USA Today published this infographic about marijuana smuggling from Colorado, but showed it coming out of Wyoming instead

USA Today published this infographic about marijuana smuggling from Colorado, but showed it coming out of Wyoming instead

Colorado doesn't even have pot from Colorado

They also misspelled marijuana as batting closer to 0 than a thousand

I think the true crappy design here is Wyoming. We should just dissolve it and split the territory with the bordering states. Nobody needs two square states, and Colorado is just better.

Edit: I've gotten 6 replies from Wyomingians, sounds like I struck a nerve. I only expect more replies as they finish taking turns at the computer and someone new logs on.

Edit2: I have been informed that Wyomingian is the incorrect demonym for Wyoming. I tried out a few different ones, and that's the one that sounds least fake. Wyomingite sounds wrong, as do Wyominger, Wyomingan, Wyomingese, and every other one I could think of. I wondered what your governor calls you when he makes speeches, but then I realized he probably just calls you by name. I'm sorry your state sounds fake.

Cut them a break! Weird Al sued Colorado for looking too much like Wyoming!

Marijuana isn't even the proper term for the cannabis plant, it's slang. A+ editing

I actually met one in college and made a joke about Cheese. Wyoming is not the one known for cheese.

I'm conflicted about the color labels since USA Today is also represented in blue on the map

Think about it - have you ever met someone from Wyoming?


It is the proper term for the

greenish-gray mixture of the dried, shredded leaves and flowers of Cannabis sativa, the hemp plant.

Source is the US National Institute on Drug Abuse:

EDIT: /u/BAESGOD has linked a nice article about the arguably racist origins of the word marijuana. I think it is a good debate whether the word should be used but currently the word definitely has some official usage.

That's like asking someone if they're related to someone you know that has the same last name, but their last name is actually different.

They were probably high

They do, but it's not smuggling. I think the graph is on point. Legal pot is shipped everywhere except where it's legal already.

Clever, except for the mistake.

That's their weed stash.

They show it going to CA for absolutely no reason. EVERYONE has a card here already.

from that sweet dank Wyoming ganj

Not only do they not know the states, but they also don't know how to spell. USA Today, are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Pffff California? They have no problem growing copious amounts of high quality cannabis, Mexico fills in the cheap brick packed crap when need be.

Well that's my useless fact for the day. Of course, most facts regarding Wyoming count as useless.

I could Craigslist pounds of quality pot and I live just outside San francisco. Why would I risk interstate trafficking? What a dumb article.

Neither Colorado nor Wyoming is a rectangle. Because of the curvature of the earth, their northern borders are shorter than their southern borders.

Wyoming's northern border is 14 miles shorter than its southern border.

'Deep Blue Sea'?! They ate me, A FUCKIN' SHARK ATE ME!!!

That'd be Wisconsin. Keep making cheese jokes about Wyoming, that shit's hilarious.

And he did it backwards. We (Colorado) had our current boundaries defined in 1861 seven years before the territory of Wyoming was created.

Weird Al should have sued Wyoming for looking too much like Colorado.

I sued Ben Affleck...

"Marijuana" was originally used to vilify the drug by associating it with Mexicans in the early 20th century. It was called cannabis until the government wanted to control it. Here's a brief piece on the history of cannabis - > marijuana

I had a friend from Sweden, and I excitedly showed them my water bottle from Switzerland like it was some connection.

This is Colorado, a state you think about so little that you don't realize that's not Colorado, that's Wyoming!

Did you even need a reason?!

You think water moves fast? You should see ice. It moves like it has a mind. Like it knows it killed the world once and got a taste for murder. After the avalanche, it took us a week to climb out. Now, I don't know exactly when we turned on each other, but I know that seven of us survived the slide... and only five made it out. Now we took an oath, that I'm breaking now. We said we'd say it was the snow that killed the other two, but it wasn't. Nature is lethal but it doesn't hold a candle to man.

I'm sure Weird Al would have been historically correct if "Colorado" rhymed with "roaming"

There are only two escalators in the state of Wyoming. Both are in banks in Casper.

That and D.C. looks like an island isolated from the mainland.

How appropriate.

Why would you assume they have any statistical backing when they don't even know which state is CO?

It probably means they were scrounging for statistic data and counted every instance someone tried to fly from Colorado to California with weed assuming that was fine.

Not to mention that the southern border of Colorado isn't a straight line.

Let me guess something like 28,000 pounds = 28 kilotons?

As someone from Wyoming I can say that this place is the equivalent to North Korea and Colorado is South Korea.

The tallest building in the state is a dorm.

Why would California need Colorado pot?

How in the fuck does

more than 1 person know about this movie

someone have the ability to quote a segment of it in its entirety

vyomig marjijujana


edit: I'm mad this sub has opted out of that cool image bot.

I'm from Wyoming, and live in Colorado now just because of work opportunities. I can firmly say that Wyoming is fucking rad, and most Wyomingites would prefer that other states keep on with not knowing much about Wyoming. Is the beautiful land and solitude that help make it kick-ass.

When it came out (before it was released in cinemas*), it was heralded as the next Jaws.

Samuel L. Jackson fighting mutant sharks? Yes please.

Everyone was on board.

Then the movie came out.

I'm a drunk Wyomingite and think you're an adshole and this is the greatest state ever

That was Ben Stiller.

But they must like cheese.

Paging John Oliver...

My whole life is a fucking lie.

Wyoming has so few people, we have to count each citizen multiple times to give them one representative in the house.

Marijuana gives it that "ethnic" flavour and we all know what those ethnics are like.

Night at the Museum 2 would be my reason.

All words were made up. Most of them don't have "scientific relevance."

I think I remember the quote being something along the lines of "the Little Boy was 15 kilotons, the MOAB is 11" as in 11 tons. If they wanted to be accurate they should have said 15,000 tons or used units when describing the MOAB's payload.

I think it is a good source for official terminology no matter their policies.


This has always cracked me up. People don't like to call it weed so they use the "proper" name for it. The plant is called cannabis, people.

... so, I've talked to people from all over the world... I just got done taking with some Turkish friends about the shit their president's guards pulled, talked earlier to my Scottish friend about his rocket league addiction, and just yesterday played Civ with a guy from Australia and a guy from Japan...

I've listened to a Chinese kid playing amazing violin over Discord. I've done horribly out of sync karaoke with drunken Irishmen. I ran a dungeons and dragons campaign for a month with a guy from Nebraska, a guy from Australia who lives in England, a guy from Germany, and a girl from France. I played on a Minecraft server with people from all over the world...

Never once have I interacted with someone from Wyoming...



At least when dealers buy from Colorado the money goes towards school and not Mexican drug lords.

"Colorado, a state so unimportant that you didn't even realize that isn't even Colorado.

Exactly my thoughts. As a Californian I'm a little offended

No we don't. We just have a guaranteed single representative with little hope of ever getting a second...

I'm not sure how true it is, but there is a running joke that Wyoming was the first state to give women's suffrage because they needed those votes to have enough for statehood.

I like how every state is fully written out except for the dirty jerz

Poor people buses don't have islands in them? But how does your bartender serve you while you're lounging in the lagoon? Sounds terribly inconvenient.

You know, you could ask on /sub/trees and get a response that an Economics undergrad could write a PhD thesis on.

Well it is federal land and it's technically in three states so I think they pulled it off.

How in the fuck does

1. more than 1 person know about this movie 2. someone have the ability to quote a segment of it in its *entirety*

Do you really think this person memorized a line from a movie, vs. googled the line and copy/pasted it to Reddit?

The state itself is great.

Our politicians make me want to kill myself.

When I was 15 or so I met a girl from Sweden through a friend I swam with and felt compelled to discuss my then-great appreciation for Basshunter.

Can someone do a more in-depth report please? Wanna know where my guy gets his purp and kush.

What a proper edit burn. Take notes people.

Ehh it was a reference to How I Met Your Mother where they hate on Reese Witherspoon for a movie she wasn't even in.

Not really, it has New England completely backwards and California, New Mexico, Louisiana, Dirty Jerz, Delaware and DC are wrong.

Lol didn't see that at first

We have a scientific naming system for all sorts of things that doesn't mean that its the name that is commonly used by people.

No one says Canis Lupus Familiaris. They say dog.

No one says Quercus Robor. They say Oak Tree.

No one says Bellis Perennis. They say Daisy.

Fucking NIDA as a source? Yeah, sure, the federal government is clearly the leading source of accurate drug info.

Marijuana, as I understand it, refers specifically to the dried flowers/leaves of the plant.

Yeah, yeah, it's one of the boxy ones in the flyover, so who cares? Both of USA today's Wyoming readers?

*All major leaguers. No one has bat even .400 since Ted Williams in 1941.

Neither is its Western border.

They meant this one.

They meant

Must have had interns on duty, because they also misspelled "marijuana."

HA Washington and Oregon don't want Colorado's crappy weed

As a WA state resident, I love that CO seems to take the flack for all legalized pot problems. We're just up here minding our own business smoking bowls.

Colorado, a state you think about so little, you didn't even realize...

I stayed there for football camp. I'm practically a celebrity.

Corey, Trevor. Smokes. Let's go

I thought it was the Spanish word for cannabis? I seem to remember something about when the prohibition first started, somebody thought it would sound more menacing if they made it sound like it was all coming from some Mexican drug cartel to scare people into supporting banning it. I could be wrong though.

You would think someone of your caliber would know the difference between facts and opinions.

But unlike North Korea, Wyoming doesn't have a cult-of-personality style worship of an Illustrious Leader.

Well, unless you count UW football.

I didn't say it was impossible, but it's not very likely, especially as you move farther from Wyoming.

Fresno may have been a bad example, because everyone moves away from there if they can.

Yes, but almost every state East of Colorado is the exact opposite. I've ridden a few greyhound buses over the last few years going east from Colorado, and the interstate patrol stops the buses very frequently and run sniffing dogs up and down the isle and even open the underside luggage compartments.

Heck, the whole reason I took a bus instead of a plane or train is because I brought some herb for my friends in Alabama, but nope. I threw my stash away when I came back from taco bell and dogs were sniffing the entire bus. Luckily I had it on me and could toss it. Second time I got some through but definitely wasn't prepared first time around

I didn't realize how much of a joke the CA medical marijuana laws were until I walked down Venice Beach and saw a shop the size of a broom closet with a sign that said 'The Doctor Is In' out front, and the 'doctor' was a super sweaty dude wearing scrubs with pot leafs all over them.

My hometown is a county seat and has two stoplights. They are the only stoplights in the county. It is two more than we really need.

Aisle, unless you were riding a bus with an island.

ayy macarena

Or you could split Alaska in half to make Texas the 3rd biggest state...

The people are the worst for me. Wisconsin is Alabama with snow and shittier food.

Merge it with Montana and Idaho to make Texas merely the 3rd biggest state.

Edit: Montidoming would have a population of 3,270,000 people, giving it a rank of 30/48 of states by population. It would be big, but extremely loosely populated.

except that name was literally made up by the govt with no scientific relevance

Everyone would move away from Wyoming, but they can't

I wouldn't overestimate the intelligence of the writers themselves

The wind keeps them contained

Someone touch you in Wisconsin?

I think the fact that marijuana of all words was misspelled shows that it WASN'T interns.