VGBC Presents: Smash 4 Boot Camp - The Invitational Everyone Has Been Asking For! Powered by Downtown Grand

VGBC Presents: Smash 4 Boot Camp - The Invitational Everyone Has Been Asking For! Powered by Downtown Grand
VGBC Presents: Smash 4 Boot Camp - The Invitational Everyone Has Been Asking For! Powered by Downtown Grand


Trailer link: Smash GG Link:

Hey guys, GimR here. VGBootCamp is excited to announce Smash 4 Boot Camp! We've been working on this for a very long time. You guys are going to love it! The event will span 4 days and feature a bunch of laid back Smash 4 fun with the final bracket on Sunday! We're running the event and as per usual we will also be producing and streaming it on our Channel.

16 Players Total!

8 Invited:

TSM | ZeRo NRG | Nairo MVG | Salem FOX MVG | MKLeo P1 | Tweek RNG | Dabuz MSF | Larry Lurr CLG VoiD

2 Get in through Championship Events:

Game Tyrant Expo The Big House 7

The highest placing non-invited player from each event will make it into Smash 4 Boot Camp. If the 2 highest placing non-invited players tie then they will play each other in a 3/5 set to decide who makes it in! If a player cannot attend Smash 4 Boot Camp after getting through at a championship event then the next highest placing non-invited player will make it in.

6 will be voted in by you!

We'll be opening voting & announcing our schedule in early November! In the mean time; What kind of cool side events would you like to see at Smash 4 Boot Camp?

Let us know HERE


An event like this is nothing without its talent. That's why we're proud to announce that we have 4 of the most talented Smash 4 casters in the building for the event:

VGBC | TKbreezy Spy | EE VGBC | Coney D1 Venue

The Downtown Grand is supporting Smash 4 Boot Camp by hosting us and powering the $10,000 Pot for the event! The event will take place on its own floor of the hotel. We'll have a suite and multiple rooms at our disposal. Stay tuned for more info!


Can we please take this opportunity to showcase some top level 4v4 (or at least 3v3) matches? I feel like one of Sm4sh's coolest features often goes to waste due to time constraints, which wouldn't be as much of an issue here!


well thanks I'm honored you wanna vote me in but

Ally's got a big Twitter presence though and he's one of the biggest memers. Not inviting Ally aka Mario not top 15, up smash connoisseur, the chamion, and other stuff would be criminal. Also, I feel like there's at least a small chance of Mang0 advocating for Ally, where even a little bit of support from him would help a lot.

Totally agreed. 4v4 would be amazing since it splits up perfectly with 16 players and would be fairly quick bracket to run (3 sets single elim, or 7 sets double elim).

Nice! Glad S4 is picking up its own invitational.

I feel like Anti is gonna be an insta vote in.

Already voted for Ally!!!

That depends, do you also agree that Ned from the Midwest DESERVES to be at the invitational?

ANTi is defacto already invited; there's no way he won't get voted in.

Fatality will get voted in for the same reason s2j gets voted in; their falcons are hype.

As for the others, idk. I would think Ally but he doesn't stream so that's definitely an hindrance.

If ESAM can make it into melee summit, he can definitely make into this invitational

Anyone got predictions of the 6 that'll be voted in? My prediction is...





Marss(Or someone from New England lol)


Anti and ESAM both have following large enough to have no trouble making it in, I think.

KEN though? he's super good and apparently his English isn't bad either, so he could be on the couch as well

It's pretty big

we meme a lot

Marss is dope and also top 20 so I don't think anyone would have objections to him getting in

Nicholas "Ned" Dovel is an SSB4 Cloud player from Chicago, Illinois, and is considered one of the best Cloud players in the world, alongside MkLeo, komorikiri, Tweek, and Javi, and was previously considered one of the best ZSS mains in the world. Ned is currently ranked 1st on the Chicago Smash 4 Power Rankings (right below ZeRo, who holds the 0 position), 3rd on the Midwest Smash 4 Power Rankings, and 37th on the Panda Global Rankings v3. He has taken sets off of top players such as ZeRo, Ally, Larry Lurr, CaptainZack, VoiD, Zinoto, Fatality, and MVD...

How is that even possible

Mario mains have weird properties about them where they can channel their "YEEHAW" powers and do whatever the fuck they want really

0% chance ESAM doesn't make it in. His Twitter fanbase is one of the biggest in Smash, and who doesn't want to see him there after how well he's been doing? Pikachu/Samus gameplay is hype.

Not to mention he wasn't invited to the last invitational for some reason.

My prediction:






Mr. R (provided they can fund him)

I gotta say, if we don't vote Mr. R into this we're doing him an injustice. He's been in top 10 PGR for three years, he's more often than not the best Sheik, and he has the potential to take a set off any of the current invites.

Part of me is almost certain Mr r will do good enough at GTX or Big House to just qualify on his own lol

Lets get KEN in

He's Top 6 easily

Esam will get voted in and everyone will be mad a melee player is in until he makes an impressive move against the number one ranked player and everyone will forgive him Kappa

yeah he has real results

As amazing as this is, does this mean we're going to have summit-like "vote for this guy!" posts in the sub? Or will this be not as big a deal as summit?

I fucking love invitationals so much because we get nothing but quality top level sets. I hope to see more of these.

Okay but I'm still making a bi-weekly Ned appreciation post.

Or 2v2v2v2... Not wanting anything super competitive out of it, just a couple of exhibition matches.

Going off of results he should have been one of the 8 invited, but japan trips are expensive so whatever. Hopefully he'll go to big house or get voted in.

if only one japanese player gets invited its gotta be Abadango

As an avid fanboy, really hope Abadango gets voted in. He's done really poor this past season but I hope he gets invited so he can prove that he can still hang with the top again.

GIMR is such a fucking homie. I don't watch Smash 4 much but will definitely vote for ANTi.

Side Event/Content Ideas:

Salty Sweet/Runbacks:

Ally v. Anti ft5 Mario ditto

Zero v. Ranai g3 runback

Zero v. Fatality(?) Momocon runback and/or ft5 Falcon ditto

Esam v. Everyone crew battle

Void v. Mr. R ft5 sheik ditto (if Mr. R loses he isn't allowed to do milk first EVER again, if Void loses he has to do milk first for now on)

KEN v. Nairo

Top Player round table:

A bot5g-esc interview where top players discuss each other's play styles and smash career in general. Most likely wouldn't be able to work in 16 players at once though.

Remembering big S4 moments:

Interview players involved in S4's biggest moments such as...

Zero v. Ranai g3

Ally GOML 2016/Evo 2016

Dabuz Civil War

Fatality's Momocon run

Salem's come up + Evo 2017

Nairo breaking the streak

Esam beating Ally at Civil War

Aba winning Pound

Anti winning CEO 2016

This is done from mobile so I apologize if it's poorly formatted. Just wanted to voice my ideas

2v2v2v2 all items yes please

Ehh. We wanted to finally use our brand's theme for something. I wouldn't worry too much about the name

Wait I just realised we're about to see the rare species of an uncensored D1


I'm wondering if we can get Mew2king in addition to melee Smash summit.

And we know he can be fun too, I love when he imitates Sonic lol

Limit or ban Cloud pls

He does and I'm fairly sure he's actually lived in the states previously


It's not cloud if you say no komo.

That really depends on the players going lol. Already got Nairo Leo and Tweek so don't get your hopes up.

Incredible stuff Gimz. You always do end up winning huh :)

Depends on if there's similar qualifications as Summit because if there is he probably won't qualify. He's not PGR ranked right now and hasn't placed well at S tiers lately (the two big Summit requirements), usually dropping out in favor of Melee. I'd also say that there's almost no chance he wins a qualifier spot at GTX or Big House.