VP Joe Biden reacts to President Obama calling him the "best decision" he made as a nominee

VP Joe Biden reacts to President Obama calling him the "best decision" he made as a nominee

"Hold it in Joe, don't let him see you cry."

I think Obama should resign a few days early just so Joe gets to be the 45th President for the next week. He deserves it.


funky music plays

Obama proceeds to get down

I used to think it was funny that Leslie Knope was in love with Joe Biden. I get it now.

Are you allowed to point a finger gun at the president?

"One more ice cream cone, boss?"

At this point why fucking not

"Those best friend bracelets weren't a joke :')"

It would be hilarious, though. Trump has already received gifts bearing "45th President of the United States" and is planning his big inauguration. Obama would tap out and Biden would get his own swearing in, which would completely take the wind out of the sails of Trump's inauguration, and Trump would get bumped to 46th president.

In the meantime, Biden would use the opportunity to pass an irrevocable 100 year funding package for Amtrak, create a national Ice Cream Hall of Fame, pardon everyone Obama might want to but couldn't because of legacy issues, and put a portrait of "Joe and Barry hanging out in the Rose Garden" right outside Trump's future bedroom. He would deliver an inaugural address, state of the union, pre-pardon a turkey, and farewell address, all in the space of a week. Biden could even buy the building next door to the Russian embassy and make it the Joe Biden Presidential Library, with a big arrow of lights pointing to the neighbors saying "twats."

(I'm clearly not being serious, this should go without saying.)

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I know this was a somber moment, and I felt it...

But at the same time I kept thinking of IMMA POINT AT 'EM

I know this was a somber moment, and I felt it...

But at the same time I kept thinking of

Damn, Joe.

God I respect Joe Biden so fucking much. He grabbed the hand of the first black president of the United States, and literally walked into the fucking darkness with him. It could have been an awful time for them, but he didn't give a fuck. He double fisted his ice cream cones and said "let's fuckin' do this, Barry."

You should see who they're going to make president when Obama leaves office.

He'll always have Obama's care.

Obama wiped a tear from his eye when he said Joe was a brother

When you want someone to wait around in case you die, there's nobody quite like Joey B.

When Biden was announced as the VP, I'm pretty sure we all thought he was the lame white dude to take the edge off the cool black guy.

Turns out Biden's a G.

Google young joe biden

"I'm the first black president, Joe. I have to show people I'm not just a stereotype. I need to be a role model. I have to unite a divided country and bring trust back to our government."

"That's cool, Barry. Imma be straight gangsta tho. 😎💯💯"

If it’s a legitimate assassination, the government body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

This is clearly a joke comment, why are people losing their shit

Trump supporters aren't exactly known for their ingenuity

Joe Biden was one of the best things that ever happened to American politics. What a raging pity he didn't run for president.

Please delete this before Mike Pence gets any ideas.

The host of The Apprentice is now the president-elect of the United States. Biden having a week as king doesn't sound so far fetched.


And then made god damned friendship bracelets for each other.

sobs quietly

"Don't forget to watch that scene from Porky's I told you about"

As a layman with no clue on what I'm talking about, couldn't the VP assassinate the POTUS and pardon himself?

C'mon Joe. You came into the White House like a man, and now you're gonna leave it like a man.

Poor guy has a right. Wife and daughter die in a car accident. Then his son dies of cancer years later. Whole family gone, all while attempting to maintain a country.

Can you imagine what the Biden/Trump debates would have looked like? Such a wasted opportunity.

My favorite Onion article ever is "National Funk Congress Deadlocked on Get Up/Get Down Issue"

Edit: Link for the lazy! http://www.theonion.com/article/national-funk-congress-deadlocked-on-get-upget-dow-625


googles Oh haha yeah very funny reddit, but seriously who?

Every time this gif repeats an angel gets healthcare.

"Make sure it's not the edited for TV version cause then you never get to see any titties"

Arnold is leagues above Trump in every way you could consider someone a leader. He isn't petty and he doesn't have a history for bullshit and getting into tantrums on twitter. He worked hard to become who he is. Trump is just another version of Paris Hilton, the blubbering buffoon who's daddy gave him a "small loan", and he used his "fame" to get the spotlight so that he could spread his bullshit and false hopes to the people that wanted a "change" the most. In short, he took advantage of the political atmosphere to tell people what they wanted to hear despite the truth staring them in the face the whole time, in order to gain a cult of misguided fools that will carry him on their backs rather than carry himself by being a quality person with actual solutions and ideas that would point towards him being worthy of a leadership position.

So comparing Arnold to Trump is like comparing a man to a chimpanzee. There really is no point in comparing, Arnold has already proven that he's up to snuff for the role he's taking. Trump on the other hand is up to his usual bullshit.


I'm honestly getting excited just thinking about this

it all started when a gorilla died

As I watched this moment on live television I knew in my heart that it would forever be immortalized in gif form

Eli Manning, when did you get here?

My grandfather literally thinks Obama won't step down and will instead declare himself emperor.

I'm not sure what they all will do when they can't blame Obama anymore.*

*They'll probably still blame Obama.

I think I speak for at least half the country in saying I wish we could all go back in a time machine to 2015 and convince Joe to run. Perhaps it wouldn't have made a difference, perhaps Trump's momentum was going to work against anyone, but I doubt it. Without the constant email bullshit, I think Joe could have curb stomped Trump.

I wish I could just tell them thanks. Two of the most hated jobs to have but damn I'm proud to have served them

Joe: "I love you too bro, right back at ya". Pew.

it was cool having a couple of best bros in the White House after whatever the fuck Bush and Cheney were.

I found this


I found this

I mean I'm not American, but don't you guys have Arnold Schndwehrfiuewrfiuewyrger as a governor, and wasn't Reagan and someone else in films too? And a couple sons of presidents became presidents?

Seems like more of a popularity contest than anything.

Yes I know technically all voting is a popularity contest, but you know what I'm talking about here.


Sith Lord and his apprentice? The twist being that Cheney was the Sith Lord, and he made his apprentice leader to deflect the scrutiny that comes with being a leader. It was a brilliant play.

go watch the Ryan/Biden VP debates

no we're still good there, he has at least 5 grandkids from his sons Beau and Hunter and he has a 2nd daughter

His debate with Sarah Palin was also memorable. She tried to claim Senator Biden didnt know what it was like to be a working class person, and Joe masterfully talked about his experiences in being a single dad.

Nah those have been there since JFK

No one can remember any other veep debates except this one. Biden made Ryan look like a hapless little child. It was great.

here, take a big sip of this water before we tell you. you seem a little parched.

I wouldn't do that to you. No worries.

And Obama's stare and Obama's hair.

I don't know. I miss 9 years ago when yeah, I was really unhappy with the Bush administration, but at least I could talk about politics with my dad. Explain gay rights and the fight for visibility to him. Explain global warming. But fuck if things haven't devolved so far, I can't even look him in the eye if I've thought about Trump in the past three hours. And he can't look me in the eye either. I know he voted for him. I know he abandoned everything he believes in, all the principles he raised me with. I know it and it breaks my heart. Fuck every Republican cynical meatpuppet who did this to Americans who are honestly trying to do the right thing. Fuck Rush Limbaugh. Fuck Anne Coulter. Fuck Cheney, fuck Hannity. Every one of them should be booed relentlessly anytime they escape the cage of the flyover states. Fuck them and what they've done to our country. The lies, the misinformation, the manipulation. I'll never fucking forgive them.

And God Bless FUCKING McCain. I wish I could kiss that fucker on the mouth for being a real goddamn patriot. Bless his fucking soul. Goddamnit.

Edit: to everyone commenting by saying, "well people blamed Bush too." Yup! For the unnecessary WAR he started. And yes, he dropped the ball on 9/11. No one knows if he could have stopped it, but he definitely didn't try. But also, no, I don't blame Bush for the market crash. It was at most half his fault. The markets were deregulated back to Clinton's years.

Republican legislators literally blame Obama for bills they write and pass over his veto, even as Obama tells them it's a terrible idea and publicly tells them that. The 9/11 bill.

They blame him with every breath they draw. They fought him like adult sized toddlers for eight years, whispering conspiracies and then shouting them, fighting any forward motion in this country, inch by inch. But hey, they only did it because you, their base, ate that shit up. I just hope that history can somehow, after many decades have passed, figure out why.

Spoiler alert: Obama isn't a socialist emperor Muslim. He's just fucking black, and you're fucking racist.


Was expecting Peyton.jpg. Somehow I'm both relieved yet disappointed.

Wait! They'd have really made him president if Obama died?

I thought that was all just a joke.

Can someone make a photo of Biden before and after being called a good boy? Please??

The memes could not be contained

Uh, ok. I'll second this, but I'm being 100% serious.

It. Would. Be. Blameless. And EPIC

How many times do they have to be wrong before they realize they're hysterically against a person without any evidence, while supporting a person who the evidence has been piled on against? Fuck I hate some of humanity, genuinely, a real cancer holding back our civilization and happiness.

"Right back atcha babe."

I don't really know what Biden's style of debate is, but I'm sure it's entertaining.

Something Fishy about him

It's because he's Black.

Source - Am Black, Am not playing the race card, am 100% serious.

I mean has at least 3 months went by since his WIFE has been called a Gorilla on national television yet? I doubt it. Even after years of proving that you can pretty much trust that black guy, Some people still wont trust that Black Guy. .

Oh thank fuck.

funky music plays

gg no re

And Obama's flair for debonair

I agree, with the added bonus that I think Joe Biden was actually much more in tune with the working-class American than Hillary. He wouldn't have been seen as so elitist and establishment as Hillary was.

It actually freaking happened

Pfft. You think Joe Biden is afraid to cry in public?

"Obama-san acknowledged me!" blushes

Response to Brock Turner case

Term 1

Head of White House Task Force on Working Families

Close counsel with Obama and administration, played a contrarian role, poking holes in all their arguments and plans to make them think about situations from all angles

Helped gain key Senate support (including amongst Republicans) for Obama's legislation like the Tax Relief, Unemployment, Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010, Budget Control Act of 2011 (debt ceiling crisis), and American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (impending fiscal cliff, made permanent Bush tax cuts but also raised rates on upper income levels)

Actually converted Senator Arlen Specter from being a Republican to a Democrat

Went to Iraq every two months to speak to the Prime Minister etc. to reiterate the US's stances on Iraq's future

Was in charge of Obama's stimulus package during the recession, less than 1% was lost to fraudulent incidents

Campaigned heavily during midterm elections in 2010

New START Treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction) between USand Russia from 2011-2021

Supported withdrawal from Iraq in 2011

Term 2

Head of Gun Violence Task Force in response to Sandy Hook shooting and drove the (failed) legislation for stricter gun control measures

People like the former Defense Secretary Robert Gates thought Biden “was wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue of the past four decades.” "In other words: While Biden may have taken a beating repeatedly in recent years for some foreign... This was in reference to his opposition against killing Osama Bin Laden which ultimately led Iraq towards being divided among sectarian lines of the Sunis, the Shiites, and the Kurds. (He was right all along)

Violence Against Women Act, which led to the White House Council on Women and Girls & the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault. Very strong stance on sexual assault.

And a bunch of other stuff, just plucked what I could understand from Wiki. He's likeable, charismatic, and very strong stances on moral views. Even though he was very low key as VP, a lot of the things he did were behind the scenes, mostly in administration and politicking, gaining other people's support internally. The Joe Biden memes certainly put his face everywhere and made him a popular figure, an old white politician that people actually like just like Bernie, so he would definitely get the youth vote.

Edit: Added more stuff

Pointing since the young days

Pointing since the young days

Clinton had the decency to hit the girl, not the floor

He apologized but

In a book published in July 2014, Akin said that he regretted apologizing and defended his original comments.

Nah, man. Bowie was holding the fabric of the universe together, but he had to go back to his home dimension. He spent the rest of 2016 taking people to live with him.

I wish I could just tell them thanks. Two of the most hated jobs to have but damn I'm proud to have served them

They served you. At least that's the idea.

He called her on her shit, but went a little easier on her. (Optics, I guess.) He was relentless with Paul Ryan. You could see Pauly getting flustered. I still laugh when I think about that debate.

You mean to tell me that the Joe genes are not going to be passed on?

What a bunch of malarkey!

Ok, I will find fuck and thank him.

Neither of them are dying. Both are being cut loose. Barrack is going to get some much needed sunshine, and then be back campaigning so the Democrats can take over the house.

What an eternally cool dude

I told myself not to cry when he mentioned Biden. They showed him do this, and I started to cry.

His comment is a play on Republican Congressman Todd Akin's comment that women who are raped can "shut down" their bodies to prevent pregnancy.

During an interview in August of 2012, Akin told a local TV station that pregnancy that results from rape is “really rare,” adding, “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

"I miss those back dimples."

See you space cowboy.

Arnold is a genuinely nice and intelligent guy from what I gather. Trump is... well let's just say he dislikes a lot of people unfairly and is not well informed. That coupled with his tactics and straight up rudeness... I don't like things the way they are. If Arnold could be president, I would vote for him over a lot of people.

What a piece of shit.

I'm going to miss this man so much.

that explains the white stains on the carpet

DC isn't a state. Checkmate.

It was a grown man laughing to himself while a child tried to lie about all the amazing things he could do. It was glorious.

That actually hit me pretty hard

Wait, I'm pretty sure the president can't pardon himself actually. So congress (or whoever) would just impeach him, and then he's pretty screwed.

I'm clearly not being serious

That is what we all said, yet we are here with Trump. So you aren't talking as crazy as you might think. Anything is possible in Trump's 'Merica now. Biden for 45!