Trump Is The Biggest Failure In History As His Disapproval Rating Skyrockets To 58%

Trump Is The Biggest Failure In History As His Disapproval Rating Skyrockets To 58%
Trump Is The Biggest Failure In History As His Disapproval Rating Skyrockets To 58%

Sometimes I think of Trump winning the presidency as being like the guy in the Twilight Zone who got all the books in the world, but broke his glasses. Ostensibly, Trump's greatest dream would have been the acclaim and respect that comes with the Presidency. But the reality of it is that for someone so sensitive to slights and criticism, and being engulfed by worldwide scorn and hatred, he is essentially living in his greatest possible hell right now. I just hope as he wrestles with this dilemma that he doesn't go truly mad and take down the rest of the world with him.

That's what happens with narcissists. Because they so desperately desire more acclaim and respect, they put themselves in situations where they are vulnerable. They are hogging the spotlight all to themselves, unwittingly exposing their negative traits while thinking it is going to show everyone how great they are.

His disapproval rate is still 42 points too low. It should be 100 percent.

I get what you're saying, but there are a hell of a lot of people still in his cult, who still think he's telling them the truth. And also a lot of eyes-wide-open bigots fully embracing his policies because they agree with them wholeheartedly.

And we haven't even gotten to the hearing on Russia and Trump's wiretapping claims.

The fucked up thing is, I don't believe he actually wanted it. Whether they say it or not, everyone on both sides thought he was going to lose. The way his camp talked right before the election seemed to already be prepping for the loss. I believe he wanted to run and use his run to revitalize his brand. You can see it in the way he acts now. He works a 9-5 monday through friday, signs what's in front of him, and just doesn't give a fuck.

Edit: And if you remember, he was saying crazy outrageous shit more outlandish then the day before trying to do something that would fuck it up and he still fell into it.

Yep, I swear that "His reach exceeds his grasp" was coined specifically to describe the succcess/failure arc of narcissists.

They're really good at getting what they want, but in ways that almost always lead to them losing more ground than they gained in the long run.

"Are we tired of winning yet, folks?"

What can be done about these people?

Thomas Jefferson knew:

Preach, my dear Sir, a crusade against ignorance; establish and improve the law for educating the common people. Let our countrymen know that the people alone can protect us against these evils, and that the tax which will be paid for this purpose is not more than the thousandth part of what will be paid to kings, priests and nobles who will rise up among us if we leave the people in ignorance.

Even his 9-5 consists of hours of watching cable news, mostly Fox...

W hit 71% disapproval right before the 2008 election.

Nobody thought he'd win it, remember the ashen faces after the "Grab your ****" tape came out? People weren't even sure Trump would attend the last debate! But I remember reading an article on 538 around that time that said that the Clinton campaign was going to start pulling money out of battleground states to put it toward Senate contests and I was like nooooooooo!!! You never take your foot off the gas when the stakes are so high, never.

Now we are left with the first president in history that didn't even want the job because a sizeable percentage of the country hate Hillary Clinton above and beyond all other reason.

What a wreck

In other news. Congratulations America on achieving a 58% literacy rate!

I never thought of it like that. He's a really shitty employee. Can we fire him yet?

What can be done about these people? It seems like all it took to get them to that point was a decades-long media blitz.

Except, unlike running his private company, the entire nation can see what he's doing and criticize him. The people near him say what he wants to hear, but every time he turns on the TV or radio, it's someone saying what an idiot he is for the latest fiasco, that must hurt a lot.

Believe the house intelligence committee is giving their official statement today.

Comey with his 11th hour day revival of Emailghazigate didn't help either.

Still annoyed he wasn't slapped on the wrist for violating the Hatch Act.

Don's winning that race bigly

You'd think that, but he seems to be doubling down.

It won't be long before the congress members just start throwing him under the bus, for the sake of their reelection prospects.

In fact, we're already seeing it. Nobody backed him up on the wiretapping claim and a lot of congress is ditching him and Ryan on the AHCA.

I thought the wiretapping investigation was already over. Who else are we waiting on to say it's fabricated?

Bill Weld said it during the campaign:

After careful observation and reflection, I have come to believe that Donald Trump, if elected President of the United States, would not be able to stand up to this pressure and this criticism without becoming unhinged and unable to perform competently the duties of his office.

Mr. Trump has some charisma and panache, and intellectual quickness. These qualities can be entertaining. Yet more than charisma, more even than intellectual ability, is required of a serious candidate for this country’s highest office. A serious candidate for the Presidency of the United States must be stable, and Donald Trump is not stable.

Throughout this campaign, Mr. Trump has demonstrated an inability to handle criticism or blame well. His first instinct is to lash out at others. When challenged, he often responds as a child might. He makes a sour face, he calls people by insulting names, he waves his arms, he impatiently interrupts. Most families would not allow their children to remain at the dinner table if they behaved as Mr. Trump does. He has not exhibited the self-control, the discipline, or the emotional depth necessary to function credibly as a President of the United States.

From the beginning of his campaign, Mr. Trump has conjured up enemies. First it was eleven million criminals in our midst, all bent on obtaining the benefits of citizenship, at our expense. Over time, the enemies became any trading partner of the United States. He says they are nothing but foreigners seeking to threaten our livelihoods. Now we have reached the point where his idea of America’s enemies includes almost anyone who talks or looks different from him. The goal of the Trump campaign, from the outset, has been to stir up envy, resentment, and group hatred.

She would have won without Comey's last-minute announcement about the emails, and then everybody would be saying how smart she was.

Nobody in the DNC said "it's her turn." I've never heard a Democrat or any official use that line of reasoning to justify this.

DNC members were biased toward Clinton probably because she spent decades in the party, built up a reputation for foreign policy expertise, cultivated a lot of personal connections with party officials, and did a lot of fundraising work for them.

White House alternative numbers will put 58% lower than 42%.

Then we see trump surround himself with "yes" men so he doesn't have to potentially be exposed to negative feedback.

The entire world...

Reality has always had a liberal bias.

"Hmm, is death bad, or is that just my liberal echo chamber?"

And Trump would be staging rallies each week calling for the overthrow of the Clinton government because she stole the election.

Still a very bleak alternative universe.

As someone who has dated a narcissist who so desperately desired attention it led to cheating which was easily discovered, this is incredibly accurate.

Edit: I fail to see the point in either of the replies I've received.

To his supporters: seriously, what were you expecting?

At various points, I was very hopeful that the campaign rhetoric and tactics would be put aside and the office would influence the man; the enormity of the position would force him to be less petty and embrace what it was to be the leader of the free world. Boy, was I wrong.

Isn't that more or less what is happening in America now? Education has been going to shit for a long time and those who do pursue education are trapped in debilitating debt while political dynasties take turns at the presidency (Referring to the "it's her turn" rhetoric in the DNC). Also, education will in all likelyhood not be improved during this administration.

When I have vague doubts that maybe I am in an anti Trump filter bubble, I just remind myself that my sentiments are shared by most of the world, ie as unbiased of an audience as you are going to get on this issue.

Biggest failure in history? In a timeline where James Buchanan exists?

I was watching one of his speeches during the tail end of the campaign. And he very awkwardly said something like "if I don't win on Election Day, this will be the biggest waste of time ever."

It was a weird thing to say to the crowd, and they didn't really applaud it. He then went into his usual shtick about how shit the economy is, and how shit Hillary is.

But I'll never forget him saying that because of how truly weird it was.

So democracy is doomed to be led by misinformed movements? We don't even have a democracy, we have a republic that people can vote in.

Yeah, Trump likes to think this was some kind of victory. No, Hillary stepped aside and handed it to you. Nothing snatches defeat from the jaws of victory like a Democrat.

So sick and tired.

It's hard to believe it's only 58%, but just last night my wife got into a Facebook argument with her Trumpette aunt when my wife posted an article saying Trump's Mar A Lago visits have already cost taxpayers $15M. Aunt's response was that he was giving up his salary. Great - $90M annual to pay for his leisure weekends but he'll give up the $400k salary.

By the way - Aunt is 60, single, works a non-union factory job, has no savings. She's totally getting fucked by her hero.

Just started on NPR

HR would have a field day on "grab 'em by the pussy".

Yes, exactly. It's my sincere hope that this administration represents "rock bottom" for education in America and results in a true understanding of its importance.

You can't keep a democracy when your people are under-educated. Our school funding models are broken, our curricula are political footballs, and the very profession of teaching is under attack.

He did not cause the Civil War. Slavery caused the Civil War. Buchanan simply didn't deal with the divisions that ultimately caused the war while at the same time ignoring signs that he should.

YES. My mom wanted a bunch of birthday cards last year for her birthday. So she sent a Facebook message to all of her Facebook friends, even the ones who were just friends with her because they knew one of her children, pretending to be my sister who was "secretly" asking for my mom's friends to send her birthday cards.

She ended up getting some cards, but not a lot, and she ended up bitching about it for a month or two after her birthday, keeping track in her mind of who failed to send her a card and saying nasty things about them behind their backs. But she posted on Facebook about how loved she felt, and how wonderful her daughter was for "arranging" such a lovely "surprise." It was the cringiest thing I had seen in a long time. She was so desperate for attention and the outward signs of approval from her community that she made herself look like a needy loser to everyone she knows.

Its a bit early to write him off only a few weeks in, who knows he may turn it around and work his way up to mediocrity

(Referring to the "it's her turn" rhetoric in the DNC)

Fucking this again? Its wasent anyones turn, NOBODY said this. So fucking tired of this narrative

Probably crystal meth.

It will never be 100%. Not even 100% of people think the earth is round.

I agree with everything you said about Clinton, but she would have been a far better president, for a variety of reasons. But simply put, as we see with Trump, campaigning is far different from actually governing. And Trump has no idea how to govern, nor do the people around him. In fact, it's easily argued that they have no interest in governing.


No organization likes an outsider to come in and start with, "You're doing it all wrong."

The DNC gravitated to Clinton because she was familiar to them, they knew how she'd work, she knew how everyone in there worked, and it was a comfortable relationship as a result.

Whether or not Bernie is right - they were doing it all wrong - is a separate issue from the politics of how you approach change management. You need to start with "You're doing a lot right, but there are places you can improve." If you criticize without praise, of course the first instinct is to dig in your heals and resist.

But "incremental improvements!" isn't nearly as sexy a sell as "throw the bums out!" or "get money out of politics!" to people who don't understand the art of politics.

This is why I'm pleased with the Perez/Ellison partnership for the DNC going forward. It's intersectional, it's inclusive, and it's going to be different from the same old same old we had with DWS. All we need is Elizabeth Warren to round out the powerhouse trifecta, but she's too busy being an actual senator right now, alas.

Actually I think only 37% approve, which is still too high

He'd rather get into a twitter war with fuckin snoop dogg than do his damned job. I'm so sick of this asshole.

They gambled on a shakeup and lost badly.

We all lost, actually.

and the multi-million vote landslide, and having an historic first female president rather than an historic most unpopular president ever


Then the Civil War happened.

I was a huge Berniecrat during the primaries and threw my weight behind Clinton in the general. Honestly, they both seemed like fantastic choices to me, and both of them had appealing visions for the future direction of the country in the aggregate.

I do feel like Sanders didn't receive the serious treatment he deserved. During the early debates, he showed a lot of solidarity with Hillary Clinton, famously refusing to attack Clinton on the email scandal. I'm just a bit upset that when it became evident that Sanders had lost the nomination, he continued to try to attack Clinton and fight when he should have accepted his loss and put everything behind Clinton.

Whatever my feelings of unfairness were at the time, I find it so shameful that so many people allowed Trump to win the presidency just because they couldn't get over the personal sense of dissatisfaction with the choice that the voters made in the primary.

I voted for her, but I have to agree. She should have done more in the battleground states than just assume everything was gonna go her way.

Absolute highest disapproval is George W Bush with 71% (October 10th 2008), absolute lowest approval is Richard Nixon with 22% (January 2nd 1974)

Who are the other 42% and what are they smoking?

Assuming your not American:

He actually lost the popular vote. The way we count votes is so stupid and outdated. ~2 million more people actually voted for his opponent.

Bill Weld also said

The horror show if the Republicans get in is The Donald stays up all night tweeting and unilaterally imposes huge tariffs and declares trade wars and sows trouble with our allies and makes sure there’s greater nuclear proliferation, and does everything the opposite of what the Republican Party decided after 2012 it needed to do. I think the danger posed by Mr. Trump on the international side is probably the biggest danger I see out there.

He had Trump pretty well figured out.

Were they conducting public opinion polls back in the 1850s? I think elections were the only public opinion polls that mattered back then.

The article does state how long it took before Nixon and Reagan hit Trump-level numbers but what I'd be interested in seeing is what is the lowest percentage any president, at any point in his incumbency, ever hit. I would imagine it would have to be a president elected after WWII, because I'm not sure scientifically-backed public opinion polls were a thing before that. But it would be interesting to know.

Captain semantics over here to save the day

At least we get the first orange-american president

That's down 2% from a few weeks ago when it was at 39%, so progress is being made on whittling down the ultrafans.

You've hit the nail on the head. The GOP is biding their time in a number of different ways, and will definitely break with him if he's a liability to their own re-election chances in the midterms. They did it right before Nov 2016 when they thought he'd lose. I suppose it's not surprising, just a practical measure. If he was super-popular they'd hitch their wagon to him all the same.

Yeah I'd take W over this mess any day. At least W was actually trying to do the right thing, more or less. The people around him often corrupted that, but I never had a doubt that the man himself was a patriot with good intentions.

How do you debate someone who refuses to accept facts, though?

Remember the old days when the most embarrassing thing the President had done was wear "Mom Jeans," or nearly die by choking on a pretzel, or getting a blowjob while conducing foreign affairs.

This stain won't bring the mighty beast that is the USA down, but damn its sad to see you guys on your knees. Shed this monkey off you back and the globe will happy to have you guys back. See you soon.

What was that the leaked Powell email said about her screwing up everything she touches with hubris?

That motherfucker is an excellent judge of people, I've got to say. Absolutely nailed it.

Clinton campaign was going to start pulling money out of battleground states to put it toward Senate contests

It sure would have been nice to have the senate tho. Hindsight is 20/20.

I saw a picture of him a couple days ago and it looks like he's already aged 5 years in the past 60 days. If it's any consolation it's clear that he's having a horrible time doing this. I'm not sure his body and mind can handle another 1400 days of being president.

Exactly. It's only March and look at how much he's fucked up in that small amount of time.

Not the president, you fucking idiot?

Robert Browning, when he wrote that phrase, used it a little more optimistically in its original context:

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"

-Andrea del Sarto by Robert Browning ...its a dense read

Interestingly, the poem starts off asserting a kind of masculine authority, and as the poem progresses, begins to show an increasing self awareness of limitations...

We can only hope in Trump's case.


That wasn't a reporter saying that, it was former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld, the Libertarian VP nominee who all but endorsed Clinton/Kaine at the end to try to prevent Trump from winning. He seriously stopped campaigning in the last week or two and made the media rounds defending Clinton instead.

We impeached Clinton for perjury. Which is a law.

His base is still standing by him in large numbers . I want to beleive. But, like Kanye, I too, suffer from realness: this man is getting re elected in 2020. We is fuuuuuuucked, son

cali and ny don't have >=50% of the population of america so what you say doesn't make sense.

Yikes to "intellectual quickness". I wonder what this reporter had compared him too. From what I can tell his only quickness comes from memorized phrases and facts not from truly creative and intelligent thought.

Nevertheless great quote! Thanks for sharing this!

Until you realize that as President, Trump has the ability to fuck things up for people to the extent that it will literally start costing people their lives.

He's already put a man that literally refuses to admit or doesn't understand climate change as head of the EPA. I am unsure which is worse.

He's already put in place the framework to deregulate Wall Street, again, specifically attempting to nullify Dodd-Frank.

Literally caused the civil war. Maybe the civil war couldn't have been avoided but there's a really good argument it was his fault.

I think I died a little inside reading this.

They still should, if you ask me. Makes no sense we have such an imbalanced double standard for our president as we do for our citizens. We impeached Clinton for a BJ. That was all it took. Let that sink in. He broke no law.

A lot of things exceed his grasp with those tiny, tiny hands of his.

Comey is testifying right now.

No way...won't happen. He won by such a thin margin already, the Democratic party would have to nominate someone truly awful to streer votes his way. You also have to take into consideration that many voters (myself and most people I know personally) didn't bother to vote because we thought "lol no way he'll get elected".

Before the election, I remember thinking about how none of these people were just going to go away. Trump was not going to just go away. It might be a big morale hit, but they would rally, and the GOP would do their best to undermine Hillary Clinton and fan conspiracy theories. In the short term, Trump winning is fucking awful. But in the long term, maybe forcing all of this out into the open and a nationwide existential crisis isn't the worst thing in the world.

He gets everything he ever wanted (time alone to read), but it's nothing at all what he wished for (where he can't actually read and now everyone's dead).

"Captain Semantics"

Because it's his formal title, you should also capitalize "Semantics".


Donny boy's got got plenty of time to catch up.

I agree with this sentiment, but I truly have to wonder if the psychological bubble he and his supporters have created is a world they believe they are completely in the right and everyone else is wrong and misguided, thereby creating a martyr complex.

I just wish Fox and Friends would cover this story, then maybe he'd know what people actually think of him.

He won't get reelected. He won't even last until 2020.

It's crazy how there are people who think he's doing a great job and is a huge success.

Hillary didn't get the nomination for being the most popular candidate.

2016 Democratic Primary:

Hillary Clinton: 2,842 Delagates, 34 contests won (Including the top 10 biggest states, and those considered swing states), 16,914,722 votes, 55.2% of the vote

B Sanders: 1,865 Delagtes, 23 contests won, 13,206,428 votes, 43.1% of the vote

But you are right, being the most popular candidate did not win HRC the nomination. Her having been in the national spotlight for more than 25 years, having been a stunch democrat and team player, her been quite amicable among her collages in the senate, her stoty of LGBT and minority support and activism, her endorsments by pretty much every organization that matterd, and her groung work with african amricans (the heart of the democratic party) did so

But what the hell, she got handed the position right? After all, It was bernies (the man who had never been a democrat) turn

The US is sooo far to the right, it makes me chuckle to hear what they think is the "left".

It's like The Producers..

Yeah, it was kind of crazy how poorly managed her campaign was. Nobody except true policy wonks had the slightest idea what her platform was, and the messaging was somewhere between awful and nonexistent.

Seriously, how was "I have a vagina and I'm not Trump" a cry to rally the nation? America's average voter has a ton of problems that a candidate can address. Trump, for all his failures, was at least able to tap into that; it's not hard, in fact, you pretty much have to be actively trying to appear as disinterested in middle class voters as Hillary did.

I suppose that what really blows my mind. She had one of history's most defeatable candidates against her, a very nice lead in the polls, and still managed to faceplant the election.

I have zero love for Trump, but I'm really wondering if Hills would have been much better at all if she couldn't even manage such a "gimme" campaign against an orange doofus with just-barely-covert ties to all kinds of crazy assholes and very shady business dealings.

At least with Trump he's so monstrously incompetent that he's barely able to get anything done, and the backlash against him is likely to push the country relatively far left in at least the next couple elections.

At least with Trump he's so monstrously incompetent that he's barely able to get anything done, and the backlash against him is likely to push the country relatively far left in at least the next couple elections.

Also hopefully it'll undermine the "Washington all sucks, lets just vote to fuck shit up" mentality because now we've tried that and it's demonstrably worse.

Why so low? El Trumpo needs more golf trips to Mar a Lago.

Technically, slavery did not cause a war. People too greedy to give up slavery caused a war.

nothing, that's how democracy works. people disagree and from there they find a way.

I wish he was more like the guy in The Twilight Zone who severed his vocal chords to win a bet.

You know they can both have been unelectable right?

We're getting a shakeup, all right. To a certain willfully uninformed subset of voters, the abolishment of the entire executive branch is a wet dream, because they see no value in it. Much of the good that is done is invisible to the average citizen - until it is taken away.

HOW did americans even let him win