that's alcohol free...

Edit: Yup

Uh huh that's my Sikh

I was 14 when I made this account haha, I regret the user

To those saying "he's a Sikh" or "this is disrespect!!"

No lmao

This is actually me and my dad y'all need to chill with the cultural appropriation stuff

Guessing he doesn't know your username.

You're an idiot, that's my actual dad who's a MUSLIM haha

Woah, she chugged like three sips of white wine. Impressive stuff.

A few times I've been around Iraq so it's not just gonna happen like that

Which is dumb because alcohol occurs in lots of stuff naturally. Pretty much any fruit has a little. Aside from that, vanilla extract is essentially liquor and that's used in pretty much all baked desserts.

It's not the amount, but drinking from the bottle in public.

Alcohol free usually means about 0.5% or lower. One of my former housemates wouldn't use a glass ever again because someone might have used it for alcohol.

At least he did not stone you to preserve your honor.

It's a Durag, my dad just tryna be gangster

Halal in the streets, haram in the sheets.

I mean, I'm not Muslim or anything, but I assume it's only haram if you're actually capable of intoxicating yourself with it since that's the whole point it's forbidden in the first place.

"Halal in the streets, haram in the sheets..." lol

Sorry to break it to you OP but your dad's been Sikh all along, just ask reddit experts on world religions. Seriously, dude isn't even wearing a Sikh turban.

Hello yes proof it's me https://imgur.com/gallery/lEFSW

Coz she aint no halal back girl

Same here, 14 year old me was an asshole to present day me.

Your username and comment just made me realize if you were born in 2002 you would be 15...

This is reddit, we're right because we say we're right until we say we aren't right then we're still right... Right? Or is it wrong? Whatever I'm going to go yell in all caps at someone who used there instead of their.

Yeah hardline Muslims are really missing the forest from the trees. It's not the alcohol itself, it was the intoxication from alcohol that was the issue. Way too literal interpretation of the Koran.


During Ramadan, of all times! You rebel child.

Looks pretty healthy to me.

Why did you buy oranges at 1 am?

ain no halal back girl.... B is for Burka, burkaburkaburkaburka, B IS FOR BURKA!!BURKABURKABURKABURK


Oh Reddit, the place where people come to post opinions on subjects they have no business posting about. Never fails.

Mohammad (sallallahu aleyhu vesellem) and Ebû Bekir (radı-yallahu anh) has punished the violators (those who drink alcohol) with 40 times beating with a stick. During the time of Omar (radı-yallahu anh) when alcohol drinkers were getting more and more he consulted his friends and decided to punish the violators with 80 beatings with a stick which is the lightest form of Hadd punishment. (Dârimî, Hudûd,10; A. b. Hanbel, IV, 389).

So 40 beatings with a stick for drinking a beer... I'm so glad that I'm an atheist and can do whatever I want to do.

It is a pretty Sikh beard.

In one section (probably earlier verses) it says it's bad for you, it's better if you don't drink it, but in another are says it's forbidden. If I recall correctly book says it (alcohol) has good things but bad things outweigh the good things so you better not drink. It also has a verse where it can be interpreted as saying "we gave you grapes so you can make wine out of them and enjoy". The problem is Quran is not organized in chronological order. I don't know who decided that it should be in the order it is today, and I am no expert, but it seems like you can't ask too many questions about Quran without being called infidel or troll in serious threads around here.


At least he did not behead her to protect her honor.

You can't hide being a stoner from stoners.

I had this confusion at a work party, I drink beer from the bottle and hadn't considered that wine would be different.

Woo haha that jokester dad of yours... planning to send you back to a land of oppression and hatred...

People are stupid in general. God forbid I have beer in the morning when I work shift work. "Why are you drinking in the morning are you an alcoholic?" "No I got home an hour ago and I want a beer after work? Hello?

I was thinking more in terms of how a Muslim shouldn't be wearing something that resembles a turban but you're right my wording was awful

That is most certainly the alcohol free version.

2002 is my graduation from high school. Since I had internet access I have always used some variation of Loki and started using the 2002 tag freshman year. I just never changed it as it became part of my internet identity but it still makes people think I'm younger than I actually am.

It's more about mommas face in the moment.

Well it literally gives that reason in the Quran.

It's cute that you think religions rely on common sense.

At least he did not run her over with a truck of peace to preserve her honor.

I wasn't trying to comment on his actual age. Just the thought someone(anyone) born in 2002 would be 15 is strange.

No but the 420 screams 14 year old. No offense

Made when he was 14 and the Reddit account is 5 years old so...

It was just a couple years ago.

Wow. You've been internetting almost as long as I've been alive and I'm 21.

For this I bring you to America?

halal in the streets, haram in the sheets

"Cultural appropriation"

Middle Eastern Samantha Bee?

That pikachu t-shirt is fucking sweet, where did you get it from dude?

Just be careful not to reach critical levels of euphoria

The title makes this shit great

I'm guessing for Ramadan

Ditto. Islam definitely seems more concerned with punishment than other major religions.

A perfectly reasonable reaction to consumption of alcohol...

Somebody gonna get honour killed real bad!

Thanks! And from TeeTurtle, they have some awesome shirts ☺️

Here https://imgur.com/gallery/lEFSW

2001.. 16 years..

Fuck, I am getting old.

Nah, just stoned.

Because I was craving oranges at 1am 😌

The disappointment in his eyes...

Who needs facts when we have butthurt feelings and prejudices..?

She ded..

The mom looks like Odo.

As a Muslim woman, you never get drunk without getting stoned as well...

That's because adults just smoke pot and drink alcohol and don't feel the need to tell everyone about it with stupid user names like: CrUnK_ALL_DaY_420_BlAzInG

Pretty sure Halal is associated with Islam not Sikhism

Peacefully don't forget. It's peaceful.


She wasnt saying that. She was saying other people were implying that.

Idk where this takes place but, In the US Alcohol free can legally have .5% in it. Some drinks can go up on the shelf if they sit to long (kombucha)

She's going to get stoned, then get stoned


Still has well over a hundred upvotes though.

Not if it has alcohol in it..

Question, are they still doing that stuff or have they evolved?

How can you tell?

They look desi af.


and your username is thrillingly inviting

Your dad was perfectly fine with getting oranges at 1 am lmfao he's great.


In front of dad it's alcohol free, but away from dad????

That's not it. The man looks Sikh because he wears the turban Sikh style, and his facial hair is also Sikh style with the full moustache instead of shaved upper lip and just a beard. This does not imply that Muslims don't wear turbans or sport beards.

It's a reasonable conclusion to draw, and a harmless one. Crying cultural appropriation here makes absolutely no sense.

That's the best explanation of Reddit ever! GTFO OP, we have no use for your facts here! That man is clearly a Scientologist, I can tell by the look in his eye...

Mommas a light weight if she's appalled at finishing the bottle

Someone gonna get a hurt real bad

Because I wanted oranges at 1am haha


Thanks for taking the time to teach us something! That was pretty interesting, actually... :)


a Muslim shouldn't be wearing something that resembles a turban

Why shouldn't Muslims wear turbans? Lots of Turkish Muslims wore turbans (some Turkish leaders had comically large Turbans like suleiman the magnificent)

In my experiences, a brown paper bag usually conceals it pretty well.

Halal in the streets, haram in the sheets