What it's like playing Ana sometimes

"Ana learn how to heal"

"report ana no heals"

Playing as mercy or Ana sometimes feels like suicide watch duty. You have 5 people actively trying to kill themselves and keeping as many walls between you and them as possible.

That round ending dash is what does it for me.

My aim is super shit, nevertheless, I still practice Ana during qp. I love how in one game, my team just knows how shit I am (I can't snipe ;-;), that they don't even ask for healing, but all just run up into my face when they need heals.

Best teammates are the ones that notice yellow trails fired around them, u-turn, and walk back towards you.

"0 heal"

It's not really rage inducing until someone complains they get no heals. That and when you're actively focus healing someone who despite your best efforts gets focused down and then says "Ana stop DPS'ing" etc. My heart palpitates just thinking about it.

I stopped playing Ana for awhile after a game like this. I was solo healing as Ana, which I wasn't happy with to begin with. We had Soldier, McCree and Hanzo. Enemy team had a Pharah. I'm focusing on healing since, you know, solo healing. Pharah is obliterating us. The McCree yells at me for not helping with the Pharah. So I try to focus the Pharah a bit. He then yells at me for not healing enough. So I switched to Lucio and spent the rest of the game on speed boost.

"gg, no heals"

You suck! I have silver healing.


Haha yeah, they are the best. Gotta love it when I'm zen or Ana, people asking for heals on the high ground when I'm on the low ground, and never exposing themselves far enough for me to give them heals (like this gif).

Solo healing on Ana is so annoying sometimes, especially if the enemy has a Pharah. I got pretty pissed off yesterday at a Tracer who was spamming "I need healing!" and tried to constantly stand in front of my shots.

You're TRACER. Get a fucking health pack. I'm fine with healing Tracers of course and just one shot is usually enough to get a Tracer topped, but don't stand in front of my shots fucker. Just one missed shot can mean a dead teammate. I know how to prioritize and you will get your heals but don't fucking stand in front of me when I'm desperately trying to keep our tank(s) alive.

"why no heals ana you suck"

Nope. Nope. NOPE... Dashes MEGA NOPE


What it's like playing Ana all the time.


Same goes for mercy. "Sure man, I will fly to you as soon as I see your fricken smiling face"

yup. That's what I got yesterday after being told to go ana.

"You guys move around too much for that"

"Doesnt matter. Go ana."


"Where are my heals?"


I'm jealous... I've literally had a Mei running and jumping around me spamming "I need healing". Seriously, do people not understand how Ana works by now? If you need healing then why are your wasting everyone's time by making it hard for the Ana to actually heal you. This makes me so mad :(

Tell the cunt to fuck off

Ana: I love being left to die! Can't wait until my attack goes down :3

wow this sub-reddit is weak. the 5 top comments on this post are just the same tired joke as each other...

/sub/overwatch checklist:

Complain about Genjis spamming "I need healing" and not grouping up.

Explicitly mention that you are a Mercy Main who needs protection. (If you are not a Mercy Main, mention that you protect your Mercies to earn White Knight points.)

Complain about teammates not immediately parking themselves in front of an Ana and standing still to receive healing, because Ana needs her teammates to remain still in order to heal them. Be sure to conveniently ignore that Ana players should be able to aim at moving targets.

Reference a Dinoflask meme somewhere in your argument. Wrassle with Jeffrey, prepare for neutralization is a fine example.

Complain to others about a time when teammates were upset that you insta-locked an off-meta champ (attack symm, torbjorn, etc.) with no regard for composition. Be sure to direct focus away from the fact that the objective of the game is to try your best and work with your team, and towards the fact that they flamed you for not working together to win and effectively ruining the game for everyone else simply playing a champion you enjoy.

If you happen to be female, be sure to mention your troubles as a female Mercy Main and the times when someone made a passing remark about your gender. This will earn you the sympathy and attention you deserve as a gril gamr.

Completely disregard /sub/overwatchcirclejerk as a bunch of butthurt tryhards instead of valid criticisms of this community.

Absolutely nobody gets to tell the healer what support they should use imo. If you're not going to play healer then guess what you have no say at all.

It's so annoying when you get that flanker player who plays high mobility characters... and don't know where all the health packs are... then always over extend and spam heals plus don't understand the priority heals hierarchy during a big team fight. That's probably why I love Sombra so much when I play an Offensive, I pimp out my own personal health pack and actually hope the healer doesn't come near me so I can get ULT charge faster.

I'm not a bad shot as Ana but honestly only feel comfortable playing her if there is a few tanks, that way the team feels more centralised and collected around a point (Anchor Tankā„¢) Otherwise I feel disorientated and find it hard to position :/

youre blocked reporteed for harassment

instalocks genji

"pick healer and tank"

And this is why I don't really try heal Ginji's or Tracer's most of the time as Ana... It never fails you hear the Tracer Voice Line 'I need healing' then when your about to heal them "BLINK, Jump, BLINK, RECALL... #$%& just use a health pack"

It's stressful being on low health, it doesn't feel safe to stand still if there are still enemies alive

That's reddit for you tbh.

There are like 5 people who make original jokes and the rest of us just repeat them.


Reinhardt after he dropped his shield and charged a Symmetra, while Pharah rained rockets down on my head:

"mercy res"

"mercy res"

"mercy res"

Me: http://i.imgur.com/UcXKJQL.gif

Reinhardt after he dropped his shield and charged a Symmetra, while Pharah rained rockets down on my head:

"mercy res"

"mercy res"

"mercy res"


When your roadhog has 6 people spamming at him and you're spamming every shot you have into him with a nade on him but their dmg out does your healing and roadhog dies and types "hey ana try healing me."

Haha yes. I did not think of that

I've tried to get back into Ana so have been playing some quick play. It's frustrating because I'm ALWAYS solo healing, and ALWAYS getting destroyed by a combination of Pharah and one of (or both) Genji and Tracer. Then my team spams "I NEED HEALING". Mother fuckers, I'm dead. I consistently end games silver elims because it's the only way I can survive.

That's /sub/overwatch for you,absolutely no creativity.

The thing that frustrates me most, is that players that only play one role (and/or don't take it upon themselves to learn strategies from external sources) don't understand the context of the whole game, so they bash you for not healing enough when team coordination is THE deciding factor in how much even an aimbotting Ana with an unlimited clip and no grenade cooldown could heal.

You throw a GM Ana into a match with all silver flanker mains, and the Ana is basically going to be forced into being a DPS because she has nothing else to do. And yet when simple coordinated pushes and team-fights happen, where the DPS have a basic awareness of the rest of their team rather than taking the entire match as a bunch of consecutive 1v1s, a decent Ana becomes a monster as far as the healing and success stats are concerned.

Awareness, with every single role/hero in the game, contributes to the success of everyone else on your team with the same approach. You'd think a DPS player trying to be greedy, going for nothing but raw kills would grant them as many as they could get, but it almost never works out that way outside of absurd skill mismatches; enabling your teammates who in turn enable you, THAT is how you carry a game.

I main Mercy, by that I mean like 80% of my playtime is on her, then 15% of the remaining is other supports or tanks, and like 5% dps. When I go QP to practice DPS I've been told "go support I see your profile" and I'm like "yeah... that's why I'm playing dps now."

The overwhelming majority of them suck, so it's easier to dismiss them than to continue giving them chances only to be disappointed yet again.


Yet here we are. it really is tiring.

In similar vein, I love playing Zen, but end up solo healing in QP way too often. When I'm not the lone support, I prioritize topping up flankers with my orbs while Ana or Mercy prioritize tanks. Flankers are like my precious babies who destroy discorded targets under my watchful eye.

But when I'm solo, it would be cool if DPS understood that no amount of jumping in front of me and spamming "I need healing" is going to make me peel the orb off Reinhardt with cracked shield and on 25% HP.

Are you making this statement by judging a 10 second video?

But the thing is, you don't get better at a hero without playing them and from what I've seen, people still tell you to switch on QP. That's where people are supposed to learn heroes and learn the game yet they aren't allowed to do that.

Best is when you know you can take down someone from afar as Ana, and your full HP McCree walks in front of you.

question mark or comma?

jumping in front of me and spamming "I need healing"

This is my pet peeve. I WILL mute you and stop healing you. It is QP and you are being a piece of shit. I am solo healing the best I can and you are not my priority.

My favourite are the people that autolocking genji or some shit and we don't even have a healer and they still spam I need healing. WHO IS GOING TO HEAL YOU WE HAVE 5 DPS

Lol yeah, story of my life. I play QP a lot more than competitive but sometimes it's such a shitshow. It helps a lot to have friends to play with, even if they aren't playing any better at least we can trash talk the randoms on Discord to each other. Haha