Trump calls @BuzzFeed a "failing piece of garbage" and @cnn "fake news."

Trump calls @BuzzFeed a "failing piece of garbage" and @cnn "fake news."

If you sides are still intact check out the twitter replies. Only ~40% crying SJWs, rest agrees with Trump.

While I'm no fan of Trump, can't really argue there.

Feels like people are getting extra large doses of red pills.

Love the comments "There goes the first amendment" ... "Trump was out of line"...." Only Hitler would say such things"

Cucks are seriously triggered today.


There's one guy saying CNN isn't fake news because they only reported on the existence of a document, not the content. I could hear my brain squeak a little trying to follow the mental gymnastics.

They are defending a news org's ability to just falsely claim trump hired russian prostitutes to piss on him in obama's hotel room. It's all fine because they don't like trump.

Does she still work for Lying & Crying Glenn Beck

All legacy media is fake news, but CNN is king.

Trump might be a pedophile. We have no source, and not reason to report this, but we thought we should anyways, notice we said might, so, you can't say we are lying. You decide! /s

Yeah, the hoop jumping has already begun on CNN.

She's such a shill lmao. Look at her twitter feed. Holy fuck the liberal tears are real today.

You're attacking our news organization, can you give us a question?

Reporter:Trump is into cannibalism. Anchor: OMG you saw Trump eating human flesh? Reporter: We did not see it, we are just reporting it. Anchor: Back to golden showers after the break.

They are defending a news org's ability to just falsely claim trump hired russian prostitutes to piss on him in obama's hotel room.

Of all the sentences I never thought I'd read, that one is up there.

While I don't dispute anything in her tweet all I have to say is fuck S.E Cuck. A neocon that hates Trump.

I didn't vote for Trump, but just watching him fucking annihilate the mainstream media like this makes me all warm and tingly inside.

I literally can't stop replaying (and laughing) at him calling that reporter fake news to his face. LOL

One of the many reasons I voted for the God Emperor! He straight tells it like it is, none of the political bandying about bullshit.

She's a shill, probably with man tackle as well

If journalists want to preserve integrity and power of press, they should ALL walk out when Trump bashes ONE of them.

I don't recall this butthurt from libs when Obama singled out Fox News.


That was wrong and very disrespectful to all the fine garbage that litters our nations landfills.

Lol, nope BTFO!

Nice South Park reference! "we did not see it, we are just reporting it"

Trump is a gift that never stops giving.

She was hot when she was younger. Now all I can see is the Manjaw. Sad!

Slam piece tho

Putting Fake News companies on blast. Way to go President Trump. Real Republican politicians should have been doing this for years.

Good, let the joy flow through you, this is the first step

It's really sad that you're not used to winning anymore, friend. Maybe you should come win with us.

That guy is an absolute moron. He has abandoned all things logical and rational. He is an enemy of the state and its citizens.

Wait, so this is what my facebook feed was squawking about when they said he "threatened reporters"? Good Lord...

I'll see how I feel in 2020. I appreciate his straightforward nature when dealing with the media.

I wouldn't fuck her with Huma Abedin's dick, to be honest.

Al Jazerra is literally a better source of US info than CNN

I'm into it.

What they don't realize is that document was actually from the future cataloging the events of today, and has a typo - was meant to say "Trump pissed on a room-full of press-titutes."

It is from one of his campaign speeches.
You're attacking our news organization, can you give us a question?

I wasn't doing the cocaine, I was just verifying its existence with my nose.

What an absolute farce CNN and the rest of the MSM is. Lie to the American people with wild false allegations, then act like a complete asshole in a the following news conference by demanding the President of the United States asks YOU questions. This is a national news conference, not a conference about you personally.

Can't wait until their White House press credentials are revoked in 9 days.

Thank you for being polite and not bashing us like most other non-Trump voters. Appreciate it.

I've never seen someone more balls out, and he's just getting started!

Lol bruh, you still get SURPRISED by things at this point?

I would love to fuck her

I think Michelle and I disagree politically.

"Waaahhhh, TRUMP BAD"

I just like chicks with dicks.

We have the best gays, folks!

UK here, Trump even shot down BBC - Fucking champion!

Of course not. Doesn't surprise me at all, if it aligns with their views it's fine, but if it's against it they go to extremes.

It's GON be a good day for red pilling.

I have a honest question right now. Is this satire? I'm an outsider and not really part of this sub. I'm not trying to like hate or anything but I haven't seen anyone use the word "winning" in a long time and I'm sincerely confused.

We've gotten tired of so much winning(we haven't)

I was definitely against Clinton winning.

When I vote for someone, I put how I feel about their foreign policy, and stance on war - and policy on immigration at 1 and 2.

Clinton was absolutely horrendous on both. I saw literally no reason for any sensible person to vote for her. Trump made a lot of sense on both, and while I didn't agree with him on some other issues - those two were enough to make me feel better about him winning, than her.

You wish faggot

Is this the comment where we all say we'd bang Cupp?

Sucks to suck S.E. cuck

Rhynogan has the sickest SP references. Everyone knows that.


buzzfeed has always been shit. it's clickbait garbage, even worse than gawker was.

and on cnn, she was a "republican pundit" who took shots at trump at every opportunity.

so you see, he was telling the truth.

This will go down as a CLASSIC Trump quote. Such high energy.

I don't know about that. AJ tries pretty hard to propagate pro-Muslim propaganda. But as far as their reporting strictly on the US I guess you're right.

GOOD NEWS! It's a red-pill suppository!

People are replying that Trump is showing his dictatorship by doing this. If they actually watched the press conference they would see he praised the majority of the news organizations for having enough sense to NOT publish it, even the (failing) New York Times. If they want to keep virtue-signaling how smart they are they're gonna have to stop being so fucking stupid.

"The Document" it's a fucking 4chan fanfic.

TIL I'm gay

I was about time. We've been saying this for a log time.