What is you doin' baby?

What is you doin' baby?

That guy's voice is smooth like velvet.

This guy lives in my town, I've seen him at bars dancing his life away. Pretty delightful

Lord Baby, you're a Blaxican, Baby.


I r gay now

dafuq did i just watch

Been a while since a video made me so happy


Sometimes they hang out with Odell Beckham Jr:

This is what happens when you inject mariwana

According to my little brother, they're vine famous.

He sounds like Slick Rick.

Baby, you all ova the place, baby

That nasty ass Hispanic wiggle, Baby.

Must be cool to have a little brother. Like a friend that you can do stuff with, travel with, call when you want to grab a drink or talk about something, who knows all your fun stories from the past...

edit: a lot of people have shitty siblings.

edit2: a lot of people have cool siblings.

What is you doin' baby?

Who are these people?

Nah man my brother sucks

Eyy eyy eyy eyy eyy eyy eyy

Get off my counter, baby

arm swipe to the feet

Where is this place, i just want the burrito and wings...

I work at Chic-fil-a and the Hispanic ladies in the kitchen love to play their favorite music which is like the exact same music you hear on the Mexican radio stations.

Once in a while they like to do the same the guy talking does "Ey Teem, baila, ey, ey, ey, baila, ey, ey!" to us and we'd start dancing all goofy just like that, it's loads of fun.

U just need some sauce in your body

Lawdy dawdy.

"I'm calling the coast guard"

DARE prepared me for this moment

| dancing his life away

Lol. This line makes me think of a person whose life has barreled into oblivion because they are addicted to the boogie.

Lord, baby. You just need some salsa in your body. Your all over the place.

This is an instructional video on how to come out to your ultra conservative family.

Oh you so happy baby



Meringue is the one you eat.

Same as salsa and salsa.


They also broke into Anthony Davis' house

Don't touch my partna baby

A man who has found his Nirvana.

Hell yeah he cute and does his thing

One of the most genuinely funny things I have seen in a while (:


If you want to know what this song is called it's called "El baile Del beeper"

**pelvis thrusting intensifies

Hispanic ladies are the best to work with because they always bringing food for everyone

I'm just happy everyone was having fun in the video.

Is he qware?


Be aware - on Tuesdays you have to wait for Dan to finish dancing before you can order

Those are the best work places.

El beeper

A quinceañera favorite

It's ok baby, dat's the one, yea


We like to party.

They wouldn't be filming themselves if they were shit at it

I'm pretty sure that's We Dat's Chicken & Shrimp on Canal St in New Orleans, LA. That place is usually packed on weekends in the central area of downtown NOLA.

Wouldn't you like to know

Judging by what they're wearing, /sub/streetwear mods.

They seemed nice enough to me. You on the other hand sound like a cunt.

Sauce* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I thought my fire alarm was going off

Not salsa, that's meringue. But close.

Sounds like a young Bootsy Collins

"All ova the chicken place, baby?" My favorite part 😂

The moment the till worker bursts out laughing when he realises what's going on is the best. He looks terrified before that.

Filming, getting on stage and grabbing a dancer's money in a strip club is a sure bet to getting your ass stomped and put in a dumpster out back. This was a promotional stunt and everyone was in on it.

why are all these people so good at dancing?


We don't cause trouble

You're already food, you just haven't been eaten yet.

We don't bother nobody

have to wait for Dan to finish dancing

Don't threaten me with a good time.

I just want someone to make me food.

Slick Rick my ass. He sounds like Cleveland Jr. going through puberty.


Ohhh yeah baby.

Genuinely don't know if people are in on it with him or not. The guy behind the camera stays too calm to tell.

dan dan dan dan is the man!

Judging by how the employee was laughing his ass off, I'd say he would feel quite alright about it.

what the fuck

I want the filmer to be my life coach

He's got that Snagglepuss smoothness.

Just the other day I was minding my own business at work and one of the ladies just came and placed a bolio (Some sort of Mexican bread) in my hand. She goes, "here Rice this is for you?" Confused as I was about to bring food to a customers table I was like, "What is this?" She replies, "it's for you".

I get that response (people have shitty siblings) but truth is, being an only child is pretty boring/lonely. Sometimes I wish I had a sibling, even if they were kinda shitty. With the exception of them being a murder, robber, drug addict or some shit.

How to come out as Hispanic.

Someone link the thing.

That's the one Odell baby

I feel whiter than a golf club now.

Is this real?


Sir I am going to need you to stop thrusting your pelvis and the confused child.

What do you mean "these people"?

You sound like a fun guy

He put his shoes on the counter. Ew.

I find it more unnerving when they have a dead ass serious look while dancing.

They have quite a bit of stuff with famous athletes, actors, musicians. And they always steal something and run away lmao (scripted)

You've seen what YouTube has become when Vine died.

And with your wrinkled pussy, I can't be your loverrrr!

u/Gallowboob got some moves....

oh no baby what is they doin???

Side eyeing chloe is the best meme ever

Those YouTube comments went from funny to build the wall.. real quick

The Youtube comment section has a weird racism infused hatred about it.

Wait, you dont drink marywona?