Trump, Putin and the Hidden History of How Russia Interfered in the U.S. Presidential Election

Trump, Putin and the Hidden History of How Russia Interfered in the U.S. Presidential Election
Trump, Putin and the Hidden History of How Russia Interfered in the U.S. Presidential Election

Tinkle Tinkle Little Tsar

(I stole this from u/lukeforbernie)

The inexplicable behavior led top Russian officials to believe that Trump would be forced to withdraw from the race because of his mental state and apparent unsuitability to be president, according to information obtained by a Western intelligence service.

Well now we know. According to the puppeteer he really is just a stupid, crazy puppet who has no idea he's being played.

The hacking campaign, according to this analysis, was designed to split the Democratic Party so that as president, Clinton would have to spend enormous amounts of time dealing with domestic discord driven by Republicans and progressives tricked into believing that the Democratic National Committee had rigged her nomination. For example, as part of the campaign, Russian hackers obtained emails from the DNC that were then sliced into small bits and put out on the internet through participants in the propaganda effort. In many of these instances, the real documents were misrepresented. For example, WikiLeaks released a number of May 2016 emails on the eve of the Democratic convention that made it appear as if the DNC was solely pulling for Clinton; in many online postings, the date was removed so readers would have no idea unless they searched for the original document that was written at a time when Sanders could not possibly have won the nomination.

Holy shit, Russia's sinister. Considering how many Bernie voters retaliated throughout this election cycle, I'd say that Russia's diabolical plan worked tremendously (unfortunately).

While the campaign has disturbed Western nations around the globe, American allies have been dumbstruck by Trump’s response, not only after the election but during the campaign. A Western European intelligence official said that he had been informed Trump was briefed on the Russian campaign while he was a candidate; moreover, the allies believed he had to have been aware of the public statements in early October by top American intelligence officials and the Obama administration about Moscow’s interference.

Yet Trump continued to dismiss the evidence and instead came to the Kremlin’s defense. Intelligence and other government officials in Britain were horrified, according to one person with direct knowledge of the reaction there. In the course of one of the presidential debates, Trump attacked Clinton for saying that 17 American intelligence agencies had concluded Russia was interfering with the election. Trump stated that “our country has no idea” about Russian hacking. But all of the NATO allies were convinced Russia was behind it. All of America’s intelligence agencies were too. The foreign intelligence services had been sharing what they knew about this with the Americans, and Trump had been told about it. But he blithely dismissed their conclusions.

I'll say it again, I have never been this worried about our country before. When you have our Western European allies being "horrified" at Trumps response to this, you should be too. These arent people likely to get worked up over nothing. And frankly, im not sure what can be done now. We have to transfer power to him. But what can Congress do? I mean there is hope since both McCain and Graham appear to not be taking this lying down. But is that all?

Officials in Western Europe say they are so dismayed, they now feel compelled to gather intelligence on a man who could be the next president of the United States. According to a Western intelligence source, at least one allied nation is currently conducting intelligence operations in the United States, collecting details on officials surround Trump and executives in his company, the Trump Organization; the source, who works in government, expressed disbelief that such an effort had been deemed essential.

Truly incredible. Our allies are so confused and worried, they no longer know whether Trump will be an ally at all. He might turn out to be an adversary. And this is far beyond the US just listening in to Merkel's phone. All spy agencies spy. But this seems like they arent just spying, but looking for leverage to use in case Trump fucks them. How fucking embarrassing to have a President that has shaken our allies trust so thoroughly to their cores, that they have to initiate actual covert operations on him and his associates.

In 9 days we will truly be entering an era where nothing can be expected. If there is a God, we may need him on this one.

Lucky for Trump he's just a Russian shill. Imagine if he'd used a private email server, he'd be getting roasted by Fox News right now.

For perhaps the first time since World War II, countries in Western Europe fear that the American election of Trump could trigger events that imperil their national security and irreparably harm the alliances that have kept the continent safe for decades.

All else aside; this is what struck me most in that read.

How I wonder where your tax returns are~

Watergate was discovered and publicized in '72 by Carl Bernstein. Goldengate was discovered and publicized by Carl Bernstein as well, at an age of 72.


Up so late in Twitter light

Claiming FAKE NEWS to all in sight

But Trump has no ties with Russia.

He said so during the presidential debates:

"I never met Putin".

And yet during his Hannity interview:

Hannity: "You think you'd get along with Vladimir Putin. Have you ever had any contact with him?" Trump: "Yes".

Then goes on about how he met Putin 2 years ago.

But wait, he's never met Putin... or has he?

So... which one is it? This should be brought up every single time that Russia comes up. Followed by. Why the fuck should we believe anything you say considering the lies you have spewed?

Grab Ivanka by the parts

Tinkle Tinkle Little Tsar!

In the memos that came out today, there is the allegation that the Trump campaign traded the release of DNC documents for lifting sanctions on Russia if Trump got elected.

No, just a horrendous blow to the world's stability.

Is this why Donald has been critical of NATO?

Part of me wants this to be false, because it's fucking frightening.

Part of me wants it to be true, because High Treason is an impeachable offense.

This may very well be the end of an era. The US can no longer be trusted with leading the free world. The tidal forces of wealth inequality are ripping America apart. Trump and his administration are the spearhead of the north american oligarchy which is tightly interwoven with the russian oligarchy, politics is now succumbing to their desire for complete connection. These people are not american or russian like the citizens living in those countries, they have no home or loyalty to a nation.

Ask yourself this, what is America if not the people living there and believing in it. But the oligarchy doesn't live among Americans, they are highly removed from the real american life, they live in mansions in gated communities in extraordinary expensive regions in select states. They are seemingly working against their own country, but they don't, because it isn't their country.

One problem with the he assertion that this originated from 4chan in October. This report has been around since June 2016

I think everyone has to take a good long hard look in the mirror and rethink how they played into this mess. Not just Trump voters, but apathetic stay home voters, Sanders supporters, Clinton supporters and third party supporters.

It takes people on all sides of the aisle to let this type of propaganda rise to the national level. And it takes a willingness to compromise values to use this kind of stuff to make your arguments.

So, now Trump is tweeting a Lifezette article that dismisses the buzzfeed one. He didn't acknowledge the giant CNN article detailing his treason while leaving out the embarrassing prostitute stuff.

This man isn't even doing a good job of covering up his own ass.

I can't wait for his press conference tomorrow.

This is fucking Newsweek. Not slate. The rolling stone. Not buzzfeed. Newsweek. A conservative institution saying our election was comprimised.

This is gonna get interesting.

Good thing we have uncovered articles from August on it. Look harder for truth because you seem to be listening to anonymous 4 chan users lol

Bernstein, IE the guy who broke Watergate, also states that this info was given to the FBI in August

So, better get back to those /pol/ archives

The problem with being 4chan is that you're 4chan and no one believes you or anything you say, ever.

Especially not through the mouthpiece of Russian propagandists.

A better question to ask is, When will Republicans stop voting these assholes in?

Face it, you can blame the rich all you want; but until this anti-intellectual wave passes there's shit we can do

I've seen a Trump supporter in this sub try to play that off because in the debate Trump said "I don't know Putin" and in the past he said he's talked to Putin, but that talking to someone doesn't mean you know them.

It's ridiculous mental gymnastics, but they're happy to do it to prevent the cognitive dissonance.

Just curious. how much do you get in that 'Russian pension check'

He's not risking potentially sensitive material, he's just creating it... with Russia.

Donald J. Trump 18m18 minutes ago Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump Intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to "leak" into the public. One last shot at me.Are we living in Nazi Germany?

He acts as if intelligence agencies regulate news, then goes on to ask if we're in nazi germany - where intelligence agencies regulated the news 😂

He doesn't even know what he thinks he's saying anymore

Me too. I'm not sure we even appreciate how threatening this series of events is to the global world order and to relative world stability and peace.

I've seen suggestions, including on Trump's own Twitter account, that Trump would like the USA and Russia to team up against other countries. Given that no one else has a nuclear arsenal that rivals that of these two countries...

I'm pretty terrified. And what happens if there's a world war and I live in a country that's on the wrong side?

He's been a scumbag his entire life; I have no pity on such a person.

goldengate bahahaha

Mother Jones had already reported on this by the 31st of October a whole day before this 4chan user claimed he leaked the piss story.

said no one but a Russian sympathizer, ever

4chan story has been debunked. Buckle up

Okay... but our stability is the thing that controls the markets. And stability is the product we sell to the world. We are supposed to be such a stabilizing force that we make nationalism look stupid.

We have very abruptly stopped providing that stability. That's what this was all about. When things aren't stable, those assurances are off. And money is worth far, far less. Everyone's.

Specifically they also wanted Donald to shit talk NATO to distract from Ukraine.

Weird, that account and this one were both made a year ago, both end in 4 and both left similar comments

Speaklikeachild04 and truthhurts4444

I don't know shit about politics, but I do know finance and ZeroHedge is hot garbage. I'm still waiting for the recession they've been predicting for the last half a decade.

Zerohedge?! Pure garbage. Ugh, you can't be serious?

Oh what a disaster 2017 is turning out to be to Trump's new team. Such a pissful transition of power.

There's literally not one story on this there. Absolutely incredible.

52 years, gave a shit for the last 30 trumpstain.

Goldengate is amazing.

You can't simply label everything as fake news, unless you have proof of this being fake and/ or a significant amount of previous stories from this source and other sources reporting being fake.

High Treason is a deadly offense.

The things that bothered me and led me not to support Clinton:

I've never, ever, forgotten the dirty campaign things she said about the Obama's during the '08 run.

DWS dropping the 50 state strategy which led to Clinton not even having any ground game in the Rust Belt.

Clinton immediately hiring DWS after she stepped down from her position due to public outrage.

The DNC pulled funding from individual state campaigns, who we saw in the emails were begging for additional money so they wouldn't be booted out of office, and instead the DNC actually funneled even more money into the Hillary Victory Fund. Many of those state races were subsequently lost by Dems.

Passing questions on by Donna Brazile.

Clinton, during a debate with Sanders, called Sanders soft on guns and literally tied him to the Sandy Hook tragedy as if he had a hand in it.

The media constantly passing over Bernie's massive crowds and rallies, and historical fundraising garnering him only only seconds of coverage after an amazing and lengthy campaign.

NPR literally reporting fake news about Bernie Sanders (which Diane Rehm specifically apologized for during her farewell though it was too little too late).

None of the above is Feels > Reals and none of it has anything to do with dates or times people said things. The above are just plain facts and most didn't even come from any leaks.

This wave of anti-intellectualism is deliberately perpetuated by the rich. It is (apparently) a brilliant tactic, which has been used to cast doubt and mistrust of experts. People with intellectual integrity and rigor do not always side with what is most profitable, so discrediting them is an excellent way to advance short-sighted profit-driven goals. It creates confusion and sows distrust among the public.

The world has had unparalleled peace an prosperity for the last 60 years we have been steering the ship. You are out of your mind if you think any other nation would lead the world more peacefully.

Aaaand Fox News headlines...Only crickets on the issue so far?...NOT FAIR!

Urine for a fun four years if you tinkle that was funny. You bladder believe it.


Are you not following along with anything that's happening??

This is not fake news. I don't think you know what fake news is.

It may not be 100% true but it's not made up bullshit either.

I find it curious that you would both so quickly dismiss serious allegations that have been building for some time, and try to distract by bringing up some old scandal.

Are you saying we all deserve this? That's messed up.

Looks like a golden moment for Herr Trump. Hello President Pence? Here's the dirt in summary:

Putin put you where you are

This is not about Bernie voters. There are many whose desire to hate Democrats and HRC goes beyond needing a factually based reason to do so. This is a group for whom the word "leak" was sufficient evidence to feel hatred, regardless of the contents of the leak. So let's not make this about Bernie supporters when the issue is "those whose feelings are not changed by facts".

I voted for Clinton because I thought Trump was too dangerous to take any chances, but I'm a Bernie supporter through and through. Mostly I dislike Clinton for the reasons you stated, and some others, but I think some of them are unfair:

Clinton immediately hiring DWS after she stepped down from her position due to public outrage.

This outraged me at the time too, but I don't hold it against her anymore, now that other reports have come out. DWS reportedly was refusing to step down, and was only willing to do so after Obama personally called her. This (completely ceremonial) position was almost certainly offered because it was the only way she would actually step down, so Clinton didn't have much choice in the matter.

The media constantly passing over Bernie's massive crowds and rallies, and historical fundraising garnering him only only seconds of coverage after an amazing and lengthy campaign.

NPR literally reporting fake news about Bernie Sanders (which Diane Rehm specifically apologized for during her farewell though it was too little too late).

I'm not sure how much Hillary actually had to do with any of this. It was definitely distasteful, but is it fair to attribute it to Clinton?

Other than that I agree with your points, but it wasn't enough for me to be willing to take a chance on Trump.

It's not about political systems, it's geography.

There's more to why Russia helped elect Trump; lots of money involved:

Too bad Eichenwald has pwnd Loser Trump for 6 months. Just the work on Loser Trump's foreign business that can get Loser Trump impeached, will win Eichenwald a Pulitzer.

Thanks comrade.

If it turns out that Trump has dementia and is just being used by those around him, I might actually feel bad.

But now we have Trump, controlled by Putin.

The 4chan story has been debunked.

Eichenwald should get a Pulitzer for his work in 2016 (and 2017).

I'd put money on it being cancelled.