When you order a shameful amount of take out

When you order a shameful amount of take out

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She doesn't care, she puts two in every bag

"Here, in case you wear out the first pair fat boy."

Sorry about the truth OP

My thoughts whenever I get a customer, "don't be an asshole, don't be an asshole!"

One day you will be invited to a party. When they ask you if you can bring something, you can say:

I will bring the chopsticks!

Or she's passive aggressively calling op fat

Then I ask "do you want a bag with that?" and proceed to endure a 20 minute rant about how the sheer implication that someone could not want a bag to hold their two tiny items might be the most insulting thing to happen this century.

Guess he's an asshole then.

You must be new here.

Yeah. Brig the shit out of her. Bitches love a good brigging.

Could also try to brig the lady from the Chinese restaurant. It'd be a nice gesture.

When I go to pick up my order at the Chinese take-out by my house, everybody else's order is in a large sack, but mine is in a cardboard box. I can feel the stares of the other customers as I leave with my head bowed.

Has anyone ordered two drinks with their food so that it looks like you're not such a gluttonous fuck?

Ok, just me then.

If she really knows it's just for him, I think she is just sending him a message :"You eat for two you fat fuck"

Glad to have you back, bud.

it's cause she thinks you'll end up eating at least one pair

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I worked retail for like 3 years and never once had anything like that happen. The vast majority of people I met were extremely pleasant.

Its so you can have fresh chop sticks when you eat it for breakfast the next day

Edit: at least thats what shes hoping for. Shes hoping for your sake you have some left over

Holy shit you're lucky. I work at a Sam's Club in the connection center and just yesterday had a guy chew me out for 10 minutes because he saw a guy in the store open carrying a gun and by letting him do so I was putting everyone in danger.

"dam son, you gonna need 8 sets for all this food."

Dam son is my fav dish

Or "I know you're eating all this yourself but here is my passive aggressive way to say this is enough food for 2 people"

And starting a shitshow with captionbot

Munchy box

A munchy box or munchie box is an inexpensive fast-food product sold from takeaway restaurants, primarily in the West of Scotland and Glasgow in particular, but also in the East from Aberdeen to Hawick. It consists of an assortment of fast foods served in a large pizza box. American chain Jack in the Box has a similar "munchie meal" offered during a late-night schedule only.

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this is such a good comment, why are people downvoting?

24 ish

Munchy boxes are the best


Now I'm curious if I just don't often read the comments on advice animals. I wish I could have those statistics.

Not just you. After doing this a handful of times I realized I needed to make some changes in my life. (I was like BMI 50)

It's because there was too much to fit in a sack.

I have noticed that when someone asks why a comment got downvoted and says it was a good comment, other redditors start upvoting it again.

I missed you!

Passive aggressive Chinese grandma FTW. She cares, but she doesn't have time to baby you.

Plebe. Talk to me when you get 3 sets of chopsticks per order.

omg... I did that this morning.

I don't know why someone downvoted you. You genuinely made me laugh. Have a nice day. :)

I think he's more ashamed about the amount of food he's eating, rather than ashamed of being single.

You da real mvp.

Hey, hey! Great work, pal! You're an inspiration. My BMI is hovering right around 25.5 or maybe 26.

Here's to the next BMI point being obliterated like an enemy in Galaga.

Or just good customer service. OP needs two sets to hoove down all that food.

Oh, I thought you were actually saying that you got less food, not more.

Hoo-boy. Enjoy it while it lasts, friend.

Then there is the opposite of this. Run to my local Chinese food place. Order enough food to feed everyone at home... "for here or to go?" :(

Why is yours in a cardboard box? (I don't like Chinese food so I don't order it so I don't know what's going on.)

I bet you didnt even heat it up

It's better cold anyway