Well Trained Doggo.

Dog: I bet you won't touch him! Touch him I dare you! I bet you won't!

Bad Guy: (touch)


Anyone have any insight to how you train a dog to such specific cues so reliably? I still have to poke my dog on the butt when I want her to sit down.

It's all about rewards. Positive reinforcement and treats when they do anything right. Dogs love to please.

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names...



this is the absolute correct answer. No hitting, no choke collars, just good ol reward good behavior and dont acknowledge bad behavior. Dogs get it, they've evolved beside us for longer than we've had agriculture and written language. They are more intune with human behavior than any other animal, just takes time and patience with our best friends.

This video demonstrates

Have you tried clicker training?

Here's a technique for leash-pullers, in case you haven't tried it yet. If you walk normally, with the dog pulling, and then suddenly come to a dead stop, most dogs will stop walking and look back at you to see wtf you're doing. Try and click at the exact moment the dog stops. Then offer a treat, making the dog walk back towards you to get it. Then keep walking, with you coming to a stop every time the dog pulls (so basically at first you'll be stopping every few seconds). Don't treat every time though. The dog will learn that he only gets to walk when there's some slack to the leash.

edit: Because this comment is getting some attention, the best dog training youtube channel I've found is kikopup, aka Emily Larlham. The above video is one of hers.

My friend decided to test if my dog would protect me by pretending to beat me up. My dog thought it was a great game and just joined in the fun.

EDIT: I think my dog knew exactly what We were up to, and knew there was never any real danger. When I say he joined in the attack, I mean he jumped all over me and licked and barked. Sorry I should have clarified that was a joke and not a serious dog training statement!

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Dog: I dare you. I double-dog dare you. Come on. Do it. I bet you wo- BARKBARKBARK

That only works if they ever do the good behavior in the first place. Still can't figure out how to keep my giant dog from pulling on his leash... He's never stopped pulling long enough to get rewarded. Even if he gets rewards for not pulling as hard, he sees it as "okay I did it I can start pulling harder again now." Nothing. Works. I'm beginning to believe he'll always be a terror to walk. And I worry about his poor neck.

Edit: I get it guys. You stop walking every time they pull until the dog gives slack and only walk again when they do. You really think I haven't tried that? I do it consistently, I've tried training him this way a million and a half times. I've gotten some good pointers about trying in the house first, and using other techniques... But come on, guys. I don't need 20 people reminding me of the most basic technique that's the standard for this kind of thing. I said I've tried lots of training, just hadn't found it to be effective. You can probably assume I've tried the standard method, and give me tips and pointers about how to do it better or offer alternative techniques, that would be MUCH more helpful. I've got like 30 comments saying the same obviously thing that you'd find in the first 10 seconds if you Google searched leash training. I need insight and pointers, not that.

How do I get my dog to stop eating his own shit? Every. Damn. Day.

There are specific products exactly for this. A cheap method is to use meat tenderizer powder on their food. Whatever reaction happens in the gut makes their shit taste, worse. Good luck.

All you have to do is read the reaction of the guy not fucking around

is that gaelic?

Dogs play fight all the time. Unless your friend was drawing blood and you were legitimately in danger I don't think that is a condemnation on the dogs part.

No. If it's trained to attack on physical queue, it's going to attack whether the owner is actually being mugged or a kid playfully tackles him to give him a hug. That's why you don't see police officers doing training like this with their k-9s. Actual trained protection dogs operate via verbal queues and are specifically trained not to react to physical movements or actions since anything can happen in the real world.

Even if it's not, nobody's going to correct you.






Yes. It's important to train the dog in an environment where he'll be distracted by other people and dogs. Not always, but at least some of your time spent training the dog should be in public.

He protec but he also attac.

My friend did the same and his dog just urinated on him.

The dog does a slight jump right before they make contact though, seemed to me like he noticed he stopped for a bit longer

Without training, 99.9% of dogs will do nothing. At most, some will posture and bark aggressively, but it's ultimately a bluff. Many think that, because their dog barked at some suspicious dude, it'll attack. Nope, it'll keep barking and then tuck tail and run. Yea even that 100+ pound doberman.

Source: Work with K9 and rescue trainers.

Add a few Y's in there and it's Welsh.

I've always wondered... do you think dogs know the difference between a training situation and a real situation when the owner is actually being attacked?

Okay but how do I get him to stop ridiculing my life choices and banging my wife while I'm in the room?

I found that the most impressive. He knew this was the time he intended to make contact. The dog was better at reading the man's intentions than I was.


You learn something new every day.

He is so patient and vigilant

Positive reinforcement and time. The time part is the hard part

How do I get him to not freak out about other dogs when I am running with him? Or in general...

Why did I get down voted? Lol

I don't mean to insult you, but usually smaller dogs are not as well trained because they can't cause damage. People think it's "cute" when they are aggressive or bite since they don't really hurt you.

It is, however, the exact same behavior as a bigger dog and should be treated as such. If your little "ankle biter" legitimately attacks/bites people then it's something that needs to stop. Again, I didn't mean to offend your or your pup. I know your comment was playful, it's just that animals are a passion of mine and I like helping them and their owners when I can. :)

I'm an expert in Gaelic and I can safely say with the utmost certainty that it in fact is.

Translation: "I am Murloc!" ?

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My parents dog gave one of my friends a pretty bad chomp because of play fighting.

Always knew he was protective, but that's one instance he misread, and took it too far. German shepherds don't fuck around when it comes to their family.

I believe the term was first coined in Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

That was fast

This one is my favorite.

Cool, but what if the guy was playfighting with his friend and then just gives him a hug? Does the dog know the difference?

This is very impressive. The fruits of a lot of training, time, consistency, and love.

Probably they're eating too fast, get one of the bowls with the little slow down nubs

Cesar Millan's techniques are not looked at too highly by people in the dog training world, to put it lightly.

I'm glad that this dog seems to be reasonably well trained, but, really, is a public park the place to be doing this kind of training?

Dogs learn from their owners. Stop eating your own shit in front of your dog.

This is great advice! Arbitrarily stopping or changing direction is a great way to force the dog to cue on you. Your decisions guide the walk, not theirs. And I think you're right that rewarding deference to your choices is good fodder for clicker training.

I guess you could call it clickbait.

Can confirm. A little ankle biter was acting very agressively towards my much larger dog once. This was to the great amusement of its owner. That was until it got out of it's collar and came charging at my dog. My dog picked it up by the neck and pulled a T-Rex move. Despite getting a little dog out of her mouth within seconds, the little dog was dead within a couple of minutes from bleeding out.

My lord your username...

Not my ankle biter. lol

I think smaller dogs have some sort of complex. More to prove.

Not an expert, but anecdotally I don't think it fucks them up. A friend of mine is a police K-9 guy. His big german shepherd is trained to track, bite, etc etc, but at home he acts like any other house pet. His favorite place to sleep is his 8-year old daughter's bed, and he loves to eat peanut butter sandwiches. People walk right up to him and he's chill as shit, but give him to command that it's business time and it's on.

My understanding is that for dogs, this type of thing is a form of play. You can often see their tails wagging as they enjoy what they're doing, and they get a reward at the end for the work.

I recommend looking up Zak George. His YouTube channel and his book taught me a lot. My dog isn't perfect, but she's really well trained, and I taught myself how for the most part.

Ask your vet. Some dogs do it because they are not getting enough nutrients

I'm honestly wondering if there was a verbal que we miss on account of this being a gif. The dog seems focused and to know what the bite suit is for, kinda like when you see a dog waiting in schutzhund.

Internets. Hi, welcome to Reddit. Hope you have a good experience.

Me: Hey friend, how are you doing? Long time no see! (Nudges shoulder)


At first I thought the caption referred to the guy standing perfectly still, despite his weird friend trying to startle him. :(

Lots and lots and lots of training. There is a reason these dogs cost upwards of $10000. That reason is that a very skilled trainer invested a loooot of time into training that dog.

You need to make him do the good behavior. In your case, your dog is only allowed to proceed when he looks you in the eye and continues with slack in his leash.

Start with treats. Hold a treat out to the side away from you. ONLY reward him if he's calm and a foot or so back from you, and when he looks you in the eye (at first it may just be a quick glance). Do this ~20 times. Then give him a few minutes break before trying again, this time making him hold the look a little bit longer. Now he knows eye contact = good.

Put his leash on in the house. Do not pull on him ever. If he wants to walk somewhere, only let him if he looks at you first. Again, a quick glance will do at first. Practice loose leash walking in the house as he probably won't be pulling at all there and may even heel well. Lots of treats for looks and heels!

Take this into your yard now. He can only walk somewhere if he is loose leash. Pulling = you hold the position (don't pull on him) until he stops and looks at you. His reward for looking is going where he wants. The yard should be a fairly quick progression too.

Outside is the hard part. This will likely take hours and you will at first not even leave the driveway. But you will slowly be able to get farther from home with him giving you lots of looks, and any pulling = you stop and wait for a look. When this gets better there are lots of other drills to do, ie practicing "turn", practicing tricks he knows while you're out walking (to get his focus), practicing recall tricks with treats (again starting at home), etc.

how do you know this

It's all about rewards. Positive reinforcement and treats when they do anything right. Dogs love to please eat.

Don't let them eat too much at once. Try taking their food away for 15 minutes half way through.

Maybe try wet food, too. Our cats eat it slower.

If they keep puking, take them to the vet. My cat puked a lot, and I thought it was just a cat thing. One vet told me it was hairballs. Turned out to be IBD. He died a couple months ago.

Also: fresh water available at all times.


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Check out Zak George on youtube - he has a bunch of dog training videos using positive reinforcement.

Horrible evening. I felt bad for the lady even though I blamed her. I paid for the dogs cremation with change as I was broke at the time.

I stopped feeling bad fir her after she started doing slow drive bys at my house.

Get his attention first. Watch the cues your dog gives as he notices the other dog. Take his attention before the other dog does. Give him a treat. Grab his attention every time the other dog starts to get it. Give him a treat. Try to hold his attention while the other dog passes and give him lots of praise. This took some time with our pup. His ears and stance is a dead give away. But there are many cues. Just try to beat the other dog to his attention. That’s the key.

Missing an aspect, consistency. You can't get lazy.

Don't feed them cheap food. Nutrient deficiency is the biggest reason for a dog eating their own poop.

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I think they call it 'weaponizing' the dog. unsure how smart it really is

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Isn't it though? My wife and I noticed that when we watch Ceasar Millan working with a dog on an issue, the show will edit it to about 20 seconds, but they will note in the margin "actual time was about 20 minutes". Patience and time, but you can get there with ample amounts of both.


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Cats like their water in a different room then their food. That's why they try to drink from every where buy their own Noel.

How do I make my cats stop puking their food up every night/morning?

Indeed, I had a buddy who did all his training privately (not in public like in the gif) and now when he's out in public his doggo has a really hard time listening to commands without being distracted. Inside he's completely fine.

It's a weird thing. My dog used to dig up the yard when she was bored (aka not receiving fairly constant attention.) My dad said "Why won't she stop" and I pointed out that every time I punished her, which was just that she was not allowed to come in the house if she had been digging, he would just let her in anyways.

The very first time he checked her paws and found she had been digging and didn't let her in the house, she dug up the yard once in the rest of her life, and that was well over six months later. He didn't let her in that time and then she never did it again.

Then again this was a dog that taught herself to open doors, so she was fairly bright.

My dog will do ANYTHING for a treat while indoors. I've taught her to sit, stay, come, shake, roll over, hold a treat on her nose, dance, run around to the kitchen window when I say "waitress", open the door, etc... BUT when we're outside I can literally hold a steak in front of her face and she does not give a single shit. Positive reinforcement for some dogs just doesn't work outside. I'm convinced! I'm saving up for a professional trainer to prove me wrong because walking her anywhere busy or going to the dog park is a nightmare.

Well there is an image I haven't thought about in a long time.

Well is an image I haven't thought about in a long time.

You know, I really want to say that a well trained dog will know the difference, but I can't. I work with a lot of police dogs, and the officers will tell us not to touch them of the dog is around. Mostly they're just being safe, but still.

I also have a friend who has a Corso that's been protection trained. Not only did he not protect her when her husband hit her, but the only people he's ever bitten have been her son and friends that have come to the house.

I think protection work is really cool, but I think it's incredibly hard to do right.

It's called a dog. Just dog.

Have you looked into a harness w/ a front clasp?? Less strain on his neck and pulling will end up with him facing you. Couldn't imagine walking my dogs with anything else.

I'm no dog expert but I think the rewarding good behavior and discouraging the bad in dogs is simpler than for humans. Dogs are cut and dry you do good get rewarded, do bad no rewards.

Humans they will do bad things to get stuff they want even if the consequences are bad. Not so cut and dry for humans.

I just got my first dog in a long time and first German shepherd. She's great but I can't pet any dogs at the dog park without her having to see what every dog looking at me is about

Cesar Millan has some horrible , damaging techniques. Like flooding the fearful dog with dogs coming up to him until the dog shuts down. Just be careful with what things you might want to try yourself.

Sure I'll bet it was memorization.


He looks like he's punching air in GTA at the beginning.

Body language goes a long way. If your friend felt like he was never in danger the dog would pick up on it.


yes if it attacks the wrong person he may die and you may go to jail. the dog will be put down either way

What this guy said. My doggo did this as a puppy, started feeding him more, and spreading the food out (so he wouldn't scarf it down) and he stopped. Something about eating fast meant his body wasn't absorbing all the nutrients.

So is this "Doggo" thing British? Where and why do people say this?

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I know there are a few major businesses that are training friendly for service dogs. Home Depo immediately comes to mind

So many dog experts in here: WHY DOES MINE HATE SKATEBOARDS? Has anyone else had this problem? He is inconsolable and barks like a crazed murderer.

Also look up Emily Larlham (kikopup). She is AMAZING.