US Army base on lockdown, sixty four soldiers busted in cocaine drug ring

US Army base on lockdown, sixty four soldiers busted in cocaine drug ring

I remember when an entire squad pissed hot for coke. 64? That's almost 2 platoons. Some officer is getting hard thinking of the safety brief and powerpoint lecture he gets to give now.

Some other officers are getting hard relieved for causes and considering their civilian options, because they're not getting promoted and thus their careers are over.

I'm willing to bet it was maybe 2 squads from 2 different platoons actually doing anything shady. Then both platoons, or 64 soldiers, get investigated. It is hard enough to coordinate 64 soldiers to act like fucking soldiers. Coordinating 64 soldiers in a cocaine drug ring would be almost impossible.

how dumb coked up do you have to be to pose for the picture at the top of the story

Guys thank god it was not the marijuana. Imagine the damage and devastation that would have caused.

But then they stop being hard because they did a bunch of coke

I mean, do you not see that guy's pile? That dude is on some Doctor Rockso level shit.

A PFC is the ringleader? My ass.

Cocaine has become the drug of choice for most service members who feel the need to do drugs while serving.

The military enforces their drug policies by doing monthly urinalysis testing and some surprise random tests thrown into the mix as well. Since cocaine is only detectable in urine for a day or two it's a very difficult drug to detect.

I've seen career NCO's and Officers who have spent 15+ years in the military get busted for cocaine. They had been using cocaine their entire career but managed to evade getting busted for decades.

Sure about that?

Cocaine abuse confirmed.

They had been using cocaine their entire career but managed to evade getting busted for decades.

Because coke is out of your system almost instantly. Drug tests are a fucking joke, its basically "do you smoke weed." You can be blowing lines Saturday night and pass a drug test Monday. I know this because my buddy was a Marine (in a non combat role) and we were at an EDM concert a year or two ago, did a shitload of blow all night, and he texts me Monday morning "shit man I have a random drug test today." He was tested barely 24 hours after we had stopped doing the coke and he passed. I was happy he did as his friend but at the same time I was like, wtf is the point of this drug test?

If true they should promote him

Idiots. They should know the CIA runs the drugs not the army

it varies person to person, line to line

That guy who smothered his face with cocaine just lived the scarface dream

you're probably just too gorked to notice

Already shows more leadership potential than most of the degenerate NCO's I served with

Note that they don't test all of the random test samples.

Source: Was pecker checker way too many times, and the SACO explained the scheme. They're rigorous at boot camp, combat training, and all-hands piss tests. Random samples are generally just to keep people from getting complacent.

That being said, one of the funniest things my uncle told me from his Air Force days was getting tested right before a 96. Everyone went "Welp, we just got tested, so we're good."

The first test was a sham, and the one they did on Wednesday morning was the real deal. Surprise!

Only thing I can think of is if you had one guy who could supply it. Wanted to make extra money and soldiers were clearly the best target for them. Recruited a few of their friends to help deal. They liked the money so much they got more, those friends recruited their own people.. who eventually recruited their own people.

Think of it like a Mob family. You have the Boss, his captains and they have their soldiers who have their own associates.

And let's just remember, they all weren't busted for dealing. They just could have been using. My guess is there was a max of 15 selling and 3 guys in charge of them and 1 guy supplying.

they stop being hard because they did a bunch of coke

Sure about that?

I'm on post right now and it's not on lockdown

No way dude. It has to have been his amazing dick. Not the drugs right? right?!

I thought MPs do the arrest, why were the cops and feds involved? What about Jack Reacher? Why wasn't he involved? Why haven't I had dinner yet? When can I go see Thor 3?

This isnt a pyramid scheme just a regular supply and sales chain.

Too risky. Everyone knows weed takes way too long to get out of your system and the few that don't get kicked out pretty quick. It was the same in the Irish army. I never knew a single soldier that smoked weed but plenty that would chance it with coke or yokes (molly) on the weekend.

Yeah, I have a buddy who did coke once. His exact thoughts were "This is awesome! I can never do this again"

I'm laughing in DD-214

Thank you for your service.



Or she just really liked doing coke.

Doctor Rockso

Upvote if only because I don't see this show referenced often enough.

You seem to go to more interesting parties than I do.

this is why I reddit

But coke makes you stay hard for hours. You just can't ever cum.

Had a good friend on the nuclear aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. He told me that half way through his first tour they find a meth lab in one of the reactor rooms ( nobody want to inspect those out of fear of the radiation). Turns out the XO was in on it.

Do you see how much coke he had? He was that high. He probably didn't even know where he was.

One of my favorite threads on Reddit was just all about coke. I got a real education and it was fascinating. The moral of the story was essentially "coke is amazing, which is why you shouldn't do it. If you must do uppers just snort some adderall, it's cheaper."

And they even give you a chance in an amnesty closet when you arrive. Basically go in a room. It has a bank-like deposit-thing. Open it, put your contraband in (not just drugs, but weapons/food/etc--the list was loooong).

Hell, I had some issues with my deploy date that got pushed back (4/17/10->6/xx/10)--then moved up again(4/28/10). Smoked some grass on 4/20 (like the fucking idiot I was back then)and freaked out. My recruiter smoked the shit out of me to 'get it out of my system'.

After a few days of getting smoked twice a day to get the THC out I take the test and still fail. I was distraught because I both wanted and needed to be in the Army at that point in life

My recruiter had this disappointed look on his face at first, but after a second it turns into an impish smile and he proclaims: "Dundrstokk, they don't test once you get there. But you'll never do something that goddamned fucking idiotic again!"

He was right. I did not re-enlist.

Not me. An hour into a night if partying I couldn't get it up if Robin Wright stretched out my scrotum with her teeth and spread peanut butter on my taint.

Same feeling I had after being on painkillers short term following surgery. "Wow, I feel great and no worries, this feels awesome, I now understand all the opioid addiction problems. I will throw the rest of the pills out within 72 hours and figure something else out if I'm still in pain!"

Shit you caught me don't tell my nco

CIA prolly thinking, "Sixty four potentials...."

No, but the blue sclera are a dead giveaway.

I did a lot of drugs in college (and after) and it was a fucking blast. I regret nothing.

Now I have a wife and a kid and a mortgage. Now THAT shit is trippy.

And as a fellow tax paying ex-soldier i would disagree. You dont want some junkie soldier holding your life in his hands because hes addicted to doing blow.

Dont forget the free food, free housing, free medical, ect. You were making closer to $3-4k a month once you figure that all in.

Is it weird that the one time I was ever on strong painkillers, I just got really tired and ended up just falling asleep wondering when the high would kick in?

Impossible you are just a shitbag NCO's have never done anything wrong in God's great Army


No one is 'taking care' of something that's basically national news and results in a 'lockdown' (not really, but still) of a huge installation. It's certainly going up to at least battalion level.

Besides that, no, I doubt they'd get chaptered. I don't even know if officers can be chaptered. But I know they'll be passed over for promotion, and once that happens you're told to walk.

This is basically what I tell people when they bring up MDMA (I had a real fun summer, many moons ago).

"Is MDMA as good as everyone makes it out to be?"

"No. It's much, much better."


"Yes. So stay far, far away."


EDIT: I should clarify something. By "stay far, far away," I'm not suggesting that anyone who has used - or wants to use - MDMA is in some immediate danger. I had a blast when I used it, and I honestly wouldn't take that back for a second. "Back in my day," I experimented with tons of substances, and the sheer euphoria of MDMA was unmatched by any others; however, just like anything else in life, it is not immune to abuse. It may not be physically addictive like coke, but people definitely do get trapped in an addiction-like cycle. "I feel lonely and depressed. Nothing in life matters to me. I moved out of the family house. I feel like I have no friends." Fast forward to that night: "WHOO!! This is my 4th night using MDMA this week, and I'm LOVING it! Everyone around me is my best friend, and I just love life!"

Again, I'm not saying that MDMA is evil (I will re-state that I wouldn't take my experiences back for a second); however, I feel like the vast majority of people who have used it in highly social settings - for long periods of time - can attest to the fact that there are people who have - simply put - spiraled completely out of control by getting hooked on those feelings. I think it's amazing that a drug can make you feel so open, happy, and accepting; however, that can be a dangerous thing in substance form, when used by those who already have trouble coping with everyday life (and I'm not just referring to those with clinical depression). It's an amazing drug. Is it as addictive as nicotine, opioids, and coke? Perhaps not. Does it have the potential to do great harm? Absolutely (as is the case with many things in life, I'll grant you).

i love that he's surrounded by fat stacks. Sealed fat stacks. These guys knew how to take a photo. Sadly, you probably shouldn't take incriminating photos like that.... His parents must be proud.

If he got it at a concert, there is a decent probability that he just got caffeine + lidocaine.

Kansas is never nice any time of year.

It was in nucleonics. Only 1 division has access too it. Its where primary samples are analyzed.

Enlisted pay is entirely disposable. All of your living expenses are covered, so the ~$2,000 you get a month can be spent on whatever you want.

I saved it; I put away about $35,000 in five years so that I only had to save up for a year in the civvie world to make a big down payment on a house.

Other people bought brand-new Mustangs at 18% APR.

Other people bought drugs.

No one is more professional than I.

You can be a very inexperienced soldier and a very experienced coke dealer.


"I can't feel my face when I'm with you."

I would also like to know why Jack Reacher was not involved...

Just have to combine it with tiger blood.

But you should respect all soldiers just because they are soldiers.

I dunno. I remember officers taking care of each other. We had an officer (2LT) get arrested for soliciting sex. They made it sound like he was getting chaptered. Ran into him downtown and asked him what came of it, he was being transferred to another unit to start over fresh.

you're talking about a group of guys who can work up the tolerance to drink a case of budweiser a night(24 pack that is) and then run 5 miles the next morning. we do everything at absurdly higher risks and standards.

source: i was that guy at one point. without the cocaine. just alcohol.

I had a copy of the incident report on the boat. Cant recreate it because its NOFORN. But in short ELTs used lab equipment to make meth. Theyre all shady mofos.

Name one military town that isn't a Gonorrhea-infested shithole.

at least they are doing things as a unit?!

name says it all.

When I was in ROTC we got tested just a few days after coming back from spring break. Somehow, a few guys who said they had smoked weed over break didn't get busted but a couple of guys that shared some adderall to study did.

Recruited a few of their friends to help deal. They liked the money so much they got more, those friends recruited their own people.. who eventually recruited their own people.

So a pyramid scheme.

Pyramid scheme are scheme because the product is bunk and the bulk or your income is made recruiting new members. A dealer recruiting more dealers is probably because the demand is higher than he can fill by himself or because they can deal to a market you can't reach.

You can't be wrong if you're all wrong!

Or powdered seahorse.

"Babe, you have the most amazing 2-inch dick I've ever seen!!! Can I have two more lines now?? No I swear I have never orgasmed before, it's not you."

We had a similar one with a UA right after a deployment. Everybody had to piss before being released for a week of restitution. After everybody was back to work on day-one, we had a Commander's Call at a big hangar. Everybody figured it was a safety brief, pat on the back, awards gig...nope. Everybody got to pee again. The manning roster took a massive hit from that one.

I've also seen all weekend, nighttime, inbound traffic directed straight to the base clinic for immediate testing. Gate guards and 1st Sgt's were seizing all cell phones at the gate to prevent warnings going out to buddies.

That picture is so ridiculous, I have to wonder if he wasn't just fucking around with some other substance for a funny picture.

Who makes lines the size of snickers bars?

Yoo-hoo! You know what I do, baby! And I'm doing it!

haha the Cocaine Import Agency has been at it for a long time.

People think it's expensive. Coke isn't expensive, the habit is what's expensive

Look at those big gorilla fingers cut out next to the pile.

The thing that convinced me not to become an opioid addict was the extreme constipation I get from oxy. Because holy fuck not shitting for a week is uncomfortable and worrisome.

I'm guessing you've never done coke but that's not how this drug works lol.

I've never seen someone busted for MJ in the military. Its always Cocaine and occasionally opiates.

It's cool, your nco is coked out of his mind too.

There isn't shit too do at Ft. Stewart, and most of the guys using are fucking Rangers that got hooked on Speed balls they gave us as far back as Gulf War 1. And Most of the pilots there couldn't pull off some of the missions they have done without coke or amphetamines.

Other people bought brand-new Mustangs at 18% APR.

Every time we came back from deployment, the barracks parking lot and PT looked like a car show.

The military pays better than almost any job they could qualify for outside of the service, and even people working shit jobs for shit pay in the private sector can manage to afford it.

"Synthetic marijuana". It's actually random research chemicals that will really fuck you up. People have died.

Leavenworth is nice this time of year.

The military pays for literally everything else.

wearing your reflective belt could have prevented this

Aka you put something up your butt didn't you

Heh. Nah, they'll be looking for the ones who weren't dumb enough to get caught.

Dated a girl for a while in my cocaine days. She partied a little...but man did she love it when I partied a lot. I'm pretty sure she stayed with me because, when on coke, I could stay hard for hours. She took full of advantage of the situation.

Aka you put something up your butt didn't you

Dude, I've seen the face of God while putting something up my butt. Don't you knock it until you try it.

Heroes, mate. Heroes.

I heard of a dude who snuck weed into BT. He didn't make it through BT.

Leesvile, Louisiana. They sell their female children to white slavers when they reach the age of twelve, so the soldiers have to make due with each other.

I was in rehab with a marine we called "spice girl."

Hey I get this reference.

There most certainly is money in it in non-legal states. Most Americans still can't go down to the corner pot shop and pick up an ounce.

I only care that laws are applied equally, they can't get a pass until we end the stupid drug war. There is blood on all drugs not purchased legally, consumers tend to forget that.

Aren't they supposed to be guarding the heroin fields in Afghanistan? Wtf are they doing snorting blow? Glad someone caught them before they all died of speedballs.

A big part of their job is to not do drugs.

In technical school there was a spice dealing ring that got busted. They said spice doesn't show up on UA and apparently is one of the more common illegal substances used in the military

Guys, y'know, it really could have been both.

64....that is quite a number.

Right, but my point is drug test don't function as a deterrent for coke because its pretty much out of your system within 24 hours. If you knew you could smoke pot and pass a drug test 24 hours later you'd probably toke up all the time.

I don't have an issue with drug tests, I have an issue with wasting probably millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on tests for members of the military that are utterly pointless.

I mean, coke is bad, but it's not meth & heroin bad.

Hah, that is a legit question.

She was no 'coke whore'...often paying her own way. But again, she did not use anywhere near as much as I did, maybe a third or so...but who the fuck really knows, those days were hard and fast living. Fun, but expensive.

But she was a 'coke whore' in the aspect of that she loved what it did to my dick.

There's also blood on the tens of thousands of dollars I pay in taxes every year that goes to pay for US military bullets and missiles. In fact the money I've paid in taxes has probably killed more innocent people than the amount I've spent on recreational drugs.

it boggles my mind that people are idiotic enough to think that cartels dont use already established true and true supply lines....