Tyler the Creator on whether he knew Frank Ocean was gay before he came out

Tyler the Creator on whether he knew Frank Ocean was gay before he came out

The pop-tart thing is an obvious red flag, good call Tyler

Tyler's been kissing white boys since 2004.

Oh my god I've always prefered the unfrosted poptarts, and I'm gay. Is Tyler on to something here?

*rainbow colored flag ;)

I thought frank was bi

Edit: stop arguing bout all this dumb shit. Smdh.

He is. "Gay" is, somewhat controversially, used as an umbrella term for any non-heterosexual sexualities. Tyler is also queer, but not necessarily gay.

I've always preferred unfrosted pop tarts. Am I gay? I don't know anymore.

Edit: Just remembered I like tits too much.

Edit 2: But what if I just like men with larger breasts?

Yeah hes gay not a damned commie

tyler can literally straight up say "i am homosexual" and people will still not think he's gay lol

They make Pop-tarts with no frosting? I legit never knew that. Even wal-mart brand pop-tarts have frosting on them.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for replying. I'm learning a lot from this now, even if it's for pop-tarts.

I am bisexual and sometimes I just like to refer to myself as "gay" in certain contexts. It helps me feel like an actual part of the LGBTQ community.

That line has me like woah

Pop Marx?

The unfrosted ones are actually vegan in case you ever need a Pop Tart for someone with specific food sensitivities.

As a commie, frosted pop tarts are Marx's greatest invention.

But in a good, accepting way

I mean...I think you just explained it pretty well.

Hm, Tyler must be an intuitive guy then, because I apparently didn't know Frank Ocean was gay until 5 years after he came out.

Maybe you're gay for boobs.

I'm straight but I totally believe in pushing the "gay agenda," just because it should be no big thing who you fancy. My bestest friend in the world is a lesbian and to me it's no big deal, but some people think it is. Let it go, who cares what you do or don't in the bedroom, it's how you treat others around you that defines your character.

He has actually said it multiple times on twitter and in songs. I am actually pretty sure he is at least bisexual, but he jokes so fucking often you can't be positive.

Tyler does not smoke

I agree (I am too). It's useful because straight people seem to understand the gay experience a little more than other queer experiences, and there's plenty of overlap between what being gay is like and what being bi is like.


It's impossible to explain to a straight person that I'm in a committed relationship of 8 years with another female but I'm still often attracted to men and don't consider myself to be 100% gay.

But where do you stand on the frostless pop tart agenda?

And, weirdly, are higher in calories.

They have more filling to make up for the lack of frosting. At least the strawberry ones do.

So... get a fuckin toaster strudel

Gay people can be friends without being into each other.

Better than me, I have no idea who any of them are.

Congrats, you just came out of the closet on Reddit! Hooray!

Those frostless freaks gotta be put down.

Jk, they're alright. Whatever pops your tart.

A white boy is also known as a joint. My guess is he has smoking joints since 2004, but who really knows.

Maybe /u/Alexisandra didn't word it 100%, but it's often difficult for straight people to understand that one can be in a committed relationship with one gender and still be bisexual. Even though it is - as demonstrated above - quite clearly easy to explain, the concept just doesn't always get across.


edit: no joke I don't remember writing this comment and I also don't get it, like is this a joke or something? I get that that last guy's sentence ended with "be positive" but I don't understand why responding with a grade is relevant

Well now this is perplexing... My Christian mother who preached that being gay is a sin only allowed pop tarts in the house if they didnt have frosting on them because "the frosting had too much sugar"

Bisexual people get a lot of weird hate from both sides--from a conservative stance because they're still queer, and from the LGBT+ community because they can pass as straight and thus their experience isn't as valid.

God I wish people around me talked more like this.

I can go to eat out, appreciate the menu and love reading it, but still stick to my favorite dish because I love it so much.

He could be bi as well. Just cause he's been kissing boys doesn't mean he ain't kissing girls too.

Some flavor of bi, possibly where the romantic and sexual orientations don't match up, or he's sure he's into men but not sure about anything else.

because he has asthma, that should be the main point.

he doesn't drink or do other drugs, either

Yeah one time he tweeted something to the effect of"I tried to come out the damn closet four days ago and nobody cared lol"

Some real screaming into a void shit. Like the tweets have thousands of likes and rt's, it's just nobody listened

In light of recent news I'm convinced Tyler and Frank dated at some point

because asthma has him

I mean, Tyler has tried to come out a few times. It's just nobody notices or thinks it's a joke.

He's gay or bi for sure, but this could just be a line with multiple meanings intentionally.

TIL I'm gay. I only eat the unfrosted Pop Tarts. Toasted with butter. Can you even toast the frosted ones or do you heathens eat them cold?

Wtf does that even mean? What does being queer but not gay imply?

I saw some twitter thread that basically showed all the times he's come out and nobody's believed him lol. But the general consensus seems to be that yes, Tyler is queer (not necessarily homosexual)

...we did it, Reddit?

Yeah u/TheGuyWhoLikesThings, is that one of the things you like?

God hates flags.

oh man frank ocean has amazing music, i recommend you check him out. tyler is more of an acquired taste, though this next album he's releasing is a little more accessible


Just like how straight men and women can be!

He's said it a couple of times on twitter before

How old are you? Tyler is pretty well known.

Fam it's 10 minutes old, let it sizzle for a bit it's still raw.

I might actually like them better with more filling, they just seem so much more boring so I'd never buy them, I'll check them out now

Tyler is also gay

You DO NOT smoke!

he could be.... bi

So did you turn out gay or straight? Was your mother right or wrong? Is tyler onto something? Find out on the next episode of dragon ball z!

Wait, I like plain pop tarts. What does that make me?

no tux weak as fuck

Yes! Maybe we bisexuals should adopt some more interesting metaphors.

Thats because 4 days ago he tweeted something like "IN 3 HOURS IM EITHER RELEASING SOMETHING DOPE OR IM COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET" and well he released something dope..

This is exactly the case. It's kind of like they get the best and worst of both sides.

I just imagined someone (anyone, really, not Tyler specifically) building up enough courage to finally come out and then everybody just writing it off as a joke or not taking them seriously and it put a funny image in my head. Not "ha ha" funny, peculiar, I guess.

He has another song where he talks about only having sex with women so he could brag to his friends but not really being into it.

/sub/frankocean we out here. We made it.

You can't really pass and be open with your partner if you're gay though. Bisexual people have the "choice" to hide in plain sight as it were - to have an opposite sex partner, to introduce family members to opposite sex partners, to have a "normal" teenage experience (prom, dating, etc), and to have a romantic/sex life while still remaining partially closeted. I consider myself to be lucky to be bisexual... I'm not out to many people and because I have a history of opposite sex partners I am not questioned or harassed for being attracted to the same sex.

Are you by any chance, Africaryan?


"Would you like some coffee?"



I thought Frank was more known

Has Tyler himself come out and confirmed it? Ik it's in his lyrics, but he says a lot of shit.

bi relationships, like any, are on a case-by-case basis. i wasn't into the last dude i dated but that doesn't mean i'm straight now

Where's his gawdam gold, Gold Trolls?


I think they're implying that he's not straight but not necessarily homosexual. He could be bi or something else.

I'm gay and resent the implication that I like unfrosted Poptarts

You gotta pay the troll toll, if you wanna give that boy gold

Not a good way to check sexuality. A lot of people like boobs. Boobs are fun.

EDIT: Changed to a lot instead of everyone because Passerine doesn't like boobs.

Well he's pretty much confirmed he's attracted to men. But hasn't ever said he's 100% homosexual. Bisexuality (or I guess pansexuality) is pretty much the only option, but I just would rather use a blanket term like queer rather than trying to process-of-elimination another person's sexuality into a specific label.

I've had a couple LGTQ people tell me bisexuality isn't real and/or doesn't belong in the gay community.

Hmm.. never thought with butter.. what's it taste like? I eat them both cold and hot depending on the convince.

17, I've heard his name, never bothered to look up what exactly he's the Creator of. Never heard of the other guy.

PLEEEEEEEASE do yourself a favour and listen to some Frank Ocean. Channel Orange is the best album to start with imo, and his recent release Blonde is my favourite album of all time.

Asthma has us all on this blessed day

The absolute madman did it

TIL I'm gay. How am I gonna break this to my girlfriend?

Nah, Tyler's into white dudes.

There have been multiple times where he's talked about having sex with men, coming out, or even straight up said "I'm gay as fuck." I finally ask, Why all the gay humor? “Because I’m gay as fuck,” he says, without a flinch.

Liking birds would make him straight mate

There probably would have been a shit storm if he didn't change the album name

We are ALL toaster strudels.

Good point

That's honestly hilarious. Tyler is a hilarious person

True, still a big thing thing though, often perpetuated by non other than the LGBT community:


If you're getting screwed by pop-tarts, that's a completely separate category from gay

It's being used in a friendly way, don't be so sensitive

Unfrosted pop tarts are the only ones I can eat without getting insane heartburn. My dad eats them and those are the only ones he likes. The blueberry ones, toasted in the toaster with a little butter. I don't usually eat them toasted with butter, but still less heartburn that way than frosted ones lol

You can have sexual feelings without romantic ones. Romance and sex are not always intertwined.

Funny you mention Wal-Mart. At least in my area Wal-Mart is the only place I can consistently find unfrosted poptarts.

has a song about this.

Weirdly enough, Family Guy

They are good cold. More like a soft crumbly cookie.

In some places, perhaps a neat majority, it is a really big thing coming out.

People just call you gay if you're a dude that sleeps with dudes. It's not that they don't know what being "bi" means. It's just easier.

What the fuck lmao so even black people can't say it now?

Of course you would've known.


For anyone who has never had an unfrosted pop tart piping hot out the toaster with button on them, you're missing out.

You guys get the third letter of the abbreviation, that must count for something

That's a tough line to walk. Being straight doesn't have the same stigma as being in the LGBTQ+ community. Coming out is a big deal. It's not really pushing an agenda. But I understand how it could be seen that way.

You aren't anyone's friend here, so no.

I am on a diet so all I can think of is food things right now, sorry! Like potato chips or ice cream- either is amazing, but sometimes you find that perfect flavor and you're all, "This is it. This is the one. Done."

That being said, my spouse has to worry about me being attracted to another woman the same way he would about another man. I've met both men and women I'm attracted towards, and it's been basically the same, "Eh, I get it. I ain't gonna go for it, but I get it," idea.

Unless you've got some poly thing going on- one thing a lot of people think about bisexuals is that they "don't count" cheating if it's with same sex partners, but that's about as accurate as saying, "it doesn't count because (insert selfish reason here)" it's just someone justifying cheating to themselves.

But it'll turn you gay.

Yes they are!! We requested they start stocking them again at our Wal-Mart because they went away for years when sales went down and I love them so much.

Wife and I make our own toasters. We make sure and throw them in the tub to let them plump before we use them.

That's great!!

What's even more perplexing is that the unfrosted poptarts actually have more calories because they have a thicker crust

I wish I had a better answer than "twitter." He's tweeted multiple times before about liking dudes, including one tweet where he basically said "I tried to come out of the closet before but nobody believed me."

It can be something different. Some people want physical intimacy (hugs, cuddling, kissing, sometimes even sleeping in the same bed) but have no desire for intercourse. You can also want a deeper kind of relationship than you can really get with a friend (maybe that's more of a modern friendship thing, but you definitely tell a longterm SO more secrets and are generally more open around them than your friends, most of the time).

Wife and i make our own toster strudels there healthier and better flavor.

Or he likes to fuck dudes but doesn't like to date them.