Using r/place in class to learn about conflict management

Using r/place in class to learn about conflict management

Your teacher now knows you. Obviously the teacher knows this subreddit. And she'll be able to figure out exactly your seat. You better hope your history is clean.

Probably about the German and French flags.

I love this. I hope social scientists deconstruct /sub/place for years to come.

Rule 1 of conflict management: Don't challenge /sub/2007scape

I like to think OP is an assistant teacher

Did they zoom in on the osu game symbol as a example of what not to do?

Idk, we had a lot of diplomatic efforts in /sub/norway.

Assistant TO the teacher.

Sitting at their computers doing nothing but mindlessly clicking is literally what they do

Basically they made it huge and overwrote over things.

My work is in front of a classroom. That means I'm an academic now, right?

I said the same thing about The Button and Robin, but haven't heard anything.

Reddit's April Fools projects are fascinating.

That's true. The American flag was taken over by the Void and Rainbow road. I'm also pretty sure a flag changed colors entirely.


More the 2nd than the first. They fucked over a bunch of different groups who then rallied together and campaigned against it.

That was a masterpiece of coordination though. Contrast that with the osu which was just a giant, bland pink bubble

Damn good at it too.

Sweden, Finland, and Denmark all have the same flag in different colors.

Yeah, I still don't know what they did that was so wrong.

You're basically a published author

Identity theft is not a joke, Jim!

Denmark originally made the flag towards the top right, along with several mini-flags along their right border. Sweden came in and took the main flag, then attempted to take the small flags, but when they were focusing on the small ones, Denmark reclaimed the main one.

His third most recent post is him smoking weed at 4:20. My dude 8-)

The same thing was done by a shit ton of other art though. People started hating on the osu! sign only because some streamer send his 12-yo army to destroy it and that bring up people's attention. Also, they tried to negotiate working other art and even making it smaller several times, but they were way too busy defending it.

Probably to talk about how much the Dutch suck.

OP please to explain to us how the prof used /sub/place in the lesson

They covered a dva bunny sign, which was later redesigned into the logo

I'm pretty sure that's just an actual war boiled right down

"Connection Lost" in the top left and the "Buying gf / A q p / Nice." section on the right side a little under unregistered hypercam.

Point out 2007scape on the map

Rest of us:


That was it then. One of the three made a flag and then someone changed it to represent theirs.

Somehow no one is complaining about /sub/prequelmemes

Wat zyde gy tot my, gy kleine duyvelspecht? Ik beveel ge er kennis van te neemen dat ik met lof ende goedkeuring een kaapersbrief heb gehad van Willem van Oranje ende betrokken ben geweest by talryke geheyme offensieven tegen Alva en de zyne, en zelfstandig meer dan drie honderden Spanjolen heb omgelegd. Ik ben gehard by den Katergeuzen en ben den beste schutter onder den Nederlandsche vlag. Ge bent niet meer dan myn zoveelste doelwit. Ik zal u uyt myne gewest verwyderen met een nauwkeurigheid die de wereld nog nimmer aangechouwen had. Let op myn verdomde woorden! Gy denkt dat ge deze leuhgenpraat aan my kan verkoopen per postduyf? Gy had tweemaal moeten denken, cattengehspuys! In dezen tyd dat ik deze missive opstel, stuur ik opdracht naar myn geheymen samenstel van verspieders ende vloerduyven, verspreid door den Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden en wordt dezen postduyf gevolgd, dus ge kunt zich maar beter voorbereiden op den storm, rabaut. Den storm die het bedroevenden klyne ding dat gy uw leven noemt weg zal vaagen. Gy bent dood, kind. Ik kan overal, ten alle tyden zyn ende ik kan ge op zeven honderden wyzen doden, ende dat is slechts met myne bloten handen. Niet alleen zyt ik veelomvattend geoefend in den ongewapenden krygskunst, maar alsmede heb ik het voltallige arsenaal der watergeuzen ter myner beschikking ende ik zal dat benutten om uwer lamlendigen achtereinde van het vastenland te vagen, gy klynen schobbejak. Als gy had geweten wat voor eene goddelooze vergelding uw 'geestige' missive teweeg zou brengen, had ge misschien op uwen tong gebeten. Maar dat kon ge niet. Gy deed het niet ende nu zult ge de tol betalen, gy verdomde smeerkanis. Ik zal furie over u schyten en gy zult er in verzuypen. Ge zyt dood, hoerenzeune.

It was there since the begining, kept to itself, never wrecked others work.

No reason for it to draw complaints.

Team Periwinkle lives on!

The streamer was lik 1/10 of the problem. It was already bringing attention to itself. Its design and color choice stood out. Not to mention its size. It was ugly.

And Emily faked cancer. And the cash stack. And the dds. And the ice barrage. And the 73 and 35

I'm basing all of this on the first line, Absolutely no idea what language that is. But is that the navy seal copypasta?

Another thing is I'm pretty sure most people had no idea what the fuck osu was so it doesn't help that something not well known is taking up a lot of space.


They forced /sub/philippines to build their flag vertically instead of horizontally. That is after the horizontal flag is already in place.

They forced a flag to move and they killed a bimo

Sweden-Maryland 4 life!

I think it was the unregistered hypercam 2

So it's treason then?

Look at what happened to that Beautiful Winged Wheel! The redwings gave up glorious real estate and a perfectly maintained logo to help out another few groups... But then we couldn't fight our way back onto the board until literally the very last second.

That's what you get for helping people. :(

Made it huge

Looks at history. Posts to /sub/trees at 4:20pm. Welp。

No you norway people were assholes, destroying other's art so you could have your inverted flag

Not only that, they shrunk themselves, they on their own terms rewrote it smaller and neater.

Correct. Funny how you can recognise the Navy Seals copypasta merely by the sentence structure, right?

It was really funny/annoying when you'd be having a fairly normal conversation and then a merge would suddenly happen with a chat of pure spamming and shitposting and it would just be overwhelming... like a bunch of people sitting around a table and then all of a sudden a horde of screaming hooligans runs into the room.


Exactly. Every example of something similar not getting taken down has a counterpoint. Game with similar size logo (League of Legends) = Way bigger community (28 times bigger), way more detailed and aesthetically pleasing. PrequelMemes? Widely popular across reddit, and used a meme that is well known beyond its own sub, or even reddit itself. State flag? Represents a country of millions. Greenlattice/bluecorner? Anyone can be a part of that (as opposed to a random rhythm game you may or may not enjoy).

Well, there was also a lot of making treaties and stuff. A lot of the big stuff probably could have survived through sheer numbers anyways, but making agreements about what they would and wouldn't disturb made life a lot easier since they didn't have to worry as much about repairs. Plus a lot of little stuff might not exist with "protection" of being in the middle of a big group.

That said, there was certainly more than a little strongarming going on in /sub/place .

Hey, someone has to mine this iron.

More popular. People prefer memes to shitty games


Yeah, it lives on alright.

In shame!

Us Texans wanted a diplomatic treaty but our flag was brutally taken over.

yes please. I mean... I guess you could use /sub/place as a Berenstain Bears version of what not to do, but unless her lesson is to teach the Conan the Barbarian school of conflict resolution, this would be a clusterfuck of a class. The only way conflict got resolved on /sub/place was through complete domination of your opponents.

That's a class I'd like to be apart of. Does your university have any sort of online viewing site that doesn't require a student log in?

The void was pretty gay

Are you threatening me, master Jedi?

And yet the League of Legends logo did the same thing but there wasn't such backlash against it.

Regardless, /sub/place was an experiment to see what emerged from a few simple rules. Anyone claiming that a particular group deserved (or didn't deserve) a particular amount of space because of the size of their userbase is patently wrong, whether it was Osu or LoL or any other represented group.

/sub/dwarffortress Had some pretty good treaties.


"I do say, the finish of this Brandy is quite invigorating."

"Indeed, good sir!"



"Oh, goodness, what is this chaos?"


It must be an older version. Finnish flag is not extended to it's righteous size and doesn't have the pretty series of Moomin's on it.

the guy that spear headed the hate campaign against the osu logo was a league streamer :thonkang:

Down near the bottom left corner, people started making the flag of Germany and France. They were directly across from each other and the German flag started growing eastward towards France. They made it, and then consumed the flag. But France basically "slid up" and the European Union formed where France used to be.

Have you ever heard the tragedy of the Finland Conspiracy? I didn't think so, it's not a story the Jedi would tell you.

JoinRobin was last year's thing. We got into chat rooms and there was a countdown and people voted to grow (combine with another group), dismantle (I don't remember the exact wording) or stay, which meant the users in that chat group got a subreddit of their own. Wasn't as cool as The Button or Place in my opinion, but it was still interesting.

Aside from the bots of course

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

To the right of the Swedish King's portrait. The story is that /sub/maryland made our little flag and /sub/sweden made their giant flag to the left. Plenty of space between until Sweden began to creep more and more to the East. As they approached, the subreddits united through diplomacy and we assisted each other in protection and construction.

Well he can't really stream league anymore though. He is banned on sight.

It's very archaic Dutch, so Google Translate doesn't work so well.

No the operation was just over at that point, we never wanted to keep it, it was just a prank bro.


trust me, it's better you weren't there for the carnage


Would be more fitting if it was a big Soviet flag, given the vast amount of warfare and losses happened on the eastern front.

Its insane. I did not recognize a single word but it only took me one sentence to know exactly what it was. Brains are crazy.

Is this the cleaned-up version?

It was great how Straya and Parahumans worked together. Bit of fuckery, but it got resolved. We had never even heard of eachother.

It was a whole bunch of stuff. There was coinage, buying gf, and Emily cancer memes on the right border. Then the "Attempting to reestablish connection" on the top left is another 2007scape masterpiece

Periwinkle vs Orangered was before my time. :(

Because that was a god damn thing of beauty.

It looks like it's about the best selling game called Dwarf Fortress.


Calling all Jan Michael Vincents

nah he's like 5 foot 2


/sub/place was a bundle of pranks. Confirmed 2017

Basically, humanity finally invented a simulation so realistic it's indistinguishable from the real world, and we use it for cat explosions and baby killing.

I love how I have never learnt a lick of Dutch but I'm still 95% sure this is the navy seal copy pasta

More like everyone likes /sub/prequelmemes and whenever they get criticized they can just say "it's treason, then" and get thousands of upvotes whereas lots of people just don't like osu, the osu logu actually incorporated plenty of artwork there was the bunny, some girl, and kirby in addition to the osu letters

I remember the void trying to take it because it's already sooooo black. We were pushed back instantly.

I'm glad that's your highest comment. Good to know.

Pretty much this. Despite having a million pixels, real estate was limited.

No, it was a big blank white square.

Their logo wasn't a big, blank pink circle.

/sub/stevenuniverse will have its vengeance.

The broncos emblem at the bottom in the carrot patch was difficult. We had to create truces, and agreements to finish it.

The carrot patch people hated us, and then 4chan came along and planted a kekistan flag on top of it.

People started hating on the osu! sign only because some streamer send his 12-yo army to destroy

I was trying to get rid of it before I heard a streamer was doing that and I still don't even know who the streamer is

The logo was a circle with 3 letters in it, and was huge. I don't know what you expected. Past a certain size, everything got attacked.

I'm guessing so, just judging on the fact that the osu logo has no spots on it

It's a shame only two of those countries really exist.

Oh, I thought /sub/kanye was just too relentless

As other people have stated because they made it really big.

But the biggest problem were:

they had a decently sized logo already but abandoned that because they wanted a better position and then made their new logo twice the size and overwrote a bunch of shit unlike other giant project (e.g. Germany Flag) they didnt really allow any cooperation (osu guys will say that its not true but come on you only really allowed the d.Va bunny and even that got constantly overwritten and turned back to normal osu) they were 100% botting. So were others of course but this constant "oh no we osu community arent botting we all just really dedicated" bullshit was annoying af osu had the biggest Gaming logo of all while at the same time having the worst looking one. League e.g. which is the most played game in the world had a rather tiny logo (smaller than most flags), strangely they had no problems at all even though League is hated by many.... hmmmm. wonder why osu had problems...

Their logo had a community of 1Mil+ behind it. OSU took up the same amount of space for a game and community that was SOOOO much less active.