'War for the Planet of the Apes' - New Poster

'War for the Planet of the Apes' - New Poster

That poor horse who got stuck with the gorilla tho

That one ape wearing a blue parka lmfao

Average Silverback weighs about 350lbs. There's been wild sightings of gorillas who weigh upwards of 500lbs and then of course morbidly obese gorillas in some zoos can get up to 600lbs.

Horses vary widely in size and therefore how much they should carry. It's recommended a horse doesn't carry more than 20% of its weight on its back. So a 1200lb horse shouldn't carry more than 240lbs of weight. But a 2200lb horse could carry up to 440lb.

So...plausible, though I bet you that horse would really prefer to get that monkey off its back

The only good ape is a dead ape

Stands next to one of his fellow soldiers, an ape

I'm sure that'll have significance

Is that even possible?

It's cold out here for a chimp.

...and that a 10,000lb horse can carry 2,000lb?

The Rise of the Dawn of the War of the Planet of the Apes

So you're telling me a 3300lb horse can carry 660lb?

because of solitarity or something

Or you know, so they don't get shot by humans accidentally.

The apes on the human side have 'donkey' on their backs, presumably being used to carry all the soldiers shit

They brought sticks and bows to a gunfight.

What's heavier, a 10,000lb horse or a 10,000lb gorilla? You'd be surprised at the answer.

Spoiler Ahead

A quick goolge research showed me that Donkey is an ape (leader) that defected to the humans. So I guess the apes have his name written on their back because of solidarity or something


Yeah but I think the plot's on their side so that trumps superior weaponry.


What's heavier, a 10,000lb horse or a 10,000lb gorilla? You'd be surprised at the answer.



Donkey Kong...

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They're big Shrek fans in this post-apocalyptic world.

If Maurice dies I'm walking out the cinema.

It's likely they think the apes are being unnecessarily aggressive and cruel and side with the humans, or they think the apes could never beat the humans, so they sided with the humans to try to save themselves or at least help bring peace.

Oh shit, what if the anti-human apes start writing "donkey" on themselves to infiltrate the humans? Or would that break the ape-Geneva convention?

But steel's hayvier than feathers.

The second one is better

There's so much information in this poster. The apes on the human side with "Donkey" on their back, the little kid with Caesar, the parka-ape, the soldiers with the anti-ape propaganda on their backs. Also where tf are they? Is this a a natural mountain pass sorta deal, or did the apes pile all those rocks there then reinforce them with sticks?

Sorry, I'm not in the know. Why are apes fighting apes?

Horse: "NOO!"

Ape: "He... he can talk... Wait... isn't this how this all thing started?"

Human: "Tell us about it, we were freaking OUT when you guys started to talk."

"I can see now why, this is freaky as shit. Wanna go sharsies on killing all the horses before they rise up to challenge us?"

"Sure, why not."

Horse: "Fellow horses, who will help me rise up to man and ape?"




"God you all suck. I guess this beetle on my nose will do..."

Beetle: "NO!"


Plot armor is disgustingly OP.

Nobody pointed out the human child sitting behind Caesar. Who is that ?

There are two types of Kongs in this world. Kings and Donkeys. Are you a King Kong, or a Donkey Kong?


There is hole in the bottom of the ocean.

When you're swinging from a vine that's going limp

Same, after crying my way through the end credits I am OUT.

Someone watched Return of the Jedi and got inspired!

After the movie ends I am LEAVING the THEATER.

The Statue of Liberty better get knocked over in this film.

I only saw the first one of the series, with James Franco.are the rest any good?

Nah apparently they support an ape that defected named Donkey.

Every ape on men's side is labeled Donkey on it's back.

Any idea why's that?




The biggest horse ever recorded weighed 3300lbs. So yeah, he could totally carry your mom.

Holy shit.

The monkeys have sticks, the soldiers have guns. This shouldn't be that difficult.

Spoiler: An ape that was referred to as "Donkey" denounced his ape kin and sided with the Humans. It is a symbol os solidarity and also as another redditor pointed out: so the humans don't shoot them when they are all fighting.

Significantly better, I'm pumped for this next installment

Maybe it's because of Donkey Kong.

For the banana and gun money spent

One Apache could probably kill every monkey there

I really enjoy the new ape movies, but I feel they heavily underplay the power of weapons in fights. Most movies do that anyways I suppose.

Pretty fucking stupid to be a Koba loyalist and side with bunch of humans lol

No, Jen, you're not listenin' to what I'm tellin' ya!

I'm more concerned for that horse carrying a FUCKING GORILLA

Or they're prisoners.

It's sentience all the way down

I think I'm in the minority that preferred the first one to the second. I enjoyed the smaller scale story in the first, and Dawn also had that typical bloated action third act, that seems practically mandatory in this one. So I'm going into it a bit more skeptical than the last time, but still looking forward to it.

A whole lot of humans talkin' shit

but not yours

It's the Fist of the First Men from GoT

It's the

Every time I see these films discussed all I can think is

"In a world... where humans inexplicably forget how to be amazing at killing things... In a world, where we all forget that carpet bombing was invented... In a world where humanity forgets that it's spent three million years using tools to augment their abilities to have an advantage of physically superior opponents....


What about Diddy?

It's weird how this is obviously not a shot from the movie but a photoshop collage. Some of the humans are cut and pasted throughout the composition multiple times, even.

Horse is like: "dude, aren't you fighting humans because they treated you like objects, but you're just gonna ride me into battle nonchalantly? I see how it is."

Yea hollow point exits wounds are the size of soup cans. But on apes, nothing.

I thought it said “Dunkey” and was even more confused.

Earth's mass is 5.972 × 1024 kg, so you're telling me a 2.986 × 1025 kg horse can carry our planet?

That reminds me of the time dunkey beat Sky in Smash.

Looks like he has less fur than the others - so he really is wearing it to keep warm?

Also, so I see "donkey" written on the back of some of the apes? I wonder what men have on them for them to fight against ceasar.

Why share the karma when you can have it all

you started and ended the circlejerk in one post :(

I'm always confused when replies explain my joke.

Maybe they're apes loyal to Koba and hate Caesar.

Dude the first was good enough, the Second is wonderful.

The first one was also one of those 'out of nowhere' great sci fi movies that you expect nothing of. I remember my dad and I were stunned when we left the theater. He told the story in great detail to my mother that night, which isn't something he usually does.

DK! Donkey Kong!!

He's the leader of the bunch, you know him well

He's finally back to kick some tail

His Coconut Gun can fire in spurts

If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt

He's bigger, faster, and stronger too

He's the first member of the DK crew


No idea, she appears in the trailers too

Koba hated humans more than Caesar...the only reason Caesar and Koba had a fight is because Caesar was a little kinder..

Saw two at an airshow in Chicago. Never been so terrified of military power. They could've executed every one on that beach and there is nothing that could stop them. They way they hovered effortlessly and could literally sweep the beach of people with the front facing them. Fucking amazing and scary.


Damn dirty apes.

This franchise is all building to a moment where the humans are in a final climax against the apes.

Suddenly, a red clad figure emerges, "Hey, itsa meeeeee, Mario!!!!"

They should do a retro poster in the likes of battle for the planet of apes

They should do a retro poster in the likes of

That wooden structure in the background from where apes are hanging kinda resembles the one the Wildlings had at Hardhome in Game of Thrones, especially with the mountains behind.

Rise of the planet of the horses of the planet of the apes

Trailer shows Apes with assault rifles, too. Gonna get bloody.

Yeah, that looks like an average-sized breed of horse. I think even a heavy draft horse would have some issue with a gorilla's weight.

All we know is her name is Nova. Clearly in reference to the character of the same name from the original PotA.

Same as most wars. Shear numbers. A plague has wiped out 90% of the human race while apes multiply like rabbits.

You've cracked it!

Could 100 duck-sized horses carry a horse-sized duck?

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Reasonably effective when the guys with guns just stand in a tight group, without cover, a few yards away from you.

Nice of the humans to play fair like that.

Beneath the Return to the Rise of the Dawn of the War of the Planet of the Apes

We've only just begun.

[Gorilla gets on horse and it collapses under the weight] Caesar: "Jesus Christ Gerald, you fat cunt."

Curious. Are they going to finish with the nuclear war that was so heavily implied in the original?

Is anyone going to mention the 800 pound gorilla on that poor horse???

Could it be an identifier so that the humans know those apes are on their side once the fighting starts?

One F16 with a JDAM and this is over. Why would the humans ever fight them close quarters or outside of armoured vehicles? Oh yeah, plot... :/

Have you seen the other modern ape movies? The apes are far too proud and noble to stoop to such measures.