Two Countries Just Labeled George Soros an Enemy of the State! America should do so also

Two Countries Just Labeled George Soros an Enemy of the State! America should do so also
Two Countries Just Labeled George Soros an Enemy of the State! America should do so also

The Philippines ups the ante by placing a bounty on his head. When a President of a country will literally want to hunt you down and have your liver roasted on a spit for dinner as he does with terrorists, you know that there's something to be up for ole' testicle eyes to be so universally vilified.

spez to an article about said bounty statement:

Trump will make this happen when the time is right! He's currently undergoing the process of slipping red pills to our allies' leaders (Macron being the most recent) so they'll follow suit when he finally does it. Trust me, 'pedes, Trump knows exactly what he's doing!

He had me at ban muslim immigration.

No, We should launch a Seal Team 6 operation to take this asshole out without letting him know its coming in advance.

Sooner or later, the rest of the world will catch up to where Eastern Europe's been for the last 1000 or so years (through the Crusades)

and have your liver roasted on a spit for dinner as he does with terrorists,

Dat Hep C

Mossad, makes it more poetic.

The Nazi hunted by the Jews.

And for anyone curious who the other two countries are - Hungary and Israel.

We are still in the building allies forging alliances stage. I am inclined to believe that Trump wants to work with everybody who is capable of rational thought. He will then deal with those who need to be delt with.

He had me at: "You'll never doubt my birth certificate. You'll never need me to show it to you anyway."

he had me at " the first lady is a real lady "

Where's Golgo 13 when you need him?

Catch up on the eastern european's hate for communists, globalists and to some extent islam.

Kill first ask question later. If it turns out bad then wipe out his family line.

Nice to see Israel is no longer pushing the Soros agenda. Was pretty disappointed when they sent an ambassador to try and talk Hungary out of enacting their anti-Soros legislation.

Unfortunately, these sort of people have dead man's hand switches. It'd unleash some sort of political and economic turmoil. Maybe it'd be worth it, but I hope Trump is working on a better plan.

Yeah, gotta watch out, thats how Hillary got a hole in her tongue

Some days my government does good. This is one of those days.

Trump knows exactly what he's doing!

Brotherman, Trump is so far ahead of us we may not catch up until D Jr. is president.

Indeed the Soros babies are up to the same game.

I believe Soros is very welcome in Russia. They welcome him especially in Siberia. ;-)

In China they even want to talk with him in private about what he would think about working on rice fields. And he is going short against the USA stock market. He gave Black Power Movement $ 33 000 000. Etc... He made also good friends with the UK. And he was the driving force behind the Hillary campaign and he is also behind The Merkel plan. He is an enemy of every nation state on this earth.

They should charge him as a War Criminal for his WWII activities...Activities HE ADMITS TO.

In no way was the statement meant to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel's democratically elected governments by funding organizations that defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself

Their main issue was with the ads themselves, which make him look very Jewish (which I guess he is), saying "Don't let George Soros have the last laugh". It brought in fears that the ads might have "anti-Semitic Overtones". No agenda pushing, just careful.

Ok. He is a us citizen. I don't want the government naming him enemy it the state. I want to open T_D and read that he has been arrested for his fair and prior trial.

He isn't some Boogeyman. He's just a crook.

But none of this can happen until President Trump's gets his new FBI director. That's why I expect the Dems to turn that into a circus. It's the last piece of the puzzle and they should know it.

Spez: a word

if you duck for "Soros Russia arrest warrant" lots comes up, but not sure if trustworthy. Here is one example that also mentions the EU and the International Monetary fund:

Please elaborate. Their isn't much I want to base my life off from eastern Europe. My family left Ukranie for a reason.