Walmart changing the game.

Walmart changing the game.

The Walmart near me has been stocking funny stoner items. Ash trays with pokers, concentrate containers, and slick pads. This was a new addition, the best part is you can keep the label on your bic (I always tear the label off because I use my lighter to tamp my bowl).

My lighter has always been a bottle opener bruh

It's good for cleaning pipes.

As soon as the Walmart in my town gets 91% isopropyl alcohol in stock, it flies off the shelves

They had them at the store I work at and they sold out super quick. Before I could even think about buying one.

Yoo if you like the idea of this you should check out the LighterBro, similar concept in a sleeker design with a blade + mini scissors too!

Edit: The poker is actually a tiny screwdriver which is perfect for my glasses!

We sell that shit non-stop to college kids at my work.

As a non-druggie from /sub/all, why is isopropyl alcohol beneficial for drugs?

It's like a skate tool for weed.

What's a skate tool? Is it like a weed tool but for skating?

iso hash extraction isn't dangerous at all so long as you're not a complete idiot.

you forgot what sub you're in

The original of this is called the "Toker Poker" and is of significantly higher quality. Can bo ordered online for the same price.

Lllleeeeeettss play How Long Can I Stand Here Without Having My Balls Blown Off!


Two flare ups before my roommate decided to mention he had an electric hot plate.

or an iso extraction but very dangerous

edit: my bad ents. just to clarify, danger becomes present when there is an open flame around the solution. yes, this can be done safely but people are often impatient and try to speed up the process with an open flame which can end up being dangerous.

whats goin on man

Fuck yes, lighterbro is the best decision I ever made

one main difference is you won't be supporting walmart lol...

This is like that pupper/doggo meme but of weed tools

iso hash extraction isn't dangerous at all so long as you're not a complete idiot. same as BHO, just don't have it around open flames or electrical sparks and do it in a ventilated area or outside. use common sense. tried to shave with your lighter tool?

An Isopropyl alcohol and Salt solution cleans bongs really well

Did this the other day over a gas range. Scary as fuck.

The blade is so sharp I cut a slice off my face trying to shave with it. Most legit stoner tool out there.

yes so is any counter top or your teeth so i guess there is no need for any bottle openers ever

Invest $15-$20 in an electric griddle. Much safer as there's no open flame.

Just in case you werent just making the meme, skate tools are meant for adjusting on the fly, they have a screw driver and the three nut driver sizes you most commonly use

any lighter is already a bottle opener

Are those edges sharp? I have a knack for cutting the shit out of myself with machined metal.

They've got them on amazon too actually. Called the Toker Poker I think.

Keep the label on??????????

I peel that label off approx 37 seconds after purchasing a new bic every single time. Gotta make that shit look clean.

My Wal-mart keeps moving it around like it's some kind of game to them. One month it'll be with all other antiseptics and first-aid. The next month it'll be with cosmetics. I swear to god one time it was down the kitchen cleaners aisle. And there's only ever a couple bottles of 91% on the shelf at any given time. Wal-mart knows.

But they're more expensive there I cry

This is for pipe tobacco and tobacco pipes. Nevertheless, can be used for bud! Also this one in particular looks like a gun handle so you might as well write a note to your family after purchasing this saying "suicide by cop" in Latin and then leave a Latin to English translation book next to it so they can decipher the message, because everyone loves a challenge.

Well I bet we can guess why they thought that was a good idea.

Full disclosure I don't smoke, but I have a lot of friends who do, my best understanding is that you can collect THC high resin micro-particles that are normally lost simply because they are just so small, you can collect them together in a small amount of alcohol and then evaporate the alcohol for some really high THC concentration ...Stuff... I'm sure there is an actual name for it but I don't know what it is...

If smoking a bowl is like drinking a cocktail, taking a bit of this is like doing a shot, low quantity - 'high' potency

Anyone who actually smokes please feel free to correct me

EDIT: Names for the "stuff" given to me are...








I bought one on impulse on my break one day. The bottle opener doesn't work so I said fuck it

You are nightmares bro

You can also stab your friend if he's been holding the blunt for too long because he's too absorbed in telling a story to maintain the rotation.

The tamper and stem pick are why they rock.

Probably to ash the bowl out because sometimes the ash gets stuck in the bowl

They even had these at my local Walmart in South Central PA. Kinda odd considering its not exactly a pot friendly in the area. I still bought one, even though I had to quit smoking for a couple months and now I can't get ahold of any.

I like how everyone in this sub upvoted this because we know we are

you're very correct

I live in the "bad" side of town and we have a gas station that opened a few years ago and they know their customers, they immediately made share they accepted link and now have a glass case full of grinders, hookas, and various sizes of pipes and novelty pipes.

Buddy had to get stitches doing that shit, please don't