When you see it

When you see it

Is that photoshopped cause that's fucked up if they sat there and didn't turn Stevie around.

He's making a joke out of the fact that he's fucking blind, you jackass lmaooo

Stevie gotta let that hair go.

Wouldn't really matter though...

....or when you don't.


It's not like he's ever going to see it.

Stevie Wonder is seated facing the opposite direction of the stage, while everyone else is facing the right direction. The joke is that he can't see what he's clapping at because he's blind

Story time...Motown the Musical was opening on broadway and by some miracle I got some amazing seats (like row 3). So I'm sitting there and there is a commotion in the back and someone behind me say "Holy shit it's Stevie" and she starts waving like crazy and i'm sitting there thinking...Do you expect him to wave back lady ?

Edit: also had this one professor in college who claimed she used to hang with Stevie back in the day and he tried to grab her butt so she was convinced he wasn't completely blind.

We wouldn't have this picture to make fun of they had done it.

Why the hell would Stevie care if he's staring at the stage or not? He's gonna have to wait for a tap every time something happens to turn his body around? He probably has food or drink on his table that he's enjoying.

Seriously. Why doesn't his family tell him something?

I made the tweet

It is almost too late now, they should have told him 20 years ago

Look. It's mf Stevie Wonder. Nigga gets a pass for the hair. I repeat, It's Stevie.

Stevie Wondering where he's at.

Quite literally a whoosh whoosh

He can hear which direction things are coming from, which direction others are oriented, etc.

You can do this yourself, it's not hard. Next time you're in a large crowd: a stadium, a concert, etc close your eyes and rotated in 90 degree turns (North, East, South, West, or etc) and note how the audience sounds as well as the performer(s) based on your direction.

Speakers to amplify vocals (spoken, sung, etc) will be POINTED at the audience. If you're back is turned it will sound VERY different than if you're oriented toward them. Your ears are like satellite tv dishes, they are shaped to catch sound coming at the front of you moreso than the back.

He just waving at his buddy Ray Charles a few rows back.

Bet he didn't see that either.

To be fair though, is it really? I mean it works on two obvious levels

You completely right....so what's your point with all that? That it's shopped? That he didn't care? Shit nigga allege something damn