U.S. soda sales drops for 12th straight year: trade publication

U.S. soda sales drops for 12th straight year: trade publication
U.S. soda sales drops for 12th straight year: trade publication

Once you quit drinking soda for a long time and then you have one it's like liquid sugar. Nice treat once in a blue moon but on the regular? No thanks.

Soda sales have just been replaced by energy and sport drinks sales, which are just as shitty for you. In fact, energy drinks may be worse for you. And soft drink manufacturers own most of those brands, soooo....

I had a patient come in for gastric problems and I told them I wanted them to have a test for gastro-paresis. I explain the test and that they will drink water with it and the parents say "she won't drink water."

...this is a fucking 5 year old were talking about. What kind of parents let their 5 year old decide they're giving up on healthy, required water, to just drink soda all day. Jesus, if the little thing just has 2 cans she's at almost 350 extra empty calories in the day where as a child drinking water would have 0. WTF is wrong with people. They acted like it was a joke when I told them they really shouldn't be giving her that much soda. Idiots.

I'd rather just have the Blue Moon!

At friends' get-togethers and barbecues, I can stand for a can or a small bottle, maybe even two if I'm really feeling myself. Then there are the folks I know who have one or more 2-liters a day. I'm not sure how any taste that isn't salt or sugar registers with them at all.

Honestly why are energy drinks even grouped differently? It's just soda in a tall can with more caffeine and some bullshit you don't need, like taurine.

I think I'm single-handedly propping up La Croix as the next big thing.

I never get the urge for soda. I can go months without it but once I do have it, I go crazy and can't stop drinking it, that's also when I tend to over eat. Kind of like alcoholism but with sugar, happens with juice or any type of sweet beverage. Its sweet and I feel disgusting a couple of minutes later but right when I have it, I get what I think is a huge spike in my blood sugar and I start to over eat, chips, bread, more soda.

Hah, we mix at least half juice and half water. If you don't add the water, our kid will tell you that you're not "making" the juice correctly.

Best parenting con yet.

I drank a lifetimes worth of coke as a teen but after going about a year without it, I drank a can at lunch one day on a whim and felt like death the rest of the afternoon.

I wouldn't be surprised. I feel like blue moon was the market's gateway drug into craft beer, and then the market just loved craft beer and seemed to abandon blue moon more or less, although it is still successful. That's just my personal experience though, and may not represent a national or even regional trend.

You could always go iced coffee?

That's a big thing here in Florida considering it's too hot 85%+ of the time to drink hot coffee.

Legally, they cannot be sold as soda in the US because they have more than the maximum concentration of caffeine. Mountain Dew is at the limit, which is why they made it in the first place. Energy drinks are dietary supplements technically, so they don't have to follow the rules.

I don't even allow my kid fruit juices until he's drank at least as much water as I'm giving him juice. And I refuse to even let him try soda at his age. Some parents really baffle me.

I'm nearly 40 and haven't purchased a soda from the store or a restaurant in probably 10 years. Beer is another story.....

Too bad blind taste tests don't back up that assertion.

speaking of declining sales

About 6 years ago I started having one glass of Ale every morning instead of coffee or an energy drink. I used to drink a redbull or a starbucks espresso in the morning, it was the best change of drugs I ever made. I lost weight and it also puts me in a better mood when I walk out the door.

It's not my fault. I'm still doing my part to keep jobs at Diet Coke plants.

Perception is reality

They probably don't drink water themselves. Kids want to mimic what their parents are doing (I'm learning this first hand with my 7 month old), so if all they drink is soda, guess what their kid is going to want.

I basically traded soda addiction for sparkling water addiction.

Turns out all I really wanted was the bubbliness.

You want soda sales to go up. Stop making it out of corn syrup. Cane sugar soda tastes way better.

You don't need to get a buzz every time you enjoy a beer...

Yeah, I mean, why even let them have it. They won't know their little bodies like soda better than water if you don't give them any...and water is cheaper. Why the fuck even give it to them...unless of course you just don't believe the numerous studies which show soda and sugars are very bad for you and especially children.

You'd fit right in in Ireland.

As an avid blue moon and shocktop drinker, I disagree. I like a craft beer every now and then, but if I go get a case of something, I'm rolling out some of my good ole cheapo favorites. Blue collar guys like me can't afford all the less-than-main-stream beers

Lost 20+ pounds in 6 months after I quit. Was also excising and doing other things but yeah...fuck soda. It's tasty but ultimately useless.

edit: Thanks for all the kind words. Just as a reference, I weighed 177 pounds and went down to 150. 6 ft tall. I'm back up to 165 now as I've been lifting/working out like crazy and wanted to gain some muscle. I rarely drink as well. Might have a glass of wine 1-2 times a week and a beer only if I'm out and about with other people who are drinking. Mostly drinking water these days with an occasional unsweetened ice tea or seltzer. Stay healthy, y'all. The more fit you are young, the more your body will thank you when you're old. At least that's how I see it.

I'm a graphic designer who strongly prefers energy drinks over coffee. I can't stand the bitter taste, nor the fact that if I pour a cup of coffee, I have to wait ten minutes to drink lest I burn my tongue. An energy drink on the other hand I simply grab from my office fridge and drink as I Photoshop stuff.

Its because people don't drink as much, so when they do drink they want something special even if its more expensive to make it. That's why people who only eat pizza once in a while aren't going to have little Cesars but will go for the local pizza shop.

I can go without soda with no problem. However, if I drink a Pepsi the cravings come. Last month I bought a Pepsi at the corner store on a whim. I drank it and it was good but I was craving another that night. The next day I bought 2 2-liter bottles. I just began to suck it down. I had to pull the breaks after that because I could see a downward spiral I was heading toward. I'm just keeping soda off my drink list for a very long time now.

Not just you, my gf has a serious addiction. She drinks like 3 twelve packs a week. Loves the berry

Doesn't fill me with a lot of confidence because I still see all my co-workers coming in in the mornings with giant frappucinos from Starbucks or coffees with double cream and sugar.

You shouldn't be drinking your calories on a daily basis. I really love Iced Capps from Tim Hortons, but they are not a beverage. They're a treat I give myself every week. Soda/Smoothies/Juice/Milkshakes/Frapuccinos etc... should be looked at the same way. Drink water.

yeah, used to have a pyramid of empty coke cans in my room as a teen...basically stopped drinking soda a few years ago because it was doing a number on my teeth. Have one occasionally now but it is rare..and my teeth feel weird afterwards. Just give me some water and a 5 hour energy and I'm good to go.

If I'm going to drink a non-craft beer, I'll gladly drink Sam Adams or Blue Moon. As much as I like Russian Imperial Stouts, sometimes I just want something cold and simple

Hell yeah, I love putting on my affliction t-shirt, spiking my hair and hopping in my big lifted truck, heading down to the local gas station and getting all monstered up. WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I really like kombucha for something cold and bubbly on a hot day. I have made my own, but they aren't that pricey considering 20 oz pop is almost $2 now.

Ya know, at least beer you know you're getting genuine ingredients... Soda's so full of artificial crap. By my calculations that makes beer healthier

For me, La Croix is beginning to cost more than a cigarette smoking habit.

I don't understand how people can have a soda can every day and remain fit. I always drink water, tea, coffee, milk, etc., play tennis daily and still have some extra fat... Imagine if I drank soda or alcohol.

disagree, didn't touch the stuff (Coke) for a year and tried some cherry coke again and it's still basically perfection in a can to me.

I tried explaining this to someone who drinks coke everyday. I used to do the same thing for years, but stopped for about ten years now. I had a coke and swear I thought my teeth were fucking disintegrating...

Fucking-A, that should be considered child neglect!

It's a lot easier on the gut and usually tastes better too. I prefer iced/frozen coffee even in winter. Just two cups should be enough to keep your energy level steady all day. I don't usually need one in the morning, but by mid-afternoon I'm crashing hard and then I drink my second cup around 6-7. YMMV.

Sweet tea master race!

They should riot in the streets over this although apparently giving someone a soda in said riot will chill everyone the fuck out and turn it into a street party.

Ketchup on bacon... I think that's a jailable offense

This is why I do not allow kid cereals, well any cereal really, into my house. One bowl, I black out and wake up realizing I've had the entire box and crunch berries are stuck to my forehead.

Okay not really but I will eat the entire box in one day.

No. I'm saying I can drink a beer and call it good at one.

That sad feeling when you used to drink so much soda that you think, even for a moment, your new diet had adversely effected the economy.

Pepsi Zero Sugar has more than Dew actually

I rarely drink soda but if I have a Coca-Cola or a Pepsi I'm usually craving one the next day.

Just now realizing my god-mother duped me for 13 years. For fucks sake, why would you water down v8, it's already healthy Kristen... it's already healthy!

Try child abuse. Its what we call it if you were to give a child any other addictive drug. Caffine is addicting. Unless they drink just sprite and root beer they are having an addiction thrown at them before they even have a chance to know what is wrong with it. Kids shouldn't be able to have caffine withdrawal.

That's my mom. She drinks Pepsi as her only liquid and when there isn't any, she cannot drink water because it will make her 'sick' .

That sounds like one of those "an apple wakes you up more than a cup of coffee" facts that have to be BS

Once you quit drinking soda for a long time and then you have one it's like liquid sugar. Nice treat once in a blue moon but on the regular? No thanks.

Not it's not. A cold IBC Root Beer is delicious no matter how long ago I drank it.

You know you don't have to give your brain gratification for everything right?

So what if water tastes like nothing? just drink the god damn water. You don't need a surge of dopamine for everything you do.

What's next, not breathing unless the air smells like perfume?

Me too. I realized that I had drank almost a whole 2L bottle in a day, and that made me feel all kinds of nasty. Back to milk and coffee for me! And the occasional slurpee, but a man can have a vice, dammit! Actually I've got about 6 of them lol

TL;DR: you sweat more when you drink hot beverages. Of course a hot drink doesn't literally make you cooler, that'd break the laws of physics.

La Croix has been really helpful for weaning myself off soda. Unfortunately it's still not great for your teeth.

Ohhh shit, did not expect philosphy on /sub/news

Sugar and fat is essentially addictive. Just cutting soda entirely and drinking fizzy water instead let me lose quite a bit of weight in college. Good on you for being responsible.

Hey, that's how I feel about cigarettes.

Except that doesn't take into account humidity. In a humid climate, sweating is worse because you're not cooling off.

interesting...I've heard of small time soda makers who are actually doing quite well

Me too, fam. Diet Mountain Dew won't go out of business on my watch.

Sorry but juice is just soda without sparkles.

I think we're discussing beverages that don't rot your teeth. I'm a full-on southern boy who loves him some sweet tea, but damn if that shit doesn't melt teeth.

Damn looks like we're gonna have to cut back regulation to save the soda industry!

No kidding. It's ridiculous how pricey carbonated water with some flavoring can be.

That's because I quit drinking soda last year. With as much Mountain Dew as I was packing away, I'm pretty sure I was keeping the entire soda industry in the black, lol.

Originally this was the case. The current formula isn't really the same, but it still mixes ok with whiskey on rocks in my opinion.

Is blue moon declining?

cheaper to buy the high alcohol craft beers than beer you have to drink a 6 pack to get a buzz

I know someone like this. They told me they primarily drink soda and when they drink water they feel sick. I told them they were either bullshitting me or they had rabies because everyone drinks water. I stand corrected.

Corn syrup isn't an artificial sweetener.

You forgot the white framed oakley sunglasses.

Honestly it seems like all fast food places have severely watered down their pop, even if you get it without ice its still not right.

I recommend trying cold brew coffee. Much sweeter than brewed coffee due to the fact that it's not cooked in hot water. And it's ice cold.

Tooth decay master race?

If you're gonna have calorie loaded garbage water, it better be beer.

If that's the only bad thing you consume it's not the worst thing. Combine it with everything else and it's easily 5 lbs a year. If you're very active then you can drink it. If you're not active then you're probably going to be fat with or without Soda unless you have one of those unusual metabolism.

Look at the sodium content tho.... watered down is probably a lotttttttt better

She got lucky. If she gave the soda to the cop that was on keto, he would have beaten the shit out of her.

Is this what happens when I make e-7?

I too love that burning sensation. I want it to make my eyes water.

This guy lost weight on a 'twinkie diet'. With occasional Doritos and Oreos:


Turns out, if you keep your total caloric intake low, you can eat junk food without weight gain (though it's probably hard on your liver).

Sugar is about as addictive as cocaine.

Only to be replaced by infantilized coffees, 2-meter tall energy drinks and unnecessary consumption of sports drinks.

I think it's expensive because of how they do the flavoring; they're in a different league. It's crazy how the drinks taste so good and have no sweetener whatsoever.

I started having one glass of Ale every morning instead of coffee

Wait...we're allowed to do that...?

Taste tests are usually worthless because they give participants a small dixie cup of each drink. This is why Pepsi usually bests Coke in taste tests even though more people prefer a full glass of Coke to a full glass of Pepsi.

Small initial taste isn't the same as a 12oz-20oz drink.

Dammit, I knew I was forgetting something...and the vape.

LaCroix is carbonated, so it's acidic. I couldn't find an exact number for LaCroix, but most seltzer water has a pH around 5-6, which is at least 10x stronger than regular water but 1000x weaker than sodas which have a pH of 2.5.

It's actually not the fault of the store, it's the person servicing the machine. When they set it up and test it they're suppose to use a special cup that shows how much water and syrup is being mixed at the spout and adjust it if it's not right. This is one reason why you can get fountain coke from different places and they all taste different. Cleanliness also plays a factor, but not sure how much. The store can adjust the machines but I can almost guarantee no one knows how and would have to call Coke/Pepsi to walk them through it if they would even do that over the phone for you.

The McD next to my house is awful and has always been awful for as long as I can remember. You'd think someone would call Coke to fix it.

Says the guy who's never had cocaine.

Mix that and box wine. Add a little bit of snapple.

That's almost the only alcohol I drink anymore.

Edit: When I'm at home.

Those people must have cottonmouth because dissolved sugar and corn syrup neither taste nor feel the same on your tongue.

They must not consider energy drinks soda. Those mother fuckers are getting sold in droves!

Net sales for the 2016 fourth quarter increased 16.8 percent to $753.8 million, from $645.4 million in the same period last year. Gross sales for the 2016 fourth quarter increased 14.2 percent to $848.8 million, from $743.2 million in the same period last year. Comparative net and gross sales amounts for the 2015 fourth quarter were negatively impacted by advance purchases made by the Company's customers due to a pre-announced price increase, effective August 31, 2015 ("Advance Purchases"), on certain of the Company's Monster Energy® brand energy drinks. The Company estimates that net and gross sales for the 2015 fourth quarter were reduced by approximately $11.0 million and $12.0 million, respectively, as a result of such Advance Purchases. Net and gross sales for the 2016 fourth quarter, after adjusting the 2015 fourth quarter comparatives for Advance Purchases, increased by 14.8 percent and 12.4 percent, respectively. Unfavorable currency exchange rates reduced net sales by approximately $3.3 million and gross sales by approximately $5.9 million in the 2016 fourth quarter.

Avid Pepsi drinker here. What the fuck is Pepsi zero and how is it different from Pepsi Max?

That's exactly how I get.

I quickly realized I don't normally have a crazy sweet tooth. I don't crave ice cream, or cookies, or candy or any of that - but holy god do I really love soda.

Once I stopped drinking it I was fine. Didn't crave it etc. But if I drank one...I def wanted another the next day etc.

Peddling sugar water just ain't what it used to be. I haven't drunk soda in 30 years, it's bad for you. Prefer vodka.

Pepsi/Coke should hire me to travel the country and quality test every one of their fountain installations. Some of these places are so bad its got to be damaging their brand, the freestyle machines especially.

sports drinks.

How else am I supposed to replenish all the electrolytes I've lost working my desk job?

It's great what your are doing for your daughter. But don't think it's ever too late to start getting in shape. Your body will thank you and so will your family. If you need motivation, there are plenty of subreddits out there to help. I've seen posts on /sub/loseit where people have lost a hundred pounds or more through diet and exercise. It's never too late to change.

but most studies I've seen indicate that diet soda is actually worse for you than regular

There are very few studies that actually deal directly with this topic and none say that you gain more weight than drinking regular soda. The studies point out that switching to diet soda alone is not enough to lose weight, because it doesn't address the root cause which is overeating. With a calorie restricted diet, you absolutely can drink diet soda and lose weight. Its the calorie restricted part that most people dont do.

I drink 4 diet drinks a day and I've lost 80 pounds. It's zero calories, basic science

Have you ever soda out of the Coca-Cola freestyle machine? They suck. The coke is awful. In the past McDonald's, Burger King, and Jack in the Box had the best Cokes. It was the only reason I ate fast food. Now they put this shit in. Fuck Coca-Cola...

No crashing and alcohol is for the taste. It's really good.

I just like the smell of blow...