Traffic Lights - Pictures by Lucas Zimmermann

Traffic Lights - Pictures by Lucas Zimmermann
More real, but less fun IMO

If you're in you're in Europe you get a red+yellow before it turns green

I have a phone wallpaper of this where all three lights are on, it's one of my favorites.

I love this! But...

Ugh, it kills me that the traffic light pattern is wrong. It should be one at at time. Green, shorter yellow, red. Back to Green.

They'd never all be on at the same time if it was animated. The way the photographer got all three in the same frame was a long shutter speed.

Why does the green light look so blue?

Do you mind sharing? :)

Well this shows my ignorance of non-North American traffic lights! That seems like a more energy efficient option.

Depends on the country. In Ireland it turns green directly from red. (as in the animation) In some other countries it goes Red -> Yellow (only, no red) -> Green.