We were worried our two new kittens from two different shelters wouldn't get along

We were worried our two new kittens from two different shelters wouldn't get along

A kitty from another litty.

Fuck, my cats are from he same litter and they fucking hate each other.

real family

The orange boy is Tater Tot and the grey girl is Lyra. :)

Cat in... buh... th-... in... from um...

cat in the hat :(

A tomcat from another mom cat.

"you was in the pen? I was in the pen! we kin now, bring it in"

This literally made me say, "awww" out loud. So precious.

Jesus Christ that is beautiful. Damn allergy season again

Of course they'll get along. They don't fill up with malice until they get older.

Cats are wild. We had cats bond instantly even though they came home different days. And then we had those same cats go two years hating each other. Now? Two wash each other's ears and the third just got off her "I hate everycat" phase and is now into the "you're tolerable but I'm still gonna sit on the top step to claim the entire fucking 2nd floor of the house" phase

I read somewhere that when adopting multiple animals its best to get them from different litters, something to do with hierarchy chains

So cuuuute! What are their names?

A feline from a different line

Named after the main character from my favorite book series of all time.

His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman

If you were just abducted at random by giant, bipedal, hairless apes, you'd get along with a fellow abductee too.

Fluffy from another muffy?

That. Pink. Jellybeans.

Das kitty dudes, Wif fuzzy buddy faces.

Yeah they pretty much do already. Tater Tot (the orange one, 4 months old) is quiet and still timid, but when it's bedtime he's all snuggles.

Lyra (3 months old), on the other hand, has already crowned herself queen. Her favorite place to sleep is directly on your face or neck. Her favorite toy is the one Tater is currently playing with. She will climb up your leg and torso to sit on your shoulders if you haven't looked at/played with/fed her in the last 30 seconds.

Lyra, that is an amazing name.

Yeah, they look terrified. Almost comatose with fear. I mean, the NERVE to adopt poor animals from likely a petbank with shitty conditions, and give them love they need, deserve, and really want. Gah, despicable.