When two monkeys are unfairly rewarded for the same task.

When two monkeys are unfairly rewarded for the same task.

"What? THIS IS BULLSHIT! Is it the rock? Let me smack it to prove to you it's the same fucking rock that the other asshole is giving back to you. See? Same rock! So....... OH C'MON man! WTF!"

I hope they gave the other monkey some grapes

Humans are like this too. If you were getting paid $50k for your job and your CEO decides to bump up everyone lower than you to $50k, you'd get upset. Your salary didn't change one bit but humans, like these monkeys, are wired very similarly.

If you want some good entertainment, do this with your kids.

The grape monkey obviously deserves the grapes because he is better behaved. I bet his kids deserve grapes too. The cucumber monkey needs to learn to appreciate the cucumber.

No way, you see how he was acting? Doesn't deserve any.

Damn straight I'm beating rocks on the walls if all my coworkers get a raise and I don't!!!

TED really needs to rebrand, I almost clicked away because I thought it was TEDx. Hell I'm still not 100% sure it's not, I just assume it isn't because there's no 'x' in the channel name. This has to be the worst case of brand dilution in world history. You have one brand which is informative and serious and you have another one which is people talking about fat acceptance and anti-vax. And the only thing that separates these brands is an 'x'. How many people lazily refer to TEDx as just 'ted'? Either rebrand or start titling the videos "TED (The informative one not the bullshit that anyone can make)"

Monkey needs to pull himself up by the the boot straps and earn some damn grapes himself. Look at me, I am a monkey with billions of grapes and I did it all with a small loan of one million grapes.

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Th GRAPE monkey has no idea what its like to be the cucumber monkey.

My parents would give my older sister extra allowance if she got As, because she never got As so it was a big deal if she did.

Meanwhile I only got As in middle school and I didn't get shit.

Well the jokes on them because I dropped out and now I suck dick for crack. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW MOM!?!?!

Here's what I wonder (perhaps as a second experiment):

How many times does this have to happen before:

The monkey stops completing the task. The monkey starts accepting cucumber as a reward.

Would it sooner accept an unequal reward than no reward at all? Does that offer any insight on human thinking- we'll sooner "shut down" and stop working than accept less than what we think we deserve?

Dress for the job you want

I'm fucking my boss's wife so it doesn't really matter. Half the time I'm wearing his clothes in his bed with his wife anyways. It's like my home away from home. Like a place I feel safe other than my house. Ya know?

Also, looks like they were calling out that guy hard for sleeping during the lecture hehe

Or send it to Jimmy Kimmel

The cucumber monkey is lazy. Back in my day monkeys worked a part-time job in the summer to pay for monkey school.

And don't forget the cages.

I expected to see that monkey throws the rock to her after checking it.


"Exchange behaviour may change over the course of a test. Each subject received two tests of each condition, each with 25 trials (exchanges). Failed exchanges might increase over consecutive trials if subjects did not immediately recognize that they were receiving a lesser reward, but learned over time. Conversely, failed exchanges might decrease if subjects gradually ‘settled’ for the lesser reward, seeing that no higher-value reward was forthcoming. We tested these contrasting predictions by comparing each subject’s responses during the first 15 versus the last 10 trials per tests."

Emphasis mine.

Eventually the monkeys seem to have settled for the free food, as is usually the case with humans.

You ever notice it's not athletic or fit people (or scientists) saying it's OK to be fat?

nothing, thats exactly his point. He's saying the TED brand used to represent interesting/informative content. Then they launched TEDx, which looks alot like TED, but (currently) has a wayyyy lower standard than the original TED. So whenever you see a TED video on youtube right now, you're not sure whether its going to be good or shit because the reputation of TED has gone down due to TEDx.

More like if you see someone doing the same exact job as you or less work but those people are making more money or have a better title.

I agree with you, but I highly doubt there are TEDx antivax videos.

Maybe that's why you're not getting a raise....

If there's one thing I learned about working in corporate it's that 100% of the people are looking out for themselves. The only reason they'll ever help you is if you can make them look good to their superiors.

It's why you and your coworkers will talk shit about the manager and how evil they are but as soon as the manager chit-chats with them they'll treat them like they're the funniest, greatest people ever.


Not quite antivax, but some solid bullshit regardless:


There's literally tons of this fat acceptance/health at any size bullshit on tedx.

There is no primate and non-primate DNA, there's just DNA. And we share well over 90% of DNA with Monkeys, and we share over 50% of DNA with bananas.

Grapes are just a social construct

They did. I'm surprised the full video hasn't been posted. In all of these animal studies the animals get the reward they are owed at the end of the study. I believe there's a law about it.

That monkey needs to pull himself up by his bootstraps and stop complaining!

Some monkeys are born into grapes while most are born into cucumbers by birthright. The monkeys that complain too much will have their cucumbers taken away. :)

Monkeys will remain monkeys so long as they behave as such.

I love how he pauses slightly before throwing the cucumber. It's almost like he is thinking about eating it but then decides to make a big statement.

Paying someone minimum wage is cheaper than feeding and housing someone.

Some TEDx videos are stupid but there's still a lot of good TEDx talks to watch.

Woman looks like Chris Christie in drag

Robots are gonna be cheaper in the long run no matter what. You can't price your way out of automation replacing jobs unless we go back to slavery.

If you feel so strongly as to keep posting it hoping that strangers on the internet will somehow validate you or sympathize with your plight then get up and do something about it. Get another job (maybe give up your supervisory role to become one of the staff), renegotiate your responsibilities (they can distribute them among the other employees maybe), or negotiate for non monetary compensation like better/more work hours or more vacation. This is a perfectly valid issue and you have the power to fix it or if you won't then you are clearly fine enabling it to continue. Also if somehow they have the money to pay the other employees more I would have a hard time believing that they can't find 2k or so a year to pay you an extra $.75-$1 per hour. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

Well I've got some good news for you!

Welcome to the argument against a $15 federal minimum wage.

Unskilled labor salary shoots up, everyone else makes the same (the people already payed around $15/hour).

What does fight or flight have to do with this?

I don't know... I feel like you're fat shaming me.

I think that when people say "it's in our <ANIMAL> genes" it's usually meant in the context of "those genes probably arose in our ancestors around the time they were still <ANIMAL>". It isn't to say that they are this other animal's genes.

It often seems like being good at your job is not exactly correlated with your pay

Interesting. No wonder unfairness triggers such a strong physiological (flight or flight) response and not just a psychological response in us. A response to unfair situations must be hardwired into our primate DNA.

it's not the monkey's fault, it's society's fault.

Too bad it's not actually for the same job

Okay, you start the intellectual ball rolling.

Close. Walmart's red cousin.

It's a hard lesson to learn but everyone learns it in the first 5 years of their career.

There are still disregarded factors such as maternity leave, asking for raises, and working extra hours. The fact of the matter is, every time you factor in another variable, the gap grows slimmer and slimmer.

I was thinking specifically of giving your mother a $200 necklace and wife a $100 necklace and the ensuing fallout.

Your wife won't likely be as jealous of her mother as your mother.

You could see it as the thought formed in his mind... "What the fuck is this shit?"

I saw a study that said robots would still be cheaper than feeding and housing the slaves.

For sure, it's just really poor branding to choose nearly identical names when the average viewer is likely unaware of the vast difference between the two products. TED talks are highly vetted with a very high expertise barrier of entry. Pretty much anyone can put on their own bullshit TEDx talk. Many TEDx talks are good, but they aren't vetted to anywhere near the level of true TED talks so there are some seriously crappy ones that are out there too. Smart branding tells you not to muddle up your premium brand with non-premium products. There's a reason why Ferrari and Lamborghini don't produce a $20k entry level sedan line.

Or your dogs, though that would likely draw more ire.

The satire doesn't work because the monkey is forced to do the exact same work as his peer, without any opportunity to grow or seek other employment.