Trump wants to slash NYPD anti-terror funding while the city pays to protect Trump Tower

Trump wants to slash NYPD anti-terror funding while the city pays to protect Trump Tower
Trump wants to slash NYPD anti-terror funding while the city pays to protect Trump Tower

Wonder what all the NYC cops who voted for Trump feel about that.

Why is he cutting the budgets for counterterrorism and the TSA while escalating the War on Terror?

At least we knew an attack was the last thing the Dems wanted...

He wants to be a war time president so bad it hurts

I'm tempted to say that they deserve whatever comes to them. They get paid well, have amazing benefits and retire with fat pensions because of their union. Then they turn around and vote for the party that wants unions destroyed.

A man who's never read history is now in charge of writing it. There's no getting used to how terrifying that is.

they are assholes, but this stuff puts ordinary NYers in danger. NYC is the #1 global terrorist target. As a NYer I am fucking sick of the right screaming about 9/11 to justify every hateful piece policy while denying that the men and women of this town are not real americans.

edit: my comment wasn't meant to depict NYC as a winner in some kind of terrorism competition--plenty of cities are targeted and far too many are frequently attacked. It remains though, that billions in counter-terrorism over 15 years have curtailed terrorist activity and thwarted large-scale attacks in NYC. That changes with a budget cut. Not cool GOP.

I have a suggestion for the NYPD. Treat Trump Tower AS the White House. No one in or out who isn't there on White House business. Just make getting into and out of Trump Tower so hard, no one wants to be there. Frisk everyone. Inspect every briefcase. All deliveries must be cleared 48 hours in advance.

Make it so no one wants to go there, deliver there, work there, do business there. Very secure. Incredibly inconvenient and expensive to deal with. They'll get the message.

He wants to reduce anti-terror funding in a place that has actually had a terrorist attack, but increase funding for a 30 foot border wall which will likely do little-to-nothing.

Can we just build the wall around his castle and keep him inside instead?

A man who's never read history is now in charge of writing it.

Terrifying but very elegently and succinctly put.

I work in art handling in NYC. We recently had a job installing one painting at a residence in trump tower. Should be a very easy get in / get out kinda job. Under normal circumstance would fall around the two hour minimum we charge. When giving an estimate I had to give a full day's charge for work. Client flips and I had to explain how difficult it is to park a truck at trump tower and get my crew plus tools and a crate into that building. It's a huge process of waiting and inspections that can last hours. If the trump family is coming or going we can't do anything. If god forbid it's the day 45 decides to go there we have no chance of getting in. In which case I would have to charge the client despite not even doing any work. I can't book anything else in the day under the high likelihood that we would get stuck and not have time and I'd have to cancel on them. That place sure is a pain.

Why is he cutting the budgets for counterterrorism and the TSA while escalating the War on Terror?

He is looking for a Reichstag Fire, since 9/11 worked so well for Dubya.

It's like he'll do anything to hurt states that didn't vote for him

I work in art handling in NYC.

On the plus side Trumps promised tax cuts for billionaires should trickle down into you getting to move more art around. And the rest of us will always have coal mining to fall back on.

Wall Street, Telecommunications, Statue of liberty, etc. A bunch of reasons.

He's doing plenty to hurt the ones that did vote for him too

Almost like Trump wants something to happen to say "See! I told you so! With my muslim ban travel restriction, this wouldn't have happened!"

Don't forget that in this same budget he's proposing a 28% cut to the State Dept. With the massive increase in Defense spending the whole thing budget seems designed around encouraging military conflicts and dispensing with peaceful diplomatic negotiations that could prevent them in the first place.

This proves that Trump doesn't really care about security or real threats against the country. He only use the fear of terrorism to excuse racist policies like the muslim ban and other anti-immigration measures.

When you consider this along with the fact that a Secret Service laptop with plans to the Trump Tower was stolen the other day, you have to wonder if Trump isn't deliberately leaving the door open for an attack or a false flag operation.

Interesting theory, Mr. Cum_Looks_Like_Milk

So long as they get to profile and brutalize minorities with impunity, I don't think they'll care very much.

Almost like how he tried to ban people from Muslim countries, except for the countries which actually had terrorists or links to terrorism like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, or the UAE.

Nothing like a good old Reichstag Fire!

Always leave someone else holding the bag, that's the Trump way to get rich. It's not the only way, but it's the Trump way.

I also feel we cannot neglect the element of spite, which seems so important to the man. "Vote against me? Call me short-fingered? Shut me out of your parties? Snub me at your function of the St. Regis roof? Fuck you in spades. This one is personal."

"I'll build a wall around Trump tower and make my enemies pay for it. And you're next in line for the next big terrorist attack, that worked really well last time."

Isn't it obvious? He wants a terrorist attack, preferably a big one, on the United States.

He, or one his cronies, knows that an attack on the US will receive near unanimous support because any less would be "unpatriotic." He/they will then have free rein to justify any executive order or legislation.

Ha. Tell that to Mosul, Baghdad, Aleppo, Peshawar, and a few other cities that suffer constant terrorist attacks. I'm not saying NY isn't a target, but take a little perspective here. We are so fucking safe compared to some places.

There were 380 terror attacks in Baghdad in the last 6 years.

You're forgetting the crossroads of international media. 9/11 was a murderous publicity stunt.

That's why NYC is the #1 target not just in U.S.A., in the entire world. It is the only place that 1 strategic attack can potentially harm or disable international markets, international media, and strike a crippling blow to American morale.

As we saw on 9/11.

This appears to be what the 'Muslim Ban' is really about; inciting an attack on America by those he has prejudiced in an effort to prompt a retaliation.

Which means it's not canon

Wall Street. Anyone who's ever read a single book on the history of any warfare since the beginning of mankind would know the answer to this question. You attack banking centers, publishing centers, transportation centers, etc. This is history 101.

The fucked up part is that he already is a wartime president with ridiculous unitary executive powers. That's just not nearly enough for him and Bannon.

You wouldn't know because you always nap after.

In addition a draft would literally destroy what little good will the president has.

Especially coming from a fucking president that has dodged the draft multiple times himself.

NYC voted for Hillary, they don't deserve security in the eyes of Trump.

In addition a draft would literally destroy what little good will the president has. Conscription only looks good if the war looks good.

If you are in college, or married, have children, or are 35 or older, or have a medical condition that prevents you from serving (such as bone spurs on your feet lol), then I think you have an out. I could be wrong, I don't remember exactly, that's just off the top of my head.

Honestly though, I don't think the military draft is coming back. The ranks are filled up pretty well with voluntary enlisted and officers.

They're probably making off like bandits with their overtime pay.

His whole personal philosophy is built around revenge and holding personal, vindictive grudges. He has clearly taken this approach to running the executive branch, the budget, and GOP political strategy.

Until I see a majority of their fellow officers, even just a majority from the same precinct, condemn a blatantly bad cop when one is exposed I'll continue to paint them with a broad brush.

When we found a dirt bag among our ranks in the Army we didn't close ranks and protect him, we booted them out before they could bring dishonor to our beloved profession

Can I hang art and mine coal? Diversify my skills?

What happened to national security concerns?

Oh he has read history. All of Hitler's history that is.

Indeed, one must always remember that their Reddit comment can become part of the future's history e-books. Indeed, your comment, and this one, with its over-usage of the word indeed, can appear before the glazed eyes of a bored middle-schooler 100 years from now.

Trump has convinced the rest of America to force NYC to pay for his living expenses. It's probably one of the major reasons he ran for the office.

I'm no American... or politician... or economist... or police officer.

But can't the NYC leadership simply cut costs covering defence of Trump Tower to fill in theshort fall? "Oh, what's that Mr President? Your wife that you barely tolerate being in the same room as is in danger due to a lack of security? Pity we had to reallocate our budget to fill in anti-terror gaps".

You mean the guy who shot himself in a bunker after getting most of his countrymen killed? Only a truly insane person would want to repeat Hitler's Rise & Fall.

A terrorist attack on his building killing his wife would be a convenient way to raise his popularity, allow him the ability to wage profitable wars, get insurance money, all at the same time.

When the president use the fear of terrorism to justify his xenophobic policies, while on the other hand he slashes the budget of real security measures, then it's obvious he doesn't care about terrorism. He is simply using terrorism to excuse racism.

If he thinks that the threat of terrorism is exagerated, then there is no reason to continue with the muslim ban, right?

Nothing will be 'good enough' for Trump until he's declared 'God-Emperor of Man, the Universe, and He with the Biggest Hands, and Greatest Hair'

Nothing will be good enough for Bannon, until all the world is pasty white with a pill and alcohol addiction and rats infesting their lifeless-yet-somehow-animated corpse.

Maybe he's trying to get rid of his wife?

Yes, this appears to be the plan.

Not only does he need & WANT a terrorist attack to blow away his current problems and justify his agenda... he has already set the stage for distrust of the media and fostered fear where there doesnt need to be. The irony (no, fucking stupidity) of all this is the conspiracy theorists behind 9/11 wanted it sooo bad to be a gov't job... but we actually have an administration in place NOW that would play along, look the other way, or even set the stage for an attack to these very ends. And i bet all the kooks propagating 9/11 or Newtown conspiracies are the very ones that voted Trump in office and wouldn't consider the evidence when its actually real. The situation we're in now is so fucked up, depraved and terrifying its simply unbelievable. And yet here we are....

Isn't Trump supposed to be the "tough on terrorism" president? I mean, he can say "Radical Islamic Terrorism." That's supposed to make a difference somehow, right?

Yeah, that would further exacerbate the poor publicity. "Draft dodger wants to send poor kids to war" is about as crappy as it gets in terms of optics.

The UN is actually based there.

While it sounds good, to be a bit more accurate I think it should be.

A man who has never read history is now in charge of navigating it.

When it is written, history will not be kind to this man.

The draft is insanely unpopular. To try to reintroduce it would be nuts. No one would support it.

Even so, getting a 4F is not hard to do, even during times of the draft like in WWII.

The big concern that the military has is that they have an obligation to make sure that you are taken care of after the war is over. Granted, they don't always do a bang up job of that, but the state essentially owns you when you join the military so they also own your medical problems as well.

Because of that, medical issues that you have may be an easy disqualification resulting in your 4F. I was at a job fair a couple of years ago and a marine recruit approached me and asked to see if I was interested in joining up. You know how that goes. I gave him my resume half-heartily because I didn't want to feel like a dick by saying no to at least him wanting to send some information. I have a medical condition that put me in the hospital and requires pills to maintain. I asked him if that would be a problem, if I'd even be accepted into the military. He regretfully told me that it would be a problem and handed my resume back to me.

Besides ALL of that, we have pretty substantial military that has actually been going down in recruitment and is now more picky about who they take.

Duder was a bit hyperbolic but I wouldn't be surprised if NYC is the #1 US target for terrorism (honestly I do not know).

Why not hang art inside coal mines! That's the ticket!

Hitler didn't die in Mein Kampf though

No it isn't. They should absolutely be held to higher standards. The entire NYPD is disgustingly corrupt.

Don't forget, they're the ones running the campaign "If you see something, Say something". Turning a blind eye is not an excuse.

Except Hitler was a much more intelligent man than Trump will ever be...

Trump pulled the greatest scam on earth. Playing golf, security, business all on our dime. I really hope it was worth it Trump Voters. we will picking up his tab for years and years


Insanely wild applause, screams of adulation

I don't really like Family Guy but that joke was on point.

Wait. This is in NY.

Are you saying he's using Melania as bait?

Its as wrong to tar all cops with the same brush as it is for them to do the same to civilians.

37% approval... another 9/11 would fix that right up.

The NYPD is under no legal requirement to protect his property and should halt all activity there.

Except that we all see it coming this time. He's more likely to incite a civil war.

Pretty much. Same thing with the wall (immigration has been declining for over 10 years, but let's build something because reasons, also I'm totally sure it won't be massively overpriced and that donnie won't profit off of it)

Trump just plays 2D chess. But 2D is hard to grasp when you're a 1 dimensional thinker


Well, to be fair the question started "If you had no morals". If I had no morals, I assume I would do morally bankrupt things.

Isn't that where his wife and kids live and isn't it his home town? What was it again, 80 or 90% voted against Trump in NYC? If that much of your home town hates you then that's a HUGE red flag.

He looks like the kind of guy being kept alive by the dark side of the force.

It will be the only way he steals a second term.

If you had no morals and could fleece the US government for something like a few hunderd million while making a few million extra for your businesses via the office of the president.

Wouldn't you do the same.

Considering Melania wants to stay as far away from him as she can, I'm pretty sure that's what he wants. But his kid, though? I feel sorry for him. :\

Almost feels like he's inviting trouble so he can leverage war times to do much more without question:(

Trump will sell it as 'reducing the number of people on welfare' and the GOP base will eat it up.

Genuine question, how old would I have to be to not be drafted if war broke out?

See, people say this, and I believe that Trump believes this, but I don't think that it actually would. Bush actually handled 9/11 really well - he went to Ground Zero, he got on tv calm and collected, he went to a mosque to show that American Muslims are our countrymen, and he did everything in his power to make sure that the economy didn't grind to an absolute halt.

Now consider a Trump response to a major terror incident. It would be all bluster and angry fear projection. He would make demands of people rather than rallying them to give of themselves voluntarily and based on our common values.

I can't say for sure, but I think and sincerely hope that people wouldn't allow themselves to be fucked in that way.

It's gross but it's true. He stays married for a few years, then finds a girlfriend and gets divorced, then marries the girlfriend.

Wait til somebody tells him he can't divorce Melania while he's president. It still blows my mind that the party that claims to be for family values nominated a man divorced twice and a serial cheater.

He's too fucking stupid to be that crafty. Bannon, however...

I never believed conspiracy theories, except the few that turned out to be true. The 9/11 theories are ridiculous, when the simple answer it was just incompetence and a lust to go to war.

But I truly believe this administration would stage a terrorist attack. The whole administration is corrupt to their very core, and if they're not stopped I'm afraid what they'll do to further their agenda.

I find myself doing a lot of self-medicating lately.

Basically if you voted trump or even just didn't vote, I have a hard time simpathizing.

Bannon knows exactly what he is doing.

I'm guessing an incher can get put up in a nearby post and throw a lead balloon or two. Ducking freaky shitZle.

I think you lost me after "guessing"

President Bannon is much smarter than part-timer Trump.

Trump tower has been there for years, but now it too is extremely relevant as a target.

Why is he cutting the budgets for counterterrorism and the TSA while escalating the War on Terror?

Personally, I think Bannon is itching for an attack. He gets to slam the left as leaving America vulnerable and run his xenophobic agenda.

A sign NYC is the #1 target is NYC getting attacked makes the Pentagon getting attacked the same day the #2 story. Imagine if the Pentagon had been the only thing to happen that day.

No no! It's giving them jobs!!

Targeted =/= attacked. Billions in counter-terrorism have prevented many deadly attacks from actually happening. (BTW Aleppo isn't a terrorist target so much as a killing field for a hostile regime. An unimaginable level of tragedy.)

In NYC's case, NYPD can spot a milligram of radioactive material from a distance of one nautical mile. That's state levels of counter-terrorism equipment. Right now the city is a fortress--and our taxes show it. Starve NYC, you'll see more attacks.

Depends on who we piss off so bad we have to go to war. We poke China in the eye hard enough and we're going to need a LOT of boots.

Plus, with a President like Trump, and his crony congress, they might just decide to fight it out WWII-style because 'that's how real wars are fought!'

I mean it isn't like Trump has paid the slightest bit of attention, or cares one iota about how the things the US government is SUPPOSED TO DO are actually done. He believed the president ruled by decree.

She's too old for him now I feel gross writing that

It's hypocrisy

All political and ideological criticisms aside, Bannon isn't looking great. I mean maybe he never was, but that doesn't look like a guy I want running the country. Does look like the kind of guy I'd expect to see wearing khaki shorts and a MAGA hat though.

When we found a dirt bag among our ranks in the Army we didn't close ranks and protect him, we booted them out before they could bring dishonor to our beloved profession

What? Are you trying to say the US Army has never protected its own by covering shit up? This sort of hypocrisy is the real problem.

That was before the president was telling us that if his travel ban was rejected "bad dudes" would start swarming into the country. Republicans are the ones who need to pick one. Is Islamic terrorism such s threat we need to ban visitors from those countries and then... slash funding?

or Pakistan (just saying)

I guess that often IS the trade-off, so you've got a point.

Do you think he might not know what he's doing?