I watched the NBC version. It was a complete hit job... every second of it.

It was a half assed hitjob trying to connect Trump to Alex but shes not good at her job. Alex won in the end.

I especially liked the flat out lie where she tries to link Trump with Jones on the drug testing portion. They use a 2 second clip from Jones and cut 99% of the context from his campaign trail speech. Megyn would have you believe Trump saw some 2 second clip from Alex and ran with it compared to him calling for a drug test after seeing Hillary get chucked into a van and barely making it through the 2nd debate. I believe there was also a bunch of fake news BS that he was on drugs or some such around that time as well.

I'm guessing Megyn had this planned as a Trump hit piece from the beginning, especially because of her history with him and not being able to let go of his killing off her career. They took all this grief because people thought it was going to be all about Jones when in reality it was a planned hit piece on Trump, but they didn't want to use that as a headliner.

"Here's how I'm going to destroy Trump, attempt #52. Starring: Megyn 'Political Whore' Kelly". Probably couldn't sell that one to the execs.

They made him look completely satanic, he was half-lit in shadow and they zoomed in on his sweaty forehead, whereas Megan was lit with a perfect soft warm glow like an angel descended from heaven.

Watched the NBC segment. They totally cut it to make Alex seem crazy and Trump even crazier for listening to him. Oh btw Meghan "Bill Clinton is a rapist"

Even the most brainwashed liberal can tell it was a hit job. WTF were they thinking. Not only it makes them look horrible but they introduced Sandy Hook hoax and pizzagate to a bunch of normies.

Tldr: Superblue Fluoride-Free Toothpaste is now 25% off on Infowarsshop.com

Well I think she looks like an old tranny

Is there an official count on the jump cuts?

he released all of her conversation with him prior to the interview, stating that it would NOT be a hit job, and it would show the fair side of Alex. The interview , which I have not seen, is said to be about 5-10 minutes of the total of 4 hours interview with alex, spliced in ways to hit him, and does not show the truth at all.

Seriously! Alex said that there was nearly two hours of interview and they only showed about five minutes of it. And 5 minutes is being generous.

That's a good point. I think they fucked up way more than they realize. That Ben Swann video about pizzagate should make the rounds again.

I think my life is complete, what is this timeline?

This was beyond anything I could have imagined. It was like a caricature of a msm hit piece. I mean the piece even had Charlie Sykes for christ sakes. Clearly all the blowback made them quadruple down to appease the hoards of libzombies. If Jones actually releases footage of the interviews it'll be the nail in the coffin for her. DO IT u/alexjonesinfowarrior

Could someone eli5 what happened between them?

his killing off her career.

I love this. She totally got misogynied by The Greatest Chauvinist Troll of all history.

It wasn't even secret lol he was publicly saying "I know this is a trap, I'm doing it anyways and making my own copy." The dumbass cunt walked right into it anyways and got exposed.

What exactly happened here? she edited the interview to make him look insane or something and then he released the full tape?

Normies are like "who the hell is Alex Jones, what the hell is pizzagate, and Sandy Hook was a hoax?"

LOL NBC and Megyn Kelly done fucked up.

So predictable -- and that's why they are very fake news. Pedes, Never let a reporter interview you!

Alex said they interviewed him for over 9 hours. NBC only aired roughly 20 minutes, with less than 9 minutes of Alex talking, all cut, spliced, and edited to hell.

I hope Alex releases the 3+ hours worth of audio he says he has. Megyn and NBC are such duplicitous, evil liars. Expose these whores for what they are.

My favorite part is where she narrates over his explanation for Sandy Hook. Journalism!

It's not quite as high as the Bill Clinton rape count, but definitely in the ballpark.

Stickied in under 2 mins.




I just found this, Alex broke it down live.

I literally laughed out loud for like 3 minutes after reading this. Thank you sir.


But Meg said she doesn't double-cross.

Looking at the Twitter trend #JonesvKelly, that fake interview sent droves of people to infowars as new fans. This backfired for both NBC and Kelly so bad that it indeed did the opposite of what they were scheming. People who didn't like Jones are now seeing that he has valid points, and that MSM is the enemy of us all. I really thought that interview was a terrible idea, but the failing minds at NBC just killed their credibility, along with ruining her already very tarnished reputation as a hydra-harpy with no scruples. Jones scored a major win playing 4D chess, and emerged victorious with legions of more viewers in the process.

And there was much rejoicing.

I just want to insult her because she's a globalist.

They actually replaced his lighting with a heat lamp lol

Megyn "Medusa" Kelly BTFO

Jones is immune to stone!

Jokes on them. I've been redpilled for a while but never took the time to really watch Infowars until seeing this. Totally hooked now. Nice work Megyn.

WRONG! It's 1.6180339...

He will get his time to redeem himself.... guarantee he will red pill the fuck out of some NBC'ers in no time.

Since we are in the best/dankest timeline, it's only fitting we are in the Steins Gate timeline aka 1.048596

I agree with Roger Stone, her show will be cancelled in 3 months or less.

Alex Jones is like your crazy friend who you don't mind handing out with because it's fun and always a wild time.

She is desperate for ratings.

You mean it wasn't a non-biased, narrative and agenda free discussion like her Putin excoriation?

That patriot took the proverbial bullet for the cause. Respect. F F F F

I just watched the NBC interview.

It is 80% sandyhook, chobani

10% Alex's background and origin story


AJ has every right to be pissed.

Do you know if the full version is released or is it just the pre interview phone call?

if he refused to do so, he would ''have fled from the devil'' as he said. And I agree with that.

He could not refuse.

I asked my Amazon Alexa where I could watch the interview and it told me 'wake the fuck up, you're being attacked'

Two faced beeotch. After that stunt she is never going to get another interview from anyone other that some supercuck


I just decided to check to see if he released the side by side comparison yet and in his latest video, uploaded a few hours ago, he asks his staff to get the full interview uploaded to their computers so they can release it and do live commentary soon.

Link with timestamp:

"Who knows, I may just lazily release the whole thing tonight. -- You know what, lets start loading it in the computers. Should we start the upload right now?"

The lighting angle was weird, too. Poor guy looked like he was telling a scary campfire story.

I love Alex Jones but given the proper editing tools I know I can make him sound nuts. The MSM isn't even good at their half assed job.

They probably used less than 100 words total from a 4 hour interview. Most of the segment was comprised of selectively-edited clips from the Infowars show. They kept saying "How could he say Sandy Hook wasn't real on Father's Day?!" when it was them who chose the air date and originally told Alex it would air in July.

Good thing we have Megyn to tell us how Alex ruined the lives of dead children parents and Comey to tell us what Trump means when he says "Hope"

Where's the water filters?? THEY'RE TURNING THE FROGS GAY!!!

I agree. Ben Swann has the most non-biased only factual news reporting i've ever seen. He really does NOT add or delete. I would work a second job to see him start his own news network.


Where is everyone hearing about this "bill clinton is a rapist" thing?

He was overflowing with super male vitality


20 seconds in "Oh no, this isn't a hit piece!".


The bubble gum flavor is delicious. My first tube blew out the bottom, but I was squeezing from the middle like an idiot. He said he's using a new tube now though.

Same when Side of Beef mentioned Alex by name calling him " dark heart " , good advertising, I bet his SMV sales went up 50% the next day .

He said that he'll be releasing the full interview and several private conversations soon.

Universe C137

No idea.

Only if you are a Democrat


Mr.Simpson, your silence only incriminates yourself further. Mr.Simpson, what are you doing Mr.Simpson! No!!!!

She's drinking the bone broth tonight!!!

Villain lighting lmao

But she does double Pentangle


But how could he time travel if it wasn't discovered by Okabe?

I've exhausted my supply of unobtainium and can no longer jump. The top hats were dank indeed.

It's the doses of Survival Shield X-2

I mean, I'd watch that.

You forgot to mention Owen's interview. They had Alex's portion of the interview edited and cut down so much, because they could not let the public hear what he really had to say, they were forced to insert Owen's portion in. Owen did a good job too. He's literally Alex 2.0.

Common misconception, 1.048596 & 1.6180339 are very similar aside from the top hats.

Any Christians here will recognize that Alex Jones is patriot and red pill dispenser, yes, but he's really driven by his faith. It's beautiful to watch

Kek. We are in a rational timeline, so that only makes sense. It's so nice when things come together instead of spiraling out of control.

That sounds like the worst superhero imaginable.

I love you guys

I lol'd

NBC and Megyn actually thought that is a negative thing for Owen to say. They tried their hardest to spin it to mean that Alex has no clue what his employees are doing and that he's running a loose ship at Infowars, but it only makes Alex look like a cool boss who trusts his employees to make the right decision.


Anyone have a link to the full interview

Haw haw haw! That's not what your mother said Trebek!!

He's an apist, I guess I should say

He should sue!!

some of us lived through the 80's and 90's

Not being an ass, but what the hell do you mean? Learn me up. I demand it or I'm telling dad. The vinculum bars, you mean? Halp. Explain yo self pede