Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently

Good Intentions: 10/10

Meme execution: 3/10

I'm waiting for both

This is dangerously close to /sub/bonehurtingjuice Ouch, oof, owie.

You don't understand meme formats

If you get HBOGo after July 27th, you only have to pay for one month of the service in order to get every episode of Game of Thrones legally (plus any other HBO shows you've been behind on like Silicon Valley).

Sign up July 27th. One month subscription gets you to August 27th, the day the season finale airs. Also gives you access to previous episodes, so you can catch up on the current season episodes you have missed waiting to sign up for this perfectly timed one month signup date. And any other HBO show ever.

You might be able to make it two weeks without seeing spoilers but there is no way you'll make it a year without seeing GoT spoilers especially for the later episodes unless you live in a cave.

13th Days Bitch!! WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB

What the hell is this sub

Pfff, try waiting for new "Venture bros" episodes :(

I'm just sitting here masturbating.

If you're working out your timing this precisely, why would you do it on the second to last season?

Pls explain, I'm a dumb boy.

the fact that you know there is a red wedding and that people die is kind of a spoiler. what if you got to watch that episode and had no idea what was coming?

Porque no los dos?

Your rating system is weird.


Who's to know?

Why not both?

i know

Oh no you are in great pain?

You know you can enjoy more than one tv show yeah?

I see you're a 1 upper.

Game of Thrones 7/16 Rick and Morty 7/30 Bojack Horseman 9/8 Stranger Things 10/27

Going to be a good late summer/fall

Yep, plz help me.

Yeah, so is he secretly masturbating to an old dude and a kid? Might need to contact the c-137 authorities.

I'm dying in a vat in the garaaaage.

Meme execution: 3/10

A very kind scoring considering the two different watermarks and the weird white border that hasn't been cropped from three of the four sides of the image.

I'm gonna go ahead and not check into this thread after this, but I've managed to avoid most spoilers for GoT. I only made it halfway through season three and then got sidetracked and haven't come back, I still don't know who dies in the red wedding or just about anything else. I think the only things that have been spoiled for me are hold the door and the guy that the mountain kills. Alright bye now

He'd be called the headless northman

Deconstructive humor.

Who needs dragons and tits when you have an animated drunk grandpa to watch?

Yeah, OP, you're allowed to like more than one show

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is not a dance

Thread used to be more pure back in the day before the federation came and squanched it all up.

Wait what

Anti memes

Check the top post that shows the original!


This comment explains it well:


Check the top post that shows the original!

This comment explains it well:


This is dangerouslyclose to /sub/bonehurtingjuice Ouch, oof, owie

Me neither but there’s no reason to be a dick about it and tell people that their show sucks.

Fact is Arya and the Hound actually died during the Red Wedding. The characters we see today are travelers from a different dimension where everybody but them became Cronenberg-versions of themselves due to some red magic from the East. They are now taking their places and nobody is the wiser.

Why not both?

I'm waiting for new 12oz Mouse

Hack memes are more street legit. And are you going to drive a luxury car without the prestigious badge? Then why on EARTH would you remove imgflip or quickmeme? I rest. my. case.

Now THAT is a multi year wait! I TRY (THANKS A LOT) to forget that they exist between seasons...

Anxiously awaiting season 3 of Xavier: Renegade Angel.

The wait is long, and full of shit posts.

I'm waiting for a sequel to Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator. Seriously you bunch of dickmeasuring pretend martyrs..

What if there was an alternate Westerosi dimension where Ned lived?


Your comment is rated at 11/23.

If only

I haven't checked, but I'm guessing bone hurting = turbulent.


It was so edgy, I'm typing this with my nose because my hands were cut clean off.